Dream rules for Monsterhearts

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Dream rules for Monsterhearts
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Here's some dream rules for Monsterhearts. I haven't tested them yet. Maybe they're terrible. But they're fun to write.

- You can spend a String on someone to appear in someone’s dream. This isn’t your real self, but someone’s projection of you. You control how your dream self acts, but they disappear when the dream ends. Don’t play out a dream if no other PC is inside of it.
- People are dealt “Dream Harm” in dreams. Dream Harm disappears upon waking. If you die in a dream you are alive upon awaking, but becoming your Darkest Self or giving up your Strings is permanent.
- When people Gaze Into the Abyss inside of a dream, they fill the dream with their visions.
- People can choose to wake up on a hit when Running Away in a dream.

- Everyone gets a Dream Move for free.
- You can buy another Skin’s Dream Move when buying someone’s Move.

Move amendments:
- Hypnotic: When people are following hypnotic suggestions, they’re dreaming.
- Guide: You can take people into other’s dreams, as well.

Dreams are an opportunity to interact with people in a way that would be difficult or risky in reality. Some characters may have special moves that makes them particularly powerful or dangerous in dreams.

Dream Moves:

Standard Skins:

Ghost: While you appear in someones Dream, you are never your Darkest Self. This does not cure you from your Darkest Self.

Fae: When you appear in someone’s dream, it is your actual self. You are able to remember what you learn inside of it, and deal real Harm to the dreamer instead of Dream Harm.

Queen: You can have any of your gang appear in someone’s dream in addition or in leiu of yourself, You do not control those gang members.

Mortal: your Lover adds +3 to all rolls they make in your dreams.

Werewolf: When you appear inside of someone’s dream, you get +2 to Turning Someone on, and can get as many Strings from repeating it as you want.

Witch: As long as you hold a sympathetic token of someone, you can appear in their dream for free. Anything you take from someone’s dreams is with you when you wake up, and counts as a sympathetic token.

Chosen: You are prophetic in dreams. Add 3 to Gazing Into the Abyss in dreams you are in.

Infernal: When you're dreaming, and you Gaze Into the Abyss about something you desperately want, add 2, but the Dark Power can see it.

Ghoul: You inject dreams you are in with your horribleness and tragedy. You can make any action by others require them to Hold Steady or gain a Condition to do it, in the dreams you are in.

Vampires: ?

Other Skins:

Selkie: If you have a dream outside of water, immediately take the Condition “Nightmares”. If you have a dream inside of water, your dreams are soothing, lose 1 Condition.

Serpentine: When someone else Gazes Into The Abyss about your family inside a dream, they gain a String on you on a hit, and you mark 1xp.

Hollow: You don’t dream, but you remember when people dream of you. When you are in someone else’s dream, ask what they project on to you, and gain it as a Condition.

Succubus: When you appear inside of someone’s dream, gain 2 Strings any time you would gain 1 String.

Hunter: The hunter is surrounded by the Terrifying Wilderness in dreams.

Re: Dream rules for Monsterhearts
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Oh, And:

Beastly: When you sleep in a normal position, not adjusting for your deformity, you have a wondrous dream. You can invite any of the players into it, and you gain access to all of the Growing Up moves. You die in the night.