The City: a short role-playing game about life in a fantastic city

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Inspired by: a conversation on G+, Apocalypse World, Sorcerer, this blog post , City of Fire and Coin, Dark Heart of the Dreamer, A|State and World of Dungeons.

Thoughts: How short can we make an AW hack?

The City: a short role-playing game about life in a fantastic city

One person will play a character, the other will be the Master of Ceremonies (M.C.).

Character Creation

Please answer these questions.

I live in the City, my district is known for ____________.

When I was younger, I got into trouble ____________. Now I try to stay out of trouble by ____________.

My apartment is above a ____________ shop. My neighbors are a ____________, a ____________ and a ____________.

The City has been through some rough times. When ____________ happened, the neighborhood dealt with it by ____________. I ____________ with my neighbor ____________ and ____________, a member of my family.

Today the status quo of my life was turned upside down when ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


When there is a conflict roll two six sided dice.

On a 10+, success. On a 7-9, success but there is a complication or a hard choice. Less than that is a failure.

Moves play with this die rolling formula. Moves can be City Rituals, Civil Unrest, Governmental Mandates, Monstrous Details, District Happenings, and City Laws.

Master of Ceremonies

  • It is your job to play the characters of the city as if they are real people.
    Celebrate the player's creative input by challenging the status quo of the player character.
    Offer interesting complications and hard choices for rolls of 7-9
    Offering interesting consequences for failed rolls.
    Ask the player interesting questions.
    Put obstacles in the way of the city's deeper mysteries while at the same time, unveiling those mysteries.
    Make new moves with the player when they discover City Rituals.
    Make new moves on your own when they are needed in play.
    Draw maps, jot down district names and other details on scraps of paper.


  • Play your character as if they are real.
    Seek out the City's mysteries.

More Players

Someone else wants to play? Fine.

Answer these questions:

During the main character's troubled youth, I met them through  ____________. I moved to the other side of the City in the district known for  ____________ . I had to leave that district and move back home because ____________________________________. I sought out the main character because ________________________________________________.
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