New Monster: Gibbering Mouther

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New Monster: Gibbering Mouther
« on: June 28, 2012, 09:35:24 PM »
I know there is the Chaos Spawn, but this is a bit different take. I want to model more closely the gibbering mother for Dnd.

Feel free to savage.

Danger: Gibbering Mouther - Daughter of Chaos  Solitary, Gibbous
HP - 11, AC - 4
Special Quality - Chaos form, Floating,
The mouths speak so soothingly in voices so familiar. The eyes look upon you lovingly reminding you of your first love, and your parents, and all the kind people in your life. You suddenly realize so how utterly alone you are in the universe, and joining the embrace of the Daughter of Chaos will ensure you will never ever be alone again.

Impulse: To wander bringing people into harmony of the chaos.

  • Engulf and absorb the victim into chaos
    Enthrall all who look upon it into madness.

Roll Defy Danger +CHR
7-9 choose 1, Failure...walk into the chaos
  • Relentlessly attack the nearest creature
  • Mindlessly run in stricken panic
  • Lose your Faith in your deity and any notion of a rational universe.