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Dungeon World / Re: What class moves have you had trouble with?
« on: April 26, 2012, 01:14:43 AM »
Hey P2, quick Q.  You mention for the fighters you miss that they don't have a 'dual wield' move 'like the ranger'.

I note that they have 'Merciless' (which is mechanically the same, so you can flavor it however you wish) and the ability to multiclass and snag that the move for 2 weapons.

Would this cover what you're looking for, or are you hunting specifically a mention of two weapons? I'm just curious.

As for the ranger - I do note that no class has actual additional mechanical benefits for using Volley (many tinker with Hack and Slash).  Might be a cool niche.

Dungeon World / Re: Question about Outstanding Warrants
« on: April 25, 2012, 03:58:26 PM »
I always figured this is sort of an 'expectations' thing.

The GM never touches the dice in DW.  The players (if they roll high) usually don't suffer backlash.  On a 7-9 they get what they want and something unwelcome.  On a 6- something usually bad happens.

So if the player(s) are rolling (as they're supposed to) it's easier to have this breakdown of 'players win' 'players sort of win but have problems' 'somethin bad is brewin', instead of having ONE MOVE where you want to roll poorly (which is counterintuitive).

I can't tell you how many times in other games I've seen players roll 'rockin' and celebrate before they're told no you want to roll POORLY on this one and only this one roll.

Dungeon World / Re: Combat options (and minor errata
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:46:38 AM »
Haven't had a ranger yet in the party (most folks read through it but picked something else initially), but if I know my friends (and I do) I will probably have one when I run a demo game this week, so I'll keep an eye on it.

It looks like the ranger does more damage early on if their companion is engaged (+2d4), but lacks the innate armor piercing of spell damage, or the survival abilities of Fighters and Paladins.  Keep in mind that the animal companion is sort of like spells.  A fresh wizard loves the smell of Cloudkill in the morning, but as they keep casting the spells get used up, and the -1 forwards pile on.  Every time the ranger misses you can hit their beastie or trigger one of its flaws.  It may not have HPs but if you follow suit on the 'Man's Best Friend' move you can probably remove Ferocity dice or other +s it provides till they rest.  Then he is similar to casters no?

Dungeon World / What class moves have you had trouble with?
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:50:17 PM »
I think this is easiest answered in order.


1. A Port in the Storm - nobody in my group(s) is 100% sure what the point of this is. I mostly use it as a cue to describe new places, and maybe toss in a few leads/hooks.  I note that every time this is asked I promptly address the character and ask him something in the vein of 'who did you leave behind here?', 'who is your biggest fan here?' or 'who would not be happy to see you come strutting back into town?'.  I don't know if that's intended, or if it's something I personally as a GM always feel should be appended to the move.

I know it's not a move but I figure it bears mention here as it applies to numerous bard moves:

2. Theme.  From the description the bard is an orator, historian, teller of tales.  However most of their abilities are focused around their magic Art, with no exact explanation.  I can see how a bard can be more of a non-mystic general, or inspiring comrade (pick +1d4 forward on Art, use the new and improved 'It goes to 11' to buff, take some paladin moves via multi-class like Setup Strike and CHARGE!), but where does bardic magic come from?  Alot of the abilities ('Metal Hurlant', 'It goes to 11' mentions of 'righteous lute solos') are somewhat tongue in cheek.  I know this is a D&D staple (they ended up just ruling bardic magic sorcery), but there are very few cues in your (probably intentionaly) vague fiction to even provide a framework or guidance for some answers.


Clerics are awesome.  Minor point, since they are one of the classes that starts with no cash, it would be nice to see a few more gear options for non-chaimail+mace clerics (leather or robes for gods of Knowledge and Hidden things, or bows for Woodsmen worshiping What Lies Beneath). It mentions religion at the edge of a blade in the intro, but no such option is provided.

1. Divine Guidance still mentions multiple petitions (bug report!)

2. Commune - doesn't address if you can take multiples of the same spell. (like old school wizards)

3. Penitent/Martyr - with HP no longer scaling this ability becomes fairly deadly at higher levels (take 10 damage for a +1 forward to casting) especially considering that the move is triggered by taking damage in the first place.  Not really a question, just something to evaluate/re-evaluate and keep in mind.

4. Serenity - did you realize that Magic Weapon is the only "ongoing" cleric spell in the current spell list? It's a fantastic and useful spell.  I'm not sure the ability linked to it and it alone (Serenity) is relevant any further though.


1.  It was mentioned here on the forums that the human racial was changing, I'd ask that you re-look at the elf one too (as fighters in general have +str moves, and Precise doesn't seem to favor them per se).  Aside from that, this is actually my favorite class.

It has style, it has power, it has flavor, even some flexibility.  No complaints/problems with any of the class moves.


No questions. Also these guys are scary. The way you made them capable leaders too is great. Thumbsup.


Animal Companion: How do you as a GM deal with the beast, it being hurt, and healing.  Clearly this is a very potent element of the ranger, and should not be taken away willy-nilly, but is a hard move disabling the beastie or simply wounding it (similar to the ferocity reduction of Man's Best Friend)?

1. I wish 'Dual Wield' would be renamed 'Hunter's Eye' or 'Go for the throat' (or the eyes BOO!). Simply because Drizzt has scarred most of us and the class-based damage-die functions regardless of 'number of wield'.  Also both abilities are named 'Dual Wield' although the higher level one references Dual Strike (bug report!)


1. Backstab - is it possible to backstab in combat? Defenseless might be unlikely but what are some examples of surprise?  I rule special case (an undead someone has turned, someone stunned by a mighty blow, you waiting in the shadows till a battle moves by) but I'm curious what the official word is.

2. Not a move per se but common thiefy question: Stealth - I assume this is just 'defy danger' via int (throw a rock!) or dex (tippy toes sneaky) when there's a chance of being spotted?

3. Some of the level arrangements seem odd.  There are 3 poison abilities in the 2-5 range and 1 in the 6-10 range.  So you can brew any poison you use, but they're always Dangerous unless you take a different advance.  Yet you can't plan a heist, as a thief, till level 6.  Or throw a knife for that matter. Especially since the halfling racial even requires ranged weapons. (edit: just read the weapons section - huzzah for 0 weight throwing knives).  It just seems odd.


This class is another one of my favorites. I love how the abilities make them more arcane and creepily inhuman (speak of things nobody else knows, with a touch pluck memories, and deflect attacks better by just having magic).

1. Does the elf 'cleric' spell only count for availability, or is it added to your spellbook?

2. Prepare Spells - can you prepare the same spell more than once?

3. Spell Augumentation - there are precisely 0 marked Ongoing (which is a keyword for the cleric) spells for the wizard.  How is this mitigated a bit since some mention 'ongoing' in the spell description, but don't use the tag like the single cleric spell that has it.  Can we be clear on what constitutes 'ongoing'?

Level 1 - Mention: Invis. Suspect: Telepathy?
Level 3 - Mention: Mimic. Suspect: Mirror Image?
Level 5 - Mention: Cage, Summon Monster.  Suspect: Polymorph?
Level 7 - Mention: Dominate, True Seeing.  Suspect: Contingency
Level 9 - Mention: Antipathy. Suspect: Shelter?

Some of these have alternate end conditions, but some have alternate end conditions but still mention Ongoing (ex Cage).  So far I've ruled that if the spell mentions ongoing in self-reference it counts, but I'd like an official word.

Ok, that's my list! How about you guys?

Dungeon World / Re: Combat options (and minor errata
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:49:44 PM »
When you make camp (even for an couple hours, such as recharging spells etc) you gain half-of-max hit-points.  Do you guys play that way? (p29)

Otherwise, you lose spells on a miss, and take casting penalties/run out of heals quickly.  I find that the party is usually pro pushing on when in dangerous territory or so long as the casters don't need spells.  Then they look for camp and get a boost enough to go on.  Of course, this is how my groups decided to play (your mileage may vary).

Dungeon World / Re: Bloodstone idol: Actual play and questions
« on: April 19, 2012, 10:48:37 AM »
And the thief player thought this was unfair because he hadn't failed any rolls. I said that the Lizardman was enraged by your dishonourable attack and the fighter had failed his roll and so given me a golden opportunity. The thief's player thought that if the thief got hit he might as well have not rolled 14 on his backstab. I ended up just forecasting the lizardman's imminent spear thrust, which I think ended with the thief losing his rapier and the fighter ending trapped under the dead weight of thoroughly pummelled lizardman.

This is an odd attitude.

One of the things in 4th edition D&D that I noticed is this sense of 'entitlement' of players, where the rules bind the GM like chains and only allow them specific moves, and the old freewheeling 'you tell me what your character does and I tell you the rest' has been codified and put into very tiny and well measured boxes.

One of the reasons that they say 'make the move, but never name it' is partially because of this I think.  Unless you've explicitly explained that  'if you do really well on a roll you're immune to fiction' I'm not sure why this is a problem (this isn't part of the game as I've been able to gather but it might be a house rule).  In classic games on their 'turn' the enemy can attack anyone in range - which the thief clearly is.  As far as I can tell you did nothing wrong.

In constructive options you can do a few things.

1.  If he whines in the meta address the character.  "The spear is hurtling at your head at high velocity little Thief what are you doing?"  If he decides to make a move in fiction (dodging for example) give him a defy danger roll to halve damage, or negate it.

2.  In Apocalypse World, there are 12+ roll moves.  Namely when you roll 12+ there is a 'critical' style effect where something cool happens.  This is the 'carrot' for rolling well.  I'm not sure why simply rolling 10+ isn't enough for some, but in my DW demo I've had people ask if these 12+ moves exist.  Apparently they're popular *shrug*.  If he rolls crazy good have his 14 count in the effect.  This way he's happy and feels like he did well without having to have this 14 protect him in-fiction and until he rolls again.

Dungeon World / Re: Weapon Lengths, come up much?
« on: April 17, 2012, 04:36:02 PM »
I also cringe at "once per fight." Sounds rather like an encounter power to me. *shivers*

I cannot think of 'once per fight' moves elsewhere but take a look at this.

Fiction dictates action, and action dictates fiction.  There are a number of moves upon 'entering a new area' (rogue), entering a town (bard/rogue), per day (steading/rest).

Rogues move room to room.  Bards - person to person and town to town.

Similarly: Fighters are creatures of war, fictionally moving from battle to battle.  

I can see why 'encounter' bothers some people, but I think this is different, in-theme, useful and possibly appropriate in this case.


Dungeon World / Re: Is Carousing too expensive?
« on: April 17, 2012, 02:52:32 AM »
The number shall be three sir!

But in all seriousness: that's awesome.  Very excited to see what goodies get cooked up.  First things first though (more running, and more reporting to get the base game out).

Dungeon World / Re: Is Carousing too expensive?
« on: April 16, 2012, 11:26:35 PM »
Very cool, thanks for the link.

Makes me wonder if there will be a 'variants and optional rules' section, or a PDF "DLC" as it were.

Dungeon World / Re: Is Carousing too expensive?
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:59:07 AM »
Original Point: The re-price around 40 seems more reasonable.

On Currency:
The 'old school' or 'original' D&D feel pushes for coins, so I'll throw my 2-cent support in that hat.  But there was at least one suggestion earlier in the thread that I think there are already mechanics for here.

You already have a 'wealth' mechanic in game that I'm surprised you didn't latch onto.  Potions, adventuring kits, books etc have the ability to hold 'charges' which are burned for +1's.  Similarly, wealth is an expendable resource.  You can easily have Bag-of-Coins that you can similarly burn for +'s on acquisition rolls.  Moreover the 'individual Gem' tracking is also possible.  Just write down 'treasure'.  For every 5 charges or individual items in the sack it has 1 weight.

Monster treasure.  Roll 2d6, 6- no treasure.  7-9 one person gains a 'treasure' charge.  10+ spread 3 'treasure' charges amongst the party as you will.

Finally you can do a split good/bad list.

When trying to procure an item expend treasure charges.  Roll + treasure charges spent.  On a 10+  pick 2.  On 7-9 pick 1, GM picks one.  On 6- the GM picks one.
* You acquire the item
* There are strings attached.
* You lose an extra treasure
* The item is of high quality
* The item is of inferior quality
* The merchant likes you and tells you something useful

(Disclaimer: This is off the top of my head, so not polished or tested)

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