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Dungeon World / Crits and Fumbles
« on: November 14, 2012, 02:16:03 PM »
So, I'm infected with DCC-itis and their crits and fumbles are some of my favourite stuff.  What would a critical hit or fumble look like on a DW roll?  What are the statistical differences between a 1 on a d20 and snake eyes on a pair of D6s?  What kind of things might happen on a "natural two"?  Does each move get it's own fumble or crit?

What do you think?

Dungeon World / PDF For Sale
« on: November 14, 2012, 12:58:08 PM »
For anyone who missed the Kickstarter and wants to pick up the PDF. 


Dungeon World / The Bastard's Blade
« on: October 23, 2012, 10:46:26 PM »
Just a quick magic item I whipped up while listening to this tune.

The Sword of Doom
(The Bastard's Blade, Bane of the Demon Lord, Slayer of the Spider-Priests, Spiller of the Silver Blood)

Forged of strange black ore dug from the earth by the bleeding claws of Barael Shadow-Pinion, the crow-druid, in the first age of the Times Before.  Hammered and honed by her only son, the ogre-child known as the Half Breed, this sword was crafted for one purpose and one purpose alone: to bring about the end of tyrants.  In particular, the Arch-Necromancer Lor, who reigned over twelve lands for a thousand years.  The sword holds a shard of the personality, will and hatred of all those who carry it.  Each wielder, no matter how kind and good-natured, eventually succumbs to its drive for blood and vengeance.

Those who find the blade and choose to carry it (and choose they must, if they reject the will of the Sword of Doom, it vanishes mysteriously) undergo strange changes.  They must change their alignment to "Vengeful: Exact revenge for yourself or another in the name of the Sword of Doom." and gain 10 additional hp as long as they follow the quest for revenge.    The sword will name its chosen tyrant and will bind their fate together - the foe cannot hide from the sword, in this world or another.  A single strike from the blade will end the life of whatever the Bastard's Blade chooses, but when it does, both wielder and sword vanish forever from the world.

Where the sword goes, only fate can say.  As for the wielder, by then, she is more a part of the sword than a part of the world, anyway, and where it goes, so too does her soul.

(In addition to its power, the Sword of Doom automatically qualifies its wielder for the Bearer Compendium Class).

Dungeon World / Sanity
« on: July 04, 2012, 03:31:51 AM »
For a more horror themed game, with some craziness indicators;

Your Sanity is like hit points for your mushy little brain.  You start with your Wisdom and maybe a couple of classes get bonuses?  Maybe not.  Maybe there's a starting move that asks you about whether you've seen some crazy shit in your day or if you're a soft little lamb.

Some kind of custom move damages your sanity in a general way.  When you witness something that your paltry mind cannot handle, roll + Wis.  On a 10+ you're okay and either remember with distant clarity or blissfully forget what you experienced (your call).  On a 7-9 you retain control of your actions, but suffer 1d6 lost sanity points.  On a miss, oh boy are you in for some fun.  Hallucinations, temporary fugue states, etc.  The GM will tell you how it goes.

Create items that feed on your sanity.  Create custom moves that damage it in specific ways.  Make up a set of psychic debilitations.  Offer it up, most importantly, as currency for new and exciting power.

Dungeon World / [Kickstarter] Now Live!
« on: June 04, 2012, 04:59:59 PM »
Ya'll are some of our most ardent fans, so chances are you know about this already, but in case you don't - we're ready to go from Beta to Print and we need your help.  The Dungeon World kickstarter is now open!

Dungeon World / Homage Fronts: Diablo
« on: May 15, 2012, 03:22:03 PM »
So, I use Dungeon World to replicate D&D adventures all the time.  It's the easiest sort of conversion project.  That said, sometimes it's fun looking at a piece of pop culture (a movie, TV season, video game) and think "what would that look like for Dungeon World?"

Well, we've been all OMG DIABLO crazy over here at Dungeon World International Headquarters and so we put together a little mini-supplement as an homage to the worst town in the history of towns.  We call it Poor Tristram and you can grab it here;

Dungeon World / A Bit On Fronts
« on: February 03, 2012, 12:16:38 AM »
There's a fairly detailed conversation about Fronts and their use over at Story-Games just now, which I figured I'd repost over here in case anyone was interested.

Apocalypse World / Seizing A Life By Force
« on: September 17, 2010, 03:16:47 PM »
Let's say I have a shotgun.  Let's say some random NPC doesn't.  He has no armor, either.  I chase him into a shed, wanting to take him hostage.  Guns are out, there've been some shots fired, we're definitely out of Go Aggro territory and into Seize by Force territory.

Say I want to Seize this sucker.  I don't want to kill him, though.  What's the deal?  I mean, there's no "deal little harm" option.  I can take the "Take definite hold" option and the "Frighten or Dismay or Whatever" option but he's still taken 3 harm, BLAM!, and is pretty much toast.

How, in the midst of a battle, can I get my hands on this slippery little jerk?

Say I want to create a situation where a malign entity gets significant, mechanical hold over a character.  Can I write a move like this and not be full of shit?

When the Voice in the Southern Passage whispers into your head, the maelstrom rushes in to protect you.  Roll to Open Your Brain - if you succeed, I'll tell you something useful, as per the move.  If you fail, it's as if the Voice has hit you with In-brain Puppet Strings and rolled a 10+

Does that make sense?  I feel like blurring the line between PC and NPC is maybe a no-no?  I don't know.  I feel conflicted.

Apocalypse World / Some Game-Starting Moves
« on: August 27, 2010, 04:17:18 PM »
My AW game has been a few weeks off, now, so I wrote some starting moves to get everyone back into the swing of things.  I was tempted to preface all this, but I'm more curious to see what they say about the game to people who don't know much, yet.

What do you think?

Dear Kreider - our Lord and Mommy,

Things have been worse, lately, huh?  Everyone is going hungry since Collingwood scared off the traders.  Market’s been slowed down and everyone is taking more and more of those drugs you scrape together in the bowels of the hold just to take the edge off.  Maybe that part, that part ain’t so bad.  Thing is, people get hungry and start causing trouble.  Let’s see how you’ve been handling it…


On a Miss, all this bad stuff.  On a 7-9 pick two.  On a 10+, well, shit, aren’t you just a pillar of the community?  None of this is a problem, yet.  You get a +1 going forward for your start-of-game hardholder roll.

-   Collingwood shot an innocent kid.  The family’s up in arms, screaming for blood.  Collingwood is your boy, though … isn’t he?

-   Looks like the stash is running real low.  Somebody needs to go out into the Dark Place in the Woods and harvest more of that fungus you use.

-   The Hunters are keeping the best of their catch to themselves.  They’re getting stronger and your own little army is getting anemic and sad. 

-   Gnarley and Mercer run the Hunters.  Have a word or two before this all goes downhill.

-   You’ve been getting these real bad-bad dreams about the thing the Maelstrom sent you here to dig up.  Something about that south tunnel – the one you had to stop digging ‘cause the workers were too hungry.  The Maelstrom, she pushes and you wake up sick.  Take 1 harm AP.

Little Batty,

Hey pretty girl, hey sweet thing, hey sharp-as-knives little bitch.  Hunters eyeing you up, calling you names.  Collingwood and his fuckwits all starting shit.  Your creepy pals in the Lodge making everyone right uncomfortable.  Sure are lots of reasons to lose your head, huh?


On a miss, well, someone gets hurt who ought not to get hurt and it’s all your fault, isn’t it?  On a 7-9 pick one bad thing.  On a 10+ you keep your shit together and everybody knows it.  Take +1 forward when you want to threaten someone next, maybe they’re the ones that push you too hard, huh?

-   You got in a bad scrape with some of the Hunters, take 1 harm AP or owe Doctor Li 1 barter.

-   Your big brother, Monk (you remember him don’t you?) got himself hooked on the Holder’s drugs.  He’s on a long, dark path, now. 

-   Amy’s not getting any better.  Half her days are spent chained to her bed, screaming for blood.  What the fuck is with that girl?

Holiest Want,

How’s life up in that palace of yours?  Everybody bows and scrapes and you know just how frail that meat is.  Hear that scraping at the door?  Between the moans of the starving-t0-death?  That’s the Void.  She comes calling.  Who gets fed when the dark is hungry?  All this talk about food, you’re sure to get distracted.  Let’s see what you missed, shall we?


On a miss, all this happens and you’re none the wiser, sucker.  On a 7-9 only two bad things happen.  On a 10+ you are the master of the Lodge, as it ought to be, and all the Kith in order.  None of this stuff is happening yet and you get +1 to your Fortunes roll to begin the game.

-   Hugo seems … different.  She’s been missing the Prayer Circle a few days now and spends a lot of time among the Hunters and Collingwood’s fellows.

-   Nobody leaves the Kith except into the warm embrace of the Void, right?  Only, that’s what Foster seems keen to do.  Scared little Foster.  Maybe he’s not the brother you thought he was.

-   Princy, trying to impress you, got himself a gun and now he’s fixing to take that shot at Collingwood he never had.  Master gives and order, Servant plays it out, yeah?

the preapocalypse / Hatchet City = Sells Apocalypse World
« on: July 14, 2010, 04:24:32 PM »
I ran Hatchet City yesterday.  As a result, this morning two of the players emailed me to say they'd bought the game. 

Sweet.  All I want to do now is see how many weirdo permutations of that demo module I can run.

Dungeon World / Spout Lore - Monster Info?
« on: July 02, 2010, 11:49:12 AM »
I found, during my session, that I wanted to feed the players more information about an Ogre Mage they were going to face.  They'd Spouted Lore and asked

"What Type Of Monster Is It" - "An Ogre Mage - a powerful spellcaster, unlike the rest of its ogrish kin."

But what I really wanted to do was feed them a little more information about what it could do.  Like, maybe we should think about adding something like "What special powers does it possess?" or the like?  Or is it reasonable for me to add "Who can throw magical blasts of cold from its fingertips and can disappear, magically." to the answer? 

Dungeon World / My First Session
« on: June 28, 2010, 03:42:31 PM »
Because I was so taken with the Apocalypse D&D rules and because my current 1st Ed AD&D group is so willing to let me lead them around by the nose, I switched out the AD&D system and swapped in Apocalypse D&D.

The party fluctuates in size between 6 and 8 players.  We have the whole race-class spectrum covered pretty well.  They're all between 3rd and 5th level.  We run published adventures I found for $1.50 apiece at a local bookstore.  It's silly, dumb dungeoncrawling fun with people who aren't traditionally "gamers".  So, that's the background. 

We set about converting the characters, which was pretty easy - though, to keep their expectations up, I did a few scratch conversions of things I knew they would expect - certain class and race features they'd come to enjoy and who may not have been fully represented in ApocD&D.  Mostly stuff from Unearthed Arcana. 

Generally speaking, the players loved the new rules.  They liked having choices and that failure actually meant something.  They loved the spellcasting moves.  They loved that they got to dish out and take more damage than they were used to. 

There was some attempts to "game" the rules when players found that they had to hit certain stats to level up.  A lot of requests to Parley and Defy Danger just to gain levels.  After I laid down the law ("stop that.  no, seriously, you can't parley with everyone you meet just to get points") it seemed to clear up. 

There was a little bit of worry on my part - the characters advance VERY quickly.  I think they're likely to advance too quickly for my liking.  They all gained a level in the session we played.  Combat generally means at least five or six Go Aggro rolls for anyone participating, so if you're tagged for STR you never have long to wait.

There was also some confusion (mild and small though it may be) about how a backstab works.  Is it "Making Your Move" or do you make your move, set up the backstab and then Go Aggro? 

All in all, a pretty smooth transition but I wonder how it'll hold up to campaign play.  TIME WILL TELL.

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