Fighting and Crap and Stuff

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Fighting and Crap and Stuff
« on: July 02, 2010, 03:49:13 PM »
So, some thoughts on weapons, gear, and fighting as they come:

I want to keep the same range of harm as in the base game, with the same general effects and such. Obviously a lot fewer ranged weapons, but most weapons will be 2 harm, serious ones will be 3, and 4 will be reserved for really ridiculous stuff.

Armor will mostly still be 1 or 2 points. I figure 1 will cover a mail shirt, leather, et cetera, while 2 represents an average knight's armor, and 3 will represent expensive, fancy, full on plate mail, like tourney plate. Thus 3 armor will be more common than in AW, but still not so common.

Okay, I've got a rough idea on how to handle group combats. Basically, it's the gang system plus strata. My idea is that you have one or two guys, then small, medium, and large gangs as in AW. But then above that, you have small, medium, and large troops, and above that you have small, medium and large armies. There are two ways I can think of to do inter-level conflicts: either you have them all on one spectrum (such that a small troop is an extra large gang), or you just say that a smaller tier can't stand up to a larger tier in a meaningful way. For edge cases (like large gang against small troop) I thought maybe that the smallest size in a tier counts as two of the largest group in the tier below it (continuing our example, a small troop counts as two large gangs, for example).

I figure guys on horse fighting guys on foot count as one size bigger (so one or two guys mounted against one or two foot count as a small gang).

I figure AP will go to things like longbows and warhammers and be fairly uncommon.

That's all I have on this topic for now, but please throw in your thoughts!