What is Supernals? And, what are its influences and source material?

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The word 'supernal' is a noun denoting a superhuman or some other type of super-being. The word 'supernal' is also an adjective that applies to such a super-being. Supernals are stronger, faster, tougher, sharper – but not necessarily wiser – than normal people.

That said, a supernal is not a comic book superhero. A supernal is not readily identifiable as a face or as a heel; conflict between supernals will never be that pat, and likely most supernals are some kind of son of a bitch or another. Also, what power sets supernals have will tend to be standard, based on what kind of supernals are being played; unique powers, especially unique powers that defy limits most people have, are uncommon. Such powers will also usually be available to non-supernals.

So, we are talking superhuman – and super-nonhuman – without being super flashy.

The game is designed so that every player character is a supernal. It is not made for the normal and the super-normal to be protagonists together.

Supernals is heavily influenced by the Chronicles of Amber, by Roger Zelazny; in fact, it started out as an Amber hack, and most of its material is skewed toward playing in the Amber multiverse or something like it. Amber Diceless Roleplaying, by Eric Wujcik, has also informed this game. Other influences include Daughter of Regals by Stephen R. Donaldson, and the myths and stories of the heroes of antiquity.