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A thought provoking and well written piece.

In terms of the dynamic of my game; entirely by accident two out of the four major factions in Steel City are currently led by women, one was lead by a brother/sister pair and the remaining one rotates leaders on a minute-to-minute basis.
Women are leaders in my game, and they are followers. They're the meanest, nastiest pieces of work around like Mimi; but they're also no-nonsense doctors who will fix you up without a complaint as long as you're fair with payment, like Kettle.
Men are big and scary brutes like Stomp, The Faceless; but kind, caring and protective (like Stomp, The Faceless).

The Apocalypse means the complete breakdown of social order. The post-apocalypse means that people start to seep back into the hole left behind, fitting themselves where they fit regardless of gender, colour or sexuality.

Generally I think I've handled it pretty well, and I couldn't be prouder of my players for how they act around NPCs; female or otherwise. In terms of what I would do differently, I always always always think I should be adding more depth to female characters (I know, make them just not that complicated) partially due to my instincts as an amateur writer who is aware of his masculinity, but we're getting some juicy plothooks along those lines bubbling to the surface at the moment.
Newton respects Stomp for his strength, but she hates it when he gets protective and he's also slightly scared of her, so there's some interesting push-and-pull going on there. Our Brainer did a Deep Brain Scan on Kettle, and found out that the reason she's constantly high on chillstabs is that an accident left her with nerve damage when she was a young woman. Lovely stuff.
The flipside of this is that I have a tendency to make male characters less interesting as I overcompensate in the other direction, but the world is full of enough male-focused stories, and I have an inherent advantage when it comes to creating male characters (being male myself) so I don't consider this in urgent need of fixing.

I'm interested to hear others' thoughts on the subject.

Apocalypse World / Re: Skipping in game time question.
« on: November 15, 2016, 04:41:25 AM »
Personally, I skip in game time between sessions mostly, or if one of them picks up a task that's going to take a while then I just skip to the conclusion hours/days/weeks later. If you find that there's no opportunities to do that, don't worry about it. It's not an essential part of the system and it doesn't suffer without it. My most recent game had the first 3 sessions take place over a day and a half.
The only reason the MC's guide tells you to do it is so you don't feel compelled to roleplay a 2 hour long chase across the burn flats when you can just say "So you reach the far side a couple hours later"

If you're worried about your players feeling like they can't act on their motivations, then the easy way to prevent that is to ask them what they want to do off camera during the time skip and come back in during the exciting part. If one of them wants to track down Millions, the hermit, then they can do the hours of searching the ruins during the skip and you come back in when they find his mobile shack, riddled with bullets and bloodstains. I wonder what happened there? Maybe Doghead might know? Okay so another few hours later you find Doghead...

tl;dr Use the time skips to cut the boring parts of what your players want to do, if you don't have any boring parts to skip then don't don't worry about forcing it to happen.

the nerve core / An interesting new system
« on: November 14, 2016, 01:58:15 PM »
Feels a bit weird to me posting about a "rival" system on these forums, but since becoming an active member of the community I thought I'd share something cool that I found out about recently.

Open Legend is an open source roleplaying system that is based around opening up as many options as possible for both the players and the GM. The author seems to have come to a lot of the same conclusions as Vincent did, things like simplified wealth so you don't have to track currency, GM moves to keep players missing rolls interesting, and a focus on story-justification for your actions rather than just "I attack". It's also in the process of ongoing development, and there's a Discord server and a forum where the author regularly takes input and provides his reasoning for creative decisions, which the amateur game-designer in me loves.

Seems pretty awesome so far. I don't think it will shift me away from Apocalypse World when it comes to post-apocalyptic coolness, fantasy coolness from Dungeon World, or other kinds of coolness from the other PbtA games, but for different settings it might be my first port of call. It's especially easy to port into existing fiction, as I found out by making a complete Hack for The Witcher and Star Wars in 2 and 3 hours respectively. You can check out the full rules - for free - here and the Kickstarter for the new Steam Punk X Dark Fantasy setting (being written by Ed Greenwood, who made the Forgotten Realms and Matt Mercer of Critical Role; I'm fanboy-ing out so hard) here. If nothing else, it's an interesting case-study since the design decisions are reasonably well documented.

Apocalypse World / Re: Rules question: When life is untenable
« on: November 14, 2016, 11:01:46 AM »
It's based on the fictional trope of a character who has a near-death experience then becomes a changed person. The recent Doctor Strange movie is a reasonable example of this I'm told, though I haven't seen it myself yet.

Apocalypse World / Re: AP: Steel City
« on: November 11, 2016, 11:21:06 AM »
We kicked off this week's session with Vega's love letter, which was pretty much how I came up with it last week. Vega missed the sharp roll, so she got to find out that Stomp had sold her prisoner into slavery and slept with her closest rival, Newton, but everyone in her hold was annoyed that she'd taken the time off.

Stomp picked up a small hold as an advance when he earned xp while doing Hx at the end of last session, so he had spent a couple of days setting up The New Stomping Ground in an old shopping precinct between Forge and the Wild Dogs. His citizens were a bunch of violent fuckers, earning money through protection rackets and competing in blood sports for fun. Due to a 7-9 hit on the Wealth roll things were going okay, except they were all tearing into each other like a bunch of rabid animals. Nif had been starving for a few days, and was hanging around the fighting pit causing trouble. He took a bit of a beating from Rice, one of the Wild Dogs who had migrated Stomp's hold, but developed a taste for blood in the process, picking up Feral and happily gorging himself on torn off ears and severed extremities.

Rhythm was a bit battered and bloodied from the events of the past few sessions, so went to find Kettle to get stitched up. He performed a little song for her, using Artful and Gracious to get his treatment for free, and while he was blissed out on chillstabs he opened his brain, trying to learn the strange lullaby Nif had been singing while he butchered the Wild Dogs in the market. Rhythm didn't manage to learn the tune, but he saw the porcelain mask of Nif's mother and knew he would have to talk to her if he wanted more.

Meanwhile, Vega and Phoenix were getting ready to go give Stomp a gift basket (read: sack of "meat") to help him settle in to the neighbourhood and covertly see what was going on. As they were pulling out of the hold, they noticed the lights start flickering again. At The New Stomping Ground, the brawl was in full swing. Stomp was trying and failing to establish order, much to Vega's amusement. With the gift basket handed over, Phoenix and Vega were planning on heading back to the power plant to try and get the hungry generator running again and an exasperated Stomp decided he didn't want to deal with his citizens, so he executed Balls - the worst offender - and tagged along.

They passed through Wild Dogs territory without issue, though Stomp did have a bit of a lovers' quarrel with Newton (she didn't like him trying to be protective of her) but Lancer's Lot were another matter. Between them, Stomp and Phoenix had slaughtered dozens of the knights outside the gates of Forge, so they were very careful picking there way through that section of the city. Vega spotted some bikes following down parallel streets, but they didn't attack. When the travelling party reached the river however, they found that the bridge had collapsed. Phoenix carefully lead them down the bank and forded the river, but progress up the slope of the far bank was much slower. When they reached the top, they found a contingent of Lancer's Lot waiting. After some tense discussion, the knights agreed to let them pass. Unfortunately, at this point Rhythm used Bonefeel to appear from the back of Phoenix's truck and challenged them to a joust on the Driver's behalf. One of the knights threw down his gauntlet, and Phoenix reluctantly accepted. They set up at opposite ends of the street and charged, Rhythm used his battlesong to make the knights admire his patron with Artful and Gracious, and to Crack Open the World and use Augury to contact Mother. The Joust went in Phoenix's favour, and he was made an honorary knight, while Rhythm was sat on the roof, learning the lullaby of the maelstrom to satisfy his morbid curiosity.

Nif was also listening to Mother, causing as much chaos as he could by riling up the citizens of The New Stomping Ground into a blood-frenzy. He terrified some of them into helping him find Mimi, who was still hunting him, and he knew she was close.

The travelling group arrived at the power station, and cautiously approached the generator. Rhythm heard metal claws pattering in the vents, and enlisted Stomp's help to find out what it was. He saw glassy eyes in the darkness, and waited until it got closer to grab it and pull it into the open. A shiny, metal, cat-sized wolf went into a frenzy, clawing and biting at the musician. Phoenix opened his brain to try and work out what it was, but only succeeded in drawing the attention of the Wolves of the Maelstrom. Stomp killed the wolf, smashing it into the ground, while Phoenix took off running for safety. Rhythm followed, bleeding out badly and carrying the metallic remains. Vega saw the local techies watching her, and threatened to smash the generator to draw them out. When the remaining one of Tum Tum stepped out, Stomp and Vega grabbed her and fed her into the machine, securing them electricity for another couple of weeks.

Another interesting session, especially all the passive-aggressive behaviour between Vega and Stomp that came out in play. With Forge yet again left unprotected, and a pissed off Mimi and Newton the slaver in the area, there will definitely be consequences. I'm planning on adding an option to Crack Open the World as a custom move to represent the lullaby; currently thinking of inflicting ?-harm to the listeners, but I'll have a ponder before righting up. I'd appreciate any ideas. Also, Stomp advanced again, picking a second character; I look forward to meeting them next session.

Apocalypse World / Re: PCs to NPCs (or: Friendly Threats?)
« on: November 09, 2016, 12:10:44 PM »
You likely won't find any advice for something like that, because it's not something that you're supposed to do in Apocalypse World. The player characters are always a step above the NPCs by design, they're in a class of their own; this is why it only takes 2-4 Harm to put an NPC permanently out of action but a whopping 6 harm before a player gets the option to come back with +1Weird. Don't worry about inadvertently nerfing them, because they should be weaker anyway.

In the situation you describe I'd have the MC either give the characters to some of the players, as if they'd picked the "get a second character" advancement, or just scrap the sheets and have them be regular NPCs. If the players are struggling with something that's one of their weak spots, then they need to make a deal with an NPC or attempt it anyway and deal with the delicious, delicious consequences that are the meat of Apocalypse World games. The MC really shouldn't be running them as PCs, because that results in them making rolls against themselves, and the MC shouldn't be making any rolls at all.

On a side note, NPCs shouldn't really considered be "friendly" at any point, they should have their own goals which are "just not that complicated" and they work with the players for as long as their goals align. It's one of the factors that stops the PCs - as overpowered as they are - from just steamrollering their opposition, because everyone is their opposition; even the Chopper's gang or the Savvyhead's workshop crew.

Hope this was helpful, I don't like having to tell you that there's no way to do what you want in this system but give it a go the way it's meant to be played, I promise it'll be awesome.

Apocalypse World / Re: Custom Playbook: The Jinx
« on: November 08, 2016, 06:10:48 PM »
Yes! Much better!

I like all of the new moves, but since you asked, a few points:
  • Maybe Maelstrom Voodoo would work better as a modified Go Aggro with rolling +Weird and inflicting ?-harm, to give the MC a better idea of what they should say in response
  • Don't worry about balancing the "lose something" option by putting a barter limit on it; if the item is super valuable then the character should be keeping track of it anyway and cutting that bit makes it less wordy. "They lose one thing that isn't big and they don't keep careful track of (decide what with your MC)"
  • I see what you're going for with the curse being worse on a hit (I had a custom move in one of my games which worked the same) but that might confuse some players, and makes taking +1Weird actually quite bad. Also, keeping constant track of the +2 or -1 could be a bit annoying. I would flip the results so a 10+ is good - they're keeping control of the curse, which is easier if they're weirder - and cut the +2/-1 in favour of just picking 1 option, or 2 on a miss.
  • On the special move, you don't need to say they take -1 ongoing. "They take -1 the next time they try to avoid their fate" would be enough to give the move some teeth without adding confusion as to when they're no longer in the same "avoiding their fate" situation
Overall, much improved. Can't wait to see where you go from here.

Apocalypse World / Re: Custom Playbook: The Jinx
« on: November 06, 2016, 03:10:32 PM »
I'd rather play any other playbook...
^This caught my eye and seemed worth mentioning. You know how in the core playbooks, there's a brief description of why to play that particular playbook? "If you want everybody else to be at least a little bit afraid of you, a brainer is a good choice" that sort of thing. Have a think about what you want that section to look like for the Jinx, because at the moment it seems like it would read "Play the Jinx if you want everyone to groan whenever you roll on one of your moves"

A few suggestions for moves you could have to replace some existing ones, I'll leave the names and stuff up to you if you want to use them:
  • You can go aggro using your curse as the weapon
  • Ask 1 more question when reading someone who's cursed. Maybe write a list of new questions, similar to Sniffing the Air on the Child-Thing (Makes sense that the Jinx would know how cursed people tend to react, they've been around them their entire life)
  • +1Weird (Brainer and Savvyhead both have this already, so no worries about breaking any other playbooks by including this)
  • If you leave your safety in the hands of chance, get +1 armor (enemy guns jamming, suddenly getting distracted, missing what should be a clean shot, etc.)

Apocalypse World / Re: Custom Playbook: The Jinx
« on: November 06, 2016, 01:24:47 PM »

I like the idea, and the fiction is super cool, but I worry it will lead to very antisocial characters. The closest existing playbook to my mind is the Brainer, but they have a lot of "helpful" tools that the other players can come to them to take advantage of and things like Unnatural Lust Transfixion that help attach them to other players and NPCs. I get that it's the whole point of the playbook that they bring bad luck, but that's not a recipe for a character that the other characters want to be around. While it's awesome for a character to end up as a villain over the course of a campaign, I don't see any situations where The Jinx would be an ally rather than an enemy. You could do with adding something to give them a reason to interact with other players and NPCs, and vice versa.

Fiction aside, on a mechanical level:
  • Dark Embrace: From some of your options for who the curse inflicts, it is literally impossible for this move to ever trigger. Also, making it clearer what counts as intentional. My suggestion - "You can intentionally inflict your curse, if you do so mark experience"
  • Lots of moves relying on +Weird rolls, not a problem per se, but make sure you're aware that there's no reason for the player to not pick the +1Weird move from the Brainer for their first upgrade
  • Dark Omens: Make it a -1 to a roll rather than an automatic miss maybe, less feel-bad moments that way. Possibly increase the number of hold to make it a bit more powerful.
  • Voodoo: Why is the result for a miss better than the result for a 10+? and what happens if you roll a miss versus a player?
  • Love the gear lists, so much apocalyptica. Shouldn't Sharpened teeth and nails be implanted?
  • The curse has lots of good fictional teeth, but could do with a mechanical effect. Maybe change threat types for NPCs similar to the Show? Also, less death more living in agony will lead to cooler story moments. It's going to be a pretty miserable game if everyone your character talks to just straight-up dies with no way to avoid it; especially for other players who can never touch/meet your gaze/speak your name or they just have their character die.
  • Change the special to "the next time they..." rather than whenever they confront your prediction. The way it's currently worded, you can tell the Skinner he'll die in a hail of bullets and now he takes -1 every time he tries to talk his way out of a situation without violence, and that majorly sucks for that player; and not in the fun way.

Very cool idea overall, just needs some more iterations. I look forward to seeing the changes you make.

Had a few of my players pick that advance the last game I ran; never really caused any problems that I can recall. As MC, when setting the scenes I'd set them separately and they never really made any effort to get them to stick together. Oddly though, nobody every picked the "Change your character to a new playbook", not really sure why that might be. I guess they just had more fun making a new character, playing two of them parallel, and then retiring the first one to safety when the new character was firmly rooted in the fiction.

Apocalypse World / Re: How to respond to overwhelming firepower
« on: November 03, 2016, 10:17:28 AM »

Some ideas, feel free to steal ruthlessly:
  • Threaten her with things that can't be solved with overwhelming firepower.
  • Lean on your PC-NPC-PC triangles so that if she kills someone, one of the other players will be pissed.
  • If she's acting like a murder-machine, have the NPCs treat her like a murder-machine.
  • Find the NPCs she likes and have them act slightly against her (like "borrowing" some of her stuff or something) so that if she solves the problem with violence, she's ruining her own friendships.
  • When she kills the gang-leader, have his young daughter appear and start crying so the Battlebabe feels like a monster, and maybe now she has a kid to look after if she feels responsible.

Real example from my AP: Steel City game, the Faceless has pretty much the same problem as your Battlebabe in that he's ridiculously overkill.
The Faceless was threatening the Hardholder's mechanic to get her to fix his car, he hit the roll on a 7-9 so she ran off to find the hardholder (if he hadn't failed, someone else would have reported what he did). The Hardholder needless to say wasn't pleased, so she's leaning on him to not do anything like that again. He even went to apologise to the mechanic in the last session because of this peer pressure.

A key thing to remember is that not all threats are of the violent kind, a threat is just something that has the potential to interfere with the player's goals. There's a fantastic thread here where there's an honest discussion of how a puppy can be a threat to a player simply by being adorable. I encourage you to give it a read.

If you're hankering for the violent kind of threat, just have the enemies she's facing be smart. Maybe they have a sniper, never getting in range of her shotgun and forcing her on a tense chase through the ruins, trying to keep her head down while keeping track of the danger (yeah, she'll almost definitely win, but the players always win because they're just that badass). If she's slaughtered a local gang, have some of the remnants spring nasty surprises, like dropping a grenade right on top of her in the middle of the hold (it's easy to inflict damage if you don't care about surviving). Remember all this time that Not To Be Fucked With only works for a full on pitched battle, scuffles in alleyways don't count.

Hope this helped; it's a common problem that's hard to solve while still being a fan of the players' characters, but it is manageable given a few of these useful tools.

Apocalypse World / Re: AP: Steel City
« on: November 03, 2016, 09:45:03 AM »
So, Spector's player seems to have dropped out. I would have liked it if he'd let me know rather than just not turning up, but I'm not too bothered. Vega couldn't make it this week but offered her apologies, and man is that leading to an interesting session when she gets back. Enjoy!

Nif had been following Mimi around while he was missing, however he didn't do a great job of it, so while he knew who she'd been talking to he didn't know where she was, and she was now hunting him. Stomp went to visit Isle to apologise, and offered her a bit of barter. This put him a bit short on scratch, so he decided to try and sell Jackabacka to the local slaver, Newton. Conveniently Rhythm and Nif were planning a concert at Newton's hold, and had hijacked Phoenix for transportation. Stomp tagged along with Jackabacka over his shoulder, and the group set off.

Their arrival heralded a chorus of howls from the nearby buildings, spreading the word. More and more Wild Dogs poured out of the hold, gathering in front of the mobile stage. Rhythm struck up a song, pandering to his audience and getting them to pay 10 barter to Phoenix, who was gathering a collection. When the song was over, Stomp called out to Newton and flirted with her a bit. Rolling to seduce, he hit the roll on a 10+ and they went off to her office to "negotiate" over the ownership of Jackabacka.

Nif followed along, taking advantage of the distracted crowd to loot the abandoned hold. He found a nice, sharp hatchet, but was interrupted by a weird kid called Rufe, with eyes that changed colour every time he blinked. They struck up a quick friendship, but when Stomp came marching down the corridor (with a fresh bite-mark on his neck) he disappeared. Nif followed his cue and withdrew into the maelstrom, watching what was happening in the area while he was gone.

As Stomp returned to Forge with the others, Nif watched people come and go. Eventually, with a clattering, grinding noise a bundle of bloodsoaked knives in a humanoid shape climbed up through the window. Slowly, the knives folded inwards until Mimi was revealed, she knocked on Newton's office door and went inside. Nif popped back into the real world and attempted to sneak into a position to listen in. He got close enough to overhear something about an attack on Forge, but fell through the ceiling right onto the desk. In a panic, Nif grabbed out at Newton and pulled them both into the Maelstrom. Within the void, he interrogated the slaver, learning as much as he could about the attack.
As Phoenix drove back into Forge with the rest, they noticed musical notes scratched into the walls, and the populace were dressing like Rhythm. Outside the garage, a small shrine had been erected; Phoenix immediately took advantage by setting up a donations bowl.

Nif and Newton popped back into existence in Stomp's house, and Nif immediately ran away. This presented a problem, and Stomp began working on ways to potentially sneak her out of the hold. He went to Rhythm, and took his clothes for use as a disguise, but upon arriving back at the Stomping Ground (his words) it turned out they were far too big for the small and wiry Newton.

Meanwhile, the now naked Rhythm was mobbed by his adoring fans. In an attempt to get them to leave him alone, he cracked open the world, using them for augury and opening a window into the music of the Maelstrom. Stomp saw distorted performances of musicians, Rhythm somehow saw music itself in physical form, Phoenix saw impossible instruments, but Nif saw none of this. Instead, the Child-Thing saw a matronly woman wearing a porcelain mask. Failing a roll to open his brain, the woman screamed at him that he'd been a naughty boy, that he should have been causing more chaos.

Stomp grabbed Phoenix to try and smuggle Newton out in the car, while Nif went on the attack, maiming and killing Wild Dogs who were hanging around in the market. Roark, one of Vega's gang, spotted Newton as Phoenix drove them out and the driver floored it to escape.

Holy shit that was an incredible session, and somehow every player did something to piss of the hardholder who wasn't there. Amazing idea for Vega's love letter: Roll + Sharp to find out what's been going on, on a 10+ 3, on a 7-9 2, on a miss 1
  • You find out what Rhythm did
  • You find out what Nif did
  • You find out what Phoenix did
  • You find out what Stomp did
Really looking forward to next week!

Apocalypse World / Re: AP: Steel City
« on: November 03, 2016, 06:54:42 AM »
Not knowing any first aid, he asked his mask for advice, but Norman (Grotesque - Pain Addict) simply suggested to him that Vega had too many fingers.

Holy fuck dude.

I need one of my players to go Faceless.

I know right? Wait until you see what he got up to last session. Report coming later today!

Apocalypse World / Re: AP: Steel City
« on: October 30, 2016, 11:49:21 AM »
Hey everyone, sorry this report is a bit late; had meetings and birthday parties and other such gigs to do. Anyway, on with the session!

Neither Spector nor Nif were present for this session, though I have love letters written for them for when they reappear. Everything kicked off with a partial success on Vega's Wealth roll; strangers were hanging around the market. After a quick look at my threats sheet, I decided that Newton had was the most obvious candidate to be plotting at the moment. Stomp noticed that some people dressed in the same sort of scraps and leathers as the Wild Dogs were wandering around the market, not buying anything but also not causing any trouble. After this was reported to Vega, she set her best men on it; Phoenix and Rhythm. Watching the strangers for a while they noticed that every hour or so one of them would leave the hold, returning half an hour later. Deciding to follow them, Phoenix was unable to find enough cover to follow on street level, so he climbed a building and watched the Wild Dog's progress from up high.

After determining where the stranger was going, and waiting for him to pass by on his way back, Phoenix sneaked up to the meeting place. Spying Newton through a window, he decided to ignore Vega's orders to simply gather information and instead took a pot-shot. Unfortunately, he missed his go aggro roll and Newton ran for it. After reporting back, an exasperated Vega sent Stomp to follow the next one. Stomp was able to find enough cover to follow Jackabacka - who he knew for certain was a Wild Dog - on street level, mostly by making new cover where none was before. The meeting place was, of course, empty. So, not wanting to return empty handed Stomp lay in wait behind a wall an burst through to kidnap Jackabacka as he passed. Some pant-wetting interrogation later, Jackabacka revealed that Newton was looking for new slaves while the market was busy.

Vega had the new prisoner locked up, but Rhythm had a plan. Talking to Tao, the carpenter, he commissioned a stage to be mounted on the back of Phoenix's truck. Given the simplicity of his needs, and the pay he was offering (out of Phoenix's pocket) Tao started work immediately. Meanwhile, Vega was in the bar getting absolutely plastered with Doghead, who was grieving poor Millions. After Doghead passed out, drunk-Vega decided it would be a fantastic idea to interrogate the new prisoner. Luckily, Stomp found her and escorted her to the prison. Opening the door, Jackabacka tried to make a break for it, but between them they threw him back in his cell; though Vega took a sucker punch to the ribs for her trouble. When the stage was completed in the evening, Rhythm convinced Phoenix to drive it to the marketplace. Rhythm cracked open the world, playing the noise the dinosaurs heard when they looked up and saw the fireball to make all the listeners into a cult.

Morning came with the sound of distant bike engines. Phoenix was the first to react, recognising a contingent of Lancer's Lot in the distance from the shine of their breastplates. As all the characters woke up and made their preparations, Phoenix brought out his 'dozer. Covered in spikes and plates, with a .50cal MG in the roof, he was ready for a fight. Stomp revealed what he had been working on recently, as a monster truck roared into life and took up position ready to charge. As the gang drew closer, Vega spotted Mimi directing them from the back of one of the bikes. The fight was messy and brutal, culminating in Stomp ramming the survivors and grinding them to a pulp beneath his wheels, ruining the tires in the process. As three of the twenty original bikes fled, Vega searched the bodies, but didn't find Mimi.

Stomp tried to get his wheels fixed by Isle, Vega's mechanic, and asked his mask for advice on how to barter with what little money he had. He failed the roll, and Norman told him to threaten her into doing it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) he failed that roll too, and Isle being a no-nonsense kind of girl just kicked him in the crotch and ran off to find Vega. Vega was not happy to hear what had happened, Stomp arrived just after Isle had left and after a long and distrustful conversation. Vega agreed to get Isle to work on the monster truck provided that this never happen again (yeah, that's going to happen).

With fewer players present, this session was much easier to manage, with everyone getting more time to be awesome in. It was good to see Rhythm doing some scheming, and utilising crack open the world, but I worry he's only connected to the other players via Phoenix, so I'll have to shake that up a bit next session. Writing the love letters was fun, and I think they should definitely go some way towards mitigating the feel-bad of missing out on a session or two. The inter-player drama was amazing, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Apocalypse World / Re: Reviews of The Show?
« on: October 25, 2016, 05:24:24 PM »
I'm running a game that has a player as The Show, and they seem to be enjoying it so far. It's definitely a high mind-share character as you say. They have the tools for causing trouble but not getting out of it like the Battlebabe, and the lack of external motivation like the Skinner so it's not one for  the faint of heart. The player needs to be willing to cause chaos and surf the resulting tidal wave to get full enjoyment from the playbook.

The leash holding has worked out fun so far; the Driver holding the leash is never happy when they're asked to spend 3-barter on lifestyle for another character, but the occasional influx of 10-barter is making it worth it, for now. Crack Open the World hasn't seen much use, save for boosting allies in battle. I think that's partially because a lot of the options reference stuff the MC does that the players might not understand, and it being seen as a bit of a nuclear option.

Overall, so far so awesome. Check out AP: Steel City for the sitch with regards to my game, and what The Show has been up to, got another session coming up that should be written up by Thursday.

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