Play With Your Food: a harvest of role-playing games

The ways we share food and games and stories help shape our families, communities, and cultures. How do you pass on your favorite recipes? What rituals make meals special? What makes preparing food together a chore or a joy? When do certain dishes take on mythic stories? What foods are best for playing with, and with who do you play?

Meguey Baker and Jeeyon Shim are looking for submissions for an anthology of games that center on food!


Enter your original work produced within the past three years.

Submissions accompanied by a recipe that connects to the game strongly encouraged!.

All authors retain all rights to their work, to publish independently in any way they desire.

The complete anthology will be available electronically and via POD. All proceeds from anthology sales will go to benefit a food support organization; each game submitted gives the submitter one vote for which organization receives the funds:

The Hunger Project or CARE or Food First

Timeline for this project: submissions open NOW until November 18, 2019; for sale as soon as possible in December.

Send your text file, rich text file, or google doc to

Be sure to include Play With Your Food: [name of your game] in the email subject heading AND IN THE TITLE of your file or doc.


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