[Murderous Ghosts] Why urban spelunker always die?

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[Murderous Ghosts] Why urban spelunker always die?
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:09:16 AM »

So I played this cool game "Murderous Ghosts" almost 30-40 times now (stopped counting), mostly being MC (people are a bit cautious about it) and only 2 people survived and escaped (plus one was lost and they never found his body). A friend of mine counted, that drawing 4 different cards gives less than 33% chance for the escape. But they had to escape the ghosts also? - so it is less.

There is in the book: "The MC and the rules are against you. I give you maybe one in three odds" - how come that most of the characters die when MC draws 2 or 3 cards at most? Am I doing something wrong or the game is designed just like this?

I would like to ask about winning conditions - my players felt like cheated about "resolving ghost`s unfinished bisiness" (as it was nearly impossible), and my thought is that winning conditions are only to give a hint how to play ghosts (i.e. don`t play nice troubled ghosts, `cause you`ll lost). How you see it?