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Apocalypse World / Re: [AP] Depth of Life
« on: January 17, 2012, 12:51:41 PM »
Wow!  : 0

That's awesome!

Thanks for the recap Pheylorn, good work!

Solomon is still over at Stack 17... oh Weaver?...did you need some new cultists?... they do like fast food! *laugh* ; )-

See you next session!

Apocalypse World / Re: [AP] Depth of Life
« on: January 13, 2012, 03:03:21 PM »
Recap of end of session 4 By Hank Raab

Last game we had our Hardholder Merciful going to the “popcile” infirmary/base to get cured...where she meets Specialist Tammy Jackson (unkown to Mercy that she is Bio-engineer of the Grey-lung bug). They have a chat and Mercy discovers that Tammy’s mission is kill all the “Vermin” (that’s us) in the, being the Hard-Holder and leader of Bella-Vista and all, she went for her gun...Luckily Solomon the Faceless (who has a crush on Mercy) happened to be lurking nearby and came to her aid. A short but bloody gun-battle ensues…Jackson and her thugs go down, and Pumpkin makes sure she is d-e-a-d with a super-sledge to the head. Unfortunatly Mercy caught some fire from Jackson’s assault rifle and falls to the ground heavily wounded and out of action. Pumpkin scoops her up and takes her into the Popcile Facilty to get help. Last thing we see is Solomon collecting some shinny new weapons from Jackson’s mangled body.


Recap of Session 5

Ok, so we stared 3 days from where we left off
Mercy is getting treated by Reese & Digger
Bella-Vista is getting restless... no  one knows whats happened to Mercy, the Market is barren and lots of folks are looking to get help from our Angel; Ark
Cookie, our M-D is back in town will much needed Air filter and medical supplies
In his wanderings around town, Solomon catches Grey-lung (he doesnt know yet), he also sends word to West-Town that there is a dangerous/deadly virus, but its getting under control...don’t come to Bella Vista.
Our Hocus Weaver is approached by one of her inner circle who suggests she take over! She gets him to back off, and comes up with a plan to convert or kill! A list is made of those that have spoken out vs. her cult. Weavers cult grows from outside stacks, but the same number leave her. She spreads the rumor that she will be alone meditating to lure those who would wish her into a trap. One of the local enforcers also pays her a visit and she helps him “See the light”
Solomon the Faceless goes to Rudy (Mercy’s head of security) to tell them what happened. He offers help if needed and get get the feeling that Rudy and many of the other guards are working for Mercy now.. but they would easily take a job for westside should the situation come about
Ark makes some good rolls and is feeling much better, his Grey-lung gets much better... He gets a bit of info about the origins of the Grey-lung virus out of an other popcile that he has restrained...Then Ark kills him to further his research on the virus
Cookie bring medical gear to Ark, then meets Solomon on the way to deliver the Filter. She sees his soul during a chat and Solomon discovers that he accidentally killed the son of Digger our Operator. Digger doesnt know he has a son, and doesnt know that Solomon killed him... Solomon wants to tell him directly when they meet up next. Cookie also talks about what he saw in Stack 4...(Westside taking over)
Cookie delivers the air filters but no Tech to put it in right now.
Solomon is in Cookies restaurant “The Loco” in a private room and talks to his mask. It tells him to not tell Digger about the past
Ark finds out that Weaver is alone and wants to Hire Solomon for a “job” He goes to visit Cookies place to meet up. Solomon and Ark chat...Ark wants Weaver dead, and Solomon says that he’ll visit her but does’nt commit to the contract.
Ark and Cookie chat a bit longer afterwards and get some Nookie ; )- first hetro sex so far for this Hack!
Weaver is set up in an empty area of the holding with a group of her followers.
Solomon beats up a guard to get to her and sneaks into her chamber...
Solomon tells  Weaver that he’s been sent to kill her and give him some reasons why he shouldnt...Some very tense roleplaying (awesome job Lauren btw), lots of good rolls for reading...They talk about her place in the settlement, what her goals are (finding peace and paradise), they talk about the Treat from West-town. Solomon talks about how the people of the holding are very worried about the growth and influence of her cult.
He gives he an more citizens of Bella Vista into the fold after tonight or ELSE. Weaver agrees to this and will try going to West-town to recruit, and Solomon will act her body guard outside of Bella-Vista
Solomon fades into the shadows of the room, and Weaver wants have some more visitors to have a chat. Cat-Tail Mercy’s best pal comes for a visit.
Solomon watches from the shadows. We discover during their chat…that Cat-tail may be a Cow-Boy! Weaver deflects Cat Tails many threats and makes an awesome roll to open her brain (convert her?) well.... MC Kevin’s been dropping hints about a certain suppin-suppin that Cat Tail has (it went over our heads though). Weavers influence cant get through the Deep Brain plugs that Cat tail has! Weaver gets 2 bullets to the neck, and goes down in a bloody spray. Solomon grabs Cat-Tail to prevent a Coup De Grace…she backs down and leaves. Weaver is F*cked up bleeding and her followers can’t really help out... they have some stock but no Doc.
Ark is needed much to Weavers dismay
Weaver and Solomon and cult go to the Loco and get Ark who is very pleased to see her close to death. Solomon tells him what happened and tells Ark to do what he wants but warns him that we may need Weaver as Westown may move against Bella-Vista.
Solomon goes to get Cat-Tail as Ark wants to speak to her about what happened...
Weaver tried to force Ark to help but he runs into the lab and locks it down…They have a very interesting chat through the door. Another awesome round of Role-playing. Lots of reads...Weaver learns that Ark has killed people under his care, but after much discussion she agrees that she’ll go in alone and get treated. She gets some healing and during their discussion/healing they open the Maelstrom and Ark feels something almost divine…
At the end of session, Ark chooses Healing-Hands for his advancement, very fitting.

End of Session 5.


Recap of Session #6  

Bella-Vista is in trouble!…what else is new?  
Our Angel Arc has been a busy boy. Emergency surgery to our Hocus Weaver’s neck, trying to cure the Grey-Lung infection, & doing murders in the name of science for the greater-good ; )
Our Quarantine, Specialist John W. Reece has been laid out recovering from injuries for sometime but wakes up and uses his lover-letter custom move to do some healing on some NPC’s and our Hardholder Merciful in the “Popsicle” bunker/lab
Our Hard-Holder Merciful and her build-like-a-brick-shit-house body guard Pumpkin are healed up and make their way back to Bella Vista… They find that things are not going so well in her absence. There is little trade going on, lots of people are sick with Grey-lung, Weaver the Hocus hasn’t been around… (Recovering from surgery from the 2 gunshot wounds to the neck from last game?), and her camp is getting pretty sparce.
Arc has been “helping” out the towns-folk, and is very keen to look after Weavers followers… He is NOT a fan of Weaver, and has some “research” planned for some of her Inner circle if he gets the opportunity….Arc rolls his gig “Doing Murders”, and….Blows the roll. While Arc is removing one of Weavers cultist’s lungs he is caught Bloody-handed! 5 Cult members confront him and being without backup he uses the shock value of the horrific scene to   escape! Arc runs and makes his way back to the Holding.
“Dusk” is a handsome Skinner (specializes in training animals) who’s been away from the holder for some time. Dusk wears a stylist Cowboy hat and long dark duster… Antique Colt Navy revolver on a hip holster with his Faithful “Dog” Coyote. He looks like a Cowboy…not a “Depth of Life” tunnel lawman “Cowboy”, but a Golden-age cowboy - although many may not know the diff. Dusk saunters into town… a lot has changed since he was last here… an encampment by the old Fast-food ruin, a run down almost empty market, and a lot less folks since he was last here. He meets up with his sister Woven (married to Jacko) and he little boy Parvo. Sis is a bit different… she’s gotten rid of a lot of her stuff; she’s lost her hard edge that she always had and is talking a lot about seeing the light. Looks like she’s part of some religious cult… Dusk holds his thoughts and tongue about that for time being. Dusk discovers that the Hard-holder Compton has been replaced by his old friend Merciful (perhaps through Westsides order? She doesn’t elaborate) and that Mercy hasn’t been looking after the people of the holding. Dusk catches up for awhile then goes out to see Mercy.
Our Maestro’D’ Cookie has taken the “Loco” out for a Rail-Trip with Solomon the Faceless. They go to Haven to do a bit of recon (and perhaps trade). They arrive to find it Locked-down. There are some visible signs that the gate has been opened in the last week. Solomon gets some advice from his Mask…”put of some Meat for the Wendi’s and follow them back in” Cookie and his body guard get a good spot to watch Solomon’s back and they wait to see if someone (thing) will open the gate.
Arc hoofs it back to Bella-Vista and finds Mercy who has also just arrived. The chat and after some reads Mercy finds out that Arc has been doing a bit of J. Mengala style medicine…”its for the greater good though!”. Arc aids her Reads as he feels guilty (also doesn’t help that he’s been caught “lung-handed”)  he wants Mercy to back him up on his mission to Cure at any cost…Mercy is having trouble with all of this, then the Chosen show up accusing Arc of being a Murderer. Mercy is in a very charged Sitch…. She calms them all down and threatens the Weavers with a security crack down if they don’t back down.
Dusk the Skinner is doing a tour of the town with his “Dog” coyote, when Specialist Reese see’s him walking by. Being a re-heated relic of the golden-age, he knows what a “Dog” is….and that aint no dog! What’s that guy doing with the Wedigo!? His instincts take over and he brings his Assault rifle to bear as he approaches! Dusk see this strange man stalking towards him with a big gun out pointed at Coyote and draws his own pistol…a stand off ensues!…”That’s not a dog!”, “Yes it is, its my dog!”…repeat...Reese snaps back to reality and can’t remember what just happened. While Reese and Dusk are figuring out who is going to lower their weapon first, Coyote leaps at Reese and begins to gnaw on his face! Dusk tries to get Coyote to back down, but Reese is just too tasty to let go... Reese musters his strength and beats Coyote back with the butt of his rifle…Coyote runs off and disappears into the duct/pipe work. Reese is pretty badly beat-up from previous wounds + his chew toy session with Coyote. Dusk and Reese chat about what the hell just happened, and Reese shows Dusk what a “real dog” looks like (old picture from his wallet of a golden-age dog)…
Arc and Mercy get to her office to find her head of security Rudy sitting in HER CHAIR! He stammers an apology and quickly vacates the seat. Mercy starts to speak to him, and quickly realizes that they are not alone. Westsides enforcer Kurtz is having a meeting with Rudy! Westside is not happy with the current state of Bella-Vista and wants an answer to why no tribute has been coming in. Oh, and no funny business… if Kurtz isn’t back in 2 hours to his men, they waiting nearby to raise hell. Mercy gives a passionate speech about the troubles they’ve been faced with… the Grey-Lung plague has caused the problems, and Westside must give them more time. Arc backs up Mercy and helps out convincing Kurtz to back down. He wants to stay for a short time to watch the holding. No probs, Mercy will set him up w/ a room. Arc aggress to go with him back to his men (Arc takes some of Mercy’s men for back up just in case).
Mercy turns to Rudy and starts questioning him about is actions… she’s none to pleased with him trying to take the place over in her absence. Caught between a rock and hard place, Rudy follows his instincts and lets his shot-gun do the talking. Pumpkin gets a blast to the face and topples to the ground in a bloody mess. Rudy racks his shotgun and turns it towards Mercy……..
Back at the gates of Haven, Solomon the Faceless, Cookie, and her guard Boyd have been waiting for a few hours and nothing has happened....Solomon asks his Mask what he should do. “Blood is needed to get into Haven…. Human blood”. He looks up to Cookie who has always been kind to him….He can’t go after her can he?… Solomon tries to cut himself but he can’t overcome the influence of his Mask. Dagger in hand he stalks towards Cookie & Boyd. Solomon grabs Boyd and drags him out onto the track. He fights off Cookie (who is lightly wounded in the process) and cuts Boyd’s arm squeezing blood onto the ground. Cookie reasons with Solomon and he releases his man. Boyd isn’t too happy with Cookie for letting Solomon get away with his and pulls his Zip-gun out and demands that Solomon show his face. Solomon laughs it off and tries to knock the weapon aside and blows his Agro roll… he stumbles back in awe that a lackey could stare him down, and also realizes that they are NOT ALONE. Remember aliens when the motion tracker is going haywire with activity and humans peak up into the ceiling….? They look up to see a massive horde of Wendigo staring down at them with hungry feral eyes!
Solomon breaks for the Train, fighting through the horde of creatures dropping down all around. Cookie notices that the Wendigo are wearing Haven-wear! Cookie & Boyd get back to the Locco and she uses her previous hold on Solomon to lock up and leave him in their dust!. Solomon is in deep trouble, but he won’t put Cookie in further danger…he runs blindly into the tunnels drawing the horde with him.
Ark is heading out with Kurtz when he see’s Dusk and Reese talking. Reese’s face looks like bloody Swiss cheese so he gives him attention. Arc tells Kurtz to leave the holding if he knows what’s good for him and Westside. Not being a fan of the plague, Kurtz takes the good Doctors advice and heads out. They go to Arc’s infirmary and find a bunch of Weavers followers there… they are not happy and want justice!
Weaver’s followers see Arc and move it, but before things get bloody, Specialist Reece steps in and calms the situation down (being a bad-ass with an assault rifle helps). Weavers 2nd in command; Specials goes with Arc and Reese to discuss a solution with Mercy...
Cookie is back in town with the Locco and she goes to visit Mercy.
Dusk also goes to visit his old pal Mercy. He’s going to her office from the elevator and “was that a gunshot?” Hmmm… He takes his hat off cowboy style salute to the 2 guards and they are frozen by his arresting face. He strolls past and opens the door to the office to see….A wild-eyed Rudy with a shotgun gun pointed at Merciful and Pumpkin downing in his own blood on the floor. Mercy keeps her cool as she see’s her old friend quietly open the door behind Rudy. Dusk distracts Rudy, aiding Mercy’s Agro roll….She’s successful and he bugs out!. Rudy runs tail-tween legs out of the office, pushing past the 2 guards. Reese, Arc, and Specials are arriving and Reese and Dusk capture Rudy, roughing him up a bit in the process.
Merciful runs to the aid of her “smashed-Pumpkin” begging Arc to save him.
Arc has no equipment and Pumpkin is near-death… he digs deep and opens his brain to the “Hum” and lays on hands. Those in the room watch as his touch begins to fix Pumpkins ruined face and neck, knitting flesh, bone, and blood back together.
Mercy aids the lay-on hands and they feel the effects of the P-maelstrom - She is hit with Psy-harm and loses her voice! Arc is hit with Psi-harm and is stunned by the hummmmm. Reese also decided to open up his mind (why not!)…same thing…He drops like a sack of sh*t also stunned.
Cookie arrives at Mercy’s office and wants to speak to Mercy in private. Specials joins their meeting since most people in the other room are stunned or injured and don’t stop him walking in on them...
Specials rips into poor Mercy (she’s had a tough day(s) so far)…”Your Dr. can do that (healing) why is he murdering us?” Specials explains the discovery of the murder scene…and that Mercy has to decide. Will she dish out Justice? Or does she want a War with Weaver and her followers? Cookie backs up Mercy, she readies her blade just in case things get out of hand. After some back and forth reads and dialog Specials backs down on a promise that things will be dealt with soon.
Specials leaves and Cookie reports more good news; Haven is probably done for... The people there have somehow become Wedigo. In case you didn’t know; Solomon is a crazy bastard! Not sure if Solomon is still alive… last time she saw him, he was being chased through the tunnels by the Wendi Haven-Horde. Cookie tells Mercy about Hive 4... Westsides men have taken it over and have killed some of the security. Cookie also mentioned that Mercy owes her some click for the air -filter (still not installed) and medical supplies she brought back previously. One good that has come out of this is that Bella-Vista no longer holds any interest to Westside…Mercy has successfully (through improvement and role-playing) removed the obligation/debt!
Solomon the Faceless successfully evaded the Wendigo horde, but now he’s totally lost. Suddenly a battle erupts, and he’s right in the middle! Another group of Wendi’s are attacking a gang of armed humans… Solomon makes his cool under fire roll to join the Human battle line and proceeds to kick some Wendi-Butt. When the gun smoke clears a ragged bang of humans steps forward… “Welcome to Stack 17”... the leader Chuckles and his gang all have filed sharp teeth…
Solomon impressed them during the battle so they don’t try and eat fact they’ve heard of him….”Black-eyed Solomon?…THE Solomon?”. Solomon agrees to help bring back the Wendi and human bodies to Stack 17 in return he gets a Wendigo body (to bring back to Bella-Vista as it’s clearly wearing Haven attire (perhaps Ark can test it?). Solomon asks why they want the bodies. - “No sense wasting good meat” Chuckles says. Solomon asks about rumors… Chuckles have NEVER seen this many Wendi’s.. “All the noise in the tunnels as of late has caused them to stir”. “Something from the past from has caused this”. Solomon chats a bit more and gets the feeling that Chuckles may want to hire him to Spy on Bella-Vista, but no deals on made on it.
Solomon goes back to Stack 17 with Chuckles and his gang. They have a grand feast where Solomon is a “guest of honor”. He meets Rolfball - Cookie’s unhappy cousin... “Cookie has my train, I want you to help me get it back”….    

End of session 6.

Apocalypse World / Re: Music of the Apocalypse
« on: January 04, 2012, 04:06:46 PM »
Forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

Anyway, I'm nearing the moment where I run my first AW game(first game ever actually) and I was wondering what, if any, sorts of music/ambient sounds people play during their games. While I know that external sounds can become a distraction from the game, I also know that they can add a lot to the atmosphere.

I was just wondering what are your guys' choices for sound(s) while running/playing a game?

I have always felt that music Adds to the mood and atmosphere in RPGs.

I havnt had the chance to run Apoc World yet, but I have done many other post apoc games with music in past> rock, metal, trance, they all work
In a traditional game its easy to open your "combat" folder when appropriate...

Apoc world is a bit different, as the scene, story, pc's, npcs may change anytime, all the time, so keeping up with changing the music to match mood may be a nightmare... 

There are some past threads that have some good suggestions for ambiant tunes.

I would suggest to base the theme of the music off the theme of your Apocalypse after you and the players figure out what it is in game #1

I always like to get my players to send me a "theme" song for their pc also - when they're doing something cool in game, put in on and watch them grin

Apocalypse World / Re: Question about Apocalypse World LE Playbooks
« on: January 04, 2012, 10:06:43 AM »
Wondering if anyone would be willing to trade any of the LE Playbooks. I have the The Maestro D', The Faceless and The Touchstone but am looking for the rest.

In about two weeks I'll be running my first game and am interested in giving my players as many options as possible to help make it memorable and get some interesting chemistry going ^_^

Hi Reverie!
I'll send you some playbooks later today to help you out!
Let us know how the game goes!


Isn't Degrassi on TeenNick in the U.S.?

I think that's a modern remake of it, the original was from the 80's and quite canadian. It's a dreadful show but we all know it up here! :)

At least Kevin Smith has been on it several times...a serious role...not as Silent Bob : (

Hahahaha Nice one Pheylorn!

Now that you posted that, you have to wear your best best Joey Fedora/Mullet next game  ; )-

Apocalypse World / Re: Question about Apocalypse World LE Playbooks
« on: December 06, 2011, 03:16:03 PM »
E-mail sent Hankle! Enjoy!

Thanks very much Pheylorn! ; )

Apocalypse World / Re: Question about Apocalypse World LE Playbooks
« on: December 06, 2011, 11:25:39 AM »
Hi Everyone!
I'm currently playing in one of Chroma's Hacks having a BLAST!

I am going to me MC'ing some of my own to indoctrinate more players ; )

So I would like to see if I can get some playbooks....

I have;
Maestro D'
The Quarantine
The Feral Kid I'm looking for some Alms for the poor....

I can make up a custom move for you or trade one my few above play-Books

Here is my PM;


Apocalypse World / Re: Why I hate Apocalypse World
« on: November 08, 2011, 11:01:16 AM »
Ruger had to choose 2 harm or have his priceless Top-Hot stomped... the choice was obvious! ; )

Yeah, It was awesome... Way to short as you said

I'd be very happy to continue the game...if we can't get those guys together in future, Perhaps the Circus of Discord could appear in one of your other Hacks Chroma!  ; )

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