Amber: The Threats and the Allies

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Amber: The Threats and the Allies
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Compulsion (impulse: to get others to comply with its imperative)
Construct (impulse: to achieve its full potential, according to its nature and function)
Curse (impulse: to make the accursed suffer)
Custom (impulse: to influence what is seen as normal and desirable)
Delusion (impulse: to dominate people's choices and actions)
Disaster (impulse: to cause grief)
Legend (impulse: to eclipse history and fact)
Plague (impulse: to afflict and to spread)
Rumor (impulse: to be believed)

Threat moves for dooms

Conceal a truth from some or from all
Reveal a truth to some or to all
Press someone physically, according to its nature
Press someone psychically, according to its nature
Cause a fortuitous event to happen, according to its nature
Cause an non-fortuitous event to happen, according to its nature
Strengthen someone, according to its nature
Weaken someone, according to its nature
Grant or withhold shelter, comfort, or solace


Beast (impulse: to survive and be dominant)
Breeder (impulse: to bring more of its kind into existence)
Collector (impulse: to amass and keep precious things and/or people)
Creature of Legend (impulse: to be known to those who have never encountered it)
Demon (impulse: to gain power and recognition)
Devourer (impulse: to consume and destroy)
Doppelganger (impulse: to share in someone else's reputation)
Parasite (impulse: to drain vitality)
Thinker (impulse: to behave like a person)

Threat moves for monsters

Reveal the true nature of its world
Reveal the contents of its heart
Attack someone indirectly: from behind, by stealth, or otherwise
Attack someone directly, without warning
Insult, affront, offend or provoke someone
Offer something of value or else a valuable service to someone, with strings attached
Put it in someone's path, part of someone's day or life
Threaten someone, expressly or by implication
Steal something from someone
Take and hold something or someone
Ruin something: befoul, rot, desecrate, corrupt, adulterate it
Make a threat move according to its desired behavior, if any


Architect (impulse: to remake the world / ambition: creation)
Bravo (impulse: to be powerful and dominant / ambition: might)
Follower (impulse: to serve someone powerful and be rewarded / ambition: position)
Libertine (impulse: to enjoy things and people thoroughly / ambition: pleasure)
Loyalist (impulse: to uphold and protect his own / ambition: security)
Mendicant (impulse: to have his needs met by others)
Monstrous Person (impulse: to behave like a monster)
Pretender (impulse: to become and to remain a potentate / ambition: rule)
Puppeteer (impulse: to control events behind the scenes / ambition: influence)
Reaver (impulse: to pillage and destroy / ambition: destruction)
Slave (impulse: to behave like a treasure)
Sycophant (impulse: to be well regarded by the powerful / ambition: favor)
Vindicator (impulse: to see the object of his hate suffer or be destroyed / ambition: wrath)

Threat moves for people

Outmaneuver someone
Attack someone directly, committing resources to the attack
Attack someone cautiously, holding back reserves
Seize something or someone, for indirect gain
Make a show of power, authority or solidarity
Negotiate for concessions or for obedience
Stake a claim to territory by blockading it, assaulting it or occupying it
Subvert someone's allies by threatening them or by buying them out
Analyze where someone is weak and attack him there
Make a well planned attack against a clear objective
Inflict violence or mayhem chaotically, without a clear objective
Rigidly follow, or else defy, authority or reason
Tell stories: true or false, allegorical or otherwise
Demand consideration or indulgence
Ask for someone's help or participation
Make a threat move according to its desired behavior, if any


Crossroads (impulse: to be a part of multiple routes of travel)
Fortress (impulse: to keep enemies and undesirables out)
Hell (impulse: to be a place of torment)
Hell-mouth (impulse: to disgorge ill fortune and misadventure)
Homeland (impulse: to provide shelter and comfort to its rightful residents)
Place of Legend (impulse: to have a reputation beyond its own bounds)
Place of Power (impulse: to be at the center of important events)
Prison (impulse: to frustrate attempts to escape from it)
Treasure Trove (impulse: to draw treasure to it)

Threat moves for places

Reveal something to someone
Display something for all to see
Conceal something or someone from others
Bar the way to some or to all
Open the way to some or to all
Provide a way in, out, or through to some or to all
Shift, move or rearrange things and people within its bounds
Offer up a guide
Present a guardian
Send something or someone elsewhere
Take something away, rendering it lost, used up, or destroyed


Item of Power (impulse: to have been used to its utmost)
Keepsake (impulse: to be cherished)
Monstrous Item (impulse: to behave like a monster)
Precious Thing (impulse: to be coveted)
Stolen Item (impulse: to be restored to its rightful place)
Thinking Item (impulse: to behave like a person)
Tool (impulse: to be needed)

Threat moves for treasures

The treasure is lost
The treasure is found by someone
The treasure is noticed by someone
The treasure is revealed to all
The treasure is used against someone
The treasure is used to help someone
The treasure changes hands
The treasure causes a problem
A problem happens that the treasure could solve
The treasure makes a threat move according to its desired behavior, if any

Confidant (impulse: to give you advice, perspective, or absolution)
Friend (impulse: to back you up)
Guardian (impulse: to intercept danger)
Lover (impulse: to give you shelter and comfort)
Representative (impulse: to pursue your interests in your absence)
Right Hand (impulse: to follow through on your intentions)

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