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Apocalypse World / Re: An Antisocial bunch
« on: July 29, 2012, 08:36:03 PM »
Are the characters really loners? Do the players see them like that? Have you asked them 'are you dudes loners?'

If they are, could that still be fun? Could you still threaten their interests (Which includes them and their stuff, but should also include the habitibility of their environment. Even if they don't care about anyone else they should care if the outside world is all rabid mutant dogs, all the time) and have them respond to that threat, and have AWy fun nonetheless?

If they aren't, maybe you could ask them who are the people that they like associating with?

Monsterhearts / Re: Dream rules for Monsterhearts
« on: July 17, 2012, 07:17:27 AM »
Oh, And:

Beastly: When you sleep in a normal position, not adjusting for your deformity, you have a wondrous dream. You can invite any of the players into it, and you gain access to all of the Growing Up moves. You die in the night.

Monsterhearts / Dream rules for Monsterhearts
« on: July 17, 2012, 07:10:04 AM »
Here's some dream rules for Monsterhearts. I haven't tested them yet. Maybe they're terrible. But they're fun to write.

- You can spend a String on someone to appear in someone’s dream. This isn’t your real self, but someone’s projection of you. You control how your dream self acts, but they disappear when the dream ends. Don’t play out a dream if no other PC is inside of it.
- People are dealt “Dream Harm” in dreams. Dream Harm disappears upon waking. If you die in a dream you are alive upon awaking, but becoming your Darkest Self or giving up your Strings is permanent.
- When people Gaze Into the Abyss inside of a dream, they fill the dream with their visions.
- People can choose to wake up on a hit when Running Away in a dream.

- Everyone gets a Dream Move for free.
- You can buy another Skin’s Dream Move when buying someone’s Move.

Move amendments:
- Hypnotic: When people are following hypnotic suggestions, they’re dreaming.
- Guide: You can take people into other’s dreams, as well.

Dreams are an opportunity to interact with people in a way that would be difficult or risky in reality. Some characters may have special moves that makes them particularly powerful or dangerous in dreams.

Dream Moves:

Standard Skins:

Ghost: While you appear in someones Dream, you are never your Darkest Self. This does not cure you from your Darkest Self.

Fae: When you appear in someone’s dream, it is your actual self. You are able to remember what you learn inside of it, and deal real Harm to the dreamer instead of Dream Harm.

Queen: You can have any of your gang appear in someone’s dream in addition or in leiu of yourself, You do not control those gang members.

Mortal: your Lover adds +3 to all rolls they make in your dreams.

Werewolf: When you appear inside of someone’s dream, you get +2 to Turning Someone on, and can get as many Strings from repeating it as you want.

Witch: As long as you hold a sympathetic token of someone, you can appear in their dream for free. Anything you take from someone’s dreams is with you when you wake up, and counts as a sympathetic token.

Chosen: You are prophetic in dreams. Add 3 to Gazing Into the Abyss in dreams you are in.

Infernal: When you're dreaming, and you Gaze Into the Abyss about something you desperately want, add 2, but the Dark Power can see it.

Ghoul: You inject dreams you are in with your horribleness and tragedy. You can make any action by others require them to Hold Steady or gain a Condition to do it, in the dreams you are in.

Vampires: ?

Other Skins:

Selkie: If you have a dream outside of water, immediately take the Condition “Nightmares”. If you have a dream inside of water, your dreams are soothing, lose 1 Condition.

Serpentine: When someone else Gazes Into The Abyss about your family inside a dream, they gain a String on you on a hit, and you mark 1xp.

Hollow: You don’t dream, but you remember when people dream of you. When you are in someone else’s dream, ask what they project on to you, and gain it as a Condition.

Succubus: When you appear inside of someone’s dream, gain 2 Strings any time you would gain 1 String.

Hunter: The hunter is surrounded by the Terrifying Wilderness in dreams.

Monsterhearts / Re: New Skin: The Ancient
« on: July 16, 2012, 04:25:47 PM »
There's things I like about the Skin. I think I'm a sucker for the skins that revolve around special Conditions.

I would argue strongly against the backstory "Someone thinks you are a menace and fights you" - Starting out, simple antagonist relationships are rarely fun (Developed in play, complicated oppositional relationships are often fun).

I think I would inject more "What does it mean to be a teenager and to be an ancient?" in regards to how the Skin plays, And "What does it mean to be a teenager, while there's an ancient running around?" in regards to how the Skin effects other people.

Apocalypse World / Re: Moves with nothing interesting on a miss
« on: July 14, 2012, 08:56:46 PM »
Here's my view of the situation:

Everyone in AW has the ability to sing a song.

People who take the Move "Artful and Gracious" are simply better at doing their artful thing, which could be singing a song, than people who don't have the move.
This is expressed in the fact that they get a mechanical benefit for doing it.

Normally, singing a song is a (Relatively) low risk activity. Most people probably aren't going to be hit with a Hard Move for doing it.

If there was a mechanical risk in doing it while you had Artful and Gracious, than people with A&G wouldn't be simply better at doing their artful thing, and the rules wouldn't match the fiction, which would be a bigger no-no than rolls with no outcomes.

Compare with Things Speak:

The only people who have the ability to tell what strong emotions have been near an object by handling it are people with the Things Speak Move.

People with the Things Speak move are simply better than everyone else at handling objects and telling what strong emotions have been near it, because no one else can even try.

When you add a risk to that ability, you don't take away the fact that the person with Things Speak is simply better at doing what they do than anyone else.

Compare with Frenzy:

Frenzy is similar to Artful and Gracious.

Frenzy has more powerful effects (Probably) than Artful and Gracious.

Frenzy sticks a roll into a risky situation (Speaking truth to a mob), while A&G sticks a roll into a low-risk situation (Singing a song)

Even with mechanical risks, the rules of Frenzy mean that if you want to be a crowd agitator, you take Frenzy. The fiction matches, the potential risk works, the move is a slam dunk across all priorities.

Apocalypse World / Re: An idea for Hardholds
« on: July 10, 2012, 07:36:47 PM »
I like it. I would have implemented it in my last game, where the Hardholder enjoyed Civ-type games.

I would suggest: "At the creation of your Hold, ask any Maestro 'D if they move the Food up by 1 (Maybe they feed a lot of the people, maybe they're not about food, maybe they're too exclusive about who they feed)

Ask any Angel if they move the Population up by 1 (Maybe they contribute a lot to the hold's health, maybe they don't.)

Ask any Hocus if they move the Population or the Morale up or down by 1 (Maybe their ways are good for a content, baby-popping out society, maybe they tell people to stay pure or surround themselves with vermin.)

If they leave, change the stats accordingly."

Apocalypse World / Re: New Playbook: The butcher
« on: July 01, 2012, 11:37:56 PM »
Finally, Pyramid Head Playbook. Gear: Giant weird head-gear worth 2-armor :)

I like the idea, but I think I'd add in some options to suggest the character away from "one of the threats".

Where does he get that meat? The Last herd of the world? The Last Full Meatlocker in the world? No-Questions about it Man-meat? Could it be nice grist for a Move?

"When someone finds out where your meat comes from, get +1 Hard, Weird or Sharp, appropriately. (max 3)"

You should probably give him something besides that brutal weapon, like a bunch of knives, or even hidden knives.

I assume Fun, Fun Slaughterhouse would cause Harm to the victim. Maybe 2, +more if they fail the Deep Brain Scan/Augury?

I think it would more sense to have Abomination of Meat give Armor. It seems like it would make sense that AP weapons (Like Brainer mind attacks) should get past it, as opposed to grenades). If its stackable wth Armor, than a meat dude with 2-armor would be rocking 4-harm reduction. Which means he wouldn't get Harmed too much in most games, which would suck because that would give him less incentive to start eating dudes!

What sort of workshop things can you do with meat? Feed people, preserve meat, and....? Make meat puppets?

Cool -1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp +2, Weird +2 - I assume to be a typo: Sharp-2 maybe?

Suggested improvements: Get an Establishment and Everybody Eats. Get a Hardhold and Wealth.

Suggested Hx:
- Someone thinks your food is delicious. Ignore what they tell you and get 2 Hx.
- Someone is dependent on your supply of food. add +2 Hx to what they tell you.
- Someone considers you unclean. Add +1 Hx to what they tell you.
- You give people -1 Hx. Not a lot of people make the effort

Monsterhearts / Re: Super Hollow?
« on: June 26, 2012, 05:34:45 PM »
Man, I'm also playing a Ghost in a game with another Hollow, and I really wanted them to mimic my Vengeful so that I'd have two people knocking off my targets, but no dice.

I think like, there's a lot of different kinds of power in MH. Ghouls can be unkillable, Hollows can have crazy condition-powers/redefine their character on the spot, vampires have no-ifs-mind control. The Hollow seeming particularly over-powered might have to do with the situation of getting a lot of Conditions, similarly to how the Ghoul would feel very overpowered if everyone was getting killed or the vampire if they could milk their mind control for all its worth.

Monsterhearts / Re: Skin: The Beastly
« on: June 23, 2012, 12:25:56 PM »
Oh man, a lot of people are coming out with fantastic skins now (Is this because of the print version reaching people? *sadface sadface mcdaldno*) I actually want to have my character transform to this Skin in the MH game I'm playing, and that's pretty big praise considering how attached I am to her.

I really, really wish you would change the name from the beastly. Just because when I read that, I immediately thought "Oh, its an animal man or something about having animal powers, yaaaaawwwwwnnnn".

Could I suggest the Abomination, the Misshapen, or the Grotesque, because I like to cross the streams?

Apocalypse World / Re: [Playbook] The Snake Witch
« on: June 21, 2012, 10:59:58 PM »
I like this conceptually a lot. Its specific, its definitely from the apocalypse, its spooky, it doesn't step on other playbook's toes too much.

You gotta have more snake gear. Just listen to the sound of that. Snake Gear. Something like 2 out of: big-ass boa, a pile of regular snakes, a cobra snake, a freaky mutant snake.

I kinda wish Fucked-Up Voodoo Shit was a little more open-ended, because who doesn't like Fucked-Up Voodoo Shit. I like the idea that it could be triggered by non-physical 'harm' as well.

I'm a little worried in play that they don't have enough to draw them in the situation! It seems like once they're being fucked with they add a lot to the situation. Maybe add in some Hx options that state someone dumb is trying to fuck with you. (Preferably an npc)

Monsterhearts / Re: Meet the Succubus
« on: June 19, 2012, 03:44:20 AM »
Yeah, I kind of think that move mechanic was kind of poopy now. But I still want that move, consarnit.

Monsterhearts / Re: Meet the Succubus
« on: June 17, 2012, 05:21:39 AM »
This looks pretty good! I think I'm the most pumped about this Skin of any non-offical ones.

I really think you should include gender-switching as a Move. If you want a mechanical effect, mebbe: You get a different gendered identity with a different name. You have the same Strings on people in both of your identities, but people can only have Strings on one of your identities.

Monsterhearts / Re: Trying to work out a Skin for 'The Psychic'
« on: June 04, 2012, 07:42:28 PM »
Also, a move I had floating around for Clairvoyance:

When you read someone's fate, roll+Dark. On a hit, give them a Condition of what's fated to happen to them. The Condition wears off when the event is supposed to have happened. On a 10+, the timeframe for the fate is within the season. On a 7-9, the timeframe for the fate is within the session. On a miss, you see your own fate, the MC gives you a Condition of what's fated to happen to you.

Monsterhearts / Re: Trying to work out a Skin for 'The Psychic'
« on: June 04, 2012, 07:27:17 PM »
I had a move floating around for telepathy:

When you first encounter someone or spend time with someone, you read their minds, roll +hot.
On a 10+, they choose 2 of 3:
- Give you a String.
- Gain a Condition based on how they're feeling/what they're thinking that you can read.
- Tell you an important secret.
On a 7-9, they choose one, and also give you a Condition based on what they're thinking about you.

Also, reading the minds of people who are warped/evil/traumatized/supernatural seems like a good call for Gazing Into The Abyss.

Maybe there's minds you can't influence, because True Blood did it.

Maybe similar to the Witch, you'd have psychic disciplines: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Pyrokinesis, etc - And you'd also have moves that could modify those, such as "You can use these to Lash Out Physically using Dark, without it being obvious that you're the one responsible." You'd also want to include an option to write a new Psychic Discipline as an Advancement, like lactokinesis, obviously.

I think the Psychic should be Hot! instead of Cold. Because they can feel around someone's brain! And look at Carrie, she's pretty hot but she doesn't make a lot of good zingers and doesn't really hold her shit together. Plus it differeniates the Psychic from the Ghost, who also has 1cold+1dark+a "Use dark to lash out physically" move.

Monsterhearts / Diagrams for Monsterhearts rules
« on: June 03, 2012, 12:58:15 AM »
I made some diagrams for Monster Hearts rules interactions similar to the one I made for Apocalypse World. Like those, I'll note that they're a simplification of rules interactions


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