Reading a "Mythos" Book

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Reading a "Mythos" Book
« on: November 18, 2013, 07:17:13 PM »
Hey all!  I know that Tremulus is out and most folks will probably say that I should just go buy it to see how this should work but it was my first attempt at a custom move and wanted to see what folks thought about it.  It is sort of a nameless, evil book that I wanted to make a custom move for.  Because it is my first move it is probably WAY too complicated but thought I would drop it on here and see what folks thought. 

When the book is touched, it triggers a Move, "Call of Emagghua"
*1-6, at the urging of distant, angelic-sounding voices, you open the book and begin reading
*7-9, you open the book and realize the hell written there closing it quickly, take a -1 going forward whenever you touch the book again.  Amidst the devilry you caught a whiff of something you truly desireā€¦
*10+, The calling of distant voices fades as you shut your eyes and will them away. 

When the book is read, trigger "Read Book of Emagghua":
*1-6, reduce understanding by 1, GM chooses 1 Hold.
*7-9, advance understanding by 1, Hold 1, GM chooses Hold 1.
*10+, advance understanding by 1, Hold 2.

A variable level of understanding is necessary, probably between 6 and 10.  Once full understanding is achieved the full effect of the book is unleashed. 

1)      Estrange yourself from a friend or companion by your odd behavior
2)      Obsess about gathering a particular material component.  You may not roll for additional understanding until this material component is retrieved.  Take -1 to all rolls that do not directly relate to retrieving the substance. 
3)      Animate a corpse as per the 3rd level Cleric Spell
4)      Add benefit to a corpse you have raised as found under 3rd level Cleric spell, Animate Dead
     a.       Add +2 HP
     b.      Add intelligence
     c.       Add +2 to a stat
     d.      Allows corpse to not appear obviously dead for ~1 week.
5)      Lose control of one of your animated dead
6)      Advance understanding by 1
7)      Drained, gain 1 toward Light Aversion, if you gain 6 of these you are unable to go out in the sun. 
8)      Enraged, gain 1 toward Rage, if you gain 6 of these you attack the next person who speaks to you with the intent of killing them.

I don't have anything worked out once understanding (maybe it allows you to summon Emmaghua?  boy...don't roll low on that one!) is achieved but what does everyone think?  I think I was trying to make something that used a wide variety of things and so I wound up with everything and the kitchen sink. Even so, what say you all?

Re: Reading a "Mythos" Book
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 08:30:27 AM »
I like it. A couple of observations:

  • I'd change the 7-9 result so that it specifies that "the book is read" so the "Read Book of Emagghua" effect triggers.
  • I might rename "understanding" to be something flavorful, and keep different effects separate. I could see a couple of different "threads of corruption" infecting the party, with some characters having read books that carry each type of corruption, and the different types playing off against each other. "So, you're telling me I won't have to take Eihort's Bargain, but then I either have to sign the Black Book of Azathoth or make the Unspeakable Oath?"