Strata Galore

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Strata Galore
« on: July 02, 2010, 04:03:45 PM »
Okay, so, as I think up ways to represent Westeros, strata keep coming to mind (as discussed in the Knife and Candle forum). I'm actually afraid that I'm turning to strata as the 'cure all' and limiting myself from some more clever design decisions.

At any rate, some things I'm thinking ought to be handled by strata:

  • Size of Fighting Groups (See Fighting and Crap and Stuff)
  • Wealth - I'm thinking that individual coin will work kinda like barter, then 'Wealth' will be your house's holding's resources, and will be more of a stat than something you spend
  • Influence - representing your general political and unofficial clout. I figure you'll have steps (like, I dunno, personal, local, house, region, realm, or whatever) and that when your influence reaches +4 or -4 it goes up or down a step