Under Hollow Hills: Free Downloads

The Core Playbooks
Introductions, plus the 13 core playbooks: The Boondoggle Hob, the Chieftain Mouse, the Crooked Wand, the Crowned Stag, the Feather-Cloak, the Firefly Whisp, the Interloper, the Lostling, the Nightmare Horse, the Seeker, the Stick Figure, the Troll, the Winding Rose
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The Obvious Plays
Confront someone, draw someone out, put someone off, set a scene for someone, size someone up, waylay someone. Ride disaster down, sniff the wind, and stand against the tide.
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The Playbill
Planning your performance; problem people; and holding or advancing the seasons of this place, captivating someone by name, captivating your audience at large, celebrating a change in the circus’ roster, moving the circus itself toward summer or toward winter, stepping from this world to the other.
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