Custom Move for a Fantasy Hack

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Custom Move for a Fantasy Hack
« on: April 26, 2013, 07:53:44 AM »
I am running a Fantasy campign Hack of AW. I am using the Game of Thrones Playbook of Pheylorn ( but it will not be a Game of Thrones campaign. I only needed some fantasy playbook, and those suited well

I plan to introduce three costum moves

The first is quite simple:

When you travel in the wild and the MC tell you to do so, roll+sense. On 10+ you managed to find yourself in a good and defendable place and you are well alerted. on 7-9 it is only one of the two.

The second uses monsterheart strings:

The first time you enter in Xiago, the city of the dead, the Elder of Xiago gain a string on you

With the third I try to have more dynamic fights:

When you swashbuckling in the fight choose one:
You arrive in any position of the fight stage
You evade, parry and avoid the multiple attack of your enemies
You use a piece of the stage to obtain something otherwise not reachable
You make someone fool of himself
Describe the athletic feat that let you to achieve this result and you did it.
On 10+ you obtain your result and gain +1 forward
On 7-9 as above but either you or one of your friends is in immediate danger, your choice
On 6- you did your athletic feat, but the MC can revert the move against you with an hard move?

Any feedback is welcome