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Monsterhearts / Re: Help me understand The Fae
« on: May 28, 2012, 03:55:23 AM »
I can't think of many capital F Fairies I really dig, but I like the other mother in Coraline for this - She's all "I give you lots of wonderful stuff! Now just promise me you'll let me do weird invasive things!"

Total agreement on where the "One with the Wilderness" bit belongs.

I dunno about making this an added option to the Chosen! I think I see the Chosen and this-skin-whatever-I-end-up-calling-it as Superman and Batman. Aren't Superman and Batman OBVIOUSLY different? Or more in-genre, there's a Venn diagram, where Katniss would probably fit in pretty okay with their Skin, but J.D. from Heathers would only really fit in this-skin-whatever-I-end-up-calling-it.

Obvious pros with making it a supplement-thingy: It probably needs more work creating thematic distance from Chosen if I don't do it as a supplement, and that would mean I don't have to do more work. Hooray!

Obvious pros with making it its own Skin: I'm completely aware what a Skin should look like and function, as opposed to a supplement. I think some of the moves I wrote are pretty good, and a supplement option would probably see them chosen less often. I think most of the moves for the Chosen are pretty buffy-tastic, and adding this material to them would dilute the essential buffy-ness.

Would this be a better replacement for "Independent": When someone else expresses power over you for the first time, they mark experience, and you get +1  when getting out from under them.

Monsterhearts / Another attempt at a Skin: Hooray for introverts
« on: May 22, 2012, 02:10:09 AM »
I wanted to take another stab at a Skin after the last attempt fizzled out, with the benefit of actually having played the damn game.

I wanted to make something supporting the more recent trend of what I'd like to call introverted-wish-fulfillment. I think the Hunger Games is an excellent example of this: You have a character that doesn't quite fit in with "the system", and "has trouble making friends", but its okay because the system is terrible and she makes the right friends anywho.

I don't really have a name yet. I was thinking of something like Loner or Hunter, but those are really generic and kind of suck.


Backwoods, Cynic, native of a different world, survivor of the supernatural, forest creature, nature spirit, cursed legacy


Cold+1, Hot-1, Volatile+1, Dark-1


Get "Private War" for free, and choose 2 others

Private War: There's some reason you can't fit in with the rest of society: social decay, tyrannical goverment, its manipulated by monsters, choose 1. When you are acting against it, carry +1 forward. When you make an impact on it, get 1 XP.

Independent: To get the benefit of spending 1 string on this character, a character would have to spend 2 strings (And spend 4 strings for the benefit of 2, etc.)

Looking in from the outside: When you observe a person in a charged situation, roll+Cold. on a 10+, ask 2, on a 7-9, ask 1.
- How is this person pressured to behave?
- How is this person being influenced?
- What is this person's secret virtue?
- What can I expect from this person?

Badass hunter: You're an expert with the bow, a master of traps, a stealthy and cunning hunter. You get +2 to rolls to Run away, and other people have -2 on rolls to run away from you.

One with Wilderness: You and those you choose to guard are able to thrive comfortably in the Terrifying Wilderness by your resourcefulness. You know how to adapt to its rules, how to get food, water, warmth, and which sounds to not be terrified of. (If someone takes this move, than the MC should throw in a Wilderness in the setting, and make it Terrifying for everyone else. Maybe the Wilderness isn't a natural place. If no options make sense, than this Move shouldn't be taken.)

(Probably 2 more)


You become a self-righteous crusader against an ambiguous enemy. Nothing short of the most extreme methods are considered. You refuse any bargaining. Anyone who refuses to leap to such extremes with you is a traitor and must be dealt with.


You get expierience. The other character may remove 2 strings that others have on them, as long as they don't come from you.

Apocalypse World / Re: New Playbook: The Seeker
« on: May 20, 2012, 05:00:19 PM »
Hooray I'm inspiring I think

This really makes me think of fist of the north-star, which really makes me think you should have some "My fists make people's head explode" move, maybe adding additional harm to "The Truth"? Accept the truth or your head explodes?

Thanks for the replies ya'all. The actual situation played out much better than expected. Good friends shot in the face to appease basement Frankensteins.

Oh, and I -almost- gave someone's followers a new source of barter, but they were all like nooooooo, I don't want to cultivate extremely dangerous narcotics, pffffft

In a game I'm running, there's a Hocus who gathered a lot more followers by preaching the hell out of a hardhold, and thus got an increase for barter, and also lost a lot of followers during a grenade fight, and lost the the original barter growth they had.

Monsterhearts / Spending multiple strings
« on: May 13, 2012, 03:55:21 AM »
We had a rule question come up during the game:

Can you spend multiple strings on a roll to increase it by that number?

I was thinking you could because the closest analogue I could think of was spending Trust in Mountain Witch, but I didn't know for sure.

The book doesn't seem to give a clear answer on my last read through.

I ran a monsterhearts one-shot with a battle-royale premise and it went pretty good.

If you're not familar with Battle Royale/Hunger Games, the premise is: These students are being forced by the man to kill each other, with the last person standing declared the victor. If no one kills each other for an hour, someone is picked to die.

I finagled with the rules a little bit:
* Everyone has 2 pcs, so they will be more complicit with me in starting the bloodshed.
* Removed the stuff you could do to avoid death, because again people paid for blood.
* You can spend a String to find someone who doesn't want to be found, or to have been hiding in wait watching someone this whole time.

It did well in that:

* Two of the players expressed particular interest in doing a campaign.
* We got to see a lot of the Skins and a lot of the Moves.
* I think we all had a good time and the fiction was neat. There was a good amount of tension about who's-going-to-kill-who, and there was a good mix of resistance and murderousness.
* People used strings and their nifty powers.
* People had sex in the workshop.
* After having sex in the workshop people became a serial killer couple, and than turned on each other with their tools, and than the Hollow lost faith in humanity.
* I got that idea out of my system.

It did maybe not so well in that:

* There's a lot of fictional conflicts that I wanted there to be answers for that there wern't, like: Hey, can we barricade this place up so other people can't get in here? Or: Hey, I want to follow/evade following/hide/find a hidden person (I occasionally tried to use Hold Steadies and Running Away for those, but a lot of the time they didn't work.
* Running Away, in particular, asks for some NPCs to be inserted whenever there's a need for a scary person to run into. I really didn't want to have more than 1-npc this one-shot (I have to play a bajillion NPCs all the time, you guys can rip each other apart for once) so it didn't make much sense towards the beginning (Towards the middle part, there were more PCs running around being scary.)
* People didn't shut each other down much. They almost did a couple of times, but they just wern't sassy enough. Gotta teach people to inject more sass.

You guys' responses have been awesome. Thanks

I'm pretty sure I'm going forward with something that's like hobbesque and coveredinFish's suggestions.

Dont be  fan of your NPC, see them through crosshairs.

Be fan of your player characters.

Let the thank hit people/things that is important to the other (not yet interested) players.

I don't think "not letting the NPC go" is an issue at all. Its a rule I respect a lot.

The tank is owned by Millions, He's a 14 year old punk kid who really likes women drugs and shooting people. He is surrounded by other 14 year olds who don't like those things very much, or him, but are hungry. I'd call him a sybarite. He isn't really part of any ongoing front. He is my favorite NPC and I will be sad to see him go.

Is every member of this gang okay with their leader being extorted?

Well, I don't think they're reacting to the humiliation aspect of being extorted, because they're currently crafting dangerous anti-tank plans.


We're playing the game and I'm MCing. A bunch of situations have already resolved. I've asked people what they were doing and than we mostly resolve that. I want to liven up the situation so I'm like:


The guy with the tank asks for some money, they agree to give it to him later, the tank heads back out.


A player starts making elaborate anti-tank plans, with descriptions of what the gang is doing, descriptions of traps to set up, descriptions of where to put their dudes, etc etc.


My first response is: Your dudes follow your exact plan that you set out, and than we have some combat rolls to make the next day.

This also sounds intensely boring to me, and the other players didn't seem super engaged with the earlier tank-plan-setting-up.

What would you do instead as MC?

Apocalypse World / Re: Seduce/Manipulate on PCs: too weak?
« on: April 14, 2012, 10:00:55 PM »
I'd really like it if you posted the fictional contest for how it was used, not only because I think it'd be a big help to evaluating your appraisal of the moves, but also because I always like to read about hot PC on PC action.

It seems like we're exclusively talking about the strength of choosing the XP option, because you're writing off the Act Under Fire option.

1xp isn't the world... but its like 20% of the way to getting something really cool like a gang or weird psychic power or a substantial stat increase. I'd go for it, a lot of the time.

Apocalypse World / Re: Help me "get" the basic moves.
« on: April 11, 2012, 04:27:28 PM »
I'm inclined to think some of the moves could be replaced by limited, focused common use cases:

Go Aggro is -> When you point a gun at someone and tell them to do something.

Seize by force is -> When you beat someone into letting go of what you want

With the adendum "Make up new Moves on the fly if you want. If an existing move would work for it, great, use it, with maybe a tweak". Shreyas, do you think that'd be more congruent?

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