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brainstorming & development / Memento Mori WIP Hack
« on: September 25, 2015, 06:09:23 AM »
Alright slackers,

First time poster, long time fan of the PBTA engine, now trying my hand at a hack. Let me know what you think of the premise.

Memento Mori is a game where everyone dies in the first session.  Thankfully, that's supposed to happen. Your cast are a selection of lost, angry and quite likey murderous souls who found themselves dumped into an afterlife that does not want them, does not care about them, and in all probability, will likely try to destroy them. Survival depends on your ability to stick together, fend off whatever threats the afterlife throws your way and, now and again, delve back into the mortal world to obtain Creep, your un-life giving mana, your ki, whatever you want to call it.

Creep is easy to get hold of, if you know what youre doing. Mortals are dumb, vain, easily led. The undead can exploit that, sculpt and distort it to draw out fear, lust, wrath and greed, the basest emotions that pump out Creep like a nicked artery. The hard part is laying hands on, and keeping hold of, those prime haunting spots. Ever see two bands of undead wackjobs go head to head? In the middle of homecoming? It's not pretty.

Basic idea? Explore what the ghosts, monsters and supernatural slashers of the b-list horror world do on their downtime, what their hopes and dreams are, their squabbles, their rivalries and bonds to one-another, and of course, a lot of thrills,  chills, sex and gore.

More crunchy specifics to follow.

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