Apocalypse World: Burned Over

Apocalypse World: Burned Over is a pretty deep redesign of Apocalypse World, suitable for play across wider age groups and more general audiences. No sex moves, a more reigned-in take on violence, less adult horror in the grotesquerie. In many ways, if we were to create Apocalypse World today, Burned Over is the game we’d create.

It’s not yet a stand-alone game (although it may become one in time). It’s a “hackbook”: a zine that includes all the playbooks, playsheets, and rule changes from Apocalypse World proper.

It includes everything the players need to play, but as MC, you’ll still need the Apocalypse World MC book.


On page 37 of the zine in print, cross out the first paragraph. It should read instead:
When you want to barter something from someone, subtract your barter rating from its value. Value minus barter is called cost.

If you want something of value less than or equal to your barter rating, you have the jingle on hand and you can trade for it with no additional difficulty. If you want something of value greater than your barter rating, then it costs.

This is correct in the PDF zine.

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