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Apocalypse World / Gencon...who's going and who can represent?
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:59:52 PM »
Hey all!
Anyone out in there going to Gencon 2012?

If you are going, I'm appealing to you to set aside a few hours of your time to
sign up to MC a game of Apoc World...dead line is past, but they are still approving games

Phylorn and I (Both Canucks I might add) are the only 2 MC'ing Apocalypse World games at the Con

We need to join together and "Speak the Truth to the mob!"
: )

Apocalypse World / Re: Question about Apocalypse World LE Playbooks
« on: April 21, 2012, 12:00:43 PM »
I tried posting this on, but I haven't gotten any hits. I'll see what I get here, but the playbook hunt is frustrating.

I know the feeling - took me a while to get the playbooks I wanted

I PM'd you : )


roleplaying theory, hardcore / Re: breaking old habits
« on: April 13, 2012, 11:11:33 AM »
Hey Niles Kane
I'm pretty new to Mc'ing myself...I do have the advantage of being a AW player for a while now, and my veteran MC (Chroma) is a player and he helps me out.


Main point is that I would look at how you set up the NPCs...doesn't seem like they were in the Cross-hairs...

In my Hack, the Hard-Holder + gang along with the Gun-Lugger attacked another fortified settlement. The hard-holder + gang led the attack, the Lugger aided the rolls. Surprise attack (much like your situation) Go Agro or perhaps even a simple inflict harm if you feel its appropriate. Then battle begins in earnest>>> Seize by force roll(s). Perhaps even the expanded battle rules now

2 moves was all it took for us, some battles/situations obviously can take more

For the seduce.manip> ask tons of questions... example "you see the masters right hand man Draegon... he looks like he wants to help kill his master...what do you do?" Stuff like that can really make the game interesting

Another idea, don't forget to make a custom move(s) for the NCP's. Chroma had a good one where ranged attacks wouldn't effect a particular NPC! the players quickly worked around it... was a challenge, but didnt bog the game down.

Hope that helps a bit

roleplaying theory, hardcore / Re: The joys of sandbox..
« on: April 10, 2012, 11:37:44 AM »
Welcome Silva!
Glad to hear you and your Crew enjoyed!

Yeah, same smile for me after MC'ing!....It's the ongoing effect MC's get from running Apocalypse world!

Apocalypse World / Re: Countdown clock jpeg please
« on: April 01, 2012, 10:55:32 AM »
Thanks Weaverchilde! : )

Apocalypse World / Countdown clock jpeg please
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:57:07 PM »
Hey Wasteland dwellers!

I'm looking for a AW Countdown Clock jpeg

Can you please send to me if you have it?
Please pm me

I'd like to have it to add to some customs moves

Thanks in advance! : )


blood & guts / Re: Feedback please on Custom Move
« on: March 27, 2012, 10:04:57 AM »
Thanks very much for the advice!

blood & guts / Feedback please on Custom Move
« on: March 23, 2012, 04:40:06 PM »
Hey all!
Happy Friday!
I'm looking for suggestions & feedback for this custom move...I wanted to make something fun for my players for going into bars/clubs/gambling dens etc... in my AW Hack - what do you think? too many options? other fun/interesting options?

Thanks in Advance...   : )



When you Belly-Up to the Bar…
Roll +Sharp if you’re looking for someone or something
Roll +Hard if you’re looking for trouble
Roll +Cool if you’re looking to be seen
Roll +Hot if you’re looking to Fuck
Roll +Weird if you’re looking to get Fucked-up

On a 10+ choose 3, On a 7-9 pick 2
*You don’t piss her off
*You find what/who you're looking for
*You can get your Fuck-on
*You impress or intimidate the crowd
*You impress or intimidate someone (pick one) Cool, Hot, Hard, Sharp, or Weird
*You meet someone (Pick one) Cool, Hot, Hard, Sharp, or Weird
*You beat the Shit outta that guy
*You get your Fix (describe) and you’re Blissed out, +1Weird forward
On a Miss your loving MC will take 1 or more and make them not so good for you, or make a move. -Enjoy!
Love & Kisses, your MC.

Apocalypse World / Re: [AP] Depth of Life
« on: February 24, 2012, 11:37:10 AM »
Session Recap by Dave (Cookie)

 Start of session rolls all went fairly well. Bella Vista still had “idle” as fewer people could get into the marketplace with the tracks damaged. Scott's new character “Scurry”, a Freak, decided with Hx that Cookie was sickened by the sight of him. He has been eating the Loco's garbage and Cookie has been shoo-ing him away at the point of her knife. Scurry is from the Deeps and looks like an animate boulder.

   We started with Merciful sending a couple of Security flunkies to investigate Cookie's complaints about some sort of vermin near the Loco. Cookie asks them to get word to former Security man Donner to come and see her. They weren't much help looking for vermin, so Cookie tried to set a trap for the creature and went looking for a place to hide to surprise it. And fell down a hidden shaft into darkness.

   Coombs came to Weaver and asked for her permission to put the Angels turning into Wendi's out of their misery. Some reads later and Weaver was pretty creeped out by Coombs. He was looking to torture them to death to test their pain threshold. Since these were friends, Weaver tried something else. She gets some of her followers (many returned from trips to the outside) and uses their shared prayers (augury) to calm the Wendi's for a moment. And Coombs just needs a moment to slit all the Wendi's throats with a hi-tech scalpel glove. This guy just keeps getting scarier. They have a funeral and dispose of the bodies.

   Dusk spent big on a 3-Barter move to put the word out he was looking for little, lost Parveau. Blew the roll and has some massive strings attached to him. He heads to the Loco to ask for Cookie's help.

   Merciful decides it's time to go see Rudy, her former Head of Security. He's still in a cell after shooting Pumpkin, and looks the worse for wear. He tries to bargain his way out of dying by telling Merciful he's not the only Bella Vistan working for Westside. He'll name names for his freedom. Plumber, maybe bucking for the Head of Security job, advises Merciful not to listen to Rudy.

   At the Loco, Scurry comes out of hiding (where he watched Cookie fall) to eat the garbage. And is confronted by Chop-Chop, Cookie's teen sidekick, toting a shotgun! Scurry sprays the kid in the face with grit, doing s-harm and Chop-Chop unloads with the shotgun sending Scurry off to find a more hospitable restaurant. Dusk is close to the Loco and checks it out, hearing Chop-Chop’s tales of rock monsters. They hear Cookie calling out from below and improvise a rescue with a length of chain to pull her up.

   Merciful goes back into Rudy's cell and finds Pumpkin has crushed Rudy's skull with his hammer. Nice to see Pumpkin back on the job! Then Margie appears with the news of gunfire by the Loco and Merciful goes to investigate.

   After Scurry fled the hurt-stick, he went down. Through windy tunnels, he finds his way to a place with food and starts gorging himself. Weaver walks in on him and instead of turning him away, shows him the true meaning of the Angels of Paradise and offers to share the food with him. They get to talking and Weaver hears that Scurry is from Down Below and she's his new best friend.

   Cookie hosts a meeting at the Loco with herself, Mercy (with Pumpkin) and Dusk. They discuss going to Haven and taking sections of their tracks to replace the destroyed ones at Bella Vista. During the meeting, Merciful overlooks Plumber and gives more authority to Margie. Plumber doesn't look happy. Cookie is brusque with Merciful having just been dragged out of a hole, so Pumpkin keeps giving her the hairy eyeball. As the meeting is breaking up, Cookie asks to speak to Pumpkin alone and tells him to come by if he gets time off and they can get to know each other a little better <coughcough>. Pumpkin is completely confused by this and gets out of the Loco as fast as his legs can carry him. Merciful tells Pumpkin that he can do whatever he wants with his off time, but to be careful of Cookie because she often has ulterior motives... (What? hahaha)

   Dusk goes to see Weaver. He meets Scurry, who is soon overwhelmed by the number of people around and bails. Dusk and Weaver have a heart to heart conversation, using the advanced version of Read a Person and Weaver finds out that Cookie is Dusk's ex and that Dusk will only truly love her if she gives up her religion! She asks Dusk to Leave (that is a capitol L).

   Merciful gets back to her office and there is some dude sitting in her chair. Again. He says his name is Stens and he's a friend of Cat-Tail. He is refreshingly blunt and says he is in Bella Vista to kill Weaver and he wants Merciful's help doing it. Merciful explains that she doesn't want to lose people because there are so few left, but Stens describes Weaver as a disease that needs to be cut out of Bella Vista. Merciful ends up telling Stens she isn't going to stop him, but she isn't going to help him either and she orders him out of her office. (And it turns out the Cowboys have Parveau. They took him to get him away from his brain-washed parents...)

   Cookie meets with Donner who has gone a bit to pieces being unemployed. Cookie hires him to be the temporary bouncer for the Loco as Boyd isn't available. Donner agrees if he can have clear lines of delineation of who's on what side. Cookie agrees. Then, they watch as Scurry comes to take revenge on Cookie by throwing all her garbage down a deep hole, actually disposing of it for her... Welcome aboard Donner. Good thing people's first day is always slow.

   Back in Paradise, Weaver gathers her cult together and laments the loss of Dusk. As she explains to them that everything in her life is Cookie's fault, they start to Frenzy! Finally Weaver shouts “Bring Cookie to me for judgement!” And the whole cult gets up and storms out.

   Dusk goes to see Merciful and the two of them sit there seething with anger but not at each other. Merciful wants Dusk to be clear about his intentions and to pick a side.

   The mob approaches the Loco and Donner fires into them with a shotgun, but to no avail. The mob surges over him and into the Loco and carries Cookie back out to be delivered.

   Merciful is interrupted yet again and is told about the mob of Parasites storming through town. She tells Security to get everyone together. Dusk decides to accompany Merciful and help as he thinks some of this might be his fault...

   Scurry goes back to see Weaver to tell her about his triumphant victory over Cookie. Coombs comes in and looks at Scurry like a hungry man looks at fried chicken. Then, Stens just walks in points at Coombs and asks Weaver “Is that your bodyguard?” “Yes” she says. BLAM! Down goes Coombs. Scurry rushes to protect his new friend and sprays rocks and grit into Stens' face as he and Weaver make a run for it into the ducts. Scurry takes some more bullets.

   Merciful is getting her troops together when the gang from Stack 17 asks to be allowed to join in the fight. All they want in return are the inevitable bodies... Merciful agrees.

   The mob arrives back in Paradise with Cookie in tow. Their leader is gone, her bodyguard is dead on the floor and a guy with a smoking gun is standing right there. They swallow Stens, and Cookie uses the confusion to knife someone in the eye and bail. Cookie runs into Merciful bringing in the cavalry and tells Merciful flat out that if Merciful doesn't kill all the Parasites, the Loco will leave and never come back.

   Merciful leads in the troops and beats the bejesus out of the Parasites. Dusk is searching through the bodies to see if Weaver is there and Specials shoots him in the face with Cookie's shotgun. Security and the Stack 17 Reapers are going to execute the wounded but Merciful lives up to her name and makes them show mercy to their fallen foes, saving several.

   In the ducts, Scurry and Weaver have gotten separated. Each tries to open their brain to find some help. Scurry finds out there is a man nearby who will heal any who ask. His name is Reese. Weaver, in extremis, goes past the hum (advanced Open Your Brain) and gets a response. “This is Protocol. What is your situation?” “They're killing us, I need help to bring them to harmony.” “This is Protocol. Help is on the way.” Yikes.

   Cookie staggers back to the Loco. There she finds the bodies of Donner and Chop-Chop, torn apart by the Parasites. After finding a new knife, she opens her brain and tries to listen for Weaver. She hears, metaphorically, Weaver approaching, so she sits there, sharpening her knife waiting for Weaver to come to her.

   Merciful stops the Reapers from taking bodies until Bella Vistans have the chance to claim them if they are family members. Surrounded by bodies and wailing family members, Merciful is pelted with cries of “Why couldn't you stop this?”

Hope you enjoyed reading this, because we enjoyed the hell out of playing it!

Apocalypse World / Re: Advice on Vehicle Healing
« on: February 17, 2012, 10:03:04 AM »
Awesome, thanks for that Vincent!

Apocalypse World / Advice on Vehicle Healing
« on: February 16, 2012, 04:32:50 PM »
Hey all!
Just started Mc'ing my First Hack!

My question is about Vehicle healing...

I'm looking at the Savyhead workspace as a mechanic for this...each level of harm could be one+ from the list to heal?

Example: 3 harm on vehicle may cost: 3 from the list: 6 hours work, 1+ barter, and you have go and get an ______ from Shit-face's Truck.

Or is that too much cost?

Compared to Pc/Npc healing seems reasonable

Or simply making players spend barter per harm level? (thats not as fun though)

What has worked for you?  

Thanks in advance,

Apocalypse World / Re: Trailer Park Boys
« on: February 15, 2012, 05:16:17 PM »
Phil Collins (the Dirty Burger) > Maestro D'

When Bubbles puts on his "Green Bastard" outfit>  Faceless

The Bottle kids> The Rat Pack

Apocalypse World / Re: 2-armor
« on: February 08, 2012, 09:53:29 AM »
How do you all handle 2-armor?

When you make your MC moves, take away his/her stuff - like when the character is asleep, or perhaps when vulnerable etc..., or activate its downside - "its super hot...if you keep all that armor on you're acting under fire (or suffer harm)", or things like "You wont fit in there with all the armor...what do you do"? etc... I think the easiest and cheesiest is - AP harm

Apocalypse World / Re: [AP] Depth of Life
« on: February 07, 2012, 04:44:08 PM »
Session 8 recap

We have Weaver (Hocus), Dusk (skinner), Cookie (Maestro’D), Specialist Reese (Quarentine), Merciful (Hardholder), & Solomon (faceless) in attendance. Our other Pc’s Arc (Angel) is now dead, killed by a mysterious sniper. Digger (operator) is off doing what he does best somewhere out in the tunnels.

Everyone gets a love letter from our M.C. Chroma.

No Failed rolls on any of our opening moves!!
Solomon (faceless) tells his “secret” to Cookie from previous Hx roll-over…he is a “Deep-One” He is from the deepest darkest, perhaps scariest area of the tunnels.

It’s been a few days since the Riot in Bella-Vista. The dust has settled, and the blood splats and pools have dried up…but the pain lingers on (mostly because we have no Angel).

During the short downtime after the riot, A BIG-BLACK ATOMIC TRAIN pulled into Bella-Vista. No one exits or communicates. Mercy’s Guards are watching it for signs of life…

Solomon (Faceless) is in Stack 17th with Chuckles (a cannibal) and his Gang “The Rippers”. He does a barter move to get some Grenades with strings attached (not literally!). The 4 grenades are different shapes and colors…I wonder what some of them will do?. Solomon exchanges some info on Bella-Vista to Chuckles (nothing that would jeopardize security as Solomon likes Mercy). Chuckles sends a small gang led by his man Echo back to B-Vista with Solomon to check it out. Although Echo appears to be a wiry runt, the Rippers are terrified of him and follow him without question. I don’t want to know how he earned that!

Reese (Quarantine) has been in his medical bay getting healed and patched up over the past week or so. He comes out of his “Bunker” to find a group of “Followers” waiting for him. They seems to be citizens of Bella-Vista, they’ve been camping here waiting for him… their Savoir “who will help them to reclaim the surface world”! Reese speaks with telling them that they are not “his” followers, but he is there to help them! He successfully manipulates them to believe this and offers a piece of the golden age to them as an assurance, Reese gives them a slightly altered Military Oath of allegiance. He notices in distance that Solomon (Faceless) and a gang of “Rippers” has been watching the whole time….

Back in Bella-Vista, Cookie(Maestro’D) and Mercy(Hardholder) go to check out the BIG BLACK ATOMIC TRAIN. Cookie notices that the idle hum of the train is in sink with the hummm of the P-maelstrom! Very interesting indeed! Cookie and Mercy press an intercom button and wait. After a short wait, a voice asks them to fill the Trains reactor with water please.

It’s been a tough go for the Angels of Paradise as of late. Only 10 are left and many are wounded. Weaver (Hocus) is recovering in a tent with her followers. They need help, so Weaver uses Augury to reach out to the P-Maelstrom. Weaver blows the roll and half of her followers go wild, savagely attacking the others!

Dusk (Skinner) has helped calm things down a lot in the last few days for the Angels thanks to his “soft-skills”. Dusk goes to find Weaver so he can make sure his Sister & nephew are safe. As he leaves to find them he notices a new face in town…A tall thin man stands in the market place scanning the area with obvious interest. Dusk speaks with him… “Coombs” is a “Doctor of the Flesh,” He has come to Bella-Vista because Weaver needs his help. Coombs tells Dusk that he’s heard about Grey-lung plague also. They start walking towards Weavers location.

Solomon (Faceless) and the Rippers from Stack 17 watched Reese come out of his Bunker and pledge to his “followers.” Reese notices the menacing band of warriors watching him and approaches. Solomon dumps a rotting Wendigo body at his feet! Seems like Reese’s people are behind both the Grey-Lung plague and have also caused the folks at Haven to become Wenidgo’s. Reese doesn’t deny this he tells Solomon that his leader Tammy Jackson was insane and that he is there to Help anyone who needs it, especially Bella-Vista. They chat some more and decide to get back to B-v as quick as possible to speak with Mercy and Arc (they don’t know he’s dead).

Dusk & Coombs walk into Weavers tent right after the Augury-fail. Half of the Angels have gone nuts and are savagely attacking their fellow cultists. Dusk wants to get to his sister who is at the back of the tent…the only way is through the battle. “Ker-blam”!… Dusk blows away one of the ferals and gets to his sister. Koombs calmly moves through the embattled tent to Weaver and starts talking like it’s a Wine & Cheese party. Coombs asks if she needs a body guard and Doctor? Yes and yes please! Coombs flips open a leather case filled with syringes and starts jabbing the feral cultists knocking them out. He turns to Weaver…”I can thrive in a place of hatred”. Dusk is trying to get his sis and nephew out but Weaver wants them to stay. The have a heater debate and Dusk has to threaten her to get away with his family.

Merciful and Cookie are waiting near at the BIG BLACK ATOMIC TRAIN (B.B.A.T.). The door on Engine opens with a hiss and out steps a  human figure dressed in a full body black suit (very similar to what Solomon wears!). He has a long cord from the back of his helmet that connects him to the inside of the BBAT. He is “Stilts” the Captain of this vessel. He knows that there is plague here, but he is safe within the Black Engine. He knows Solomon, and seems excited when he hears his name…. “Stilts” hasn’t heard anything about Wendigo’s, the BBAT moves around in the tunnels for Trade. Merciful Barters the Water to replace/fix the much needed Air Filters.

Dusk gets his sister & nephew back to her apartment, and Koombs examines the feral Angels of paradise (who are now restrained). They have Wendigo Fever! Overwhelmed by the recent problems, Weaver seeks answers and help and opens her mind to the Hummmmm.

Another suited person emerges from the B.B.A.T….perhaps a woman?. She goes off with Mercy’s best Tech people to replace the air filters.

Reese and Solomon arrive back in Bella-Vista and make a b-line for Merciful. Solomon Reese & Solomon chat about the Haven problem….Solomon describes what happened in Haven, and that what he found out in Stack 17 from Chuckles and the Rippers. Echo (leader of the small Rippers gang) chats with Mercy, telling her that Haven went Dark and that there’s been a lot more Wendi activity in the Tunnels since. Reese & Solomon learn that Arc was killed by a mysterious sniper. Reese gives his oath of allegiance to Merciful and Bella-Vista. Solomon asks where Pumpkin is…since he’s out of action he appoints himself Merciful’s temporary body guard.

Mercy, Reese, Solomon and Echo go to the “Loco” with Cookie for some grub and a meeting. Echo and Mercy talk about a Bella-Vista /Stack 17 alliance… Echo says that’s for Chuckles to decide, but he’ll inquire. Echo tells us that the Wendigo mutation spreads through a bite, or eating the flesh (that’s not prepared correctly). His boss chuckles has a saying…”If you’re bit, you’re shit!”  they kill anyone who gets bitten before they turn into Wendi. Mercy want to get the Rippers help… she is willing to trade some of the Dead for this. Reese is turned off a bit by that and asks if they perform murder to get their food…they do. Reese isn’t pleased and threatens them with force if they murder to eat he will kill them all. Echo shrugs it off…he wants to fight but back down.
Reese talks about the possible Grey-Lung cure in the bunker and that his blood may cure through a transfusion.

Koombs finishes working on the Angels of Paradise and Weaver…he goes to leave with Dusk to help his sister Woven. He leaves Parvo in the tent.
The B.B.A.T. female tech comes back with Mercy’s men... job well done she knew exactly what to do! The Door to the engine opens and the captain emerges with a Mini-gun…points it at Solomon and prepares to fire! “Solomon is no longer part of the Protocol! Solomon is corrupted”  Stilts wants to bring Solomon back to the Deeps with them… Solomon tells them that he used to obey the equation, but he broke his programming and now writes his own commands! Solomon will not leave with them….Merciful stops the water transfer and tells them to back down and leave, and they’ll get the water they need. Merciful figures out that if they leave without Solomon they will never come back. Stilts says that “Solomon will bring discord”. Sensing trouble, Cookie has some quick words with the Techie Deep-one…She’s looking to trade “So-Topes”.  Stilts mentions that “the Dark-Harvester he’s there” 

Weaver has just opened her mind to discover that the BBAT are linked to the hummm itself! She takes off, hobbling towards the Train… Dusk gives chase. Weaver gets a message… “Bring this place back to Harmony and you will be brought back to the symphony!”. The BBAT is leaving and Weaver is trying to get them to stop for her… Scalding hot steam blast from the train as it pulls away…Dusk shields her from the 2 harm, and Weaver watches in dismay as the train pulls away.

Everyone is a bit stunned by what just went down… Then suddenly...Bzzzzzaaat! Many of the tracks coming into Bella-Vista melt in a sudden blinding explosion! Cookie remembers the Deep-one telling her “you will be rewarded” as she notices that the tracks uncder the Loco are untouched.

Um… where’s little Parvo?

End of Session 8!

the nerve core / Re: question on the hardcopy
« on: January 24, 2012, 03:10:49 PM »
I was chomping at the bit also to get mine... it took about a month (I live in Canada also, so I'm sure that didnt help).

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