Vampire Apocalypse

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Vampire Apocalypse
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This is a game where the vampires have already won.  What do you do now?

Violence (Act With Force), can cause Duress as success
Ambition (Act under Stress)
Manipulation (Manipulate Others)
Perception (Assess a Situation or Person)
Connections (Dig up Rumors)
History (Help/Interfere)

Some Playbooks
The Sovereign
The Master
The Nightmare
The Siren
The Predator
The Beast
The Knave

I think maybe also a stat called Bloodline- good for using weirdish abilities.

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The Nightmare
V +2 A +1 M -1 P +1 C =0
V +2 A =0 M +1 P +1 C -1
V +2 A +1 M -1 P =0 C +1
V +2 A=0 M -1 P +2 C -1


Choose 2

Marked Man:  You make it known that you are coming for a target.  Roll + Connected.  On a hit, the next time you confront your target, you take +1 forward.  On a 10+, when you confront your target, take +1 Ongoing for the entire confrontation.  On a miss, the target knows you're coming, and has ample time to prepare.

Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself:  When you act under stress in combat situations, roll + Violence instead of + Ambition.  If another character attempts to cause duress against you, subtract your Violence from the effective success level.

Scary Mother Fucker:  You get +1 Violence.

Subtle Grip:  When you Act With Violence and cause duress, you may choose to inflict no harm.

Unholy Visage:  You stare down someone, and your face contorts into a face of something monstrous.  Roll + Ambition.  On a hit, the character must act in one of the following ways:
*The target must flee from your presence as fast as possible.
*The target faints.
*The target collapses to the ground, screaming and panicking.
*The target drops to its knees, begging and groveling for you to spare its life.
Against an NPC, on a 10+, you choose the target's reaction.

Your Nightmares are an Open Book:  When you Read a Person, you have an extra question you can ask:  What is your greatest nightmare?  If you manufacture that situation to come to pass, mark experience.

+1 Ambition (max +2)
+1 Manipulation (max +2)
+1 Perception (max +2)
+1 Connections (max +2)
Choose another move from this playbook.
Choose another move from this playbook.
Choose a move from another Vampire playbook.
Choose a move from another Vampire playbook.
Gain a Pack and Master.
Gain 2 Plots and Mastermind

After introducing characters, go around in turn.

On your turn, choose one character.  You have worked with that character, perhaps as a favor, from time to time.  Tell that player +1.
Tell everyone else History -1.  You're a scary fucker, and most people don't want to know you.

On everyone the other players' turns,
Choose one character.  You know what scares them.  Ignore the number they tell you and write down +3
Choose a character who has something you want the most.  Take whatever number they tell you, and give it +1.
Everyone else, take the number they tell you, and write it down.

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I kinda want a supernatural ability, so maybe I should go with:

Violence, Ambition, Manipulation, Perceptive, Influence, (Relationships), Eerie

And sort of a playbook breakdown by preferred stat:
Violence- Beast, Predator
Ambition- Master
Manipulation- Siren
Perceptive- Knave
Influence- Sovereign
Eerie- Nightmare, Dark Prophet