Under Hollow Hills: C.W. Spider

Under Hollow Hills: C.W. Spider

You’re Spider-kind: beautiful, curious, fastidious and hungry, full of patience and caution.

Your place in the circus:

  • Ringmaster;
  • Musician & storyteller;
  • Rigger & tents, costumer & repairs;
  • The historian of the circus;
  • Always there, juggling tasks and tying up loose ends.

You can play a person by…

  • Capturing them; or by
  • Looking for the best in them;

And a situation by…

  • Calling upon your sisters to spin and weave with you; or by
  • Making the problem disappear.

And as a spider, you have your own special rule:

In addition to the usual jobs of a player, you have a unique and important duty all your own. It’s this: whenever you go anywhere or do anything, make suitable spidery sound effects. “I go up the stairs to the Wolf King of Winter’s throne room. Tcktcktcktck.” “I spin a long straight line of silk. Fsshshshshh.”

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He / him.