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brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: November 01, 2010, 11:10:38 PM »
The Saint
“His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.
And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.
And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead.”
Revelations 1:14

The world might be dead, and God, or the gods, or the spirits, or what have you might have moved on.  But the Saints haven't.  The holy man who refuses to give up hope in the face of darkness, the tribal shaman, warring against strange creatures, or the retired schoolmarm, running the orphanage because someone has to look after those kids- these are the people that are looking out for you.

If you're going to pray, pray for a Saint.


Choose one:

Cool =0 Hard -1 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird +2
Cool +1 Hard +1 Hot -1 Sharp =0 Weird +2
Cool =0 Hard -2 Hot =0 Sharp +2 Weird +2
Cool +1 Hard =0 Hot -1 Sharp +1 Weird +2

Basic Moves

You get all the Basic Moves

Saint Moves

Pick two of the following:

Armor of Faith:  Your faith counts as Armor 1.  If you're wearing conventional armor instead, use that instead.

Consecrate:  When you perform rites of your faith to consecrate an item for a certain task, roll + Weird.  On a 10+, hold 3.  On a 7-9, hold 1.  Anytime any character makes a roll while using the item for the named task, they may spend 1 hold to gain +1 forward for that roll.
If the consecrated item is a weapon, a character may spend a hold when inflicting harm with it to treat the weapon as whatever the target is vulnerable to, if it happens to have a specific vulnerability or weakness.
A character can only Consecrate one item at a time.  On a miss, you may not Consecrate any more items this session.

Flock:  You gain a small following or congregation, your flock.  At the beginning of each session, roll + Sharp.  On a 10+, your flock has surplus.  On a 7-9, they have surplus, and choose 1 want.  On a miss, they are in want.  If their surplus lists barter, that's your share, padre.

Lay on Hands:  When you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded person and open your soul to their injuries, roll + Weird.  On a 10+, they heal 1 segment.  On a 7-9, they heal 1 segment, and you are acting under fire from their injuries  On a miss, you've opened up both your souls to the mystic wasteland.  Treat it as though you've made that move and blown the roll.

Voice of God
:  When you speak with the voice of authority and faith, you may roll + Weird instead of + Hot to manipulate someone.

Watchful Healing:  You know techniques for speeding the healing process.  Characters healing under your care heal in twice the time.

If you have a Flock, by default it's about 10 followers, loyal to you but not fanatical.  They have their own lives, and live in the community.  They occasionally give you tithes and gifts.  (Surplus: 1 Barter, Want: + Anxiety.)

Choose 2:
*Your flock is involved in a useful business or commerce.  Surplus +1 Barter.
*Your flock is willing to fight at your call, and counts as a gang with harm and armor appropriate to the situation.
*Your flock contains some wise individuals who you can call upon for council.  Surplus: + Insight.
*Your flock is willing to uproot and follow you if you demand it (and if they're in a good mood).  Surplus: + Mobile
*Your flock is big, about 20 followers.  Surplus +1 Barter, replace Want: Anxiety with Want: + Desertion.

And choose 1:
*Your flock is isolated from the community.  They're really more like a cult.  Want: + Outsiders.
*Your flock is tiny, like a half dozen people.  Surplus -1 Barter.
*You aren't entirely in control of your flock.  Want: Judgment.
*Your flock is held together only by your strong personality.  If you are not physically with your flock at the start of the session, take -2 to your roll.


You get a practical weapon, fashion suitable to your look (but no armor), and 1 barter.


On your turn, if any character is a member of your flock, tell them +2.  Otherwise, tell them =0.  You're pretty strange.

On the others' turns, choose one or both of the following:
*You gave that person sanctuary once when they needed it.  Whatever number they tell you, ignore it and write +3.
*You've seen the darkness that lurks in their heart.  Whatever number they tell you, ignore it and write +3.
Everyone else, you're a darn good judge of character.  Take the number they tell you, and add +1 to it.

Saint Special

Saints don't have sex.  Carnal pleasure for it's own sake violates the temple of the body, and it would be a sin to bring a child into this broken world.   A Saint who has sex with another character must immediately change playbooks.

(The Saint is in some ways a cross between an Angel and a Hocus (duh), but I think in practice the special move will make it very different.)

brainstorming & development / Apocalypse West
« on: November 01, 2010, 11:07:51 PM »
It's 1875.  It's the Apocalypse.

Take one part Apocalypse World, one part Deadlands, and maybe a teensy sprinkle of the Dark Tower, and you have APOCALYPSE WEST.

Apocalypse World / Re: New Playbook: The Feral Kid
« on: September 01, 2010, 06:11:07 PM »
Feral Kids should be Hard, not Cool in my mind.  Little fuckers that will take a bite out of ya.

Apocalypse World / Re: New Playbook: A Boy and His Dog
« on: August 31, 2010, 08:38:29 PM »
I haven't actually seen the movie.  I based this on my impression of the canine follower as apocalypse trope (and Dogmeat from Fallout, and to a lesser extent Dragon Age's Dog and Warhammer 3's Ratcatcher's Dog).

Yeah, Tricks are kind of bland as written.  Maybe it should be part of just having a Dog, and not a move in and of itself?

Apocalypse World / New Playbook: A Boy and His Dog
« on: August 31, 2010, 04:15:01 PM »
A Boy and His Dog
A Playbook for Apocalypse World

No matter where you go, you're always alone in this world.  Sure, there's other people, but they all have their own wants and needs and they're looking out for number one.  Not you.  You've got a true friend.  You've got a Dog.

Creating a Boy (and a Dog)

To create your Boy, choose name, look, stats, moves, Dog, gear, and Hx.


Basset, Bull, Cal, Doberman, Dog Boy, Dog Girl, Dogmeat, Husky, Mutt, Pa, Rex, Scooter, Spots, Terry, Whisper


Boy, Girl, Man, Woman, Ambiguous

Utility Wear, Casual Wear, Hunting Wear, Scrounge Wear, Ratty Luxe Wear

Chubby Face, Droopy Face, Kind Face, Strong Face, Weathered Face, Young Face

Curious Eyes, Bright Eyes, Inspiring Eyes, Quirky Eyes, Soulful Eyes, Tired Eyes

Compact Body, Healthy Body, Mid-Pubescent Body, Small Body, Husky Body


Choose one set:

Cool +1 Hard =0 Hot =0 Sharp +2 Weird =0
Cool +1 Hard =0 Hot +1 Sharp +2 Weird -1
Cool -1 Hard +1 Hot =0 Sharp +2 Weird +1
Cool =0 Hard +2 Hot -1 Sharp +2 Weird -1


You get these two:

Bond of Loyalty

When someone inflicts Harm on your Dog, you gain an equal amount of History with them.  When someone Heals your dog, you gain an equal amount of History with them.  If someone kills your Dog, they set their History with you to -3.


When you tell your Dog to do a basic trick, roll + Sharp.  On a hit, it does it.  On a 10+, it does it really well, like without fussing or performing above expectations.

Additionally, pick 1:

Animal Lover

When you Read an Animal, roll + Sharp.  On a hit, you may ask them questions as if you had used the Read a Person move on them.


When you and your Dog fight together, you count as a small gang.  Harm 3, armor according to the circumstances.

Get 'Em, Boy!

When you use your Dog to Go Aggro or Seize by Force, add +1 to your roll.  Increase the harm your Dog does by 1.

Tough Doggie

Your Dog gains +1 Armor


Name your Dog.  Take a name off your Playbook or another one.

Choose it's Strengths, up to 2.
Bloodhound, Clever, Fast, Fierce, Friendly, Healthy, Huge, Independent, Obedient, Small

Choose it's Looks, up to 2.
Compact, Huge, Mangy, Mutie, Mutty, Pretty, Sleek, Well-Bred

Choose a Weakness:
Filthy, Fickle, Horny, Lazy, Loud, Mean, Sickly, Slow

If your Dog attacks someone, it does 1-Harm.  Your Dog has no armor.  Your Dog has the full Harm countdown clock.

If your Dog dies, you can spend an advance to get a new one.


In addition to your Fashion (worth up to 1 Armor, at your discretion), you get a Nice Solid Weapon, and Oddments worth 3 Barter.

Nice Solid Weapons:

Enough Knives (2 harm hand infinite)
Hunting Rifle (2 harm far loud)
Machete (3 harm hand messy)
Magnum (3 harm close reload loud)
Sawed-Off Shotgun (3 harm close reload messy)
9mm (2 harm close loud)


Tell each other player -1.  You're closer to animals than people.  But if someone else has an animal (like a pet or something), tell them +1.  You get along with other animal people.

On everyone else's turn, listen to what they tell you, and choose one or both of the following:
*One of them went out of their way to be nice to your Dog.  Whatever number they tell you, add 1 to it.
*One of them was mean to your Dog.  Whatever number they tell you, ignore it, and write down -2.

For everyone else, take the number they tell you and give it -1.  You're closer to animals than people.


_ +1 Cool (max +2)
_ +1 Hard (max +2)
_ +1 Sharp (max +3)
_ +1 Weird (max +2)
_ Get a second Dog.
_ Make up a new Trick your Dog can do with the Tricks move.
_ Make up a new Trick your Dog can do with the Tricks move.
_ Get a new Boy and his Dog move.
_ Get a new Boy and his Dog move.
_ Get a move from another playbook.
_ Get a move from another playbook.
_ Get 2 Gigs and Moonlighting.
_ Get a Gang and Pack Alpha.

The following Playbooks gain this as an advancement option: Chopper, Driver, Faceless, Gunlugger, Operator, and Skinner.
_ Gain a Dog and both Bond of Loyalty and Tricks.

Apocalypse World / Re: In which we vomit forth apocalyptica
« on: August 24, 2010, 11:28:31 PM »
Batball:  A sport, reputedly once the Great Hardhold's National Pastime.  A Batter stands at one corner of a square.  A Pitcher stands in the middle, with a bucket of balls.  The Runners run laps around the length of the square.  The Pitcher throws balls at the Batter, who tries to hit them with a bat so they strike the Runners.

War Memorials:  When the Ancients went to War, they would "kick ass and take names."  Ancient Soldiers wore their names around their necks on ceremonial collars.  Victorious Soldiers would inscribe the names of all the conquered on giant memorials, a testament to their victory.

Now, for our last session, we hadn't played in a while, and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed with a bang.  I also wanted to have some time pass- most of our sessions were day to day- I was going to advance things a month.  And we had a new player, after losing our brainer.

So everyone got a start of session sheet.  Good times.
You'll note that I don't really make any attempt to balance these against each other.  Some PCs are in good positions, others are in bad ones, and others need to make their own luck, and it shows.

Dear Chopper.

It's been a month since Sarge took over your gang and Dark got sucked up into the sky.  Spend a barter for food & stuff, and erase all your wounds.  So, what's been going on with you?

Roll your Cool.  Pick one option under Gang, Location, and Life.  If you get a 7-9, pick one Good, one Bad, and one Ugly (you can pick worse if you like.)  If you get a 10+, you can pick two Good and a Bad or one Good and two Bad.  If you miss, pick one Bad and two Ugly.
(Oh man o man did he blow this roll.)

The Gang:
*After a few weeks, Sarge asked you to be in charge again.  Peaceful transfer of power.
*You've left the gang behind.  Change playbooks to Driver or Gunlugger (the later requires Misha's permission.)
*The gang's been growing.  It's back up to fifteen strong.  But you still aren't in charge, and Sarge's power is growing with the new recruits.
*You bested Sarge in ritual combat.  You're back in charge of the gang, and you have their respect.
*You're in charge again, after a bloody battle with Sarge, but the gang is almost completely wiped out.  It's just you and five other guys.
*Last you heard, Sarge took the gang to Mercer to raid the place.  That was a week ago. (which means they all got infected by the Screwfly Virus)

Your Location:
*Having the drop on a trade convoy.
*In Shakytown, drinking on Jarvis's jangle.
*At the Drive-In, helping with Projector's movie.
*On the doorstep of the Mint, begging for an audience with Millions.
*Out in the middle of Wreck City, completely fucking lost.
*Laying siege to Mercer, maybe alone, maybe with your gang.
*Surrounded by a bunch of goddamned ferals.

Your Miserable Life:
*Mark experience.
*You have a new Bike.  Build it per the starting rules.
*You're seeing this nice little piece of ass on the side.  Her name's LaLa.
*Scanner is fucking pissed about what happened to his truck.
*You've been having nightmares.  Really vivid ones.
*You're deeply in debt to Jarvis for booze, drugs, and whores.  You owe him like 5 fucking barter.
*Somehow, you think you got infected with the Mercer virus.  How? (Heh.)

Cheers, your MC

Dear Battlebabe,

It's been a slow month.  Spend a barter, heal your wounds.

Roll your Cool.  On a 10+, pick a choice from the Good list.  On a 7-9, pick one from the Good list, and one from the Bad list.  On a miss, pick one from the Bad list.

*You did a job for someone.  Who and what?  Add 2 barter.
*It's been an enlightening month.  Mark experience.
*You salvaged a bike.  Stat it using the Chopper playbook.
*You got a cool new toy.  Take a new custom weapon.

*I get to pick your current location.
*Whoever has the most Hx with you picks your current location.
*You lost some of your toys.  Pick one of your weapons, and erase it.
*You came in contact with the Mercer virus.  You might be infected.

You are...
*... at the Drive-In, working on Projector's stupid movie.
*... in or around Mercer, a deadly ghost in the shadows.
(Tim asks me, 'can I pick two locations?'  And I'm like 'No.  Maybe.  What did you have in mind?  So he starts out near Mercer kicking ass, with Projector filming it.  And proceeds to kill every damn infected in Mercer, like 30-40 guys, with a series of like 10 Go Aggro and Act Under Fire Rolls that all went his way.)

*... kneeling in Million's throne room, in chains.
*... at the outskirts of the Mint, sizing up the place.
*... in Shakytown, your knife to Jarvis's throat.
*... in Shakytown, waking up in bed with Jarvis.
*... out in the Wrecks, doing your own thing.
*... at Satan's Crossroads, looking for answers.

Cheers, your MC

Dear Angel,

It's been a month.  Spend 1 Barter for your operating expenses.  Heal any wounds you might have.

You're on hard times.  It takes a hard person to make the best of that.  Roll your Hard.  On a success, pick a result from the Good list, and one from the Bad list.  On a 10+, pick two from the Good list, and one from the Bad list.  On a failure, pick one from the Good list, and two from the Bad list.

*Mark experience.
*You know who the father of Princess's child is. (I asked Len, who played Shit Head, who the father is.  He rolled a die.  It's Abe, the dead hardholder's.)
*You've been putting the people to work sewing bandages, cleaning needles, finding herbs, and donating blood.  Spend a barter, and remove the Medical Supply Scarcity condition from either the Drive-In or Shakytown (but not both).
*You've profitably relocated to either the Drive-In or the Mint.  Take +1 forward for your Gig rolls.
*Business is good.  Take +1 forward for your Gig rolls.
*You've come into ownership of some weird piece of cyberware.  It's not working quite yet.  What is it?
*Work on a cure is progressing.  Take +1 to all future rolls to cure someone infected with the Mercer Virus.

*There's been a rash of medical emergencies, and you've been footing the bill.  Spend 3 stock.
*Babe got himself shot.
*Way has been spending most of her time in a drugged-up stupor.
*Business is terrible.  Take -1 forward to your Gig rolls.
*Jarvis knows you're harboring Princess, and he's not happy about it.
*One of your samples of the Mercer virus has gone missing.

Cheers, your MC

Dear Hocus,

You are in a place where time has no meaning.  Or maybe you're in a time where place has no meaning.  Definitely one of those two.  Heal any wounds you might have.

While you remain stuck in the psychic maelstrom, a couple of things:

*You suffer a -1 penalty to all Fortunes rolls.
*Whenever anyone, anywhere tries to Open their Brain, you may Help or Hinder.  You can also contact them when they do so.

Roll your Sharp.  On a 10+, pick three things from the following list.  On a 7-9, pick two.  On a miss, just pick one.

*You get a +1 bonus instead of a penalty to your Fortune roll this session.
*Your psychic powers are increasing.  Take a Brainer Move (and mark the appropriate advancement) or change playbooks to Brainer.
*You develop the move When You Open Your Brain to the Physical World, which lets you project into the real world for short periods of time.
*Your spiritual essence does not decay further.
*As the psychic maelstrom any question you want. (you can pick this option multiple times)
*Mark experience (you can pick this option multiple times)

Cheers, your MC

Dear Gunlugger,

It's been about a month.  Spend a barter for various living scratch.  Heal any wounds you got.  Choose one of the following:

Pick an NPC who you'd like to kill given the chance.  Describe how you'd kill them.  Roll + Cool.  On a 10+, they're dead, just like you said.  On a 7-9, you've done the job but getting out is going to be a problem.  On a miss, you're caught vulnerable in the middle of the act.

You make your play for a position in the Wranglers.  Roll + Hard.  On a 10+, if Shit Head's not in charge of the gang, you are, and if he is, the rest of the gang is deeply invested in you- they won't let him turn on you without a fight.  On a 7-9, you've got a high position in the gang, and he can't fight you without breaking the code.  On a miss, you're on the ground, and the gang is surrounding you with baseball bats.

Name who you've been working for and what you've been doing for them.  Roll + Cool (or + Hard if the gig involves violence).  Receive Barter based on an appropriate gig.  On a !0+, get an extra Barter.  On a miss, you suffer the downside as if you had blown the gig roll.
(She picked Doing Murders for Jarvis, and proceeded to get a nice 4 barter by killing a couple of holdouts loyal to Abe.)

Ask me a question and roll + Sharp or + Weird.  On a 10+, I'll answer your question.  On a 7-9, I'll give you a hint.  On a miss, misleading information will have led you into a bad situation.

Cheers, your MC

Dear Hardholder,

The wastes are a hard place.  There's raiders, bandits, ferals, and worse out there.  You provide surrounding settlements with weaponry, and they provide you with what you need.

One of your settlements, Lincolntown, just went through a coup.  The new holder, Jarvis, renamed the place Shakytown.  The dick-licking flesh-merchant capped your boy, but he keeps the tribute coming, and promises more.  Mercer is more troubling- it's a needed source of medical supplies, and it's fallen off the map.  You've sent some scouts, and they've never come back.

You've been fighting a bitter, bitter war with an upstart named Bitter.  Bitter's gang uses hit and run tactics, stealth, and viciousness beyond all reason.

Last time you took the war to Bitter, your armored car sucked up a rocket.  It's trashed.  (To get it fixed or replaced, when you get an advance, take the Driver Move “My Other Car is a Tank.”)
(His writeup included an armored car.  I told the player that's something he can't start with, but can get soon.)

So, how's the fight going?  Roll + Hard.  On a 10+, choose two of the following to be true.  On a 7-9. pick three.  On a miss, they all are, you poor fucking bitch.
*Bitter has set up a sniper within firing range of your compound and is harassing your people whenever he has the opportunity.
*Some of Bitter's crew highjacked a massive arms shipment intended for one of your client holdings.
*Bitter has at least one spy, maybe more in your holding, and you have no idea who they are or how many there are.
*Your pet psychic, Mr. Sharp, left, and has thrown in with Bitter.
*Bitter poisoned some of the drugs your people take.  Large portions of your population are very sick.
(Yes, these are ripped straight from Hatchet City.)

Cheers, your MC

Dear Skinner,

It's been about a month.  Heal any wounds you might have.  Choose one of the following:

You've got your own establishment now, perhaps with Jarvis's backing.  Use the Maestro D' rules: pick one main act and one side act, 3 or 4 atmosphere picks, and some regular NPCs.  Pick one thing for security (and not a real gang.)

Roll your Hot.  On a 7-9, you've slept with one NPC, your choice, and can use any of your sex moves on them.  On a 10+, you've slept with up to three NPCs of your choice, and can use any of your sex moves on them.  On a miss, you've slept with a NPC of my choice, and you've been Fascinated by them as if you made the roll and blew it (and wasted your sex move on something useless.)

You've made an actual physical work of art.  Something beautiful, something lasting.  The first time you display it to an audience (and use your Artful and Gracious ability), you automatically score a 10+ for that roll.

Roll your Cool.  On a hit, you may turn Kitty into an Ally.  An Ally is no longer a threat.
(Kitty, Abe's former 12 year old wife, and 'gift' to Frost from Jarvis, is now a Right Hand Ally for Frost.  Pretty sweet.)

Cheers, your MC

Shit Head, the chopper got his ass kicked.  He put Wolf, the Gunlugger, in charge of his gang while he was gone (which even resulted in a special move being made, When You Put Someone Else in Charge of Your Gang)  Anyway, while he was recovering in the infirmary, she got into some hijinks.

Dear Gunlugger,

It's been a good couple of days for you.  The Wranglers have been doing what you tell them, and you've had time to rest up a little bit- erase one segment of your wounds.  The boys managed to scrounge up some makeshift bandages and such.

Also, two badasses from the Mint, Dremmer and Balls showed up (everyone laughs at Balls, and he takes it in stride.  No one will tell you what's so funny.)  (Balls doesn't got any, he's a FTM transexual.  That's what's so funny.) These guys, they were carrying a serious shipment of firepower, and it was all for you guys.  You got first dibs.

You can take either a new weapon from your Serious Guns or Backup Weapons list.

Also, roll Hard.
On a 10+, choose two things from the Good list, and one from the Bad list.
On a 7-9, choose two things from each list.
On a miss, choose one thing from the Good list, and two from the Bad list.

Good Things:
Those Mint guys had some serious firepower for sale.  Instead of your weapon pick, spend 1 barter and take a new Fuck Off Big Gun.
The Wranglers hooked you up with a Bike.  It has one Strength, one Look, and one Weakness.  You may choose an extra Strength, Look, or Weakness.
You got laid.  It was nice.  Choose one the following NPCs: Shortstop, Picture, Dremmer, or Brewer.  Your Gunlugger move certainly applies.
You got to kill Shortstop for mouthing off.  It felt good.  Mark experience.
You got the guys to tell you what's so funny about Balls.
You know Shit Head and his gang a little bit better.  Add +1 Hx with Shithead.

Bad Things:
You had to kill someone to keep the gang under control.  Choose one of the following: Picture, Brewer, or Choppy. (Picture was Shit Head's girlfriend, and she killed her.  The fact that he didn't do anything about it made Shit Head lose lots of face with his gang, and a general slide into losing the whole gang over it.)
You actually haven't been that restful.  Don't heal anything.
Scanner says your gun is junked, he can't fix it.  On the plus side, he'll give you a refund.


Your MC.

We had a session early on that both the mad-scientist angel and the wierd sexchanging Hocus missed.  Everyone else was out of town while one NPC pulled a coup and burned down the hardholder's place, and these two were the first on the scene of the aftermath.

Dear Angel-

It's been a hectic time in Lincoln Town.  You haven't heard much from that crazy bitch Wolf who shot up Char.  Last you heard she joined up with Shit Head and went on some sort of mission for Abe.  Poor Frost has been really under the weather- that was one nasty headache, so you've given him your best painkillers.

Roll + sharp.
On a 10+, choose two Good Things and one Bad Thing.
On a 7-9, choose one Good Thing and two Bad Things.
On a miss, choose three Bad Things.

Good Things:

The Pain Neutralizer Implant is ready to go.  All you need is a test subject.
Catcher is pretty sharp, and makes a decent lab assistant.  You got to give him credit.
You've been stockpiling supplies.  Add +1 stock.
Your research is paying off.  Mark experience.

Bad Things:

Way has a black eye.  She doesn't want to tell you where she got it from. (She asked her boyfriend to do it to her.  It's how she opens her brain.)
You had to dig deep into your supplies to cure that headache of Frost's.  Subtract 1 stock.
Bongo, one of the cultists had a farming accident of some sort and is taking up your sickbed.  You aren't even getting paid, it's a favor to Abe.

It's the middle of the night, and you hear- what the fuck is that- gunshots going off outside.

Cheers, your MC.

Dear Hocus:

It's been a hectic time in Lincoln Town, hasn't it?  You've heard that Shit Head and Wolf went out to check out this hardhold called Mercer.

After you roll for Fortune for the session, but before you apply the results, roll.  If you hit your Fortune roll with a 10+, roll +2.  If you failed the Fortune roll, roll -1.  If you hit, roll +0.

On a 10+, choose two good things and one bad thing.
On a 7-9, choose one good thing and two bad things.
On a miss, choose three bad things.

(She totally blew this roll.)

Good Things List:

Someone has decided to join the cult.
Your meditations have been fortuitous.  Mark experience.
You've read Someone's soul.
You have a vision from the psychic maelstrom about Mercer.
You have a vision from the psychic maelstrom about Someone.

Bad Things List:

Someone is suspicious of the cult and is publicly disparaging it. (Anastasia.  Anastasia later ended up horribly burned and shot in the face.)
Some of your cultists have been talking, and think Winkle could do a better job than you. (This choice saved Winkle's life; I was going to have the Screwfly-infected guys kill her.)
Some of your cultists have been talking, and think Frost could do a better job than you.
Starburst and Blow threw a party at Someone's place and trashed it.
Dingo, one of your cultists, went on a drug run to Mercer a while back and hasn't been heard from.

For 'Someone,' pick one of the following characters: Hannibal (undertaker/gasoline refiner), Shan (Shakedown's Bouncer), Way (Kim's lab assistant), Anastasia (one of Abe's wives), Doubleplay (member of Shit Head's gang), or name and describe a new character.

By the way, you hear some sort of awful, awful racket outside.  Like bullets and shit.  Maybe you should take a look?

Oh, also you can take this move.  It costs an advance, but doesn't cross anything off in your playbook.

Open Your Body:  When you Open Your Body to the psychic maelstrom, roll + weird.  On a 7-9, you change your character's physical sex.  On a 10+ you may make larger alterations to your physical build, changing your body type under look, and the next time you have sex, you hold 2 for your Focus move.
On a miss, the psychic maelstrom warps your body, and you can't use this move again without an Augury.

When you use an Augury, you can Open Your Body as an Augury effect.  Treat it as if you got a roll of 10 when you made that move.

(She totally took that move.)

Cheers, your MC

Ok, the quote in the title wasn't actually from a start of session sheet, but it was said in game, and is an example of the same principle: Offer them an Opportunity (with or without cost).  (The sheets also build off Putting Them In a Spot, and Disdaining Decision Making)

You might have read my first AW AP:  You might know I have 7 players, which is insane, but I make it work, partially because they don't all always show up every week.  If your character misses a week, next week I give you a start of session sheet, with a roll to see how screwed you are (or how profitable the week without you in the spotlight was.  I'm mercurial like that.)

I thought I'd share my sheets.  The highlighted choices are the ones the players actually picked.

Oh, and Sonny, Lugnut, and Winkle haven't been heard from.  I wonder if they're okay?

Dremmer and Balls, as fairly badass badasses have a move that lets the two of them count as a small gang.  (Not as badass as a gunlugger with the appropriate move, but still badass.)  I imagine Sonny and Lugnut probably have a similar move.

Session 3:
"Oh Daddy, You're The Best Daddy Ever!"

We were missing Wolf's player this time, and Kim and Dark were there to join us.  I gave their players start of session rolls- Kim's resulted in the cybernetic Pain Dampener being ready to go, just needing a host, Way having a mysterious black eye, and one of her sickbeds being full with a townie, Bongo.  Dark's went badly- the cult is talking up Winkle, Dingo ended up going to Mercer and hasn't been heard from, and Anastasia has been decrying the cult in public.

So the first fifteen minutes of play sees Jarvis round up his guys and burn down Abe's place, shoot most of the survivors, and take Anastasia and Kitty into 'custody.'  No status quos in Apocalypse World, right?  Dark comes down to hide with Kim.  Kim and Dark decide that Dark and Catcher will go try to rescue Anastasia with Kim's backdoor key.

Catcher is very opposed to this plan, but they keep badgering him, and against his better judgment, he goes.  When called upon to kick down the door and shoot Bingo, he hands his shootgun to Dark and turns to leave.  She points it at him, goes Aggro on him, orders him to stay.  He does.  She gives the shotgun back.  Catcher thinks long and hard about what he's going to do.  He kicks down the damn door.

I ask Dark's player to roll to Seize By Force.  She gets a 7-9.  Catcher shoots Bingo AND wings Anastasia with his shotgun.  Bingo shoots Catcher with his SMG.  Jarvis shows up, shoots Catcher and Anastasia.  ('Clearly you're more trouble than you're worth.')  Jarvis lets Dark go after having sex with her (now him) and extracting a promise that the cult will support Jarvis.

Later, the other characters show up.  Shit Head goes in the infirmary.  Frost goes to the Shakedown.  Marsh is Marsh.  Some random stuff happens:

Beastie has a confrontation with Jarvis and is walked out at point blank with shotguns; he could have thwomped Jarvis if he wanted to, but they would have gotten some shots off.  The player is very concerned with the potential damage of this.

Kim buys some medical supplies from Vinny, the survivor from Mercer.  Remember him?  He's acting weird.  Really weird.  He ends up restrained on one of her tables while she runs tests: he's suffering from some sort of bloodbound virus, and is really frigging violent.  She ends up curing him, but he bites her.

Shit Head comes to his senses.  He threatens Babe, one of his gangers and Kim's new assistant.  He heads off to reassert himself as the pack alpha.

Jarvis gives Kitty to Frost.  Frost tells Kitty he's going to "make her a star."  In spite of his best intentions, the former slave is convinced she's a slave again (and maybe she is).  Cue the title of the session, followed by orgasm noises, as she tries to show her new Daddy what a good girl she can be.  The less said about that scene, the better.

Marsh heals Bingo, and has lots of Weird visions.  He tries to brainfry Beastie into not trying to kill Jarvis yet.  We learn that he came from a settlement built around a malfunctioning cryogenic facility, where they ate dethawed but lifeless corpses.  Eventually the corpses ran out, and the settlement dispersed.

Two Regulators from the Mint, Dremmer and Balls came into town.  They work for Millions, a hard Hardholder who has a bounty on Jarvis.  They gave Shit Head's gang a huge arms shipment (they are well armed and in obligation to someone powerful).  Balls bought some testosterone and estrogen blockers from Kim; the reason they call him Balls is because he doesn't got any.  There's future badness right there: those hombres will have Beastie in their sights next session.

Apocalypse World / Bloodcrazed Brainers, Oh My!
« on: July 13, 2010, 11:52:38 AM »
So, the Brainer in my game (Marsh, everyone else has started calling him Freakshow), just took Bloodcrazed.  He's also got In-Brain Puppet Strings, Deep Brain Scan, and Direct Brain-Whisper Projection.  (And the Angel's Healing Touch move)

So he now does 2 ap harm with his brainer moves when he goes aggro or misses- enough to seriously start to cause people to drop dead.  I imagine once he starts leaving that trail of bodies behind, the locals will find the brainer much less funny and start rounding up torches and pitchforks.

It's the In-Brain Puppet Strings that's concerning me with Bloodcrazed.  Can he seriously do 6 harm to someone now?  Yikes, that's PC killing harm.

The player of the ambiguously gendered Hocus asked me if there was some way she could switch genders back and forth during play.  So I offered her this move:

Open Your Body:  When you Open Your Body to the psychic maelstrom, roll + weird.  On a 7-9, you change your character's physical sex.  On a 10+ you may make larger alterations to your physical build, changing your body type under look, and the next time you have sex, you hold 2 for your Focus move.
On a miss, the psychic maelstrom warps your body, and you can't use this move without an Augury.

When you use an Augury, you can Open Your Body as an Augury effect.  Treat it as if you got a roll of 10 when you made that move.

brainstorming & development / Re: Vampire Apocalypse
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I kinda want a supernatural ability, so maybe I should go with:

Violence, Ambition, Manipulation, Perceptive, Influence, (Relationships), Eerie

And sort of a playbook breakdown by preferred stat:
Violence- Beast, Predator
Ambition- Master
Manipulation- Siren
Perceptive- Knave
Influence- Sovereign
Eerie- Nightmare, Dark Prophet

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