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Dungeon World / Number Appearing free for all
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:04:27 PM »
Number Appearing is a supplement I wrote as a DW Kickstarter stretch goal that lets you play goblins, orcs, trolls, giants, werewolves, skeletons, liches, etc... It has cool art by Michael Wight, Ed Heil and Russ Nicholson and was developed with the advice and support of some pretty cool people like Marshall Miller and Stras Acimovic.

Enough time has passed since the Kickstarter so I've agreed with Sage Latorra that we'll release this to everyone.

Number Appearing was never intended to be the final word on these races, just a jumping off point so you can think about a nasty Last Breath alternative and see where that Lycanthrope bite takes you. I'm always interested in feedback and ideas... (especially if there is to be a second edition.)

You can get a free copy here:

Dungeon World / Number Appearing playtest and suggestions
« on: June 23, 2012, 09:42:15 AM »
Just finished my first playtest of the version of the Number Appearing supplement I've been sharing. Will post a writeup after I get some sleep, but here's the gist:
- Dungeon design went really well, but we thought of a couple of improvements.
- Basic play was great, but as the Lycanthrope became a Greater Lycanthrope some weird interactions started to happen on triggers. Worked out a solution that simplifies the race sheet and gets more shapeshifting flavor in (like the Druid).
- Hill Giant became a Restless Dead seamlessly. But then he died again and we needed a new bargain with Death. Hard to think of a bargain for an already undead creature on the spot, but we got there.

Let me know if you'd like a copy, and feel free to leave suggestions or typo shoutouts here. (Already picked up the ones I got via G+ so no need to repeat.)

Dungeon World / Number Appearing brainstorm
« on: June 17, 2012, 07:07:23 AM »
Putting the finishing touches on the playtest version of Number Appearing, and I need some more inspiration.

What names would you give a monster you were playing (goblin, orc, ogre, skeleton, werewolf)?

If these are possible facts about the small and sneaky races (goblins and kobolds) you could choose...
o   You are not born, you grow from fungus spores instead
o   You come from eggs, just like dragons
o   You are the immature form of a surprising bigger race
o   You hibernate in the winter
o   You usually form progressive governing structures, like democracies
o   You eat waste and refuse and would happily co-exist
o   Those murders were done by another race that looks very similar
o   You have an eons old pact with a powerful sorcerer, and are awaiting his return to complete your duty

What would be the same list for marauding hordes (orcs, etc) or towering brutes (trolls, ogres, etc)?

brainstorming & development / Carnage Amongst the Worlds
« on: June 09, 2012, 10:09:13 PM »

I love the way Apocalypse World handles drama. And I love the way 3:16 handles scenes of carnage. A while ago we played Dungeon World wrong and got a touch of Gregor Hutton's 3:16 in our AW, and it was very, very cool.

There are a range of genres that combine (melo)drama and carnage. And I pretty much like them all:
- Martial arts massacres
- Samurai epics, like 13 Assassins
- Spaghetti westerns
- Zombie apocalypses
- Clone Wars (no blood, but count how many clones and droids die each episode)
- The grim-dark of the far future
- The butchering "heroes" fantasy stories, like Conan

I've already made and played a bunch of games that tried to get to this fun by using AW or 3:16, including Butchers and Thieves, Deathwatch 3:16, and Clone Wars AW. But the 3:16 hacks lack (melo)drama and the AW hacks lack carnage. We also only play them as short 3-5 campaigns so I want commonality of rules so we can shift quickly.

So I'm going to bring (melo)drama AW rules together with 3:16 carnage rules to make a fast-play core game that does both. Then I'll be able to quickly reflavour with just playbooks and gear to hit a different genre. I'm aiming for a fiction based (melo)drama game, that shifts seamlessly to a tactical carnage mini-game and hits all the genres I want.

I've written up a bunch of moves that people would recognize, but here is some of the more interesting stuff:

Flashback (vs Focus)
When you have a flashback cross off a List item you have with another PC that relates to this situation, describe a flashback with them to a critical point and then roll vs Focus.
- 1 to 3: The flashback is indecisive. Choose 1.
- 4 to Focus: The flashback is a good outcome for you. Choose 3.
- Miss: The flashback brings only pain. The MC will make a very hard move.
- You are the Master
- The other PC is not the Master
- You are not as badly wounded as you thought, uncheck one box
- You gain extra energy or an insight, take +2 forward to your next roll
- You have something you got from them earlier
- Both of you may add new List item with each other

Resolution mechanic:
- Roll d10 and compare it to the relevant Stat:
- A roll of 1 to 3 is a partial success
- A roll of 4 to Stat is a full success
- More than Stat is a miss
- A roll of 10 is always a miss
- If the action causes damage the roll also equals the damage dealt, or number of enemies killed, or the amount looted.
- Taking +1 forward or +1 ongoing both temporarily increase the Stat not roll.

I realize this isn't what everyone is looking for from an RPG, but I welcome people's suggestions and ideas. I'm pushing on with it because I've done enough hacking to know it will give me exactly what I want.

Dungeon World / More quotes?
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:13:59 AM »
Loving the quotes in Beta 2. I pulled together some similar staff for a 3:16 hack that never went anywhere recently and it took a while. So I wondered if the ones I found (below) might be useful for Sage and Adam, and whether others had favourite quotes they wanted to suggest.


It’s a trick. Get an Axe.
- Army of Darkness

I want a big-ass sword.
- Knights of the Dinner Table

I waste them with my crossbow.
- Knights of the Dinner Table


It's not about the money with you and me is it, Gal? It's the charge, it's the bolt, it's the buzz, it's the sheer f___ off-ness of it all. Am I right?
- Sexy Beast

Wealth can be wonderful, but you know, success can test one's mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.
- Conan the Barbarian

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.
- Conan the Barbarian


We're thieves! ... Come to climb the tower.
- Conan the Barbarian

We three kings be stealin' the gold...
- Three Kings


Regard your soldiers as... your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.
- Sun Tzu

The dead can’t collect back pay - - if you catch my drift.
- Knights of the Dinner Table


Hello, I am a dwarf by the name of... Zippity Do.
- Community

Then I was slain by an elf.
- The Simpsons

Klaatu Barada N... Necktie... Neckturn... Nickel... It's an ‘N’ word, it's definitely an ‘N’ word! Klaatu... Barada... N... [coughs] [pause] Okay... that's it!
- Army of Darkness

Dungeon World / AP + Comments: Back for More!
« on: May 13, 2012, 06:17:49 AM »
Been a fan of DW since I first saw it, but I haven’t played DW since before the Basic Set. I've been waiting for a definitive version to be finished so I could hack on non escalating HP ( and a couple of other things I wanted. When I discovered while listening to the Podge Cast that escalating HP was gone, I rushed out and joined the Guild and we excitedly jumped into a game using Beta 2.2.


Dambrath (GT, Elven Ranger) and his wolf Elouise escort Rat (Jim, Human Thief) to Flet’s Landing on the edge of the wild in search of “opportunities”. Rat finds his pickpocketing attempts get him into trouble, but he handily slips out of Flet’s Inn and leaves Dambrath to deal with the ensuing brawl. Early the next morning they embark on an adventure across the river into the ruined Necromancer’s Tower, an adventure from which no-one has ever returned. Their first encounter with a Carrion Crawler* hidden under the collapsed doors leaves Rat heavily wounded. They tried to slip in via one of the towers, but the goblins peppered them with arrows. Dambrath and Elouise took the bit between their teeth and charged in slaying goblins in the guard room and the roof. Rat followed cautiously after and ensured that appropriate looting was achieved. Both sorely wounded now they decided to live to fight another day and became the first “heroes” to return from (almost entering) the Tower.

* Used Choker with some mods to give Carrion Crawler flavour. The Tower is based on what I remember from the original Red Box Set starter adventure I last played as a kid.


Overall the rules seem much tighter now. In particular the main things I was planning to hack are fixed:
- No escalating HP makes the character moves and monster stat blocks simpler and more focussed.
- Monsters also have a lot more character in their writeups and monster moves.
- I found the current rules (or perhaps more AW play in the interim) made non-initiative combat work simply and easily for us.

There were a couple of questions we had, which were pretty minor and I’m sure Sage and Adam are already working on. For example:
- Damage equal to level in the Defend and the Cleric Penitent moves seems like a hangover from escalating HP. It makes Defend instead of Hack and Slash seem a great option for Wizards from level 2.
- Aid or interfere: why do you need a bond with someone to do this? How do you aid or interfere with someone you don't have a bond with?
- Level Up: so you lose additional XP you gained beyond what you need when you level up?
- Some typos, like the Bard move Vicious Blast should be +2d4.

Loving the cover (?) art from the site. I was going to hit some suggestions on some artwork for monsters and artless characters sheets (so I can drop in something that for my game that fits my ideal better, like the Red Box Set art). But then I found the tweet about coming monster art and an artless character sheet I can work with.

Overall we were very impressed and the only three suggestions I have are:
- Adding damage dice in combat: we did a lot of this for first level characters and it slowed things down a little. I wonder if a scale like 3:16 would be easier: 1d4 increases via a move to 1d6 then by another to 1d8 to 1d10 to 1d12 to 1d12+1 to 1d12+2 etc. So moves say “increase your die one size” or something. You could keep Animal Companions (and Backstab) as additional dice, but do we really need +2d4 for them? Wouldn’t single die like +1d4, +1d6 and +1d8 be easier?
- Maybe add some additional classes to cover more bases. The Thief poison rules are truly excellent. But I wonder if it isn’t worth giving these to an Assassin class instead as there are plenty of other ways to make a Thief shine. The Fighter is also great, but I think there is room for a raging Berserker (or Barbarian) as well.
- Definitely update the Villager and put it into the mix, as this adds a whole new set of options to the game.

I’m very pleased my favourite version of D&D has got even better and that I will need to do virtually no house ruling to make it exactly what I want. It is a testament to Sage’s and Adam’s ability and willingness to actually listen to others as part of their open design.

Goblin World / Fiasco Playset
« on: November 12, 2011, 06:02:00 PM »
Finally finished my Fiasco Playset for Goblin World!

You can get a copy here: <<<Link deleted>>>

Why did I do this? Two reasons:
- I was working on the Ingenero character design the other day and wanted more ideas for motivations and Fiasco is really good for that.
- I'm starting to get motivated about doing a new version to allow more humanoid race options and target the incentives (eg: XP) better for longer-term play. But we sometimes play one-shot fiascos using the Goblin World rules, like the Space Hulk session, and I wanted a way to keep doing that on an ongoing basis. So actual Fiasco seemed like the best option.

Goblin World / New Version: Backstabbed by an Extortionist
« on: July 10, 2011, 09:44:17 AM »
Finished the new version!

MC Handbook:
<<<Link deleted>>>

Player Moves, Class and Loot sheets:
<<<Link deleted>>>

Races and The Cave Scenario sheets:
<<<Link deleted>>>

It's called "Backstabbed by an Extortionist" because Epic Fail's art blew me away and we had to put it on the cover.


brainstorming & development / Court Intrigue: Uncle Louis
« on: May 15, 2011, 12:45:13 AM »
What is this?
- A intrigue hack based on the court of Louis XVI (called “Uncle Louis”) who was the last French king and was executed in the French revolution. Loius was a well-meaning but indecisive ruler who relied too much on his advisors and was too influenced by the desires of the members of his court.

Why do I care?
- You know you love court intrigue and you want to see an AW hack for this.
- It already has an awesomely cool relationship map where you lay out cards.
- AW structure + Fiasco scenes + Diplomacy backstabbing = win.
- You can help hack this and make it fly.

Why to play?
- You are so hot right now. Ruthless, ambitious and manipulative with the connections and cash to get what you want.
- The court is ripe for conquest. Normally it would take years to advance, but with a weak king and a tense population, advancement is ripe for the picking.
- Think of the power you could wield. The goal of the game is power, which could be having the power to get the King to do what you want or being the king yourself.
- But time is running out. The revolution is imminent. Can you get a puppet king installed and stop it? Or will you use your sharp words rally the people to storm the palace instead?
- Gently now: don’t twist the tigers tail. Pushing too hard and fast will leave a trail of bodies to fire up the population and get the revolution started.

Stefoid is looking for someone to turn an old Ronnie entry ( into an AW hack. From our exchange on Story games ( I’m working on this brief:
- Improve roleplaying focus with a structured game like AW.
- But with no MC. Which means we need something to “activate” the NPCs.
- Make sure there plenty of intrigue.
- King Louis should be a "capricious bastard".

I want to add this stuff in as well, but it is not essential:
- Try and make this a game you can play at multiple levels: a “boardgame”, a one shot and a campaign.
- Utilise something like the Master mechanic from my Goblin World hack ( That is: it should take different approach to influence those above and below you in status.
-  I think it can be done without a character sheet.

(Edit: damn hyperlinks)

Goblin World / Where to start with Goblin World
« on: May 12, 2011, 05:54:04 AM »
A quick note of clarity on where to start with this hack:

I originally wrote this hack because the version of Dungeon World (DW) at the time was limited for what I wanted to do, particularly by escalating HP. When DW rules changed I wrote a stretch goal for the Kickstarter called Dungeon World: Number Appearing. If you want a mixed group including humanoids, liches, vampires, etc then DW is the way to go.

However, we still play these Goblin World rules (which are not based on DW) when we play purely humanoids because the move types, The List and The Master mechanics, and the flavour of Forest Lurkers suits us better. The current version of Goblin World is "Backstabbed by an Extortionist" which was released 10 July 2011.

There's also a Fiasco Playset in the threads.

Steroid also included a scenario based on Goblin World in his innovative Ingenero game system, which is over here:

Previous versions of Goblin World:
- The playtest version "Axe to the Eye" is was released February 2011.
- The original version I wrote in a day is in the "Goblin World" thread, but I've made a bunch of improvements through the other versions since then.

Apocalypse World / Hardcover?
« on: April 10, 2011, 08:40:43 PM »
Anyone else interested in a hardcover of the rules?

I figure I could:
- Get one bound, which wouldn't look as awesome as this:, but still. Maybe we could hit someone up to do a bunch together?
- See if there is enough interest so we could lean on Vx to do a print run. A deluxe one year anniversary with the extra playbooks?

I'm used to paying $60+ for three or more hardcover books to get an RPG so I don't see cost as an issue but others might. If you're interested maybe put in what you'd be willing to pay as well.

brainstorming & development / AW hack for kids + Clone Wars example
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:01:40 AM »
Over the holidays we had the family together so we had a house full of young kids (4-10 years old, mix of boys and girls). They wanted to play an RPG “please Uncle Wightbred”, but the younger ones find Dungeon World (DW) a little too complex. I told them to choose what they wanted and I’d make up a game and they chose Clone Wars.

I used AW as the basis because I find it a great framework to hack and came up with the rules in the next post. Also the freeflowing nature of AW fits the way the Clone Wars series plays out. Not the best design, but it was quick and they had a great time and the 10 year old easily MCed a session without me present.

Because they were younger I:
- Cut marking experience because even the older ones always forgot to do it in DW.
- Combined the “yes, but...”bits of the 7-9 into a simple table as they found this easier.
- Used Mouse Guard inspired conditions to drop the maths requirement.
- Obviously left out Special Moves and made sure the characters can’t die. Neither can their main enemies, which is not exactly putting them in the MC’s sights but fits the theme.

I’m thinking of coming up with another game for them (maybe fairies and gnomes?) and wanted to get suggestions and ideas on rules for kids.

Has anyone else done this with AW? I know there are cool games like Wildlings, but specifically with AW?

Any ideas for making an AW rules hack for kids?

Goblin World / Actual Play
« on: February 14, 2011, 01:53:29 AM »
This thread is our regular group. I've called this the "Wrong Cave Massacred" as they keep leading Armoured butchers to their enemies caves. This first post is copied from a previous thread to keep this in one place.

The PCs:
- Gerturde the Goblin Blackblade, played by Epic Fail
- Bugsy the Goblin Skirmisher, played by Jim
- Brooza the Hobgoblin Armiger, played by GT

The game (fiction):
- Ran around and did the list which worked great. It emerged from this that Gertrude was a male and Brooza was not a good judge of goblin gender.
- Started with Cave Leader Blerch (need a list of NPC names badly) ordering the PCs to bring back two sheep from a nearby farm for the feast. A round of successful Dominate (Brooza) and Cowering (Gertrude and Bugsy) resulted in Brooza being appointed mission leader, Bugsy being forced to take point and Bugsy knowing why the feast was happening (Sub-Chief coming to visit).
- The raid was interesting. Brooza sent the others down to scope the farm and they happily pursued their own looting options. Eventually Brooza grabbed a sheep and ran off and Gertrude rode out of the farm on another sheep. They were hotly persued by a dog who tore into Brooza before he and Bugsy could kill it. They ran off just before the farmers arrived.
- Meanwhile Gertrude lost his sheep into the briar patch trying to turn around and help them. When the others arrived he failed epically to cover this. They tried to scare out the sheep, but failed and Bugsy jumped up a tree rather than face the cat that emerged instead of the sheep. Brooza came around and ran around with the cat all over his head before the others could help him kill it.
(Aside: Why did I put cats in for special mention? Because in some additions of D&D a house cat could kill a goblin in one round with its claw/claw/bite+rake attack. The players took to this, and now apparently goblins hate cats and want to make hats out of them.)
- They tried to get the sheep out of the briars, but spotted some other humanoids (see kobolds later) and ran-off.
- They took the live sheep and dead dog and the cat back to the cave and after some shouting (Dominate) and some toadying (Cower) they convinced Blerch this was an acceptable result.
- Next day Sub-Chief Langi (need name sheet!) arrived and Bugsy impressed him with the wine he had stolen from the farm. But Langi was annoyed that the Kobolds across the valley were also eating mutton for dinner (the sheep in the briars above). Desperate to impress Blerch sent the players to show the kobolds who was in charge .
- Brooza had to find the reluctant Gertrude to take him, and they stumbled into the Shaman’s area of the cave in the hunt. They were seconded to the Shaman’s use once they returned. They successfully ambushed and killed four kobolds, and returned to further impress Langi.
- Gertrude wasn’t interested in the back-slapping so reported to the Shaman who showed him in a dirty scrying bowl that heroes were coming through the forest to the cave and ordered him to tell Blerch. Langi discovered an urgent appointment elsewhere and told Blerch to handle it. Gertrude cowered to Blerch and convinced him to send the players.
- Deducing that the sheep had caused this, they came up with an excellent plan of using the wool Bugsy had just mended his cloak with to lure the heroes to the kobold’s cave. This worked brilliantly, and the players used their success to entice some of their tribe over to the vacant cave and set Bugsy up as leader of the new cave.
- Bugsy found what was left of the Kobolds treasure (7cp), but before he could even turn around Gertrude had stolen it.
- 2d6 weeks later Brooza had 4 pups (whelps), so it really was a happy ending.

- Really felt like they were playing goblins. Afterwards we though that two mechanics did this: Dominate / Cower and the Master combined with the Punish / Survive. Dominate and Cower were often used together by the players and on each other, which made everything they did feel like it was because they had been forced or tricked into doing it. The Master mechanic reminded everyone all the time to think about who was in charge.
- GT had a fake Olympic medal which he put on every time he was the Master which worked really well as a reminder for everyone. Will get more of these next time.
- Players did a great job with descriptions, but need to add “look” elements to make this easier.
- One player put an NPC on their list. This worked well so it is a thing now so might get everyone to describe another goblin in the tribe at the start to get this moving, and (although I didn’t let them in the game) I’m thinking I will also let them roll+List vs NPCs. Maybe could get them to describe the cave as well, using hold type descriptions. Also might add “I am going to have ____________’s pups” to the list.
- Careers worked great. Gertude (Blackblade) for example seemed to sneak almost everywhere which suits the career to a “T”.
- Races worked great. With their new racial power to get away after Survive the goblins felt appropriately slippery, and the Hobgoblin was bigger and tougher but only reasonably so.
- Combat was appropriately deadly.
- They leveled much, much too quickly. This was mostly because of all the use of Dominate and Cower against each other, but this fits the theme so perfectly I wouldn’t change it. We moved to 10 experience per level after they got to level 3. Will start at 10 next time and see how it goes.
- We tweaked a few rules as we went, but nothing major. We did discover a couple of needed basic moves which are below.
- Overall it was brilliant, and I can’t wait to play again.

Goblin World / Playtest Version: Axe to the Eye
« on: February 13, 2011, 08:36:35 PM »
Finally finished the Playtest version. Thanks to those of you who have been patiently waited for this.

Like a ship, I’ve decided each version should have an appropriate name rather than just a number or date. I’m calling this one “Axe to the Eye” because I want to make some improvements to the layout for next time and I hope we’ll have more art then like Epic Fail’s excellent cover image.

Playbooks PDF:
<<<Link deleted>>>

MC Handbook PDF:
<<<Link deleted>>>

Post any spotted errors and your questions about this version in this threat, so anyone else using it can find them easily.

Feel free to post short AP notes here or start your own thread. Drop in a line with the players names (including the MC) if you want me to add them to the playtest details.

Hope you have as much fun with this as we have over the last couple of weeks.

Goblin World / Inspiration
« on: February 12, 2011, 06:57:22 PM »
I have split the Art and Inspiration Thread in two - Wightbred - End May 2011

This thread is to drop in art and inspiration for Goblin World.

Some stuff to get us started:

- The Orcs of Thar which I first played years ago got me into playing different races, although each edition of D&D has rolled this out. Trying to make it less silly and use rules to support the flavour in Goblin World. Link:

- This is a great link about how Goblins are misrepresented in D&D:

- Can't link to the image of the Worg on the Wizards sight for some reason, but it says "goblin" to me as well as "wolf" which is what I'm aiming for. Easy to find with a search.

- The Goblins Comic is something people always talk about. Although I like my goblins greener and in darker places that this presents. Link:

- Don't really follow Pathfinder, but I did a search for "goblin" the other day and found a link some goblin PC products they are putting out later this year that look interesting, if maybe a little cutesy. Link:

Anything else?

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