Odd races

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Odd races
« on: September 18, 2012, 04:04:12 AM »
So I'm trying to make a Final Fantasy hack for a halloween one-shot and I want to re-write the class sheets to use FF races instead of classic D&D ones. Having trouble with adding the Bangaa, who are red-orange lizardmen. In the Look section, specifically. They don't have hair. So how do I add in options for weird-looking races without listing too many appearance features?

Re: Odd races
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make a separate classes for them?

Re: Odd races
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yeah well, at this point, you could entirely forget the Look section as it is. Maybe you could make it free form: write 3-4 rows where the player must write an appropriate adjective. Like:


very classic.
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Re: Odd races
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Write a look section for each race and print them on stickers.  Then players can just stick it over the listed class section.



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Re: Odd races
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Just replace "hair" with, I dunno, frills or horns or spikes or whatever lizard people have.

Re: Odd races
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What I ended up doing is making a Look section for each race. You'll just choose a class and then pick a race and define the look from there. Maybe I'll keep one Look line on the class sheet for clothing or accessories. (holy symbols and whatnot)

Re: Odd races
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look is class-driven but not so inherent that it can't be stolen or bypassed.

"wild hair" can easily be "a colorful frill" or "scintillating scales" as you like.

Re: Odd races
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It seems to me like you could simply replace all the details in the look section with "Look:  Describe what your character looks like."  It doesn't have any mechanical effects, and having the players describe their characters and any special features (distinctive clothes, scars, tattoos, etc) fulfills the same objective.