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I will be MCing this saturday and sunday (December 1 and 2) in an Anime Event and I could playtest campaign fronts for you guys, as I did with the Black Tide.

My plans were to MC on the first day Diablo (I, II or III) and, on the second day, Silent Hill using the Tremulus or Dark Worlds hack. But, this is not a for sure plan, and I would like to help you guys.

Do you have anything that would like to be playtested?

Dungeon World / Black Tide AP with 2d6 Harm rules and Diablo classes
« on: November 27, 2012, 12:44:28 PM »
Black tide AP report

Hey, sunday I gmed a table in an event here and used the Black Tide, sort of. I like to use the campaign fronts as an inspiration and roll with it. The session used Diablo (I, II and III) classes, and was based in Diablo's world. Also, I tested the rules of using 2d6 Damage Rolls for Harm, the new rules that were discussed here in the forum. The rules are as follows:

When you deal damage, you roll+ Damage of the weapon. On a 6-, no damage. On a 7 to 9, you stun, scratches or paralyze the target. On a 10+, you knock down,maim or kill it. The protection roll is used when you take damage. You roll+Protection of your armor. On a 6-, you are knocked down, incapacitated, mutilated, wounded or killed. On a 7 to 9, you are stuned, paralyzed or scratched. On a 10+, no harm. There are no HP values.

So, the players were Sasha (the witch nurse); Oak (The Barbarian); Varyel (the Amazon); Hauk (the sorcerer);  Kallem (the Assassin) and Katsume (The Paladin).

The group of adventurers heard about a long lost treasure in the town of Lea. When the players arrived at Lea, they saw the Templars sect approximating the town. They went to the king and, after hearing his lamenting for the children and his daughter kidnapping by goblins and demons, they accepted to help and received from him a badge of knights on duty.

Fearing that the inquisition of the Templars would take matters personal if they discovered that they are trying to deal with the problems of the demons without consulting them, the Amazon, together with the Barbarian, went to talk with the sect. After some parole from the Amazon, they convinced the Templars that they were there to help.

After dealing with that, the group decided to search for clues about the lost treasure and the missing children. The Barbarian, Witch and Amazon decided to investigate the basements of the houses by kicking their doors down and imposing their will to the villagers, while the Assassin, Paladin and Sorcerer talked with the people searching for clues.

The Barbarian group defied danger with STR, kicking doors down and intimidating. They got 10+ and found a hidden basement filled with black magic content. The villager tried to scape and the barbarian leaped at him, but failed (6-) and felled into the black magic stuff, but resisted the danger (10+). The amazon grabbed the villager, and just after that the the inquisition appeared and wanted to take the villager for interrogation. The Amazon convinced them that they should allow her to interrogate, for she could do the most horrible of tortures without making a bad name for the templars. They accept. In the meantime, the Witch searched the basement and got a 10+, and I gave her a little manticore inside a bottle, and she asked for a cape of invisibility. The 'cape of darkness': If you give your mind to the darkness, you become invisible. The other group found a father that lost his arm fighting against the goblins to save his child. The Paladin cured the rotten flesh of his arm, and he decided to guide them to the goblin's nest.

The two groups reunited and went to the dark forest in search of the goblins nest. The sun settled and they were surrounded by darkness. The sounds of the forest became screams, as the waves of goblins trowed themselves into the adventurers. The Amazon rushed to the darkness, luring the goblins to her, and used a decoy to escape. The barbarian leaped (10+ with STR) into the goblins, and rolled damage (Axe+2, total 10+) and he squished the goblins at his feet. A group of goblins in the trees leaped at the head of the Sorcerer, and he asked: “Can I manipulate the force of action and reaction to push them in mid air”. I said: “you control the elements, so you can control gravity. Ok”. He rolled and got a 10+, and he said: “Fus ro DAH”, and the goblins were pushed beyond the stars, and everyone singed the Dovahkin theme.

Then, a giant ogre appeared, advancing into them. The Amazon took a shoot and blinded it. The ogre, enraged, pulled a tree off and trowed it at the Witch. She invoked a cloud of insects to eat through the wood (7 to 9), but some splinters hurt her. She rolled protection and got a 7 to 9, and the splinters stunned her. The Assassin jumped at the ogre (7 to 9), slashing it (damage 7 to 9), it's blood gushing in his face. The ogre then hugged the assassin and started to strangulate him. The Amazon rushed at the ogre's knees, impaling with her lance (10+) and rolling damage (7 to 9), destroying the monster's knee caps and making it fall to the ground, still grabbing the assassin. The assassin defied danger to escape (7 to 9) and, escaping the monsters grapple, his leg hit the mouth of the ogre and he tumbled to the ground. The Barbarian leaped from the darkness, now using his maul, trying to smash the ogre's head (7 to 9, his damage was 7 to 9), but the ogre defended with it's arm, which was broken by the powerful attack. With it's other arm, the ogre pushed the barbarian away, his maul flying far. The sorcerer invoke flames to hit the ogre (atack 10+ and damage 10+) and the creature is burned from inside out.

After that, the group found the hideout of Ducat, the necromancer who was controlling the goblins and using them to steal the children. The father, who was serving as a guide through the forest, found the corpse of his child at the entrance of Ducat's hideout and went to it. When he grabbed the corpse, it exploded, killing him. The players advanced and entered the place, and the phantasmagorical voice of Ducat said to them that, if they helped him, he would tell where the Tomb of treasure was. Right now, the Barbarian player had to leave, so they gave the barbarian to Ducat, trading for the secret.

While the barbarian was left behind and killed, the players got out of there and, after a while, a zombie, sent by Ducat, puked into the forest soil the map for the lost tomb of treasures. They found the tomb and entered it, but a curse felled upon the paladin (he rolled 6- in his saving throw) and he lost his powers to that day. Then, after entering the tomb, they got into a main saloon filled with food and well made carpentry. Not trusting what they saw, the Amazon poked the food with her's spear, and the chicken leg sprouted pus and rotted fungi legs, attaching itself to the spear. The Amazon trowed it away and the sorcerer burned it. Then, the living rotten food expelled some putrid gas, that awakened all the rest of the food into a wave of rotten meat. The Witch invoker a cloud of locusts (10+ and damage 10+) that ate all of the rotten food in an instant. With the room clear, they advanced and found the sarcophagus.

After opening it and finding lots of treasure inside, a spirit appeared and said that the treasure was needed to make him pass away to a higher plane and asked them to leave it forever untouched. They cursed at him and began stealing the treasure, and the spirit invoker a giant three armed demon through the nether realms. Also, a legion of ghost warriors appeared and surrounded them. The Witch grabbed the manticore in the bottle and trowed it at the demon (result 6-) but a ghost appeared in the trajectory and the bottle hit very close to her. The manticore grew and landed upon her, causing damage. She rolled protection (leather armor +1, total of 5, a 6-) and her legs were broken under the weight ot the manticore.

The red demon advanced, and the sorcerer invoked a wall of ice with spikes to retain it (7 to 9, damage 7 to 9) and the spikes scratched it's skin. The demon broke through the wall and stumbled through the sarcaphogus, it's gigantic and heavy top was projected into the direction of the paladin, who defended against it. While all that happens, the Amazon fights the hordes of ghosts (7 to 9, damage 10+) destroying many of them, but getting hurt. She rolled protection (Leather +1, total 6-) and got stabbed in the neck (suffered great wound).

The Assassin said in secret to my, through a hidden note at the table, that he was planting bombs throught the scenery and, after that, he would scape, kill everything, and then come back to the treasure. He rolled for it (10+) and he planted the bombs very well. When he tried to escape (7 to 9) he got at the exit, but a spear of some ghost pinned him to the wall through his leather armor.

The paladin prayed to the god of light so that his powers came back (7 to 9) and they did come in a flash of ligh...that blinded him. Blinded, but with his powers back, he slashed trough the ghosts (10+, 7 to 9 damage), pushing them all back with his blind sword swings. The witch sacrificed her magical cape to the forces of vudu to heal back her legs, and then invoked insects inside the skin of the manticore (10+) and the manticore started running and breathing fire with the pain and agony that the insects were causing it.

The room was filled with fire, the ghosts were burning and the Red Demon, that was just hurt by the sorcerer (10+ attack, 10+ damage), was now bleeding in waves. The waves of blood flowed through the room, and the Assassin, who just got out of being pinned to the wall (with a 7 to 9), was splatted with blood and glued again into it. The Amazon tried to stop the bleeding (+Con, 7 to 9) and she could do it by sacrificing her armour and using it to wrap the wound. Then, she shoot some arrows to the demon (7 to 9, damage 7 to 9) causing pain to it. The demon spilled it's guts, blood and pus into her (protection 7 to 9) and she tried to fend it off, but was hurt and the bow broken with the impact. With the wild manticore raging, the Sorcerer tried freezing it (7 to 9) but was left open for an attack by ghosts on fire (protection 7 to 9) and was pushed down into the seas of blood.

The Assassin tried escaping again (10+) and the freezing ray of the sorcerer almost hit him, but he managed to escape. Outside, he detonated the bombs, and the whole tomb went down. The Amazon defied danger (6-) but an explosion got her (protection 6-) and exploded her arms and she died. The Witch tried running (7 to 9) and, although she was able to run, she was hit but the fire of the manticore that was able to free itself from the ice prison and set the hair of the with on fire. The Sorcerer also tried running and was targeted by the manticore. He invoked a water gush to project himself out of the room and deflect the manticore breath (7 to 9) but, although he was able to project himself out, he missed the mouth of the monster and also had his hair on fire. The Paladin, blinded, had to roll to remember the entrance (+Int, 7 to 9) and, while he remembered, when he tried running the Red demon grabbed his legs. He used repel evil (7 to 9) and, to repel that evil, he had to explode his leg with it... and so he did. Without one leg, the Paladin tried crawling to the exit (7 to 9) but a rock felled upon him (protection 7 to 9). He pushed the rock away and had to test his faith to live and crawl away (WIS, 6-) but his faith failed him and he died.

They rolled the death move. The Amazon (7 to 9) saw herself in front of a horrid mask and a blood red bow. Would she accept becoming the new Blood Raven and gain new life, or accept death? The Amazon then grabbed the bow, and became the Blood Raven II. The Paladin (7 to 9), saw himself at the backstages of a theater. He was saluted by Belial, who said that his god is a lie and that he was behind it. If he embraced Belial as his lord, he would give him another chance. The paladin refused and died for good.

The Sorcerer and Withc, both with their hairs on fire, walked out of the tomb and the assassin attacked by surprise the Sorcerer. The assassin rolled damage (6-) and the sorcerer rolled protection (7 to 9). It was a success for the sorcerer, and the dagger could not penetrate the leather armor. Then, the sorcerer invoked magic (7 to 9), but opened himself for the assassin's attack. The sorcerer rolled damage (10+) and the assassin protection (7 to 9), and the assassin's armed bursted into flames. Then, the assassin rolled damage (7 to 9) and the sorcerer protection (7 to 9), it was a tie. The sorcerer, heavily hurt from the other battle, was knocked down.

The Witch then invoked a giant spider to bite the traitor (10+), a full success, not alowing the assassin to attack back. She rolled damage (10+) and the assassin rolled protection (7 to 9), a full success again for her. A giant spider appeared and devoured the assassin. The witch then grabbed the sorcerer and they went out of the tomb, the treasure forever lost. When they see the town of Lea on the horizon, a wave of demons is assalting it, leaded by the zombie of a giant and powerfull Barbarian.

That was the end of the session.

Many things of the cenario I didn't use because I forgot. I'm sorry for that, my bad. The new damage resolution with 2d6 that I used in that game proved to be very successful, even more than I anticipated. The older versions were very finicky with health and how to deal with healing. But this one, with a more clear cut table of effects, was very, very effective.

The thing is that the effects on each side of Damage and Protection are varied, so you can push someone down instead of hurting them, for example. And the 10+ damage result can both be 'mutilate', 'maim', 'kill' or 'knock down'. You can make a very hard move, to knock someone down, without compromising with his death.

Death and health came naturally in the session, and the players never complained about Hp or about imposition by the MC. And there were two novice players. That was the 3r d session of the Sorcerer and the 2 nd of the Witch. And she said that her first play was with DeD, and she preferred this one instead.

So, that's it. What do you think guys? Liked the story? The players? The system? I would like to hear your opinion.


Dungeon World / Damage rules using 2d6 rolls
« on: November 21, 2012, 03:20:16 PM »
So, what's the intention behind this idea? To use a single type of roll to all kinds of tests in the game was one of the mains reasons. But the other one is the idea behind the 2d6 roll, where a 6- is a miss, a 7 to 9 a weak and a 10+ a strong hit: the idea of the roll creating fiction.

The coldness of the Damage x Hit Points system was always awry to me. This is an idea and that has worked pretty well in my group, although with some problems. Maybe you guys can help, ey?

So, here is it:

When you cause damage to someone, roll+ Damage of your weapon. If 6-, you weapon didn't cause significant damage. On a 7 to 9, it scratches, stuns or back off the enemy. On a 10+, it mangles, mutilates, kills or cause grievous damage.

Notes on the move: The Damage is the value of the weapon (-1 for fists, 0 for improvised weapons such as chairs, +1 for small weapons, +2 for medium and +3 for big weapons). You could argue that 'When I attack a full plate knight and a stray dog, the damage roll is the same?'.

Yes. It might seem strange, the same way that it must have felt strange when you played Apocalypse World for the first time and realised that, when you attack a master fighter or a sick beggar, you roll the same Go Aggro+Hard. The game is about narrative.

The damage roll, like any other roll, is only made when there is risk. If your sword WILL hurt the armourless man when it hits him, then you don't need to roll. Accept a 10+ automactically. The same thing, if you are fighting a titanium dragon, you won't hurt him. Use the fiction to make this decisions, not the rolls.

Then, the roll for Protection:

When you are hurt, roll + Protection (the value of the armour). 6-, you are seriously hurt. 7 to 9, you are stunned, pushed back or wounded. On a 10+, you are fine.

Again, so a goblin with his bare hands will have the same 'damage' of a giant with a battle axe? No, but the Protection move is the same. Just use the fiction and common sense, and there will be no problem.

But, what about HP? We use a system similar to the Monsterhearts hack, using conditions. So, if you roll a 8 in your protection roll and you strain a muscle, or hurt your leg, or get nauseated from a blow, you just receive that condition, like 'stunned', 'nauseated', 'sick', 'pushed back', 'afraid'. If you get a more serious damage (6- in protection), the same thing: 'broken ribs', 'smashed arm', 'gaping stomach wound'.

The thing with healing is that it 'erases' a condition. If it is a minor healing spell or potion, it erases a minor wound (nauseated, stunned, scratched etc). If the wound is major, it needs a major healing spell or item. So, how do you die? If you receive a grievous wound and cannot heal, you die. Simple as that. Your arm was mutilated by a Gorgon and you have no healling scroll, cleric or whatev's? You dead.

One thing that might be asked is: 'Would rolling for defense make the game slower?'. The answer, at least from my table's experience, is no. It's kind of strange, but changing the concept of damage and HP to a more narritive oriented mechanic, the rolls became very, very fluid.  The flow of a 'simple attack' woud be as follows:

1. Player say his intention with the attack and make the move
2.  If the player hurt the monster, he rolls for damage and the MC narrates the consequences.
3.  If the monster also hurt the player, the player now rolls his protection. The MC narrates the consequences.

This is very direct:
MC: A giant vulture man descends upon your back, pinning you to the ground. What do you do?
Warrior: I thrust my swrod into the monster (rolls for Hack and Slash, gets 8)
MC: Your strike hit right in it's leg. Roll the damage (warrior rolls 2d6+2 from his long sword, getting 11). You swing your sword and cleaves through the creature's leg, with it's thick, black blood splashing in your chest. While you were swiging, the monster pecked you violently. Roll protection (warrior rolls 2d6+1 from his leather armour and get 8). The pecking hurts your arm (now, in the fiction, the warrior is with his arm hurt)

So, that's the idea behind it: Make damage rolling just as the other rolls of the game, a mechanic into fiction without abstract concepts of HP. Just roll and get conditions, simple as that.

What do you think? It seems to work in my tables, with a few of hiccups with healing. What do you think that could be done to improve it? Or why do you hate it?

I would like to hear your opinions,


Dungeon World / Dark Souls Hack: Bestiary
« on: November 08, 2012, 07:48:26 AM »
Here is the ongoing bestiary that I'm writting for the Dark souls hack. I also talk about the possibility of adapting the smart style fighting of Dark Souls.

I would like feedback.

Peace and Praise the Sun

Dungeon World / Dark Souls hack
« on: November 07, 2012, 01:51:45 PM »
This was a tiresome work, but done with love nonetheless. It's not yet done, since it needs some more thinking with the miracles and sorcery.  I would like to hear your feedback, if you'd kindly give me some.

I intend, on the future, on doing the complete list of items from the game, the description of places, gods, personalities and the bestiary, would you people show interest on it, and also some rules on covenants.

Praise the sun, fellows. Umbasa!

Dungeon World / Dungeonworld using 1d20
« on: November 05, 2012, 12:25:45 PM »
I've been using in my sessions a variant of DW using d20 instead of 2d6. Basically, the rule is as follows:

When you try to do something risky, roll 1d20 and compare the number with the appropriate stat.

If number is higher than the stat, your result is Failure
If the number is equal or less than the stat, your result is a Tie
If the number is less than the success margin of the stat (stat/2, rounded down), your result is a success.

On a Failure, the MC makes a hard move
On a Tie, the MC makes a soft move
On a success, there are no consequences.

Basically, that's the World of Dungeons hack of DW, made by John Harper, but using the d20. You just need to use the values for the stats of DW but, instead of using the modifiers, you just use the raw value. Many players digged the idea of using the ol' d20. I, personally, am very fond of it.

For the modifiers of actions, every +1 is counted as +2 when using d20. So, if you have +1 when doing an action, it's +2 if you use this hack.

What do you think about this?

Here is a link to the WD (world of dungeons)

and a link to the WD of Warhammer

Monsterhearts / Exchanging Skins
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:43:28 AM »
Hello. I would like to exchange any of the limited edition skins or homemade skins with my skins. Here is an image with 10 skins I've made:

I yet don't have neither the Hollow nor the Selkie skin, and would like them. Or, if you've made a skin, I would accept them too. Three of my skins are here on the forums (The God, The Ancient and the Nymph).

When you choose a skin, give me some time to translate, because they are in portuguese.

Monsterhearts / New Skin: The Nymph
« on: July 17, 2012, 03:29:09 PM »
Here it is:

This is the last that my group demanded me to do. They are asking for a few more and I might do them in due time. Right now, that's enough.

I like the like joke in the Nymph's eyes choice, 'green eyes', just like the chosen can choose 'blue eyes'. I find it funny.

One thing, the Nymph is Happy. That's quite interesting. And I find it cool that her sex move gives the Happy condition. Maybe it should make people act on advantage? I don't know. I find it funny.

Also, the nymph is amazing with the Unashamed and The Wild Hunt fae's moves. She can easily get +5 on her Turn someone on roll.

What do you all think?

the image link:

Monsterhearts / New Skin: The God
« on: July 17, 2012, 10:09:48 AM »
Here it is:

One word: dramatic. The god is not subtle. He is always delivering godly speeches and doing godly stuff.

I like this one a lot. I would like to see what you people think.

My doubts are for the amount of moves, 8. I know the serpentine also has 8 moves, but I don't know.

Also, the touch with the backstory I find exquisitely funny.

Here is the link for the image:

Please, people, comment.

Monsterhearts / New Skin: The Ancient
« on: July 16, 2012, 12:10:58 PM »
Here is the new skin: The Ancient

It's about playing a cosmic horror in the flesh of a teenager. I think it can work, but I would like to hear from you what you think and, if you would like to play it, to see if it truly works. It seems fine.

I dont know the link of the image. That was an image sent to me by a friend. If anyone can tell me, I would be glad.

Monsterhearts / Unashamed: Fae clarification
« on: July 15, 2012, 02:50:17 PM »
I don't get the move of the Fae "Unashamed". You gain +3 in the 'turn someone on' test and give them 1 string.

Isn't the objective of the move to gain a string? So, in the best case scenario, you are even with someone when you use Unashamed? Don't you think that's a little weak?

Monsterhearts / Hellium Buffalo's Actual Play
« on: July 10, 2012, 12:41:02 PM »
Hey, I just heard the actual play of these guys and I would like to share it:

Do anybody know if they will continue doing it? And on a sidenote, why is there so few recorded APs? Come on, people, record it. I would do the same, but my rpg group speaks in portuguese, so I think it would not serve.

Monsterhearts / Skins Ideas
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:40:57 PM »
Hey,I've had some ideas for skins. Those are basically just ideas and I would like to hear from the forum how would they write those skins. I'm planning on writting my draft ont them later, but here are them:

. The mutant/ super hero: Super heroes can be very, heartbreakingly sexy. I think a skin of a super hero would rock so much. I have some ideas, but the main problem is that 'super hero' is such a gigantic group that I dont think I can make a 'skin' about super heroes. Maybe if we considered only one kind, like the 'super strong and fast' like superman, I dont know.

. The Alien: The idea of aliens coming to the world and trying to learn the 'humans' way of life, or even the meanning of love. Like gyigas in Earthbound, who was once loved, and now vowed revenge. The idea is similar to the selkie, as you are in a different ambient than your own and trying to learn. Other inspiration includes the E.T music of Katy Perry.

. The Angel: Come on! There is the infernalist, but no Angel in the Monsterhearts? Sexy guardian angels, blue eyed beauties that protect or seeks revenge. That would be a hell of a skin.

. The Ancient: Basically, cthulhu. You are an ancient horror, an elder being that seeks for a way in the heart of mankind? Maybe, through love you can achieve your once lost all-knowingly power? Playing a cosmic horror in the body of a horny teenager seems fun, really. A friend of mine is asking me too much for me to create a skin for it.

. The Nephlin: Someone that controls the power of reincarnation and remembers their past lives. I'm not entirely sure if this would be fun or not, but the idea seems cool. Anyone can make something about it?

. The Rock Star: The idea is the same of the Queen: to be a more grounded and normal skin. You are a very talented musician that have a thousand groupies at your feet.

. The Nymph: A beauty that can kill on sight. Maybe a sex maniac? Maybe just a creature from the forest? I think that would be a good skin, just like the succubus (which I've read in this forum and it's amazing)

. The God: I really think that this would be an amazing skin. Like Zeus from mythology that sired demi-gods, playing as a God would be so cool. Think of Haruhi Suzumiya for once. I have some ideas that I will be posting later.

. The Iara: That's a very similar skin to the selkie. The Iara is a brazilian legend, much like the siren. She is a goodess of water which beuaty could kill a man. It's a mix between Siren and Nymph.

. The robot: The machine that must learn how to leave and to understand humans. That's an interesting skin to work with.

Well, those are the ideas. Any commentaries? Any one would like to work on them, give them a try?

Apocalypse World / Portuguese Translation: Request for Lumpley
« on: July 02, 2012, 07:00:45 AM »

My name is Victor Mamede. After playing AW with my group for some time, one of them asked me to translate the playbooks so we could use the portuguese terms instead of the english ones. I translated the basic stuff (the gear, the playbooks, the basic moves, the MC moves etc) and they questioned: "why don't you make a blog and talk about apocalypse world there?"

So, I'm kindly requesting for Lumpley if I can do that. I translated the playbooks and now I'm writting a blog about AW in portuguese. I'm planning on creating a pdf in portuguese (with the help of my friend Bruno) soon with the playbooks translated so people in Portugal and Brazil can play it. Also, I'm having skype sessions online and working out how to record them, so there will be actual play in portuguese of AW.

I've also posted on facebook and the response was very good; many people seemed interested. There are some discussions of the playbooks, ideas for new ones. All in all, I'm barfing forth apocalytica to the portuguese speaking world.

I would like to have a formal stand and see if I must stop it now, or if I can continue.

Kindly and attentiously,

Victor "Gaigaia" Mamede

Apocalypse World / New Playbook: The butcher
« on: July 01, 2012, 06:26:01 PM »
Description:Not many things are left to eat in Apocalypse World. I mean, there are lots of things to eat, but you don't want to eat it. But, sometimes you find someone that can make a horrible piece of crap be just distastefull. And when you find a person so talented, you will treasure her, no matter how beastial his aspect is, how disgusting are her eyes and how abominable are his grimm.

And a plus: you always have meat to dinner.

Names: Blob, Pudge, Ruttle, Brick, Jable-Jable, Mingle, Mr.Chief, Croissant

Vanila, Tata, Strawberry, Mss.Pig, Bluntilda, Grimna, Sella


- Man, woman, concealed, transgressing or ambiguous.
- Wear: fetish bondage, luxurious, cook fashion, casual
- Eyes: Daring, charming, caring, mean, demonic, buffon, blank
- Mouth (yes, describe her mouth): full of spit, gigantic, tiny, mishapen, rot teeth, good teeth, common
- Body: super fat, super thin, muscular, deseased, clumsy


Cool 0, Hard +2, Hot +1, Sharp -1, Weird +1
Cool -1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp +2, Weird +2
Cool +0, Hard +2, Hot +1, Sharp +1, Weird -1
Cool +1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp -1, Weird +1

Gear: chose 1 brutal weapon: A giant meat cleaver (4-harm hand reload messy), chaisaw (3-harm hand autofire messy), a big mean knife (3-harm hand) or a chain and hook (2-harm hand/close). Also, you begin with a Slaughterhouse:

- Choose a description for you slaughterhouse: big abandoned house; luxurious kitchen; normal lookin kitche; big medieval castle-like

- Your slaughterhouse have all you need to make your work, including an endless stock of meat. Now. choose 3 of what your Slaughterhouse also includes: a giant oven; supplies of spices; exotic animal meat; delicious edible insects; strangely meaty vegetables; all sorts of strange kitchen-ware; animals to protect your stocks; strange decorations (describe)

- You can work in your slaughterhouse the same way the savyhead can work on tech, except that you can only work on projects that involves meat. You can work on people like in an infirmary, but people being treated like you treat a piece of meat might not respond as well. The MC will have the final word on it.

Moves: Pick two

Deep insano grimm: Get +1 Hard (max +3)

Abomination of meat: On a fight, you count as a medium gang just for the damage reduction, not for the damage.

Fun fun Slaughterhouse!: When you work on a victim in your slaughterhouse with time, intimacy, pain and suffering, you can make a Deep brain scan (as the Brainer move) and also gets +augury.

Fresh Meat: when you gorge yourself in vices, when you bath yourself in blood or when you eat the meat of your enemy, roll+weird. On a 10+, if you are more beyond 9:00, heals two segments. If you are at 6:00 or less, heal 1. On a 7-9, heal 1. On a miss, the psychic maelstrom will feed on you.

Work tools:
When you are using a brutal weapon, you cause +1-Harm and receives +1 on your rolls when you seize by force and go aggro.

Meat speaks: Just like the savyhead move Things Speak, except that works not on objects, but on damaged skin and dead meat.

Dismember: When you are intimate with a target, so close that you can bit, your stretched neck and your bite count as a weapon (3-harm intimate messy). If the person biten is a NPC, he will be stunned, unable to move, until you stop bitting him or someone stops you. If the enemy is a PC, he is acting under fire, the fire being able to escape your bite. You can eat or not the flesh of your enemy.

Thats it. I dont have ideas for Hx or Improvement. What do you think?

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