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A mysterious, beautiful figure in a bird mask.
Show your Ticket to the Masked Lady & don't Wonder who She may be...
Meguey & Vincent Baker's Under Hollow Hills
No Other Like It

Updated September 2021

Playbooks & Playsheets

The 13 Core Circus Playbooks & the Obvious Plays: The Boondoggle Hob, the Chieftain Mouse, the Crooked Wand, the Crowned Stag, the Feather-Cloak, the Firefly Whisp, the Interloper, the Lostling, the Nightmare Horse, the Seeker, the Stick Figure, the Troll, the Winding Rose.
Also includes the Obvious Plays sheet.
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The Play Sheets: the MC’s Occasion prep sheet, the players’ Playbill and Tour sheets, and the Obvious Plays sheet.
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Large Print Playbooks
A zip file containing large print versions of the Obvious Plays and the 13 core playbooks.
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The Witches’ Suite
A selection of 4 additional playbooks: the Messenger, the Witch’s Bird, the Witch’s Cat, and the Young Witch.
Happy Hallowe’en!
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Additional Playbooks
Boneshoes, the Giant’s Daughter, the Hobbled Hound, the Walking Tree, the Worldly Frog, and more.
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The Wolf King’s Son

The Wolf King’s Son is a game in the same fairyland as Under Hollow Hills. Its printouts are its character sheet and its volunteers’ guide.
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A young person walking with a stick over their shoulder, and the silhouette of a wolf behind them.
Meguey & Vincent Baker's The Wolf King's Son: A Coming-of-Age Story

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