The Wizard’s Grimoire

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So it was that Aibesta of the Two Courts compiled her notes into a Signature, and arrayed herself for travel. To her signature she added a selection of useful magics to speed and comfort her on her way, and she set out for consultation with her mentor, the great scholar Wistride the Aur…

She died at Haidor, overcome by Murderous Ghosts set upon her by Justu the Necromant. Her grimoire was found later by a treasure-scavenger, and added to the collection of a scholar-nun of the Monast. At that order’s dissolution, it was sold to pay for rites of indemnification and funeration, then stolen by a reaver in transit over the Salt Road of Brash, then carried to various parts by a variety of persons, some virtuous, some bold, some sly.

By its particular and circuitous route it has reached, four centuries and more later, you.

In The Wizard’s Grimoire, you’re a conjurer, scholar, rogue, and minor wizard, and you’ve come into possession of an ancient and powerful grimoire, the Signature of Aibesta of the Two Courts. Will it see you to triumph and the achievement of your every ambition, or will you destroy yourself in the pursuit?

The Game

The Wizard’s Grimoire is a pen-and-paper rpg with a twist. Instead of a GM saying, “hey, I have this game I’d like to run, who’s in?” you say, “hey, I’m trying to get my wizard through this spellbook, do you have a minute?”

You need two friends who’ll volunteer to play with you. Each session that you play is an episode in your wizard’s study and adventures. They can be as short or as long as you like, you can play as often or rarely as you like, and you can have different volunteers, or the same ones, every time you play.

The Wizard’s Grimoire uses a dice pool version of PbtA. You’ll need a handful of 6-sided dice.

The Grimoire

At the heart of the game is the grimoire: a text of many sections and its own set of rules. Each section represents a wizardous advancement you can achieve, a new spell you can learn or act of wizardry you can undertake, but each also has its own rules for defeating its safeguards, unlocking it, and studying it. Don’t read ahead! You can only read the sections you’ve unlocked and studied.

Your first grimoire is a challenging 1st-level text called “The Signature of Aibesta of the Two Courts.” Work your way through the entire grimoire, and not only will you learn powerful new spells, you’ll establish your workroom, the foundation of your future seclusium; you’ll learn techniques to better subdue and study future grimoires; and you’ll accomplish what Aibesta herself couldn’t: the summoning of an Impeccable Servant.

Free Download: The Wizard’s Grimoire: Volunteers’ Guide, Bestiary, & Wizard Sheet (PDF)

Content warning: Moderate fantasy violence. Moderate fantasy horror, including body horror, magical enslavement, magical parasites, and questions of personhood.

Suitable for adults, teens, and young adults.

Buy the PDF now!

Past & Future Issues (Spoilers!)

  • The Wizard’s Grimoire, available now: The first issue! You’re an ambitious wizard with a grimoire beyond your arts. Unlock it and discover the wizardry within. Includes a challenging 1st-level grimoire: “The Signature of Aibesta of the Two Courts.”
  • The Barbarian’s Bloody Quest, available now:  A wizard murdered and enslaved your people. Now you’re among strangers, on a bloody quest for revenge. Let all wizards beware! Includes “The  Book of Doomed Wizards.”
  • The Last Adventure, available now: You’re a warrior, champion, and monster slayer. Now you’ve come to die, but on death’s shore, neither family nor ancient heroes greet you. Take up the memory of your sword, the memory of your shield, and make your last adventure here, in the land of death!
  • The Thief & the Necromancer, available now: You’re friends, a gifted necromancer and a thief and street performer. You’ve both escaped bad situations and you’ve thrown in together to take on the world. Includes “Goerne, a Ghostly Tutor.”
  • The Wizard, the Warrior, & the Wastrel, coming soon: A guide and rules for including more players and switching up the solo adventure format of play. For use with any of the games.
  • The Wizard’s Library, coming soon: Includes “The Dictum of  Polume the Farer,” “The Three Scrolls of Jorvelte Wild-Crowned,” and “The Red Tome of Salabrusto the Wise,” for use with The Wizard’s Grimoire or The Thief & the Necromancer.

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4 thoughts on “The Wizard’s Grimoire”

  • Stephen Slater-Brown says:


    I was slow, and missed the Kickstarter for the Thief and the Necromancer. Is there a way I can still get in?
    I was planning to back at print level and get the wizard’s grimoire and the rest too.
    Steve Slater-Brown

  • Is there a forum or good place to discuss this?

    (I’m considering it as a gift to a friend and wonder (a) how fast one can start to play and (b) the game’s typical time requirements in actual play (I know that you can break it off at any point) as well as its flow and logistics (of asking different people for input).
    I’m also considering just showing up playing the sequel The Barbarian’s Bloody Quest and then later gift him the Grimoire as he’s really into wizards. Can they be played in any order?)

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