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AW:Dark Age / Gender roles in AW:DA
« on: March 06, 2014, 11:34:28 AM »
First thoughts I like the way three law systems interconnect and that gender roles aren't fixed (I liked especially part about the children, where there's a mix of what all children do, what boys&girls do, what children from different families do). I am happy that in common knowledge chapter both women and men are important and described (as children are).

Common idea of Dark Ages is that it was patriarchal society and I am afraid that playbooks do not give more idea that the character may be female. That brings the question like: if I play War herald, may my warriors be women? Is it common? Is it an exception? I'd like to see something to help me as the GM (or my male friends as GMs) to come up easy with female characters, so that a female character (especially a fighter) weren't an exception.

And - if she's an exception, I'd like to read a word or two about this.

I like the part about "Race" and how it's a constant option in all the playbooks to choose "very pale skin, very dark skin".




So I played this cool game "Murderous Ghosts" almost 30-40 times now (stopped counting), mostly being MC (people are a bit cautious about it) and only 2 people survived and escaped (plus one was lost and they never found his body). A friend of mine counted, that drawing 4 different cards gives less than 33% chance for the escape. But they had to escape the ghosts also? - so it is less.

There is in the book: "The MC and the rules are against you. I give you maybe one in three odds" - how come that most of the characters die when MC draws 2 or 3 cards at most? Am I doing something wrong or the game is designed just like this?

I would like to ask about winning conditions - my players felt like cheated about "resolving ghost`s unfinished bisiness" (as it was nearly impossible), and my thought is that winning conditions are only to give a hint how to play ghosts (i.e. don`t play nice troubled ghosts, `cause you`ll lost). How you see it? 

Apocalypse World / When you eat someone`s heart...
« on: January 12, 2012, 06:06:59 PM »
I just started my new campaign and there is this faceless guy, who eats hearts of people he killed. So I try to create a move:

If you eat someone`s still beating heart, roll +weird. MC will tell you something interesting about them. On a 10+ get +1forward. On a 7-9 their soul wants you to do something. Get +1forward if you do it. On a miss you get -1forward.

I`m not sure, if this is enough? Is it better to add something more? What do you think?

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