Memento Mori WIP Hack

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Memento Mori WIP Hack
« on: September 25, 2015, 06:09:23 AM »
Alright slackers,

First time poster, long time fan of the PBTA engine, now trying my hand at a hack. Let me know what you think of the premise.

Memento Mori is a game where everyone dies in the first session.  Thankfully, that's supposed to happen. Your cast are a selection of lost, angry and quite likey murderous souls who found themselves dumped into an afterlife that does not want them, does not care about them, and in all probability, will likely try to destroy them. Survival depends on your ability to stick together, fend off whatever threats the afterlife throws your way and, now and again, delve back into the mortal world to obtain Creep, your un-life giving mana, your ki, whatever you want to call it.

Creep is easy to get hold of, if you know what youre doing. Mortals are dumb, vain, easily led. The undead can exploit that, sculpt and distort it to draw out fear, lust, wrath and greed, the basest emotions that pump out Creep like a nicked artery. The hard part is laying hands on, and keeping hold of, those prime haunting spots. Ever see two bands of undead wackjobs go head to head? In the middle of homecoming? It's not pretty.

Basic idea? Explore what the ghosts, monsters and supernatural slashers of the b-list horror world do on their downtime, what their hopes and dreams are, their squabbles, their rivalries and bonds to one-another, and of course, a lot of thrills,  chills, sex and gore.

More crunchy specifics to follow.
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Re: Deadlands WIP Hack
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I haven't got too many comments on the concept. Not my cup of tea, but that is not a bad thing.

I did however want to comment on the name. Deadlands is already a thing ( and when I saw the name, I thought you were making a conversion of that setting. That might or might not matter to you.

Re: Deadlands WIP Hack
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I had a feeling that was the case. I'll scratch around and see if anything clicks. I was more concerned that the concept had already been done, but Monster Hearts is a very different beast (which I love).

Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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Changed the name to something a bit more fitting. Some rough n' ready moves follow.

The Stats

All characters operate on the following stats: Wrathful, Cold, Sly, Spirited and Eerie. Certain playbooks focus on particular stats, others can be built around a variety of them.

The Moves

All characters have access to the following basic moves:

Wrathful: Menace, Traumatise
Cold: Remain Composed, Feel Nothing
Sly: Read A Face, Read A Scene
Spirited: Charm, Influence
Eerie: Pierce The Veil, Connect


A Booming Threat, A Bestial Roar, A Chilling Message

When using threat of violence or exploiting the repercussions of a situation in your favour, roll +Wrath. On a 10+ pick 2. On a 7-9 pick 1, but it's going to require a show of force or some other way of backing up the threat.

o They do what you say, no ifs ands or buts.
o They drop everything and get out your way.
o They're provoked and irrational.
o They get into cover or barricade themselves in.
o They give you what you want, or something they think you'd want.

On a miss, you either follow through on your threat, or leave yourself compromised, disgraced or looking like a fool.


Ragged Claws, Cold Steel, Splintered Bone

When accomplishing a goal through direct action or violence, roll +Wrath. On a 10+ pick 2. On a 7-9 pick 1.

o You inflict gruesome harm (+1 Harm).
o You inflict superficial harm (Deal S-Harm).
o You decidedly achieve your goal.
o They are disrupted, turned around or driven back.
o They are impressed, stunned or transfixed.

On a miss, if inflicting Trauma on a player, the one on the receiving end can pick one to inflict on the aggressor, or drain 1 Creep from them. On an NPC, the MC cracks the whip.

Remain Composed

A Crossed Wire, A Loose Nail, An Open Book

When a situation requires a steady hand or a firm grip on your emotions, roll +Cold. On a 10+ you do what you want to do. On a 7-9 you're inelegant, hasty or erratic. On a miss, the MC cracks the whip.

Feel Nothing

Ignoring The Helpless, Aiding The Unworthy, Butchering The Innocent

When you need to do something against your better nature, your history, or your beliefs, roll +Cold. On a 10+ you get it done, whatever it is. On a 7-9 pick 1.

o You make a mess of it, or leave it half done.
o It's slow, tedious or wasteful.
o You make a scene, or leave a trail.
o This will haunt you.

On a miss, the MC picks 2.

Read A Face

A Mortal's Ego, A Spirit's Reflection, A Building's Design

When sizing up someone, or at least the image someone is projecting, roll +Sly. On a 10+ hold 2. On a 7-9 hold 1. Spend your hold during the encounter, 1 for 1.

o What do you really want right now?
o What are you holding back?
o Who or what is pulling your strings?
o What's your next move?
o Where are you most vulnerable?

Read A Scene

A Moment Of Passion, A Glimpse Of Horror, A Night Of Terror

When assessing a charged or changing situation, roll +Sly. On a 10+ ask 2. On a 7-9 ask 1.

o What emotion is most prevalent here?
o Who holds the most sway here?
o Where's my fastest route to what I want?
o What's the safest route to what I want?
o Where's the pressure point in this situation?


Razorblades In The Candyfloss, Just A Few Small Animals, A Whispered Offering

When attempting to beguile, manipulate or otherwise use your wiles to get someone to do what you want, roll +Spirited. If it's an NPC, on a 10+ they'll do it, as long as that's what you really want. On a 7-9 they're unsure, they need guidance, assurace or a helping hand. On a miss, they're shocked, revolted or insulted at your attempted con.

On a player, on a 10+ if they do it, they mark XP. You can also offer something on top of that, but you're not obliged to honor the deal. If they don't, they have to Remain Composed.

On a 7-9, make them an offer to do it. If they accept, you have to hold up your end of the bargain, or Feel Nothing to wriggle out of it.

On a miss, they set the terms, if you agree, you must keep up your end, or Feel Nothing to wriggle out of it.


Stacked Chairs, Scratched Words, Shattered Glass

When manipulating the world around you in a dramatic or meaningful way, beyond your usual means, declare your intenion and roll +Spirited. On a 10+ pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1, the MC will offer you a hard bargain or an ugly choice to get it.

o It happens exactly like you said.
o It happens quickly.
o It leaves a lasting impression.
o It causes no harm or disturbance.
o It doesn't drain you.

On a miss, you over-exert yourself, lose sight of your goal or get a little carried away...

Pierce The Veil

Leylines, Mortail Coils, The Hand Of Fate

When going beyond the limits of what even your unnatural powers allow, seeing into the very fabric between this world and beyond, roll +Eerie. On a 10+ the MC will tell you something interesting or revelant to your current siuation. On a 7-9, you get a glimpse, but it's vague. On a miss, you've attracted some unwanted attention - the MC cracks the whip.


Dark Desires, Folorn Hope, Desperate Wishes

When trying to comprehend the wishes, experiences or impulses of another, roll +Eerie. On a 10+, ask them a question about themselves which they must answer truthfully, then take +1 forward on your next roll concerning them. On a 7-9 you can ask them a question, but whether they lie or not is up to them. On a miss, they ask a question about you - answer truthfully. If you've asked a player, they gain +1 on their next roll concerning you. If you've asked an NPC, they feel they know you, and they have something over you now.
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Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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They are traumatizing, menacing, charming, etc... mortals? And if so, it's more or less to get Creep?

Their adventures are more or less split between the afterlife and Earth? Or lean towards one more than the other?

Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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Still figuring that out. I feel that the moves relate a little more to acts in the mortal world, and that the afterlife 'downtime' would be more roleplay based, although I can picture most of the moves being used in either situation, maybe with some MC caveat. I figure this is where playtesting would help give me an idea of what th best balance would be, as it's one thing for me to think one way and it's another to see it in action.

I imagined it a little like the afterlife being the more player-generated AW setting, with various freaks and monsters and forces pushing the players around, then taking all those wants and goals and rivalries and throwing them into an otherwise sane world to wreak havoc. Creep, at least as far as I intended, was a way of giving players a tangible reward for being entertainingly weird, cruel or scary to mortals, even if it's not specifically pushing the plot along.

For example, maybe the cast are interested in a psychic who's contacting some dangerous forces in the afterlife - they hunt them down to, say, a party or a library. Their goal is to take care of the psychic, but as the location gets populated with NPCs (I'll detail that process in a bit) it allows the players to branch out, explore the world and get rewards for doing ghostly crap.

Thanks for replying, by the way. Helps to have someone to bounce ideas about with.

Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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Players gain, burn and lose Creep throughout the season. It's there to grease the wheels of play, granting your cast the opportunity to boost roll values, interfere with one-another and the world around them and get away with their more catastrophic fuckups.

Gaining Creep

As MC, reward players as and when they do any of the following:

o Exploit the weakness of an NPC to breaking point, (up to you how far that needs to be) +1 Creep.
o Tap into forces beyond their control or comprehension and survive, +1 Creep.
o Have another player or other spiritual entity at their mercy, drain 1 Creep from the victim's Creep pool.

Certain Playbooks can gain Creep under extra circumstances, or can only gain it in a very particular way, but gain more when they do.

Spending Creep

Creep is, above all else, a resource. It's limitless in quantity, but not always easy to get hold of. In some circles it's currency, in others a medium of worship and veneration. For some it's just a means of keeping score.

Spend Creep, 1 for 1:

o Catch a glimpse of the future. The MC will give you insight into the consequences of an action.

o Manifest yourself in physical form. You take physical form (2 Corpus, Solid, Dead) for one hour. If your physical form is destroyed, you'll need to do it all over again.

o Alter your physical form in some way. Add/Remove a tag from your physical form for this session. Spend 2 to alter it permanently.

o Replenish Oneself. Heal 2 Corpus in spirit form, or 1 Corpus in physical form.

o Reach out and touch someone. Travel to someone's location instantly and silently. If it's someone you know, this costs 1 Creep. If not, you need to Stay Composed to find who you had in mind, or spend an additional 1 Creep. On a miss, you wind up somewhere, but not where you expected.

o Commit To An Action. Improve the result of a roll by one level. This can only be declared before the roll is made. You cannot trigger advanced moves this way.

o Channel Energy. Add +1 to another player's roll. If you're close by, they add +2.

Losing Creep

By and large, the cast won't outright lose Creep without spending it unless something has gone seriously wrong. Short of having it sucked out of them or being forced to burn it to survive serious exposure to something harmful to the undead (say, they're being exorcised by a priest, they could blow Creep to try and hold out against it), the MC shouldn't need to bully the cast into burning their supply.

Should any player completel run out of Creep (0 or less), they automatically set their Corpus to 4/5 (Fading) and take -1 ongoing until they're back to at least 1 Creep. On the plus side, they disregard Feel Nothing rolls until they get there.

Getting Hurt & Undeath

Being dead, at the very least, makes you tough to actually get rid of. A player's Corpus clock is broken down into five segments - the first two represent the player being drained, taxed or shaken by an outside force. The third indicates that the player is under attack by something capable of actually destroying a spiritual entity. The fourth and fifth signify major damage, with the player's essence unravelling and fading away.

Corpus at 1 or less: No penalty, superficial or cosmetic harm, if any.
Corpus at 2: The player is distracted or vexed, they take -1 on their next roll.
Corpus at 3: The player takes meaningful, actual harm. They take -1 on their next roll and gain the tag: Wounded.
Corpus at 4: The player is losing control and finds it hard to perform meaningful actions. They take -1 ongoing and gain the tag: Fading until they get their Corpus to 3 or less.
Corpus at 5: The player has lost most of their faculties, only a few fragments remain. They can take a debility, recieve immediate and direct aid, or become lost in the void.

When a player takes enough harm to reach 5 Corpus, go into cinematic mode. Either the player can take it on the chin, take a debility and get back into the fight, appeal to their comrades for aid, or shrug, make a new character and get stuck in.

If Friday The 13th taught us anything, it's that relentless comebacks do not a good series make.
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Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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Keep it coming. I don't have a ton to add yet, having not seen everything you've got.

Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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Updated the previous post with some extra bits about harm and death.

Entering, Exploring & Populating The Mortal World

The mortal world is full of bright, vital, easily broken things. It's the flaming sambuca to the afterlife's tap water, intoxicating, addictive. When your cast enter the world of the living, expect trouble.

Getting In

When a player tries to enter the mortal world, they use their Manifest move. As a broad guide, on a hit, it's fine. On a partial hit, there's a snag, delay or cost. On a miss, the MC cracks the whip.

Building The World

As MC, it's down to you as to how much control you give the players in terms of building the mortal world. If a player suggests that a location should have this or that, it's better to say "Sure, but..." than simply "No." That said, if boiling it down to a roll, Remain Composed should work for making an accurate guess or assumption. If they're not familiar or making a blind guess, have them take -1 on the roll.

The Supporting Cast (in order of disappearance)

For this, a well-shuffled deck of cards is called for. When a mortal NPC is introduced, write down their name on some scrap paper (post-it notes are ideal) and deal a card for it. The suit and value determine that NPC's personality and status, ideally, this should give some variety. If a group feels lacking of leadership, you may want to build a separate deck of face cards and deal one of those out to an NPC you'd consider to be the logical leader.


Suits determine the core character traits of an NPC, what emotion or actions have the biggest pull on them.

Hearts: Lust, Romance, Desire
Clubs: Agression, Pain, Brute Force
Diamonds: Greed, Power, Control
Spades: Fear, Security, Knowledge


The value of a card determines the 'Pecking Order' currently in place. This can shift as time goes on, with control, or at least seniority, going to the NPC with the highest value.

Ace: Independent, an outsider or estranged member of the group. Could simply be too cool for everyone else's bullshit.
King: Leads with loyalty, strength or wealth. Ties with a Queen if in play.
Queen: Leads with wit, knowledge or information. Ties with a King if in play.
Jack: Opportunistic, a go-between or someone with a hand in something big.
10-2: Rank and file mooks of interminable value. Squishy.

Cards of the same value are either friends or rivals, MC's discretion. This system's goal is to add a bit of randomness to what could easily become a formulaic scenario - if it's doesn't work out, more traditional RP techniques could work as well.
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Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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The Playbooks

This area will be fleshed out extensively as time goes on.

The Gloom: A classical chains & 'plasm spectre with a sense of theatre, darling.

Core Stat/s: Cold, Eerie.

The Vessel: Posessed doll? Demonic car? Malevolent vibrator? Maybe not that last one.

Core Stat/s: Spirited, Wrathful.

The Tempest: We are many. We are legion. We also like being called Susan.

Core Stat/s: Sly, Eerie.

The Anima/Animus: Betwitching, enchanting, anything they want, you are. Everything they have, you take.

Core Stat/s: Sly, Spirited.

The Wraith: It's not a party until someone's been reduced to a quivering heap of flesh sitting in their own terrified piss.

Core Stat/s: Cold, Sly.

The Revenant: 'Unfinished business' can be such a wonderfully...general term.

Core Stat/s: Wrathful, Spirited.

The Padfoot: Cheap scares kind of pale in comparison to a set of jaws that would make a hyena feel inadequate.

Core Stat/s: Spirited, Sly/Wrathful.

The Ripper: <Heavy breathing>

Core Stat/s: Wrathful.

The Skinjacker: Your body, my rules. Let's boogie, meatsack.

Core Stat/s: Cold, Spirited.
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Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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Cracking The Whip - MC Fuckery

Sometimes, when a situation demands escalation, a move is flubbed, or the MC feels like a scene needs a good hard mucking about with, they 'Crack The Whip', or in other words, make a hard move via an NPC or otherwise alter the scene in some meaningful way. Cracking the whip should provide the cast with motivation or direction, and not simply be a means of punishing stupidity or bad luck, sadistically amusing as it may be.

Below are a few suggestions for MC moves:

Mortal NPCs

o Discover a talent.
o Alert others.
o Identify a weakness.
o Find protection.
o Overcome an obstacle.
o Subvert expectations.

Undead/Otherworldly NPCs

o Unleash power.
o Consume or corrupt.
o Isolate or trap.
o Steal or trick.
o Lash out.
o Deliver a message.


o Cast something out or draw something in.
o Reduce or obscure something of value.
o Introduce a new dimension to the state of things.
o Redefine a law or code.
o Seek out someone or something in particular.
o Make a demand that cannot be ignored.


Beyond their appearance and abilities, the dead have more tangible aspects to consider. Trinkets provide your cast with objects to reflect their personality, their desires and their past, as well as serving more practical functions.

When creating a character, discuss between MC and player what would make an interesting item for them to have - remember that form doesn't have to dictate function. A butcher might have a knife as their Trinket, but perhaps to remind them of their old family business rather than sticking it into people.

When creating a Trinket, pick 1 of the following:

o It provides you with 1 Creep per session.
o It provides you with 1 Armor.
o It provides you with 1 additional aspect when Manifesting.
o Consulting it provides you with +1 on your next roll.
o Consulting it counts as a partial hit as if Piercing The Veil.
o Consulting it heals up to 3 segments of Corpus per session.
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Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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The Gloom

Looks: Male, Female, Concealed, Ambiguous.
Style: Modern, Ancient, Period, Retro, Theatrical, Stylised, Abstract.
Name: Agnes, Theodore, Andronicus, Jean-Luc, Ingram, Verity, Cranshaw, Frost, Gustav, Miguel, Igor, Anastasia.


o Wrath = 0, Cold + 2, Sly = 0, Spirited - 1, Eerie + 2
o Wrath + 1, Cold + 2, Sly - 1, Spirited = 0, Eerie + 1
o Wrath - 1, Cold + 1, Sly + 1, Spirited = 0, Eerie + 2
o Wrath = 0, Cold + 2, Sly - 1, Spirited + 1, Eerie + 1


When creating your Gloom, pick Showmanship and one other move.

Showmanship: When rolling to Menace or Influence,  pick one extra option on a hit or partial hit.
Break A Leg: When a mortal performs an action on your advice or due to your direct influence, you may pick one choice from the Traumatise move as if you'd made a partial hit.
Man Of 1,000 Faces: If you've spent time observing a mortal and seen them at an intimate moment, you may choose to take their appearance as part of your Manifest move.
Maestro Of The Damned: If another player acts on your advice and gains Creep through their actions, they mark XP and you gain 1 Creep.
Corpse Mask: You may roll +Cold instead of +Spirited.


When appearing in the mortal realm, roll +Cold. On a 10+ you take form (2 Corpus, Empty, Dead) and pick 2 from the following. On a 7-9 pick 1.

Living (Replaces Dead), Solid (Replaces Empty), Attractive, Striking, Intimidating, Approachable, Disguised.

On a miss, you take form (2 Corpus, Empty, Dead), but you're a ways away, or it's more a case of right place, wrong time.


You begin with 1 Trinket. You also begin with 3 Creep.

Inflicting Harm:

You possess the ability to inflict 1 Harm (Melee/Close/Far, Clean/Messy, Arcane) through direct action. Discuss an appropriate way to do that with the MC.
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Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
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The Vessel

Looks: Humanoid, Vehicle, Inanimate Object.
Style: Modern, Vintage, Macabre, Sleek, Gothic, Cutesy, Ornate, Occult.
Name: Bobby Hugs-A-Lot, Mr Jojo, Michelle, Christine,The Vyelticrath, How To Murder Your Friends (And Get Away With It).


o Wrath + 2, Cold = 0, Sly - 1, Spirited + 1, Eerie + 1
o Wrath + 1, Cold - 1, Sly - 1, Spirited + 2, Eerie + 2
o Wrath + 3, Cold - 2, Sly = 0, Spirited + 2, Eerie = 0
o Wrath + 1, Cold = 0, Sly = 0, Spirited + 1, Eerie + 1


When creating your Vessel, pick I Am Yours, You Are Mine and one other move.

I Am Yours, You Are Mine: Whoever currently possesses or has custody of your physical form is succeptible to your persuasion. Take +1 on any Charm rolls against them and pick 1 from the following on a 7-9, pick 2 on a 10+.

o They have no memory of what they did.
o They'll shed blood to do what you ask.
o They won't show any sign of control.

Accidents Will Happen: With time and preparation, you can stage a death to look like an accident. When you have time to observe a mortal's daily routine, roll +Sly. On a 10+ they suffer 4 Harm (Close, Messy/Clean, Inconspicuous). On a 7-9 they suffer 1 Harm (Close, Quick/Painful, Suspicious). On a miss, you're exposed, damaged or your trap targets someone else.

Vir Ex Machina: You may choose 'Human' as a tag when Manifesting.

500 Miles To The Soul: If a mortal human dies while in contact with you, you gain 3 Creep.

Extensive Collection: You gain control of objects of your Look type, counting as a Group for moves. They do not share any of your moves or abilities.

Humanoid - Small, 2-Harm, 1 Armor, Agile
Vehicle - Medium, 4-Harm, 2-Harm, Armor, Obvious
Inanimate Object - Small, 1-Harm, Inconspicuous


When entering your Vessel in the mortal realm, roll +Spirited. On a 10+ you take form (2 Corpus, Solid, Inanimate) and pick 2 from the following. On a 7-9 pick 1.

Mobile (Replaces Inanimate), Agile, Inconspicuous, Desireable, Intimidating, Approachable, Official.

On a miss, you enter your Vessel, but it's been moved, altered or you've stumbled into the wrong object.


You are the Trinket. You also begin with 2 Creep.

Inflicting Harm:

You possess the ability to inflict 1 Harm (Melee/Close, Clean/Messy, Physical) through direct action. Discuss an appropriate way to do that with the MC.

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The Tempest

Looks: Shadowy, Gaseous, Energetic, Ectoplasmic.
Style: Pulsating, Vibrating, Glowing, Shifting, Flickering.
Name: It, Them, They, The Others.


o Wrath + 1, Cold - 1, Sly + 2, Spirited - 1, Eerie + 2
o Wrath - 1, Cold + 2, Sly = 0, Spirited = 0, Eerie + 2
o Wrath - 1, Cold = 0, Sly + 1, Spirited + 1, Eerie + 2
o Wrath = 0, Cold = 0, Sly - 1, Spirited + 1, Eerie + 3

Your Tempest:

You are an amorphous ball of weird-as-fuck ghostly energy. You are a Small Group (1-Harm, Visible, Tangled). Pick 2 from the following list:

o You are focused and bent around a singular purpose (drop Tangled)
o You are a surprisingly large ball of weird-as-fuck ghostly energy (Medium Group)
o You are well versed in the art of inflicting pain (+1 Harm)
o You can contract and disperse at will (Visible/Invisible)
o You draw your strength from the Void (Gain 2 Creep per session, no Creep from mortals)

Now pick a flaw:

o You've been at this for a while, some mortals are aware of your work (Flaw: Documented)
o Your emotions are wild and often consuming (Flaw: Impulsive)
o You are a collective – many decisions are questioned and debated (Flaw: Leadership)
o Inside? You're cool. Outside? What if I get blown away? (Flaw: Agoraphobic)
o You are a rarity in the afterlife, one that many wish to study...and exploit. (Flaw: Wanted)


When creating your Tempest, pick Channelling The Void and one other move.

Channelling The Void: When using the full extent of your power to perform a move, roll +Spirited. On a 10+ pick 1.

o Pick an additional option for the move, or get better detail from what you ask.
o Choose one additional NPC or player nearby to also be affected by the move.

On a 7-9 the MC will offer you a hard bargain or a worse outcome to get what you want. On a miss, the MC cracks the whip.

Poltergeist: When using Influence in the mortal world, you may roll +Eerie instead of +Spirited.

Table-Fu: When using Traumatise in the mortal world, you may roll +Eerie instead of +Wrathful.

GET OUT: When Connecting with someone, instead of asking a question, you can tell them specifically what you want them to do. On a 10+, if they do it, they mark XP. If not, they take 1 Harm. On a 7-9, you decide which to offer.


When appearing in the mortal realm, roll +Eerie. On a 10+ you take form (1 Corpus, Indistinct) and pick 2 from the following. On a 7-9 pick 1.

Coherent (drop Indistinct), Tenacious (+1 Corpus), Dramatic, Co-ordinated.

On a miss, you take form (1 Corpus, Indistinct), but you'll need time to pull yourself together or find your bearings.


You have no Trinket. You also begin with 5 Creep.

Inflicting Harm:

You possess the ability to inflict 1 Harm (Melee/Close, Messy, Physical/Arcane) through direct action. Discuss an appropriate way to do that with the MC.

Re: Memento Mori WIP Hack
« Reply #14 on: September 29, 2015, 05:22:12 PM »
Okay! Held my horses for a second and just hashed out a basic core playbook. Will almost certaintly need expanding, but it'll do for now.

I'll start work on player skins soon, but for now, if anyone wants to look at the playbook and throw some thoughts/abuse/small animals my way, it'd be very much appreciated.

Note: Also, I saw fnord3125's Necrology hack - I like the tone it's going for, a lot more Human Drama-focused and less Grindhouse Double-Feature-y.