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Apocalypse World / New Faceless Moves Ideas
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:42:10 AM »
Hei, I've had these ideas for Faceless moves based on slasher killers. I would like to know what you think:

Wait for the sequel:
You may die, but a true slasher always come back. When you die, roll+Weird. On a hit, you will come back. On a 10+, chose 1. On a 7-9, chose 2.:

. The death will leave scars. Chose a debility. If you have all of them, chose other option.
. Dieng took it's share from your life. Lose one improvement.
. For you to come back, someone had to die. The MC will say who.
. Ask the MC who revived you, and what you have to do to pay your respect
. The Maelstrom revived you, with or withouth a reason and with a price that you will have to find

On a miss, you just die for really reals.

No matter how much damage you take, you just don't die. Every time you receive damage when you are at 9:00 or more, roll+Hard. On a hit, you absorb the damage and the clock styas the same. On a 10+, chose 1; on a 7-9, chose 2.

. You take S-Harm, being dazed, stunned or confused
. You receive -1-forward
. You are put in a difficuld situation, with your enemies in advantage over you
. You endanger your allies
On a miss, you receive de damage normally.

Haunt the prey: Name a person that have harmed you that you hold responsable for harming you and roll+Weird. On a hit, the next day you appear near that person, with or withouth an explanation. On a 10+, that person has no idea that you are close, just lurking by the yard. On a 7-9, that person was haunted by horrible nightmares and they think that something bad is going to happen. On a miss, you don't go after that person, but that person comes after you, and not with good intentions and certanly not alone.

Slasher walk:
No matter how hard they try to run away, with your slow slasher walk you just catch up with them, somehow. When someone is afraid of you, they can't run away. If someone afraid of you is escaping on a vehicle, you appear at the back sit. You can also Open your Brain to Fear, and find someone that is afraid of you and appear, like magic, at their side. And wherever you roll against someone afraid of you, roll +1.

Grotesque Grinding: When you use a brutal weapon like a meat hook or a chainsaw, you do +1-harm and receive +1 to Go Aggro or Seize by Force

Fresh Meat: When you indulge in horrible vices, blood orgies, canibalize your enemies bodies or do something very cruel, roll+weird. On a 10+, chose to stabilize yourself and heal 1 segment or to heal 2 segments; On a 7-9, the same, but you are acting under fire from your little disgusting show. On a miss, you open your brain to the darkest side of mankind and the maelstrom might now feast on you.

These are the moves. I would like to know what you think and if you would use those moves in play. I'm thinking on using them myself on my next run of Aw. Some I think need to be reworked and I would like to hear from you.


Victor Gaigaia

I've been thinking about some specific interactions with the rules. I'm not sure if those topics have already been discussed on other parts of the forum, but I would like to adress them in it's integrity here. The discussion will be about some 'specific situations' and dealing with them withouth the need of creation of new moves. My observations will be ons a Ps quotation.

Also, I will make some mistakes with the language, as English is but one of the languages I speak. I'm saying sorry in advance.

- Clarification of 'sucess levels'

. There are 4 levels of hit in AW: Miss (6-); Weak (7+); Strong (10+); Ascended (12+, with improvement).

. Now, besides +N or -N to the rolls, you can have +H or -H to the rolls, H meaning Hit. So, a roll with +1-H, means 'improves your hit 1 scale beyond'. Like, a Miss becomes a Weak, a Weak becomes a Strong. Ascended can only be achieved if you have improved your basic moves, so a Strong cannot become ascended otherwise.

Ps> That's just a clarification. No real change here except for the +H or -H

- Clarification of MC's hard moves

. Wherever someone miss on a move, you can make a move as hard as you want.

Ex: Keeler fails a 'Read person' on monk and the MC says: "You tried to read Monk, but he was not that fond on being read by a punk like you. Behind his green grim oiled smile, you can see his thugs coming at you while his spitted voice says: 'you know, I don't like people staring at me"

Ps> That's just a clarification; no real change

- Responsive or 'defensive' moves

. These are moves that function when someone use other move on you. It's specially usefull with MC's characters. Like: "When someone tries to read monk, roll+Weird, for he has a strange body langugae". Or it could be like "When you try to seize by force bruce lee, before rolling +Hard, rolls +Sharp, 10+ chose 1, 7+ choose 2: a) You take extra harm; b) You cause little harm; on a misse, he cancels your attack with a grapple or a kick.

. Passive moves (or could be named Defensive or Responsive) can also represent defenses for other moves or actions. A gunlugger could have: Iron will - When someone tries to use psychic stuff to mess with your brain, they have -1-Hit.

- Scale and 'power level'

. Sometimes, creatures are just way more powerfull than PCs, and his moves cannot be as effective as before. Conversely, maybe the PCs can be also so much more powerfull than one NPC that his moves should be more effective. This clarification is not necessary for the AW vanilla, but many hacks deals with creatures that are just more powerfull than a PC. So, this MC moves could be added:

. When a PC is out of his league, make him pay: You can make as hard as move as you want or, mechanically, you can make all his moves with -N-Hit. So, if you are fighting a tank withouth proper armour or weaponry, all your moves are with -3-Hit. Conversely, you can just blast them off the existence if they are THAT dumb.

. When a NPC is out of his league, make him pay. Presumably, he will be killed. If the little invalid goblin things that it is funny to spit on the PC's Archangel Paladin chest, then this goblin is obliterated. If you need mechanics, give the paladin +3-Hit.

. That clarification is good for when you have a NPC that really is good, powerfull and terryfieng. A master swordsman that the gunlugger chalanges to a swordbattle. Even though the gunlugger is a baddass, he knows that this guy is one of the best of the world, while he is not. His moves could be at -1-Hit.

- Knowledge and skills

. It's subintended that people in AW know their stuff. They know how to scavenge, survive, shoot, kill, talk, be sexy (or not be sexy) etc. But, sometimes skill and knowledge is scarce and specific. One thing that it's not clear is about, for example, the Angel Kit and if others can use it. Probably not, although the gunlugger has the move "Prepared for the inevittable". Also, would a Driver be able to pilot a Helicopter or plane?

. For that matter, skills could be moves that give some advantage and also allows the character to make that specific action. The gunlugger move could have a clause that says: "You're trained with first-aid". Now, the gunlugger with that move not only has the angel kit, but can use it and buy new ones.

. New skills could be new moves. A driver could have: Pilot Meister - You can pilot any kind of thing, from helicopters to catamarans. While in other vehicles, treat them as +1 Power, +1 looks and +0 weakness. Or you could have a general move like: Wildboy - You are a creature of the wild. When you are in the middle of your kingdon, roll+Sharp or Highlight. +Strong, chose 3; +Weak, chose 2: a) You cannot be tracked; b) You can find food enough for a small gang; c) you find a safe trail through the landscape; d) you are not tired; e) you find something valuable, weird or usefull

- Disadvantages moves

. Some moves incour on disadvantages and problems. But, what this clarification means is that you can make direct moves that are hindrances and explain some lacks of habilities. For example: A child could have Weak Body (whenever physical strengh and endurance matters, you have -1-Hit); a person who never fought could have Combat Paralysis (roll +Cool; 10+ choose 1; 7+ choose 2; Miss chose 3: a) you stumble and hardly can make attacks; b) all your attacks do little harm; c) all harm you take is serious).

. Hindrance moves could be taken as a +1 improvement bonus. But the way I see them is to make some different kinds of characters more real

- Clarification on Suprise attacks

. Surprise attacks is, normally, going aggro. After the first salve and the enemy knowing your position, just roll Seize by force as normal.

- Clarification on Bluffs with violence

. If you manipulate someone with a gun, saying you will shoot, you can back up. The great difference is that when you bluff you roll +Hot and, if they force your hand, you don't have to shoot them. But, if they do force your hand, you can do other move, back up or just Go Aggro.

- Player vs Player

. There are some ways on taking PvP. If one side rolls and the other is passive, Seize by Force is very strong towards the roler, unless he has some sort of penalty in Hard. In terms of 'what to roll', it can be 'Act under fire' the fire being the other player attack; it can be Hx to interfere a Seize by force, responded by other Seize by Force.

. For me, the simplest way is make all PCs roll Seize by Force and apply their choices. If more than 2 are fighting, everyone roll and the action is resolved player by player. It doesn't mean that one action will occur before another. All of them happen at the same time. "Imprress and Dismay" makes the other player to have to Act under Fire. "Take definite hold" will only apply to grabs and things of that sort.

Ex: Rolf, Keel and Monk fight. The order of narrative will be Rolf > Keel > Monk. They roll, respectively, 7, 10, 10. Rolf chooses: Inflict seriour harm on Monk and take little harm. Keel chooses to Take Little Harm, Inflict serious harm on Monk (wanting to take him out of combat) and "Frighten" Rolf. Let's pretend that the damage of Rolf and Kell were enough to bring him to 12:00 and he is down. But, since the actions are resolved all at the same time, he can still act. The narrative could go like that:

- Rolf chooses his actions and say: "I pick up my gun and shot lead into that bastard Monk's head while I try to cover under some debrie". Then, Keel rolls and chooses her actions: "While Rolf's bullets fly, I give Monk an unreppented smile as if to say 'hey, you know I never liked you, ye SOB. Here, a farewell gift' and wast his head with my shotgun. Then, in this bloody mess, I look to Rolf and scream 'Hey baby, you are next honey'". Monk, although down, he has his action and can blaze of glory them. He rolls, choses (inflict serious harm on keel, frighten her, seize control  of keel) and narrate: "While blodied, the adrenalyne pumps on my veins and I run into Keel. Furiously I stab her, grabbing her by the neck and screaming maniacly 'You find yourself so funny? Let's see how funny you are with holes on your neck'". After this action, Monk falls. The next turn, both Keel and Rolf are frightened and dismayed, and will have to act under fire. Keel is not only scared, but she is still grabed by the corpse of Monk, which makes matters worst.

Apocalypse World / A kind request for lumpley
« on: June 24, 2012, 09:51:42 AM »
I've heard some of Vincent Baker's interviews and I would like to kindly request if, out of any possibility, the people of Lumpley to post their actual plays of the rpg or even record some.

I find AW one of the most amazing, although puzling and sometimes confusing, rpgs I've ever seen in my decades of rpg playing. I would like to see what kind of games does the creators have with it, seeing at first hand their interpretations and adventures.

I hope I'm not being demanding or rude. I'm just a very curious person and I would love seeing you all playing it. I think I'm not the only one. If any one is interested in the idea, please post here. I imagine the creators and devlopers still play together. If they do not have the time anymore, I will understand. But, if they do play it, could they record it?


Victor Gaigaia

Apocalypse World / New Playbook: The Freaker/Joker
« on: July 13, 2011, 11:48:39 AM »
Apocalypse World is not about terror, nor fear, nor pain, sex or death. It's about chaos. It's about whether you will drink with people at the bar, wake up grunchy this morning or tumble on your feet while thinking in crap. It doesn't make sense, and you are the no sense of it. They might look at you with awe or fear, but probably they are thinking about clouds. If you forget the word, remember that the capital is not red, or that you can still workout bee twos. If they gorgle blisteness into your finger, try pushing nameless blocks out of crabs...haha, their eyes are cool when they smell like ladders.

You are a freaker, chaos vessel primus. Good wupty doo.


Choose one set:
• Cool+1 Hard+1 Hot-1 Sharp=0 Weird+2
• Cool=0 Hard+2 Hot-2 Sharp-1 Weird+2
• Cool+1 Hard-1 Hot0 Sharp+1 Weird+2
• Cool=0 Hard-1 Hot-1 Sharp+1 Weird+2

You get the basic moves and Watch the World Burn, then choose 2 others

0 Watch the world burn
: The world walks in a very thin line between order and chaos. When you use this move, you stroke that chord with a chainsaw. Massive discussions, anger, randon explosions and missfire. In the middle of all, you. On a hit or miss, everything is fucked. Roll+ weird. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, the MC choose 1.
. Everyone is harmed by psychic backlash for 1harm ap, full with stromboscopic flashing lights
. Everyone starts arguing and confusion spreads like fire.
. Machinery stops working, corrupt or just blow up.
.In the middle of the fight, friend hurt friend and foe hurt foe.

0 Why so serious?: You may go agro rolling weird instead of hard, but just on situations that you want to intimidate or torture.

0 Dynamite, gundpowder and gasoline: Wherever you need those 'cheap' itens, roll+weird. On a hit, you have them just inside your coat for some unexplicable reason. On a 10+, you have them and receives +1forward when you use them. On a 7-9, you just have them. On a miss, someone might have them instead of you, or they might be exploding somewhere else in your pants...

0 Like a dog chasing cars: Your random errands may bring you to find just what you want. When you are in search of some clue, person or place, roll+weird. On a hit, you find what you wanted. On 10+, hold 1. On 7-9, hold 3.
. You find it after very long time and the misuse of pesky allucinogenic drugs (1harm ap)
. You find it at the cost of angering a lot of people
. You find it at your expenses on plushies and ceramic plastic birds at the cost of 1 barter.

0 To catch me, burn the forest: Wherever someone moves against you, you may choose this move and roll+weird. On 10+, choose 2, on 7-9 choose 1. On a miss, its like if you missed on a Act under Fire.
. They suffer a psychic baclash of 1harm ap
. They must burn a lot of resources to catch you
. They loose footing or grip on what they are holding
. They are afraid, in awe or dismay with your sheer insanity and crazyness.

For the other stuff, looks, names and whatever, make your own.

The inspiration for this character is, obviously, the batman Joker from the movie. But it can be a very strange and secretive character too, unpredictable and obtuse.

This playbook will make your sessions never to go on a stasis, specially if you make the world burn.

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