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brainstorming & development / Re: Vampire Apocalypse
« on: July 05, 2010, 11:35:22 PM »
The Nightmare
V +2 A +1 M -1 P +1 C =0
V +2 A =0 M +1 P +1 C -1
V +2 A +1 M -1 P =0 C +1
V +2 A=0 M -1 P +2 C -1


Choose 2

Marked Man:  You make it known that you are coming for a target.  Roll + Connected.  On a hit, the next time you confront your target, you take +1 forward.  On a 10+, when you confront your target, take +1 Ongoing for the entire confrontation.  On a miss, the target knows you're coming, and has ample time to prepare.

Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself:  When you act under stress in combat situations, roll + Violence instead of + Ambition.  If another character attempts to cause duress against you, subtract your Violence from the effective success level.

Scary Mother Fucker:  You get +1 Violence.

Subtle Grip:  When you Act With Violence and cause duress, you may choose to inflict no harm.

Unholy Visage:  You stare down someone, and your face contorts into a face of something monstrous.  Roll + Ambition.  On a hit, the character must act in one of the following ways:
*The target must flee from your presence as fast as possible.
*The target faints.
*The target collapses to the ground, screaming and panicking.
*The target drops to its knees, begging and groveling for you to spare its life.
Against an NPC, on a 10+, you choose the target's reaction.

Your Nightmares are an Open Book:  When you Read a Person, you have an extra question you can ask:  What is your greatest nightmare?  If you manufacture that situation to come to pass, mark experience.

+1 Ambition (max +2)
+1 Manipulation (max +2)
+1 Perception (max +2)
+1 Connections (max +2)
Choose another move from this playbook.
Choose another move from this playbook.
Choose a move from another Vampire playbook.
Choose a move from another Vampire playbook.
Gain a Pack and Master.
Gain 2 Plots and Mastermind

After introducing characters, go around in turn.

On your turn, choose one character.  You have worked with that character, perhaps as a favor, from time to time.  Tell that player +1.
Tell everyone else History -1.  You're a scary fucker, and most people don't want to know you.

On everyone the other players' turns,
Choose one character.  You know what scares them.  Ignore the number they tell you and write down +3
Choose a character who has something you want the most.  Take whatever number they tell you, and give it +1.
Everyone else, take the number they tell you, and write it down.

brainstorming & development / Vampire Apocalypse
« on: July 05, 2010, 11:34:20 PM »
This is a game where the vampires have already won.  What do you do now?

Violence (Act With Force), can cause Duress as success
Ambition (Act under Stress)
Manipulation (Manipulate Others)
Perception (Assess a Situation or Person)
Connections (Dig up Rumors)
History (Help/Interfere)

Some Playbooks
The Sovereign
The Master
The Nightmare
The Siren
The Predator
The Beast
The Knave

I think maybe also a stat called Bloodline- good for using weirdish abilities.

When you put another character in charge of your gang, that character gains Pack Alpha.  They use their Hx with you for all such rolls.

(Yes, even if you command your gang with Leadership.  And what happens if they don't want to give the position up?  Heh.)

Apocalypse World / Re: Breaking the game...
« on: July 05, 2010, 07:36:50 PM »
Yeah, you should be making that medic a threat, and figuring just what the hell (s)he wants.  To get away?  Get revenge?  Kill herself?  Maybe the Brainer's got her so screwed up he'll have to blow up her head to stop her- I don't know.  Pose yourself an I wonder question.

I wonder how far they'll go to keep the medic under control.
I wonder how they'll react to 'unusual' threats (weird mutants, perversions of birth, etc.)
I wonder how they'll react if a powerful hardholder sends an envoy with an offer of employment.
I wonder what they'll do if a powerful hardholder in a nuclear bunker puts a 100-Barter Bounty on their collective heads.
I wonder what they'll do if they have a chance to get their hands on a nuclear missile.

blood & guts / Re: how the stats balance
« on: July 04, 2010, 11:53:15 PM »
Arg, I wanted to post that in the Battlebabe thread.

Session 2, AKA "Ways to Control People, that aren't Power, Money, Influence.... or Sex"

We were missing Amelia and Shari last night, so their characters were stuck in the lab, and out on hippie spirit journey, respectively.

We meet our, well not heroes, but survivors maybe, a week after the events of the first session.  Wolf and Frost have had time to heal up.  I've made my fronts, and come up with some questions to ask the players here or there, or questions just to pose to myself and see what happens.

One of those is "Will Frost sleep with Jarvis?"  Jarvis needs to give Frost a gift worth 1 barter, so he does- and hands over a snowflake pendant, and sort of nervously asks Frost to come to bed with him.  Frost reluctantly agrees.  Now we get to apply sex moves- not just Frost's Skinner move, but Jarvis has a sex move too: Can You Live With Yourself in the Morning?:  If you have sex with Jarvis, take -1 forward.  The players love it.

Other leading questions: I ask the chopper who's maybe planning on usurping the hardholder how long he's been screwing Abe's wife (since I got into town), and the Battlebabe who's bounty he's trailing (no one, I'm the bounty that someone's trailing.)  I think it's interesting that the player rejected my hook that I offered and instead countered with his own- certainly good for player agency, but it meant I had to step back and evaluate it, and the potential of a bounty hunt was shelved for at least a session while I had time to rethink the situation.  Tim's battlebabe was fairly parched for direct bangs for the night- he was offered a fairly simple job by Jarvis, which he did.  He spends most the rest of the session wallflowering.

Frost complains of a headache to Marsh, and wackiness ensues: Marsh assumes Jarvis is a brainer and is screwing (mentally) with Frost.  Frost puts his arm around Marsh while they go for a walk (to get time and intimacy for fascinate), blows his fascinate roll, and made the mistake of giving time and intimacy to the brainer.  Marsh blows his brainer roll for whatever he was doing, and deals harm to Frost.  More headaches.

Marsh:  "Frost, Jarvis is a bad man.  He controls people.  And I don't mean with his power, or money, or influence."  (Pause)  "And not with sex either."

Meanwhile, Abe has Shit Head the Chopper pull Wolf the Gunlugger in to speak with him, and decides what he's going to do with her for killing Char- and decides to make her Shit Head's responsibility.  Shit Head and Wolf go off to another hardhold, Mercer, to find some missing traders.  Along the way, Wolf wanders off to find supplies, gets horribly lost, gets ambushed by a cannibal family at a Big Boy Burger restaurant, knocked out, and taken in for meat.  Shit Head goes off alone to find her.  He kills the whole gang, but not before they put him to 10:00 on the harm dial and he finally passes out.  Later, Wolf recovers, and drags them both back to the gang, where she's now acting as temporary leader.

(This is going to lead me to create a free custom move for the Chopper:  When you put another character in charge of your gang...)

People see Frost walking around town with his arm around Marsh, so people assume they're a couple (especially given Frost's employer's reputation).  Later Marsh attunes to the psychic maelstrom, and gets a vision of the slaughter at the Big Boy Burger from the perspective of one of the ferals (and presumably sees his friends die), and cries.  A lot.  Frost learns how to open his brain (from Winkle, the 80 year old ecstasy cultist), and learns Mercer is bad news in a big way.  Wolf finds Vinny the trader, who says Mercer is bad news in a big way.

Marsh goes in a truck with 2 of Abe's enforcers to rescue the gang, blows his read another roll, so I ask him (as Lugnut) "what does your character wish I'd do?"  Marsh's default answer is "touch my hand."  Lugnut is understandably creeped out.  Frost and Beastie steal the local NPC savvyhead's truck (yeah, he'll be real happy about that) and take Winkle with them.  Somewhere along the way, pretty much everyone meets up, and Sunny, Lugnut, and Winkle split off to search the Big Boy Burger for clues, Wolf sends some of the gang to scout out Mercer, and everyone else goes back to get Shit Head medical attention.

Other fun quotes:
"Misha: So, is there any chance that one of Shit Head's gangers has a medkit and knows how to use it?"
"Ha ha ha ha, no."
(Though for what it's worth, if the player had called for a Fucking Thieves roll, he totally could have.  I didn't think of it at the time.)

"Tim: I want to read Jarvis.  What does he intend to do?"
"Oh, he's looking for muscle so he can overthrow Abe.  (As Jarvis): Yeah, it's just bouncing work to start, but if you take to it, maybe there will be growth opportunities."

Also, I learned that a small gang can seriously screw up 2 PCs, even fighty ones (Chopper and Gunlugger)

blood & guts / Re: how the stats balance
« on: July 04, 2010, 10:58:55 PM »
Tim plays a Battlebabe in my game and is concerned about what he should be doing as a Battlebabe.  Any advice?

Also, he wants to know if Buddy from Six String Samurai is the inspiration (or an inspiration) for the playbook.

I have fronts!  Players, don't read these.  Other folks, read them, and let me know what you think.

(If someone starts to seriously make a bid for hardholder, I think most of the Home Front moves will become an actual Front Front.  Also, the Screwfly stuff disturbs me something fierce, as it should.)

The Home Front:

Threat: Abe & Company
(Dictator: Impulse- to hang onto Lincoln Town, no matter the cost.)
Cast: Abe, his enforcers (Sunny & Lugnut) his wives (Princess, Anastasia, 12 year old Kitty)

Threat: Jarvis & The Shakedown
(Slaver: Impluse- to own this fucking town, and turn it into his personal playground)
Cast: Jarvis & his crew (Shan, Starburst)
Jarvis starts asking around to local badasses.

Threat: Shit Head's Gang
(Hunting Pack: To hunt out and victimize any vulnerable, especially those not in the gang.)
Cast: LT, Catcher, Wite Out, Shortstop

Threat: Way the Moon Eyed Nurse
(Family: impulse to run and hide)

Custom Moves:
Can you live with yourself in the morning?  If you have sex with Jarvis, take -1 forward. 
Can you look Abe in the eye and lie to him?  If you have sex with one of Abe's wives, the next time you talk to Abe, it's acting under fire.  (fire is, he knows)

The Psychic Storm:

The Dark Future:  If nobody does anything, Mr. Sharp darkens the psychic maelstrom 'round Wreck City, the cult tears itself and Lincoln Town apart, and the sky turns blood red, spews out psychic and real tornadoes, and that fucker Sharp sets himself up as some sort of dark wasteland prophet god.

Will Dark's Cult rise or fall in prosperity?
What will the effects of the maelstrom have on Hannibal and Scanner?
Will Mr. Sharp corrupt the psychic maelstrom?

Threat: Dark Enlight's Cult
(Sybarites: Consume, consume, consume, and party.)
Cast: Cultists: Winkle, Kelly, Starburst

Threat: Mr. Sharp
(Mindfucker: Impulse: Destroy the world, come out on top.)

Threat: Hannibal
(Cannibal: Impulse: Keep up the status quo.  Eat people and make go-juice.)

Threat: Scanner
(Collector: Wants to own lots of pre-war tech, especially Kim's stuff.)

Threat: Satan's Crossroads
(Mirage:  Corrupt psychics.)
A weird dirt crossroads between Lincoln Town, Mercer, and two other hardholds.  Someone hung up a set of street signs reading 'Damnation' and 'Purgatory'

Custom Moves:
When you stand on Satan's Crossroads, you get +1 weird.
Scanner has a workspace and can work on tech like a savvyhead.
Mr. Sharp is a potent psychic, and can cause harm like a brainer.
When the cult parties, someone gets stuck paying the bill.  Somebody's got to cough up 1 barter.

You can't Seduce or Manipulate Mr. Sharp.  But you can make a deal with him.
When you make a deal with Mr. Sharp, roll + sharp.
On a 10+, he'll get you what you want, but you got to do something relatively minor in return.
On a 7-9, he'll get you what you want, but you got to do something in return.
On a miss, he says he'll get you what you want, but either asks for something huge but seemingly minor, or asks for something and then leaves you out to dry.

The Screwfly Outbreak:

The Dark Future:  Biggs and his guys find Dr. X and kill him, stopping any work on a possible cure.  Biggs sends someone (Vinny?) into Lincoln Town to start infecting people, then sparks a bloodbath, which leaves lots of people dead.

Will Dr. X complete his cure?  Will he live to see it implemented?
Jenns is still in the Mercer area.  What will happen to her?
What will happen to Bigg's new brutal society?
Will anyone in Lincoln Town get screwflyed?

Threat: Ruins of Mercer
(Breeding Pit- source of the Screwfly Outbreak and other assorted medical badness.)
Mercer was a hardhold sprung up around Mercy Hospital.  But then they got screwflyed.  Poor bastards.

Threat: The Screwfly Outbreak
(Disease: To infect men.)
The Screwfly Virus is a weaponized virus that alters men's sexual behavior.  It makes them associate killing with sex.

Threat: Screwflyers
(Disease Vector: Rape and kill women)
Includes- Mr. Biggs, former posh hardholder and now more of a brutal gangleader, Phineas and Torque, and Vinny, a trader from Lincoln Town.

Threat: Dr. X
(Mutant: Craves forgiveness.)
This bastard is responsible for the whole outbreak- he figured he could modify the screwfly virus, and use the positive properties to use the virus to create a bunch of supersoldiers.  All the Screwflyers were originally injected by him personally.  He's hiding in the hospital- they're pretty darned pissed right now.

Custom Moves:
When you salvage through the ruins of Mercy Hospital, roll + Sharp.  On a 10+, you find some useful piece of medical equipment- 3 stock for an Angel Kit, or some sort of high-tech equipment.  On a 7-9, you find one barter worth of useful stuff.  On a 6, you find trouble- maybe a mysterious vial, or maybe some of Bigg's men.

If you come into contact with the Screwfly Virus (either through injection, or somehow having sexual contact with another victim), roll.  On a 10+, you aren't affected.  On a 7-9, you contract the virus, start at 3.  On a miss, you contract a full blown case of the virus, start at 9.  Women are immune.

Screwfly Countdown:
3:  You're more irritable than normal.  Also, at the start of every session, roll.  On a 10+, you're cured.  On a 7-9, the virus doesn't get worse.  On a miss, it advances one step.
9:   You're starting to feel the effects.  You get +1to Go Aggro or Seize by Force against women, but -1 to Seduce, Manipulate, or Read them.
10:  You can't Seduce, Manipulate, or Read women.
11:  If you're in the presence of a woman, and you don't rape and kill her, it counts as acting under fire.
12:  As 11, but you get -1 to the roll.

An Angel with an Infirmary can research a cure.  The cure can be applied like healing harm:
Roll + stock spent.  A 10+ eradicates the infection; choose 2 downsides from the angel healing list.  A 7-9 eradicates the infection; chose 3 downsides from the angel healing list.  A miss: You think you got the infection taken care of, but you didn't.  MC picks one thing off the healing list.

Outbreak Macro Countdown:
0: It's just Biggs and his guys, they infect Vinny.
3: Vinny finds Jenns and kills her.
6: Biggs finds Mr. X.
9: Vinny goes back to Lincoln, infects some dudes.  Violence ensues.
10:  Someone important gets infected.  Abe, maybe.
11:  Biggs sends his guys to take over Lincoln Town, and infect any survivors.

Apocalypse World / AW AP- "Why'd you kill him?" "He was in my way."
« on: June 27, 2010, 11:39:48 PM »
Apocalypse Report:

So, last night marked session one of our Apocalypse World game, with myself and 7(!) players.  I believe the large cast will make for some exciting storylines, there wasn't much screen time to go around- and once play got going, some folks got a lot more screentime than others.  (Tim and Misha got hardly any it seemed to me, but Misha made good work of hers!)

I do think the large cast will make well for episodic ensemble play- if only 4 of the players can make it, no big deal, we zoom in on those guys.  I will probably have to institute a 'no fucking with a player's power base while they're away rule.'

Our characters, in no particular order:

Beastie the Battlebabe, played by Tim.  We don't know too much about this guy yet- he showed up in his speedo and cowboy boots, and got laughed at by the Hardholders boys and had his ass kicked and thrown out- and that was before play even started!
Kim the Angel, played by Amelia.  Man, if there was one character in this group I would not trust with my unconscious body, it would be the Angel.  Total Mad Scientist vibe- looking to experiment with scavenged cyberware on unwilling test subjects.
Marsh the Brainer, played by Abram.  He's a brainer with a violation glove.  I'd still feel safer around him than the Angel.
Dark Enlight the Hocus, played by Shari.  When her cult has surplus, they party and open up links to the psychic maelstrom.  Did I mention that the hardhold is a nexus for the Psychic Maelstrom- ley lines, or some shit?  And that Marsh and Dark have extremely different visions of what the Maelstrom should be like.
(Also, Tim's character in my D&D game is a Drow Sorcerer named Maelstrom, so there's lots of jokes about that.)
Shit Head the Chopper, played by Len.  While I can't take the name seriously, there's a lot of good stuff going on with Len's gang- they are well disciplined, coming from some sort of military heritage survivalist settlement somewhere, and have a baseball theme.  Len has expressed an interest in taking over the hardhold.
Wolf, the Gunlugger, played by Misha.  Like the Battlebabe, a bit of a mystery.  But most of the action in the session was triggered by a chain of action starting with Misha.  I look forward to seeing how she'll react in other situations.
And finally, Frost the Skinner, a male exotic dancer, played by Sabe.  Frost works at The Shakedown, a club owned by greasy fat perv Jarvis.

We establish that the Shakedown, Kim's Infirmary (which is invite only), and Dark's cult all operate out of a small hardhold called Lincoln Town, in the middle of Wreck City, which is some sort of large, semi-ruined metropolis.  We start with Dark's cult augury opening a psychic vortex in the Shakedown and staging an impromptu party, Kim trying to inject Beastie with anesthesia and it going horribly awry.  Then Shit Head decides no one throws a party without him and his gang, but it stopped at the door- maximum occupancy, you know, first come, first served, and ends up deciding to have his gang party in the parking lot.  (Most of the important town buildings are in an abandoned and reclaimed strip mall.)  Marsh goes into the club to talk psychic philosophy with Dark, and possibly turncoat worshipper Winkle, 80-year old ecstasy cultist.  Dark reads Marsh, and learns that he'd most like her to touch his hand.  Why the hell not?  He deep brain scans her, and learns that she abandoned her little brother Shit Head as a kid.

Oh, and Wolf storms into the infirmary and kills one of Kim's lab assistants.

I was worried, especially at this point, that with a group of hardened IAWA players, everyone would be going for the throat right from minute one, which I don't think AP supports as well- you have significant safety nets in IAWA- more ephemeral characters, being at zero dice meaning many different things, only one of which is death, etc.  AP has actual hit points, and Wolf does 4 fucking harm with her Magnum Pistol.

During character creation, Sabe decided that Kim and Frost are lovers, but Wolf loves Frost.  (Sabe and Misha are a couple in real life, for what it's worth.  An adorable couple.)  So Wolf decides that Kim is in her way, kicks down the door to the infirmary (seize by force, inflict great harm on the door with her boot), goes aggro on Char, overgrown burncovered lab assistant, and shoots him right in the chest, then goes aggro on Kim.  There's some discussion about what you can do when you are went aggro on, especially when it's a +3 Hard Gunlugger who rolled 10+ against you.  Wolf's command was 'bug out,' so Kim flees- into the arms of pissed off Beastie, who's still waiting nearby.  Beastie decides to forgive her for now, and side with her versus Wolf.  Wolf comes out, sees Kim, and is mad at her.  Aggro may have been went.  Beastie picks up Kim and flees with her one way around the stripmall, and Wolf saunters around the other.  Kim is, of course, fleeing to Frost, who Wolf is now also on the way to see.

Everyone ends up in the parking lot, where Shit Head's bikers are partying.  Some of the Hardholder's boys show up.  Everyone has guns, and there's a nice big mexican standoff.  Shit Head sends one of his guys in to get Frost- it gets out that this dispute is somehow about him.

Frost gets everyone to shut up, and Wolf and Frost have a standoff of their own, which goes Frost's way.  Wolf, a woman of few words, decides that Frost is a total bitch, and decides she doesn't need him.

That was a whole exchange of moves having consequences and building on each other.  I didn't get to ask as many questions as I'd intended to- there's still a lot I don't know about the holding that I wanted to come from the players, and I don't think I have enough established to make more than a front or two, and I feel if I author more stuff than that, I'll be creating too much.  I don't know- still getting the hang of this.  Certainly a great session, everyone's eager for more, and I've already got some great ideas on how to push the characters' buttons.

Apocalypse World / Picking a Move from Another Playbook
« on: June 27, 2010, 09:54:52 AM »
When you pick a move from another playbook, can you choose moves that the character automatically gets (like a Hocus's Followers, or the Driver's No Shit Driver?)  I assume yes.

Can you choose another playbook's Special Sex Move?  (I assume no.)

If you change playbooks, can you still take advances/moves from your original playbook?  Do you keep your original Special Sex Move?

brainstorming & development / Re: Age of Sorrrows hack?
« on: June 23, 2010, 11:29:47 AM »
This is cool.

Maybe everyone starts at Essence +1, and has moves that add their Essence to their Virtue for a specific roll?  (Warrior Kings being good at Taking By Force, since they already get high Valor.)

Everyone gets a +1 Essence move on their advancement list, and +1 Essence is also listed as an advanced option, to end up with a total of + 3.

Oh, absolutely, the PCs tend to be the staff themselves, wedged between impossible pressures.  One of the playbooks though is the Regular (think Jay or Silent Bob in Clerks).  If you get fired, you can play your character as a Regular.

brainstorming & development / Bargain Town: Barf Forth Retail Hell
« on: June 22, 2010, 11:24:35 PM »
The Basic Moves:

When you bargain, threaten, seduce or cajole another character, roll + Charm:
Tell them what you want, and offer them something (or offer them not doing something).  For NPCs, on a hit, they'll ask you for something (maybe what you offered, maybe not), and do it if you promise.  On a 10+, you're pretty much free to do whatever you want.  On a 7-9, you need to take some action right now.
For PCs, on a 7-9 choose one of the following.  On a 10+, it's both of them:
*The earn experience if they do it.
*They take -1 forward if they don't do it.

When you do something physically risky, roll + Solid:
On a 10+, you do it, no problem.
On a 7-9, choose 2:
*You do it.
*You don't hurt yourself.
*You don't get in trouble.

When you listen for rumors, roll + Cool:
On a hit, the MC will tell you something new and interesting.  On a 10+, the MC will tell you something specific and useful.

When you read a person, roll + Savvy:
On a 10+, hold 3.  On a 7-9, hold 1.  Spend them during the conversation to ask questions:
*Are you telling the truth?
*What are you really feeling?
*What do you want from me?
*What do you want to do?
*What will it take to get you to ____?

When you read a difficult situation, roll + Savvy:
On a hit, you can ask the MC questions.  If you act on the MC's answer, take +1 forward.  On a 7-9, ask 1, on a 10+, ask 3.
*What is the biggest threat to me?
*What is most vulnerable to me?
*What should I be on the lookout for?
*Where are my threat's really located?
*Who is in control here?
*What is my best way in/out of this situation?

When you try to get another character in trouble, roll + Status:
On a hit, they get in trouble.  On a 7-9, pick one, on a 10+, pick three.
*They suffer great trouble.
*They don't know it was you.
*They know it was you, but blame someone else (MC's call who.)
*You don't catch any trouble yourself.

When you help or interfere with another character, roll + Hx:
On a hit, they take +1 (help) or -2 (interference.)
On a 7-9, you expose yourself to one of the following: Trouble, Drama, Cost, Harm, or Exertion

Special Moves

At the end of each session, choose a character who knows you better than they used to.
That character adds +1 Hx with you.  (And if it resets, earns experience.)

When you suffer harm
, you take -1 ongoing until the harm heals.

When you suffer trouble, roll + Trouble taken:
On a 10+, the MC chooses 2.  On a 7-9, the MC chooses 1.  On a miss, the MC may choose 1, but you take 1 fewer trouble.
*You're flustered, confused, and irritated.
*You lose track of something important.
*You take -1 ongoing for the rest of the day.
*You take -2 forward.
*You miss noticing something important.
*The next person to roll to interfere with you marks experience.

For NPC employees:
1 trouble means a verbal warning with management.
2 trouble means a written warning with management.  We're watching you.
3 trouble means you're fired.

For NPC customers:
1 trouble means no one likes you.
2 trouble means we're kicking you out of the store.
3 trouble means you're banned from the store forever.

For PCs employees:
1 trouble is no big deal.
2 trouble is a meeting with your supervisor to discuss what's going on, and how can we help you improve your behavior?
3 trouble is a verbal warning with management.
4 trouble is a written warning with management.  We're watching you.
5 trouble is your final warning before termination.
6 trouble is immediate termination.

For PC customers:
1 trouble is no big deal.
2 trouble is a refusal to provide service.
3 trouble is please leave the store, sir.
4 trouble is I'm calling the cops, right now.
5 trouble is you're banned from the store.
6 trouble is you're banned from the store, forever, and if I ever see you again, we're calling the cops to take you out of here in handcuffs, mister.

Trouble goes away over time- at the start of each session, everyone loses a point of trouble.

Apocalypse World / 1:1 AW- 'Last Man on Earth'
« on: June 22, 2010, 11:58:33 AM »
While AW says you should have 4 people including the MC, I'm wondering if it might make a cool one on one game.  You lose the tension between the players and the NPC/PC triangles, but everything falls on the sole protagonist.

For the steps of character creation that involve picking another player and saying something about them, I'd have instead that you name an NPC and say something about them.

Anyone try or think about this?

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