The Wizard’s Grimoire

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The Wizard’s Grimoire: Volunteers’ Guide, Bestiary, & Wizard Sheet (PDF)
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The Wizard’s Grimoire: Secret Section X (PDF)
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The Wizard’s Grimoire

Aibesta of the Two Courts prepares her Impeccable Servant…

So it was that Aibesta of the Two Courts compiled her notes into a Signature, and arrayed herself for travel. To her signature she added a selection of useful magics to speed and comfort her on her way, and she set out for consultation with her mentor, the great scholar Wistride the Aur…

She died at Haidor, overcome by Murderous Ghosts set upon her by Justu the Necromant. Her grimoire was found later by a treasure-scavenger, and added to the collection of a scholar-nun of the Monast. At that order’s dissolution, it was sold to pay for rites of indemnification and funeration, then stolen by a reaver in transit over the Salt Road of Brash, then carried to various parts by a variety of persons, some virtuous, some bold, some sly.

By its particular and circuitous route it has reached, four centuries and more later, you.

In The Wizard’s Grimoire, you’re a conjurer, scholar, rogue, and minor wizard, and you’ve come into possession of an ancient and powerful grimoire, the Signature of Aibesta of the Two Courts. Will it see you to triumph and the achievement of your every ambition, or will you destroy yourself in the pursuit?

The Barbarian’s Bloody Quest

A wizard once came to the mountainside village where you were born and lived. You were a child. You remember the wizard as a terrible, nightmare figure — man or woman, beautiful or grotesque, you’ll never remember. Your parents hid you and you couldn’t see what happened. The wizard summoned fearsome creatures in armor who butchered your family and all the people you ever knew, butchered many and enslaved the rest for the wizard’s use. You stayed hidden and they never found you…

In The Barbarian’s Bloody Quest, you’re a killer, a wanderer, an outlander among civilized people. Your quest is to revenge yourself upon the wizard who wronged you. Will you achieve it?

The Thief & the Necromancer

Thief: You are a street performer. You juggle and tumble. On one day you call out ribald rhymes and smirk for your audience’s entertainment, and on another day you make perilous climbs and leaps, and defy to fall. You know the sleight of the furtive knot, the sleight of the fourth stone, and the sleight of the filch. You know how to summon an attentive crowd up from a purposeless throng of duty-doers, fish-catchers and laundry-beaters. You know the blows of the dispellers’ sticks and you know to flee a labor gang…

Necromancer: As a necromancer’s student, you were unflinching and eager. You feared neither the rigors of the stilling-room nor the dread of the charnel halls. You submitted to your initiations with discipline and profundity and arose from them more sober and more cruel…

In The Thief & the Necromancer, you’re friends, a thief and a necromancer, both leaving behind oppressive situations, taken together in mutual amity. Let the world beware of what you will together accomplish.

The Last Adventure

Your old enemy came to you, your first and most patient enemy, and cut you down at last. Not with mercy or with the salute of one old warrior meeting another on the field, but cruelly, indifferently, sparing you no pain.

You washed up on the shores of the land of death, coughed up with the scattered wrack of the death-tides.

After a time of waiting, the silent dark sea sweeping up and down the gray gravel under the moonless sky, you rose. You took up the memory of your old sword, your old shield. Did someone call your name, far away, their voice carried on the windless wind? Does someone wait for you to find them, hope for you, long for you, alone as you are, and old, and dead? Yes: “Come to me. Face danger, face fear, face monsters and enemies. Set weariness aside. Come to me. I need you.”

Here in the land of death, let you make your last adventure.

In The Last Adventure, you’re dead, once a hero, but now old, alone, and dead in the land of death. Will you answer the calling voice? Will you seek the sup of oblivion? Or will you end your adventure on your own terms?

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