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the nerve core / Macaluso Typo?
« on: April 15, 2014, 05:58:30 PM »
I'm playing a Macaluso.  It's awesome.

On my character sheet, two of the identity options seem to be completely identical, except for their look options.  This seems a little odd, given the variety of the rest of them.  Is this intentional, or is it a typo?

Monsterhearts / New Skin: The Mentor
« on: April 21, 2013, 10:53:26 AM »
A character in my game is a Chosen who wants to take on more of a Watcher role, so I whipped this up.  Feedback is appreciated, I'm worried that it might be too boring.

It's hard to step out of the spotlight, but that's what you've done.  Your time as the star is done, now it's time for someone new to shine.

The Mentor is an advanced skin.  Don't choose this as your first skin!  The Mentor is for someone who wants their character to step up as a tutor or sponsor to younger, newer Monsterhearts.  You can't use 'Choose a Move from another skin' to take Mentor moves unless you have changed skins.

Mentor Moves
Choose two.

You have an NPC apprentice, who has abilities similar to those from your original skin.  Whenever you are with them, they act at advantage.

First Aid
When you spend time with someone to tend their wounds, they heal 2 harm instead of one, and can recover from a condition.

Stand Tall
Add the following option to your list of 10+ options for Hold Steady: You and everyone who can see you get +1 forward to Hold Steady for the rest of the scene.

Training Montage
When you spend time and effort training someone, choose a move you know from your original skin and have them roll + Volatile.  On a 7-9, they hold one.  On a 10+, they hold three.  They can spend one hold to gain one use of that move.  They lose all their hold if they participate in another Training Montage.

Voice of Experience
When someone comes to you for advice, tell them what course of action you genuinely think is best.  If they follow it, they take +1 forward, and you mark experience.

Voice of Reason
When you try to talk sense into someone who is their Darkest Self, roll + Hot:
Hit or miss, they gain a String on you.  On a 7-9, they may choose to recover from their Darkest Self.  If they choose to remain in their Darkest Self, you get +1 forward against them.  On a 10+, they must recover from their Darkest Self.
On a miss, they gain +1 forward to their next roll against you.

You Can Do It!
When someone else is rolling, you can spend a String on them to let them add +1 to their roll by saying how you give aid, assistance, or encouragement.
You can spend a String on an NPC and offer aid, assistance or encouragement to have them act at advantage.
Mentor Darkest Self
They don't need you, they don't want your advice.  That's their folly; they might be younger and prettier, but they'll never have your knowledge and experience.  Time to let them find out the hard way.  You withdraw yourself from the world, letting others fail on their own merits.  End your darkest self when someone comes begging for your help, or someone you care about is seriously hurt due to your inaction.

Mentor Sex Move
Sex should be a beautiful, healthy thing between two consenting adults.  When you have sex with another character, you choose whether or not their sex move takes effect.

Mentor Advances:
+1 Hot (Max +3)
+1 Cold (Max +3)
+1 Volatile (Max +3)
+1 Dark (Max +3)
Gain another Mentor Move
Gain another Mentor Move
Gain a move from another Skin.
Gain a move from your original Skin.
Gain two Growing Up moves.

Apocalypse World / Re: Turn Their Move Back on Them
« on: February 23, 2012, 11:05:35 AM »
Alternate Read a Person:

"While we're talking about the theft, I'm going to Read Foster."


"Foster's got one hell of a poker face.  Go ahead and ask questions anyway, but I'm going to answer with what Foster wants you to think."

Apocalypse World / Re: Turn Their Move Back on Them
« on: February 23, 2012, 09:23:00 AM »

"So, how's this- I promise to bring her back some of the good stuff, and in exchange Millions finances the raid?"


"Nah, here's how it plays out.  Millions makes it clear she can do this for you, but she needs more than just some concrete assurances.  And she tells you about this raider problem.  Deal with them, it'll get you in her good graces.  Mark XP if you deal with the raiders, Act Under Fire if you don't."

Apocalypse World / Re: Turn Their Move Back on Them
« on: February 23, 2012, 09:17:36 AM »

"I put my pistol to Dremmer's temple and tell him to drop the bag."

"So, before you can react, Dremmer gets out HIS pistol to YOUR temple and tells YOU to drop your gun.  You want to force his hand or suck it up?"

Apocalypse World / Turn Their Move Back on Them
« on: February 23, 2012, 09:15:40 AM »
This is an MC move I sometimes have trouble with.  I wonder how many good examples we can come up with.

Apocalypse World / Re: Playbook: A Boy and His Dog
« on: April 11, 2011, 10:54:53 AM »
The first playbook wasn't really certain on whether or not the Boy should have to be a kid or not; it's explicit in this one- you're a kid with a dog.  (Some inspiration, especially for gear, was taken from the other kid playbooks out there.)

Yes, the Boy starts with four moves.  Bonds of Loyalty really isn't that exciting- I count it as maybe half a move.  Tricks is now more interesting.  Dog Wisdom and Somewhere Over the Wasteland (both based on other folk's suggestions) are exciting.

Apocalypse World / Playbook: A Boy and His Dog
« on: April 11, 2011, 10:52:04 AM »
(hearing this playbook mentioned on the latest Walking Eye podcast inspired me to update the playbook.  First thread is here:

A Boy and His Dog

A Playbook for Apocalypse World

No matter where you go, you're always alone in this world.  Sure, there's other people, but they all have their own wants and needs and they're looking out for number one.  Not you.  You've got a true friend.  You've got a Dog.

Creating a Boy (and a Dog)

To create your Boy, choose name, look, stats, moves, Dog, gear, and Hx.


Alfa, Basset, Bruno, Buddy, Bull, Buster, Cal, Davey, Dingo, Doberman, Dog Boy, Dog Girl, Dogmeat, Husky, Max, Mutt, Pa, Rex, Rocky, Scooter, Spots, Terry, Whisper


Boy, Girl, Ambiguous

Utility Wear, Casual Wear, Hunting Wear, Scrounge Wear, Ratty Wear, Way-too-Big Wear

Chubby Face, Droopy Face, Kind Face, Strong Face, Weathered Face, Baby Face

Curious Eyes, Bright Eyes, Inspiring Eyes, Quirky Eyes, Soulful Eyes, Tired Eyes

Compact Body, Healthy Body, Mid-Pubescent Body, Small Body, Husky Body


Choose one set:

Cool +1 Hard -1 Hot =0 Sharp +2 Weird +1
Cool +1 Hard =0 Hot +1 Sharp +2 Weird -1
Cool -1 Hard +1 Hot =0 Sharp +2 Weird +1
Cool =0 Hard +2 Hot -1 Sharp +2 Weird -1


You get these two:

Bond of Loyalty

When someone inflicts Harm on your Dog, you gain an equal amount of History with them.  When someone Heals your dog, you gain an equal amount of History with them.  If someone kills your Dog, they set their History with you to -3.


When you give your Dog a command, roll + Sharp.  On a hit, the Dog does it.  On a 7-9, pick one, on a 10+, pick two.
*Your Dog performs particularly well.
*Someone your Dog is helping gains +1 forward.
*Your Dog isn't harmed or hindered.
On a fail, the Dog will refuse the command, or will fail to carry it out.

Additionally, pick 2:

Animal Lover

When you Read an Animal, roll + Sharp.  On a hit, you may ask them questions as if you had used the Read a Person move on them.

Dog Wisdom

When you are with your Dog and wonder about what your Dog thinks is the best course of action, gain Insight.


When you and your Dog fight together, you count as a small gang.  Harm 3, Armor 1.

Get 'Em, Boy!

When you use your Dog to Go Aggro or Seize by Force, add +1 to your roll.  Increase the harm your Dog does by 1.

Somewhere Over the Wasteland

Name a person, place, or thing.  Roll + Sharp.  On a10+, you know exactly where it is.  Choose one from the list, and the MC chooses 1 more.  On a 7-9, you have a pretty good idea where to find it.  Choose one, and the MC chooses 2 more.  On a miss, you only have a vague idea where to find it, and the MC chooses 3, and picks one of those to have double effect.
*It's in dangerous territory.
*It's far, away.
*It's already been claimed.
*It's not quite what you expected.
*It's in danger.

Tough Doggie

Your Dog gains +1 Armor


Name your Dog.  Take a name off your Playbook or another one.

Choose it's Strengths, up to 2.
Bloodhound, Clever, Fast, Fierce, Friendly, Healthy, Huge, Independent, Obedient, Small

Choose it's Looks, up to 2.
Compact, Huge, Mangy, Mutie, Mutty, Pretty, Sleek, Well-Bred

Choose a Weakness:
Filthy, Fickle, Horny, Lazy, Loud, Mean, Sickly, Slow

If your Dog attacks someone, it does 1-Harm.  Your Dog has no armor.  Your Dog has the full Harm countdown clock.

If your Dog dies, you can spend an advance to get a new one.


In addition to your Fashion (worth up to 1 Armor, at your discretion), you get a Scrounged Weapon, and Oddments worth 3 Barter.

Scrounged Weapons:

Enough Knives (2 harm hand infinite)
Hatchet (2 harm hand messy)
Homemade Boomerang (2 harm close returns messy)
Molotov Cocktails (1 harm ap close area messy -loud refill)
One Grenade (4-harm close area messy loud expendable)
Trusty Pistol (2 harm close reload loud)


Tell each other player -1.  You're closer to animals than people.  But if someone else has an animal (like a pet or something), tell them +1.  You get along with other animal people.

On everyone else's turn, listen to what they tell you, and choose one or both of the following:
*One of them went out of their way to be nice to your Dog.  Whatever number they tell you, add 1 to it.
*One of them was mean to your Dog.  Whatever number they tell you, ignore it, and write down -2.

For everyone else, take the number they tell you and give it -1.  You're closer to animals than people.

Boy Special

When you have sex with another character, you have grown up.  Immediately choose a new playbook.


_ +1 Cool (max +2)
_ +1 Hard (max +2)
_ +1 Hard (max +2)
_ +1 Sharp (max +3)
_ +1 Weird (max +2)
_ Get a second Dog.
_ Get a new Boy and his Dog move.
_ Get a new Boy and his Dog move.
_ Get a move from another playbook.
_ Get a move from another playbook.
_ Get 2 Gigs and Moonlighting.
_ Get a Gang and Pack Alpha. (Your gang is kids, dogs, or a mix of both.)

The following Playbooks gain this as an advancement option: Chopper, Driver, Faceless, Gunlugger, Operator, and Skinner.
_ Gain a Dog and both Bond of Loyalty and Tricks.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: December 22, 2010, 04:43:27 PM »
All Supernatural Skill really does is save your character an advance, it's not as cool as the other moves by far, and I wouldn't pick it in most situations, but I could conceive of a character for which it would be a good move to take.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: December 22, 2010, 02:26:11 PM »
That pretty much wraps up the playbooks.  (There's a hardholder, but it's the same as Apocalypse World, so I didn't bother writing it up.)

Next step is going to be a PDF will all the complete playbooks, and maybe a MC playbook with some notes on barfing forth Apocalyptic West.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: December 22, 2010, 02:25:13 PM »
Introducing... The Revenant
“This will be the plague the Lord strikes all people with who warred against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.” Book of Zechariah 14:12

“When hell is full, the dead will walk the Earth.”  -Dawn of the Dead, often misattributed to the Book of Revelations.

It's going to take a hell of a lot more than a bullet to keep you down.  You were a big damn hero, with lots of unfinished business, and you clawed your way out of Hell to finish what you started.  Lord have mercy on those who stand in your way.

An Advanced Playbook

You cannot start out the game playing a Revenant.  If your character dies during play, and you had achieved five or more advances, you may choose to change playbooks to Revenant.  Cross off the 'change playbooks' advancement option (if it isn't already), and erase your character's experience track.  Also cross off the “retire your character to safety” option.  That's just not going to happen.

Taking Revenant Moves

Revenant moves cannot be taken with the “Take a Move from another Playbook” advance, unless the character has had a near death experience: hitting High Noon on the wound track (but not going past), and receiving care from either the Saint's Lay on Hands or the Junker's Surgery move.

Revenant Moves

When you become a Revenant, take the following move:

Borrowed Time:  When you become a Revenant, draw a new countdown dial on your character sheet, Borrowed Time, starting at 0:00.  At the start of each session, roll + Cool.  On a 10+, do nothing, or choose the 7-9 result.  On a 7-9, fill in the next segment, and mark experience.  On a miss, fill in the next segment.  Each time you fill in a segment take a new Curse.  When the dial reaches High Noon, take the Marked for Death Curse.

Plus, take three of the following moves:

Grave Vengeance:  You gain +1 forward, forever, against whoever killed you, or anyone that puts you to High Noon on the harm track.  (You can't get more than +1 forward against the same person with this move.)

Immune to Pain:  When you take harm, you do not have to roll the Harm move.

Shadowwalk:  When you attempt to physically enter or leave the Mystic Wastes, roll + Weird.  On a hit, choose 2.  On a 10+, choose 3.  On a miss, choose 1.
*You don't take 1 harm (ap).
*You don't attract the attention of any supernatural entities.
*You have a clear route to a specific location in the Mystic Wastes or the physical world.
*You can take someone else with you.

Supernatural Aptitude:  You gain +1 to any Stat.  (Max +3)

Supernatural Skill:  Advance all seven basic moves.

Unnatural Healing:  You heal supernaturally fast- wounds at 9:00 or less heal at a rate of one segment per day.  Wounds past 9:00 heal at the rate of one segment per week.  A Wound at High Noon heals after two weeks.  This assumes rest and food- heavy activity or poor nutrition (as it is for Revenants) may slow down the healing period, up to double.

Unnatural Weaponry:  Your hands are killing weapons.  Maybe you have nasty, retractable claws, or you can suck the life right out of people.  Choose one: 2 harm hand messy, or 1 harm ap hand.


Each Revenant has its Curse, the price it pays for coming back from the dead.  It's also a temporary deal; most Revenants get worse over time, and eventually go out in a blaze of glory- or become horrible monsters.

Each Revenant starts with one Curse, and the Borrowed Time move will cause you to gain more.

Angst:  At the start of each session, or anytime there's significant downtime in play, you take -1 forward ongoing until you roll 12+ on any die roll.

Frenzy:  Whenever you might lose your temper, roll to Act Under Fire, with a -1 penalty to the roll.

The Hunger:  You have to eat regularly, and it has to be raw meat or other (once?) living things.

Losing Control:  When you roll your Borrowed Time move, take a -2 penalty to the roll.

Mystic Beacon:  Your mere presence riles up monstrous inhabitants of the Mystic Wastes.  Wherever you go, monsters break through into the physical world with extreme frequency.

Rotting Flesh:  Your body is starting to rot, and is obviously no longer living.

Degeneration:  Choose another curse you have, and double it's potency.  This might include it's mechanical consequences (like for Angst or Frenzy), or its narrative consequences (The Hunger might involve a Hunger for blood... or human brains.)  You can take this curse twice, for two different curses.

Marked For Death

When your Borrowed Time track reaches High Noon, your character is Marked For Death.  You get +1 forward, ongoing, to all rolls you make during the session.  However, at the end of the session, if your character is still alive, it loses its humanity, becoming a Threat under the control of the MC.


When you become a Revenant, all other characters lose -2 Hx with you.  (If this brings them to -4 Hx, they reset to -1 and mark experience.)  The exception is if another character killed you- they change their Hx with you to -3 instead.  Remember that you get Hx with them for them dealing you harm.

(The Revenant is totally Deadland's Harrowed.  No two shakes about it.)

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: December 06, 2010, 05:55:00 PM »
The Junker
“What hath God wrought!” - Samuel Morse, first telegraph.

Things aren't what they once were.  Raillines broken, telegraph lines cut, factories burnt, locomotives scrapped, mines empty.  You take the Junk, and you turn it into something worthwhile.


Choose one:

Cool +1 Hard +1 Hot +1 Sharp -2 Weird +2
Cool -2 Hard -1 Hot +1 Sharp +2 Weird +2
Cool +1 Hard -2 Hot -1 Sharp +2 Weird +2
Cool -1 Hard +1 Hot -2 Sharp +2 Weird +2

Basic Moves

You get all the Basic Moves

Junker Moves

You get this one:

Machinist:  When you go into your Workspace, and dedicate yourself to making a thing, fixing a thing, investigating a thing, or working on something, decide what you're doing and tell the MC, who will respond, “sure, no problem, but,” and then 1 to 4 of the following, possibly with some “ands” and/or “ors.”
*It's going to take hours/days/weeks/months of work.
*First you'll need to get/build/fix/figure out ____.
*You're going to need help from ____.
*You'll need supplies worth __ barter.
*It's going to have some downside or flaw.
*It's going to mean exposing yourself to serious danger.
*You're going to have to take ____ apart to do it.

Once you accomplish that, you finish the task itself.  The MC will do whatever's called for at that point.

Plus, choose two of the following:

Jury-Rig:  When you touch a nonfunctioning device, roll + Weird.  On a hit, hold 2, or 4 on a 10+.  Spend your hold 1 for 1 to either:
*Make the device work for an hour.
*Make the device work above normal capacity for 15 minutes.
On a miss, you almost mostly fix it, but it will break during a crucial moment.

Mystic Telegraph:  When you concentrate on sending someone a message through the Mystic Wastes, roll + Weird.  On a 7-9, they get the message, mostly intact, with only a little static from the Mystic Wastes.  On a 10+, they get the message, crystal clear, and you can even get an emotional sense of how it was received.  On a miss, you've just bared your Mind to the Mystic Wastes.

Scavenger:  At the start of each session, or when you have a chance to scavenge during play, say what you're looking for and roll + Sharp.  On a hit, you find something neat.  On a 10+, pick 3, on a 7-9, pick 2, on a miss, pick 1.
*It's in working condition.
*It's more or less what you were looking for.
*It serves a potent and useful purpose.
*It doesn't belong to anyone else who might come looking for it.

Surgery:  When you perform Surgery on a character who is severely injured (at 9:00 or more, but not past High Noon), spend 1 Barter worth of Medical Supplies and roll + Sharp.  On a hit, the character recovers to 6:00, but the MC will choose a downside (1 on 10+, 2 on 7-9)
*They need to be physically stabilized.
*They are fighting back, even with sedation, you're Acting Under Fire.
*They'll be drifting in and out of consciousness for at least 24 hours.
*They'll be bedridden for at least a week.
*They'll need constant care and monitoring for at least 48 hours.
On a miss, the target either chooses to take 1 harm (and not be healed), or be healed, but mark a Debility.
If you try to heal someone past High Noon, roll + Barter spent.  On a hit, they recover to 6:00 as above, but the MC will add an additional downside.  On a miss, you do everything you can, but they die anyways.

Also, if you have a Workspace, you can work on People in it.

Technobabble:  When you describe a plan of action, using “scientific principles,” that you, as a player, just made up, whoever acts on that plan takes +1 forward.

Weird Science:  When you use any Junker creation or other artifact of strange science, roll + Weird instead of what you would normally roll to use it.


You start with a Workspace, a Junker Weapon, fashion appropriate to your look, and goods worth 3 barter.


Your workspace starts with three of the following:
A machine shop, a darkroom, controlled botany environment, chemical laboratory, skilled labor and assistants, a carriage with driver and team of horses, wierd-ass steampunk clockwork stuff, a working telegraph machine, a weapons range, a strange science artifact, extensive supplies, a large steam engine, a medical infirmary.

Junker Weapon
You start with a custom weapon.

Frame (choose 1)
Small (2 harm close reload tech)
Large (3 harm close reload tech)

What's it Shoot? (choose 1)
Fire (+1 harm, hand/close, messy)
Electricity (S-Harm)
Bullets, Lots of Them (+1 harm, close/far, loud)
Laser Beams (ap, close/far)

Other Options (choose 1)
Scope (+1 harm at Far)
Ammo Backpack (-Reload)
High Powered (+1 harm at Close)
Attached Bayonet (2 harm hand)
Burst Fire (+area, +loud)
Automated (+remote)

Junker Special

Whenever you and another character have sex, you have an Augury into the Mystic Wastes.  Whoever you're having sex with can help or interfere with your Weird roll.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: December 05, 2010, 07:38:19 AM »
These playbooks aren't finished yet- most of them don't have Look, or Hx, but for a western game I'm intending on having a single list of period first and last names.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: November 30, 2010, 04:05:43 PM »
Thanks Jeff!  Actually just popping in to say you think things look cool is constructive to me- gives me a reason to do this.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse West
« on: November 30, 2010, 12:08:37 PM »
Introducing... The Drifter

There's lots of folk out there just trying to make ends meet, wandering from hold to hold with the clothes on their back, a pack of supplies, and the grit in their stomach.  Prospectors with no mines, Chinese railroad workers with no rails, farmhands with no farms.  That's you there, pardner.


Choose one:

Cool +2 Hard =0 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird -1
Cool +1 Hard +2 Hot -1 Sharp +1 Weird =0
Cool +1 Hard -1 Hot +2 Sharp =0 Weird +1
Cool +1 Hard -1 Hot =0 Sharp +2 Weird +1
Cool +1 Hard +1 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird =0

Basic Moves

You get all the basic moves.

Drifter Moves

You get this one:

Moonlighting:  You get Juggling 2.  Whenever there's a stretch of downtime, either during a session or at the start of one, choose any number of gigs to work, up to a maximum of your Juggling.  Roll + Cool.  On a 10+, you get profit from all the chosen gigs.  On a 7-9, if you only worked one gig, it pays out profit, otherwise, one of your gigs results in a catastrophe and the rest pay out profit.  On a miss, each gig yields catastrophe.
Whenever you get a new gig, add +1 Juggling.

And choose one:

Drifter's Escape:  Name your escape route and roll + Cool.  On a 10+, you're gone, just like that.  On a 7-9, if you leave, you have to take something with you, or leave something behind- MC's call what.  On a miss, you're caught half in, half out.

Flow of Riches:  Whenever you spend at least 1 barter, mark experience.

Lucky Bastard:  Once per session, when you would make any roll, roll + Cool instead.

Preparedness:  When you declare retroactively that you've set something up, roll + Barter spent.  On a 10+, it's just like you say.  On a 7-9, you set it up, but the MC will introduce some hitch or delay.  On a miss, you set it up, but since then things have seriously gone south- all bets are off.

Well-Rounded:  Increase any stat by +1 (Max +2).

Start with 3 paying Gigs, and one obligation Gig.


You get a simple weapon, goods worth 1 barter, and fashion suitable to your look.

Drifter Special

Whenever you and another character have sex, you gain a new obligation gig: Keeping them Happy.  You Keep them Happy/ You Screw It All Up.
If you have sex with them again, you don't get another gig.  Just the first time.

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