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Saül is one of our Brainer's old "school" friend (what's this "school" is a staked question for the Brainer's player).
One of his eyes has been replaced with a strange Brainer's item half the way between Maugrey from Harry Potter and Darcia from Wolf's Rain.
Today, Saül works diligently with General Lion's milice and uses his weird eye to play inquisitor and victimize outsiders.

When you look deep in Saül's eye, roll +weird. On a 10+, you're free to act as you want. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, choose 3.
- Answer 3 questions (like deep brain scan)
- Loose control of upper body part
- Loose control of lower body part
- Loose your reactivity (other moves are done with a -1)
If you want to act in spite of Saül's control, do it under fire.

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Just opened up in our most recent Decimation City session (posted in my AP thread!):

When you send a message through the pneumatic tube system, roll +sharp.

-On a 10+, it gets to the right place, right away.
-On a 7-9, it gets to the right place, but not right away.
-On a miss, it eventually gets to the right place, after stopping somewhere else first.

Note that none of the old phones seem to work any more, even when you charge them up. The Tube System, which reaches every part of the city, still does, for some reason.

Thus far, none of the PCs have had any desire to experiment with either Bane or Speedforce yet, so I haven't posted those moves. We'll see whether peer pressure and/or necessity embolden them.




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When you teach your apprentice a philosophical principle, roll + Sharp:

You get three rolls with each student and at the end, they will have 3 philosophical concepts that will guide them in their pursuit of this trade.  You might be teaching them something technical but what you are instilling is philosophical.  You might be teaching an apprentice driver how to do a hand-break turn but what you are teaching is how to drive the car rather than steer it.  You might be teaching an angel how to remove a bullet but what you are doing is showing how to care for every patient no matter who they are.  Got it?

12+ Shit, not only do they comprehend but they synthesize it and build something even better out of your lesson.

10+ They comprehend and you have instilled a philosophical foundation upon which they will pursue this trade.

7-9, either they are going to fuck up this up unless you do something a bit crazy to drive the notion you are teaching home...if you don't, this principle will go into their head fucked and side-ways.

Miss, Your apprentice doesn't grok your crazy fucking mouth-music and the principle you are instilling goes through their filter and comes out a mess.

When you read SPEC OPS MANUAL 053: Psychic Warfare, roll + Sharp:

"It reads like stereo instructions but the stereo is your mind and the music it plays is the act of killing people."

On a 10+, you can take 1 of the following 3:

+1 forward with any Weird based roll used to hurt or infiltrate someone/something.
Take an XP in order to buy up your Weird stat or buy a Weird-based move (custom or from another playbook)
The next time you are in deep shit, you can roll Weird for the Seize by Force move.

On 7-9, you can take any one of the above but the MC can ask you to Roll Under Fire when you are doing something perfectly normal.  The book is training you to see people's minds as nothing but pieces in a wargame.

On a miss, this fucking book doesn't make any kind of fucking sense.  Fuck this.  And you also get the consequences of the 7-9 but with no good stuff to go with it.

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My group got lost in these weird tar pits north of Sharpstown, looking for the source of this black smoke that was rising up in a column.   I made up a move for that on the spot.

When you try to navigate the spooky tar pits, roll +sharp.  On a 10+ choose two.  On a 7-9 choose one.
  -- You don't get lost.
  -- Nothing finds you before you get there.
  -- It's a quick trip.

They were getting hungry and the Faceless tried to stomp one of those weird snakes for something to eat.... and got bitten.

When you try to treat someone bitten by the weird snakes of the tar pits, roll +sharp.  If you're an angel you can add +stock spent.
On a 10+, pick two.  On a 7-9, pick one.
-- They stay conscious
-- They take less harm (2 harm ap instead of 3 harm ap)
-- They don't hallucinate for 24 hours straight[/li][/list]

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My MC sprung a little bit of fuckery with my Hardholder's daughter Penny last game. People started receiving handwritten letters from her asking for things.

My favorite part is "I'm writing you since we don't pray, we write letters." Which turned out to say more about my hardholder than any other piece of the first session.

Now, he stage magician Midnight is stuck looking for a rabbit since "if he does the rabbit trick next week then it's her birthday."

This inspired me to snatch up the Norman move from the Faceless playbook and suggest that the MC appy it to Penny, with the exception that it's "When Penny asks you to do something roll..."

In short there's a decent amount of terror regarding disappointing the pampered hardholder's daughter, either due to fear of her father or some sort of maelstrom effect from the little princess.



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When it looks like you've finally managed to kill Tank, roll +wierd. On 10+, he's dead all right; it's the last you'll be seeing of him, at least in this form. On 7-9, you've got a few moments to prepare before he comes back at you with his giant metal fists.

When you're chasing Brace Win, roll +sharp. On a 10+, you can catch him without much effort. On a 7-9, choose one. On a miss, MC will choose one for you.
* The little SOB gets away.
* The little SOB leads you right into a trap.
* You catch the little SOB in a situation where going after him will not be simple at all.
* You catch the little SOB, but you're isolated and the chase took much longer than you thought it would.

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My MC decided to run a campaign revolving around afflictions, he wanted us to be less wary of other people and more aware of our environment. So we have a Viral Bayou. The Quarantine we made was given a custom move at creation. He was used a vaccination breeding ground while in stasis.

When you give a patient some of your blood Roll +Weird

10+ :You can cure the recipient of whatever toxin/sickness you've already acclimated to.
7-9 :You can help them fight it off but they're not our of the dark yet. They might need some more medical help.
6-less: Your'e a walking virus and your fucked up blood has made them worse. If they are a NPC their fate is up the MC. If its a player character they move their countdown to 9 O' clock.

We call it Transfusion Roulette



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I just spent a while looking for this thread.  It would be a good one to have stickied.