New Playbook: The butcher

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New Playbook: The butcher
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Description:Not many things are left to eat in Apocalypse World. I mean, there are lots of things to eat, but you don't want to eat it. But, sometimes you find someone that can make a horrible piece of crap be just distastefull. And when you find a person so talented, you will treasure her, no matter how beastial his aspect is, how disgusting are her eyes and how abominable are his grimm.

And a plus: you always have meat to dinner.

Names: Blob, Pudge, Ruttle, Brick, Jable-Jable, Mingle, Mr.Chief, Croissant

Vanila, Tata, Strawberry, Mss.Pig, Bluntilda, Grimna, Sella


- Man, woman, concealed, transgressing or ambiguous.
- Wear: fetish bondage, luxurious, cook fashion, casual
- Eyes: Daring, charming, caring, mean, demonic, buffon, blank
- Mouth (yes, describe her mouth): full of spit, gigantic, tiny, mishapen, rot teeth, good teeth, common
- Body: super fat, super thin, muscular, deseased, clumsy


Cool 0, Hard +2, Hot +1, Sharp -1, Weird +1
Cool -1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp +2, Weird +2
Cool +0, Hard +2, Hot +1, Sharp +1, Weird -1
Cool +1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp -1, Weird +1

Gear: chose 1 brutal weapon: A giant meat cleaver (4-harm hand reload messy), chaisaw (3-harm hand autofire messy), a big mean knife (3-harm hand) or a chain and hook (2-harm hand/close). Also, you begin with a Slaughterhouse:

- Choose a description for you slaughterhouse: big abandoned house; luxurious kitchen; normal lookin kitche; big medieval castle-like

- Your slaughterhouse have all you need to make your work, including an endless stock of meat. Now. choose 3 of what your Slaughterhouse also includes: a giant oven; supplies of spices; exotic animal meat; delicious edible insects; strangely meaty vegetables; all sorts of strange kitchen-ware; animals to protect your stocks; strange decorations (describe)

- You can work in your slaughterhouse the same way the savyhead can work on tech, except that you can only work on projects that involves meat. You can work on people like in an infirmary, but people being treated like you treat a piece of meat might not respond as well. The MC will have the final word on it.

Moves: Pick two

Deep insano grimm: Get +1 Hard (max +3)

Abomination of meat: On a fight, you count as a medium gang just for the damage reduction, not for the damage.

Fun fun Slaughterhouse!: When you work on a victim in your slaughterhouse with time, intimacy, pain and suffering, you can make a Deep brain scan (as the Brainer move) and also gets +augury.

Fresh Meat: when you gorge yourself in vices, when you bath yourself in blood or when you eat the meat of your enemy, roll+weird. On a 10+, if you are more beyond 9:00, heals two segments. If you are at 6:00 or less, heal 1. On a 7-9, heal 1. On a miss, the psychic maelstrom will feed on you.

Work tools:
When you are using a brutal weapon, you cause +1-Harm and receives +1 on your rolls when you seize by force and go aggro.

Meat speaks: Just like the savyhead move Things Speak, except that works not on objects, but on damaged skin and dead meat.

Dismember: When you are intimate with a target, so close that you can bit, your stretched neck and your bite count as a weapon (3-harm intimate messy). If the person biten is a NPC, he will be stunned, unable to move, until you stop bitting him or someone stops you. If the enemy is a PC, he is acting under fire, the fire being able to escape your bite. You can eat or not the flesh of your enemy.

Thats it. I dont have ideas for Hx or Improvement. What do you think?

Re: New Playbook: The butcher
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Finally, Pyramid Head Playbook. Gear: Giant weird head-gear worth 2-armor :)

I like the idea, but I think I'd add in some options to suggest the character away from "one of the threats".

Where does he get that meat? The Last herd of the world? The Last Full Meatlocker in the world? No-Questions about it Man-meat? Could it be nice grist for a Move?

"When someone finds out where your meat comes from, get +1 Hard, Weird or Sharp, appropriately. (max 3)"

You should probably give him something besides that brutal weapon, like a bunch of knives, or even hidden knives.

I assume Fun, Fun Slaughterhouse would cause Harm to the victim. Maybe 2, +more if they fail the Deep Brain Scan/Augury?

I think it would more sense to have Abomination of Meat give Armor. It seems like it would make sense that AP weapons (Like Brainer mind attacks) should get past it, as opposed to grenades). If its stackable wth Armor, than a meat dude with 2-armor would be rocking 4-harm reduction. Which means he wouldn't get Harmed too much in most games, which would suck because that would give him less incentive to start eating dudes!

What sort of workshop things can you do with meat? Feed people, preserve meat, and....? Make meat puppets?

Cool -1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp +2, Weird +2 - I assume to be a typo: Sharp-2 maybe?

Suggested improvements: Get an Establishment and Everybody Eats. Get a Hardhold and Wealth.

Suggested Hx:
- Someone thinks your food is delicious. Ignore what they tell you and get 2 Hx.
- Someone is dependent on your supply of food. add +2 Hx to what they tell you.
- Someone considers you unclean. Add +1 Hx to what they tell you.
- You give people -1 Hx. Not a lot of people make the effort

Re: New Playbook: The butcher
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. You are right, there should be one option saying: "Choose from where your meat come from:
- People from the hold
- from the maelstrom directly to your table
- vermins and others pests in the hard-hold
- people outside the hold
- send by you from a driver/merchant/caravan
- you don't know; you just pick a new package that appear by your door each day

I dont think there should be a mechanical effect for when people find out about your meat. They just answer accordingly

Yeah, they should have 1 common weapon option besides the brutal ones.

I think fun fun slaughterhouse should do no Harm at first; If you fail the deep brain scan, 1-harm ap. If you fail the augury, 1-harm ap (and probably death of the npc). Or maybe 1 harm base, +1 for each fail?

The idea behin the  slaughterhouse is a little about mad scientist. He can create abominations, insert eyes. Imagine the tzimisce of Mascarade and the mold flesh. Basically, that's it. And also, flesh golens! ^^; Besides, he can heal people, although they might get sick.

I liked the improvements and the Hx.

And yes, it's a typo. The right is:

Cool -1, Hard +2, Hot 0, Sharp +1, Weird +1

Re: New Playbook: The butcher
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And about the Abomination, the idea behind is that he is massive. If not physically, just the supernatural energies around him make him dense.

So, the idea is that he soak damage. Would he soak 4 damage if he has 2-armour? Yes, but if the damage is in area, he would only soak 2.

I based myself on the Gunlugger move where he is a gang (3-harm gang small). I just considered that the butcher would have the power of damage reduction of a medium gang, without the bonus damage.

I think it's good, but It must be tested. Even a chainsaw would eat him, since the chainsaw has autofire and would ignore his gang status. The idea is: without rapid fire or explosions, he is a giant blob and won't go down