Corrections for Dungeon World proof

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Corrections for Dungeon World proof
« on: October 12, 2012, 08:19:36 PM »
Hi there :)

I sent an email with the errors I found in the previous document. A few have been corrected, but most of them still remain. I'm hoping they are on the "still to do" list, but in case my email didn't arrive, here's the list I sent. Hope it helps!

pg 10 - "dragon hordes" should be "dragon hoards"

pg 28 - "changes in the ficiton" should be "changes in the fiction"

pg 34 - "name as adventures" should be "name as adventurers"

pg 34 - "earth of the far" should be "earth or the far"

pg 35 - "hirelings loyalty may be permanently" should be "hireling's loyalty may be permanently"

pg 36 - "burlgar can disarm" should be "burglar can disarm"

pg 37 - "Priest are the lower" should be "Priests are the lower"

pg 56 - "poisoned needle Into" should be "poisoned needle into"

pg 57 - "your hammer Into" should be "your hammer into"

pg 59 - "Interrupting the ritual" should be "interrupting the ritual"

pg 61 - "Into the wall" should be "into the wall"

pg 73 - Death's speech is missing closing quotation marks

pg 94 - "chosen one" should be "Chosen One"

pg 94 - "youspend time" should be "you spend time"

pg 121 - not necessarily a typo, but do you mean "inequities" (things that are unfair) or "iniquities" (things that are immoral or sinful)?

pg 124 - "hold,even" should be "hold, even"

pg 130 - "bundle or arrows" should be "bundle of arrows"

pg 132 - "perilous Journey" should be "perilous journey"

pg 137 - the quote is incorrectly attributed to Vizzini; should be The Dread Pirate Roberts

pg 172 - "Are the hungry" should be "Are they hungry"

pg 175 - "questions the you" should be "questions you"

pg 326 - Adventuring Gear - Use shouldn't be capitalised

pg 331 - "Henchmen"; should this now refer to Hirelings?

pg 332 - The Burning Wheel - the stat modifier example no longer matches the revised stats; should be reduced to a 12

pg 337 - The Ku'meh Maneuver is missing a weight

pg 337 - "the GM can 1 of your hold" - missing word here

pg 338 - "where you intends" should be "where you intend"

pg 338 - "was never there" should be "were never there"

pg 341 - "don't intent to" should be "don't intend to"

pg 346 - "claim a room for you deity" should be "claim a room for your deity"

pg 348 - "protect the part" should be "protect the party"

pg 348 - "shares or hordes" should be "shares or hoards"

pg 351 - "Did we defeat a major agent of the Cult of the Scaled God" needs a question mark

Cheers, Don.