The Unnamed World 1st Look: Basic Rules

The Unnamed World 1st Look: Basic Rules
The Unnamed World 1st Look: Basic Rules

You may recall that Tovey and I have been making a sword & sorcery game called The Unnamed World. They’ve been playing it for, what, 5 weeks now? It’s going great, and now you can download the basic rules!

I have some GMing notes, if you want to give it a try yourself:

  • As GM, the game asks you to improvise, stick to your vision, and follow guidelines to mechanically interpret what you’ve improvised. This is how Tovey GMs instinctively, it’s no stretch for them, but if you’re not used to it, you might struggle. (It’s similar to how Murderous Ghosts handles ghost creation, actually.)
  • The initiative rules are for managing the other players’ turns, not yours as GM. If you act like they apply to you, they’ll steamroll you. In battle, you’ll want to interject a reaction or counterattack after every or almost every player’s action, not once per round. Outside of battle, once or twice per round might be enough, but don’t be reluctant to step in as often as you want.
  • Speaking of which, your attack move is the players’ basic move defend yourself. When you have an NPC or monster attack,  describe the attack and ask the player if they want to defend themself, spend experience to survive the attack, or take the blow. Make all the attacks you want, the players want to roll that move and they only get to when you attack them.
  • The players get experience when they discover a problem, not when they’ve dealt with it. They spend their experience to help them deal with the problem, and — if they have any left over — to celebrate having dealt with it. (This is inspired by The Shadow of Yesterday.)
  • Also, they level up by spending their experience, not by getting it or saving it. It’s to their advantage to spend it as they go, even spend it frivolously. The next problem they discover, they’ll get more, and in fact they’ll lose xp if they hit 12 and sit on it without spending it. You can help them by having, as in the example in the text, grateful villagers throw them a party. This is my inversion of xp for gold, and I find it hilarious.
  • There are rules for creating monsters forthcoming. They’re maybe half done? Anyhow you don’t need them, they’re formally disconnected from the rules for interpreting monsters on page MC-2, along the lines of Mosaic Strict.

I think I’m forgetting something important. Ask me questions if you have them!

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