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Apocalypse World / Re: AW Playbook/Character Assessment
« on: October 09, 2015, 02:36:31 PM »
Solid side note: I want to someday see a brainer who's nice, pleasant, moral, and innocent, and all of their weird powers are subconscious. (Or, a non-brainer who takes brainer moves as their supernatural subconscious awakens.)

- Alex

One thing to note is that a *+1* is the average, flatline stat and not +0. Not sure where, but I'm 90% sure I saw this confirmed and mathematically it makes sense.

Yeah, the game's author has mentioned that explicitly.

But that's only true counting all the playbooks...including the ones who focus on it (ie: the +2 Hard books in this case). The average for playbooks not focusing on it really is more like +0 (actually, looking it over, it's a bit lower than that on Hard...negative Hard ratings are more common than negative ratings in most other stats in non Hard-focused playbooks).

Oh, no. I mean maybe yeah but, actually I meant average not as in... most common. Instead, average mathematically on the scale of the 2d6 / miss/7-9/10+ resolution.

At a +0, you have 5 "miss" numbers, 3 "medium" numbers, and 3 "good" numbers, and your average roll is a 7 (low end of the middle scale).
At a +1, you have 4 "miss" numbers, 3 "medium" numbers, and 4 "good" numbers, and your average roll is an 8 (middle end of the middle scale).

In either case, it's on a curve, so it'll tend towards middle-area rolls, but the +1 balance is still more average weighted...
I otherwise agree with most comments, just interested in the math aspect of it...

- Alex

brainstorming & development / Re: Stat pools
« on: October 09, 2015, 02:26:44 PM »
Undying uses a single point pool for most tasks, where you can spend more/less to "push" certain things.
I've discussed a die-pool system at a very high level on Vx's patreon blog, too.

In theory, you can have pools of dice, and each move instead of having 0-6, 7-9, 10+, 12+ options, has a list of things you can spend hits on.

So for example, your character might always roll 0, 1, or 2 dice on given stats/moves, then be able to spend or boost extra dice... or something.

I dunno, my brain's fuzzy today.
- Alex

One thing to note is that a *+1* is the average, flatline stat and not +0. Not sure where, but I'm 90% sure I saw this confirmed and mathematically it makes sense.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of those +2-hard guys are/can be effectively +3 at startup (I think at least the lugger?).

- Alex

Apocalypse World / Re: New Custom Character - The Ronin
« on: September 11, 2015, 03:24:22 PM »
The Ronin special seems off. If they are forced into an act of sexual barbarism, I seriously doubt rewarding that moment with 1hold you will protect your rapist even if you aren't willing to seems at all functional. In fact, I find the suggestion counterproductive.

Most of the above criticisms are correct, and the playbook as a whole doesn't grip me. As a matter of self-promotion and perhaps to give you some ideas, my version of the wandering swordsman / samurai archetype is the Kensai:

Anyway I really only came to say, Ebok's comment here is quite wrong! It has been said some times before, but rape does not trigger sex moves, ever. Anything coerced or force or unwilling wouldn't. Only a mutual experience between two (or more) people.

- Alex

Its also worth noting that with a high Cool but not that high a Hard, the Quarantine is more of a tech officer or commando than a front line infantryman.

Huh, sure! Ooooor everyone in this f'd-up future is just that much Harder than even the gritty soldiers and kick-butt marines of our day.

I've done psuedo-opposed rolls in various martial arts hacks, where the defender chooses and rolls a defensive style move and the attacker chooses and rolls an offensive style move and the outcome is the delta of both results.

For direct opposed rolls, I'm not sure!

AW:Dark Age / [Rhode Island Playtest] Wicked Ways
« on: September 24, 2014, 11:43:37 AM »
I played Monday, we had only about 3 hours to play.
We had:
  • Two players new to RPGs (one had played a handful of Pathfinder at some point)
  • One player who was familiar with RPGs in general and had played a bit of another *-world hack
  • Two players who were very familiar with *-world games, one of which was in and out of the session

We created a stronghold and a people.
The stronghold guarded a rich merchant city nestled on three sides by mountains (or maybe large hills).
The people are known for their archers, if I recall, and strategy and tactics, and trade routes. They had hulking bodies and golden-creamy skin and spoke Hebrew.

We had a peasant beauty who kept the old ways in secret and received gifts for such, living with two younger siblings on hunting grounds outside the city; a simple blacksmith whose sister had just married a rich silver merchant; an outranger and minor guard captain in the Iron Eagles; a half-drunk hunter and troll-killer; and a dastardly court wizard.

Enemies include raiders by land (a heretic cult expelled from the city some generations ago) and a tyrant crown-stealer. The peasant beauty is technically heir, but most folks don't know or care. The guard captain is ambitious and there's a secret plot against the crown.

So, during play, we had two parallel plots...

The troll-killer occasionally hunts on the lands of the beauty; today he brings forth something unnatural, a boar with stony skin and the face of a man. The beauty cuts the head off and mounts it, a curiosity; some days later, on the day of the change from spring to summer, it begins to speak a warning to her, but she lashes out in shock and stabs it. It begins to burn in it's death, cursing her, her family, and the hunter that brought it here. The hunter, however, has a magical breastplate which repels curses.

So! We have now a troll-boar cursed to an eternal life of torment and sorrow! As you can imagine, he's unhappy about this and lashes out at the beauty and her family, killing the beauty's devotee in the process. The beauty calls for help from the wizard via a spirit known to them both and tries to keep herself same from the beast.

The wizard and beauty meet on the road; she goes to the city to hide safely, he goes to confront the boar. The wizard and the boar engage in a battle of words and wizardry, with the old wizard winning out (on a side note, he's possibly immortal but prone to damnation; his people were exterminated by the empire yet he remains).

The beauty seeks relief in the house of a silver merchant known to her, and he becomes quite infatuated with her; he confides a plot to dethrone the king and replace him with a puppet, but confesses that he intends to betray this puppet and crown her instead. Which brings us around to the other plot...


So, in the city, the blacksmith is awakened late at night by his new brother-in-law, the silver merchant. He is asked in secret to help collaborate in overthrowing the king (specifically, to help craft weapons in secret) and told of a secret meeting the next day. He is also told that the rebels plan to use the troll-killer as their figurehead and crown him when the battle is done.

So, the blacksmith goes to visit the troll-killer in the bar where he stays. The troll-killer expresses a strong disinterest in joining this plot, and the blacksmith decides to... drug him!? We establish then that the court wizard sometimes dabbles in poisons, drugs, and hallucinogens... So, half-slumbering, the troll-killer freaks out and starts a brawl with the blacksmith which escalates in violence until both are severely injured; the outranger now arrives with some guards, as word has spread quickly. He takes them both to jail and seeks out someone to heal these men... alas, the city's sage is off in the woods, so, he goes to visit the peasant beauty in hope that she will know some trick of the old ways to heal them.

She's not sure, so she reaches out to the otherworld, and is visited by two mighty and treacherous spirits. She implores them to provide their aid to the two dying men, and... well, they do!

So, that's the events as they happened, I'll try to add thoughts / concerns later if I have time.
- Alex

Apocalypse World / Re: Questions and answers...
« on: September 24, 2014, 10:59:55 AM »
2) Can a character obtain during game armor penetraion bullets or custom weapon like battlebabe? If yes how could it be?

Have you seen the section - I don't have the book right now, so I'm not sure where - where it says improvement (or maybe fronts, or both) are both prescriptive and descriptive? What that means is, if you get 5 experience and buy a move, of course you get that move. If you get the thing in the fiction (IE during gameplay) you also get that thing.

A great example is "My other car..." from the driver... it gives you some new vehicle.
So, if you get 5 XP, take a move from another playbook, and take this move, you now have a cool car... you probably need to work out with the MC or whatever where it came from, but it's there.
But if you somehow get a tricked-out car while playing (buy it, steal it, build it, etc...) then also you now have a cool car.

In the same way, if a player wants some AP ammo, I would say some things maybe...
  • Sure, you know where to find some... who has a bunch and why are they a jerk?
  • Sure, you can try to drop some jingle and see what comes of it (I think this is a basic barter move? or the maestro alternative)
  • Well, Krunk is the brainer? Hey Krunk, do you think you could make some in your lab? (then go to the workspace rules to make it)
  • Oh yeah! You know Mikamuk the weapons merchant has a private stock, but he ain't handin' them out like candy, right? Maybe you could go down there and work something out, who knows...
  • etc, etc, etc

Hope that helps some?
- Alex

AW:Dark Age / Re: Twin Cities playtest
« on: September 23, 2014, 12:29:07 PM »
If a war company has only bows, do they have no harm rating? (They are not listed on the war company sheet, except as the special "archers" move.)


I had the very same situation... I make the assumption that they have at least some knives or clubs to defend themselves in a worst case and set harm to (2/4) (IE 2 in close and 4 at range) as a best guess...

- Alex

AW:Dark Age / Re: New playbook for DA: the spymaster.
« on: September 17, 2014, 11:41:29 AM »
About the "retroactive part", it's straight from AW book btw. Did aw felt too superheroistic by the existance of that move? (and everyone could use that)

I think... the one you refer to is only a suggested custom move that never really got played or tested...
I'm not sure then that saying "AW had it" is the best defense here...

Though, I like it in general, but might do it differently myself:

* You have the right to prepare yourself for every eventuality. At the start of each session, mark 1. When you spend the rest of a season making connections, purchases, and plans, mark 2 or sacrifice a bounty and mark 4. Spend a mark when you need something to say what you've prepared and roll Wary. On a 10+, it's just as you need. On a 7-9, you set it up, but some detail isn't correct or is missing. On a miss, you set it up, but it came apart since then; spend another mark or it all goes south.

Though... this is kind of clunky but it's to my liking. XD
- Alex

AW:Dark Age / Re: New Playbook: The Great Lady
« on: September 17, 2014, 11:27:03 AM »
You have the ancestral right and title to rule a stronghold, either in your own right or as dowry to husband, as may be. If this stronghold is not already part of the fiction, create it now.

Is the "is not already part of the fiction" standard across similar rights? It sounds weird to refer to it this way in the middle of a playbook, and I think something like "If this stronghold does not already exist" or "If this stronghold hasn't been made yet" (or created instead of made) sounds more natural to me.

I think I'd personally like to see 1-2 more "mechanical" rights (at least one stat swap maybe, if nothing else), but I'm also a move junkie XD

- Alex

AW:Dark Age / Re: A bunch of questions and a comment
« on: September 10, 2014, 03:43:20 PM »

>> There is a reason, yes. It's to establish paganism as matriarchal. I'll reflect on whether to keep it.

I was wondering about this too, and while I'm all for matriarchal paganism, I'm not sure it actually does this. Since you haven't explicitly restricted the PCs by gender -- or even hinted about which genders are standard for which playbooks -- it's easy enough to end up with a male PC wickerwise or magician who has the right to take a girl as an acolyte -- which no longer feels particularly matriarchal?

One thing to note, it's not explicit, but... if you have a male wickerwise or magician, and the only right by default is to take a girl acolyte, the PC's very existence implies that someone broke that mold, making them a curious exception but not, I think, particularly breaking the idea of a female-lead tradition overall.

Or am I reading wrong?
- Alex

Dungeon World / Re: Actions with Cost on a 10+
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:02:56 PM »
RE: the thief example...

Here's how I could see this going...

(Thief): Is there somewhere I could hide here? What's the cave like?
(GM): Sure, there's a rock outcropping that's not visible from the entrance, and it curves around, blocking sight from most of the cave. Plus, it's pretty dark.
(Thief): Sure, I'll slip behind it, press up close, and extinguish my torch.
(GM): Cool! Right before you put your torch out, though, you notice the wall in this alcove looks a bit different from the rest of the cave. What do you do?
(Thief): I take a closer look, bringing my torch up close. If it's safe, I try to rub the spot that's different.
[At this point, maybe a discern realities? But probably not even that, I'd probably just say.]
(GM): It looks like it's covered in dark dust, or maybe soot? It reminds you of the inside of a fireplace or furnace.

... at this point, I think sufficient information has been given for them to make a decision; if they stay here, they'll get blasted by fire, of course, but I'd give them a chance to evade. Or, maybe the ceiling is high enough that they could climb up and hang there, and they'd be outside of the breath's area, but they'd need to make a str or con roll to endure hanging up there for that long while they wait.

So, it's pretty much just part of the conversation, you show signs of danger and if they leave you a golden opportunity, you make your move...

Let me know what you think...
- Alex

AW:Dark Age / Re: Videography / bibliography
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:45:59 PM »
I've been reading The Wake and it put me in the mind of (the initial draft), though much lower level and meaner.

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