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Apocalypse World / Re: 2nd Edition Kickstarter
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:05:20 AM »
The ones I don't update, you'll probably be able to update them yourself if you want to keep playing with them, but I intend to cannibalize them for parts down the line.

Does this mean if I want some I'm missing (I.e, maculoso, space marine mammal, etc) I should buy another copy of AW 1.0? That was my very happy plan A before I knew about AW2, so no worries if so.

The preview is here, by the way. It's the new set of basic playbooks:


Super jazzed about this! Did anyone else notice that in manipulating a PC, the mean option got a lot meaner?

Other things I think are cool and want to know more about: lots more vehicles (everyone has the option in the gear section, it's automatic for hard holders), the new battle moves (I see you finally put SBF as not a basic move), the new gig structure.

Is the operator gone forever? I saw bits of them scattered around the landscape. I realize that they may not fit anymore, but I'll admit I'm a little sad. Maybe this'll be the spur to dust off the Abacus...

Apocalypse World / Re: 2nd Edition Kickstarter
« on: February 02, 2016, 03:53:51 PM »
If we have less-than-all the LE playbooks, does this interact with them at all?

Very excited to see the changes!

The Regiment / Re: [AP] Colonial Marines take on Mission: Boston
« on: January 17, 2016, 11:49:17 PM »
Any word on the rest of this? I think I might try something similar, even before outpost: epsilon (leave them guessing as when the Aliens show up).

The Regiment / Films (&tc) Reference/Inspiration
« on: January 14, 2016, 11:07:04 AM »
I want to try running this game. I'm well-familiar with Powered by the Apocalypse, but that means that I know each one is influenced by its own set of internal logic. That's why the principles, moves, etc. all end up more-or-less subtly different.

I realized, though, that I'm pretty understeeped in war movies. I'll probably end up running Colonial Marines, but Aliens is more of a horror-plus-action-movie than a war movie.

So, recommend me! I'll start the list off with one of the few I have seen:

  • Letters Home from Vietnam, based off the book of published real-life letters. Stock footage, newsreel and commentary, interviews with soldiers, music of the era, and the letters themselves read by (often big-name) actors. Does a great job of conjuring a feeling of the war at its various points.

Apocalypse World / Re: Hacking "read a..." moves.
« on: January 04, 2016, 04:44:10 PM »
I think I basically agree with folks that the modification isn't usually necessary -- as evidenced by the fact that it hasn't been used after that one time. I think it worked well as reassurance for a player that felt constrained by the listed questions/unsure how to make them "work," and therefore frustrated, when in fact most of their needs are met by sufficient application of believing the MC is "being generous with the truth" and "answer[ing] the question they're trying to ask" (and in their defense, some of the learning was mine, getting better at both doing that and communicating that I was doing that). I think in the hands of other players it might have led to, as Daniel Wood said, "questions that are significantly different either in kind or in specificity," which wasn't the intent of the hack (and if I were to try to include it in a more general ruleset, I'd probably add something about it not doing that, with a non-prescriptive list of suggestions).

Folks said other things that I agreed or didn't with. I'm definitely in the camp that situation is charged if it makes the PCs nervous enough to ask if it is/ask if they can make the move. I feel like risking a miss is stakes enough to dissuade people from fishing for +1's, if I was worried about that. Like Daniel Wood said, "It's not about whether or not they're in immediate danger (that's what Acting Under Fire is for), it's about how much it matters that they get the full picture, right now."

If folks are interested in more post-mortem, here's how I'd break down the scene that happened.

No read a sitch: Wilson [who you are chasing because he stole your can of gas] was bushwhacked, several attackers, they took his stuff, set him on fire, and left him to die. Maybe they're long gone, maybe they're not, you get to sweat about it.

Hit on read a sitch: Any of --

• where’s my best escape route / way in / way past? [There's no immediate danger, but, if any shows up, you can feel reassured about your exit.]
• which enemy is most vulnerable to me? [Wilson's past being a threat. Whoever did this is long gone, but if they're willing to waste half a can of perfectly good gas instead of just shooting/stabbing him-- that's a kind of crazy you can exploit.]
• which enemy is the biggest threat? [As above, but replace "you can exploit" with "to be wary of," and a note about how the ambush seems to have been executed without Wilson getting a chance to draw -- clever, well organized, disciplined.]
• what should I be on the lookout for? [As above, but emphasize they're long gone, and you're safe right now.]
• what’s my enemy’s true position? [They're long gone, but they went that way.]
• who’s in control here? [They're long gone, and you could probably take the handful of guys who seem to have done this in a straight-up fight, crazy or no crazy.]

The custom question was stolen from Dungeon World ("What happened here recently?") and mostly gave excuse to string together several of the above in the sort of flashback-forensics description (one or two spooked him toward his bike, marksman shot out his tire, others tackled him before he pulled, beat him, soaked him in gas, set him alight, watched, left that way).

On a miss, I might have presented the scene as alarming and baffling -- "Wilson's burned to death and his stuff is gone, but you're not sure what happened, it's dark and it smells like charred meat, are you sure you want to stick around?" -- or had there be a booby trap firebomb, maybe, since that didn't compromise on the basic idea that they wouldn't hang around. But that's hindsight.

Apocalypse World / Re: Being on fire
« on: December 18, 2015, 03:41:41 PM »

Glad you like it! It wasn't in my forebrain or anything, but I recently found and listened to your interview with The Walking Eye where were very grumpy about Ars Magica 2nd Ed. having seperate rule systems for, i.e, drowning and falling, so I'm glad I avoided the same mistakes. :P

Don't forget to make them make the harm move. If there's any kind of harm that the harm move should be made for, it's being on fire.

Oh yeah! If I made a final draft I'd put that next to the advice about consequences for Acting Under Fire. As an aside, I might also add the custom move "When you are using a flamethrower, 'your flamethrower's tank explodes like a firebomb' to the 10+ harm list," because of course it should.

What do people think about flamethrowers and autofire? Maybe I'd make crude low-capacity flamethrowers as written and as common as other common weapons, and ones with big fuck-off tanks rarer and with +autofire or +area (+area is mechanically worse and therefore maybe better).

(Minor typos I noticed: cocktails and firebombs should be +reload like all grenades, dragonsbreath should be -1 harm as well as +incendiary).

When I played Blind Blue & Hatchet City, Ambergrease doused my skinner with gasoline and lit her on fire. She lived.

That sounds like a pretty rough snowball. Debility or no debility?

Apocalypse World / Re: Hacking "read a..." moves.
« on: December 18, 2015, 01:42:44 PM »
That's a very thorough writeup, and that was basically my script for the first half of the conversation. And the persons on the other end agreed that Read a Person has this problem less, since you get to space your questions out (see below).

I came around to try this for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it was an easy thing to do that makes the players happier without fundamentally changing how a move works. Like, if I'm being their fan, being generous with the truth, and always trying to answer the question they're trying to ask, even if it's not exactly what they chose, like the rulebook suggests (and if, as is also predicted in the rulebook, most custom questions end up being another form of one of the standard questions anyway), who am I to quibble with letting people have what feels like a cookie on a 10+?

One quibble: read a sitch and a person are different, in that person describes keeping hold, and sitch just says "ask questions," which I've always assumed meant "all up front." Letting people space it out I think would help address this problem, also, because then the cookie for rolling a 10+ is you get to open with "what's my enemy's true position," or whatever you need to feel like you know where the blow is coming from, and still have some questions in your back pocket.

If you combine "ask all 3 up front" that with charged situations where there is no "enemy," but it's definitely charged (like the one I talked about above, where they found a horrific murder scene and they didn't know the perpetrators weren't still there but, since it was a hard, irrevocable move, I had already decided they were gone), and I've felt like the PCs rightfully feel like the MC is just coming up with variations on the "nobody's here anymore, but they got up to some shit before they left." Since you get the +1 forward even on a weak hit, a 10+ often ends up redundant-feeling instead of awesome.

I'm curious why you think it would end up "too powerful," though. Like, horning in on the Advanced Moves, or in absolute terms?

Apocalypse World / Re: Threat Analysis
« on: December 17, 2015, 11:08:40 AM »
More praise! For a long time I realized I'd almost entirely run one-shots of any World-based game, so I'm trying to figure out the back end and this is helpful.

I had a similar reaction to Daniel Wood about always, but all the points were well taken.

Apocalypse World / Hacking "read a..." moves.
« on: December 17, 2015, 10:48:19 AM »
Conversation between AW players and MCs teased out some dissatisfaction with the Read moves: the questions aren't always quite right, and specifically with read a sitch, a 10+ feels dissatisfying because there's usually only one question they want answered (so it's no better than a 7-9).

We're trying:

When you roll a 10+ on Read a Stich or a Person, you may give up all 3 of your questions from the list for any 1 other question (as per advancing the move with the Ungiven Future).

We tried it out last night, and it was used once, and considered several times.

The one use was "What happened here recently?" when coming upon the the bushwhacked body of a former subordinate (that they were probably going to kill for being a traitorous bastard anyway). It let me drop lots of badness and plant lots of bloody fingerprints, and made the gunlugger out to be a badass tracker (in the movie version, the explanation is clearly done in jump-cuts to shakycam flashbacks, or something).

Thoughts? Similar dissatisfaction? Other fixes, on the mechanical or just MC-ing level?

Apocalypse World / Being on fire
« on: December 17, 2015, 10:43:22 AM »
I came up with a front that involves a lot of people with a bad case of pyro-fetishism, and I wanted to flesh out the rules. I did some poking around (I found that searching the forums for "molotov" got the most results I wanted and the least I didn't, compared to "fire", "on fire," "burning,' etc.), so plenty of this is stolen.

Feedback welcome! Goals are:

The rules should be simple and fit in with the rest of AW.
Setting someone on fire should not be better than shooting them (it’s for crazies, tactics, or terror).

Catching fire:
When you catch on fire, if its just a little bit of fire, maybe just your arm or just your torso or maybe just your head a little, take 1-harm. If you are like seriously fucking on fire, like most of your body, it's 2-harm. The same applies if you go into a place that's on fire a little or a lot.

If you stay on fire or stay in a place that is on fire for some reason (I don't know, I don't tell you what to do) then the harm becomes AP.

Doing stuff when you are on fire, including becoming less on fire, is, of course, acting under fire.

If you don't stay on fire, being on fire isn't that scary. Good things to do as a result of not-strong-hits on acting under fire: harm (including s-harm, for smoke inhalation, etc.), their armor slagging, their ammo cooking off, them setting other things on fire, panicked unhelpful NPC action or inaction.
New weapon tags:
+Incendiary: the weapon sets fire to things. Maybe it will only set fire to things that are already flammable, or maybe it’s a nasty thing that spits out something that is flammable and then sets that on fire.

I thought about making two tags to distinguish between "hot" and "covers in burning chemicals," but nah.

New gear:

molotov cocktail (1-harm incendiary messy)
firebomb (2-harm incendiary area messy)
flamethrower (2-harm incendiary messy)
dragon’s breath rounds (+incendiary to a shotgun)

Molotov cocktails are breakable containers full of flammable chemicals with a wick, mostly good for setting stuff rather than people on fire. Firebombs are anything from crude explosives to WP grenades. Flamethrowers are man-portable (I thought about "autofire," maybe?), and clearly the tank should explode at some point. Dragons breath rounds are real goofy, but too cool not to include:

I'd make cocktails practically free, firebombs as as rare as grenades, flamethrowers as rare as assault rifles, dragon's breath rounds as rare as ap ammo.

Monsterhearts / Re: Summer Internships
« on: December 29, 2013, 12:31:43 AM »
Results: the two D&C interns both failed; the third PC, a Fae, made a nearly identical move for politicking in the faerie realms, got a strong hit (what a dick). Evelyn, the Witch-turned-Selkie, made a powerful enemy (her choice) and crossed a line (MC's choice): Logan, the Infernal-turned-Chosen, crossed a line he never thought he'd cross [again] (his choice, mostly so that the MC couldn't chose it) and alienated a friend (MC's choice).

We seem to have decided that the person who chose the option got to define it, although we workshopped out what actually happened with everyone at the table contributing. Evelyn got tricked into using her powers to steal another Selkie's skin, enslaving him to the firm, and then was so pissed about it she hexed one the senior partners on her last day of work. Logan was sent on a mission nominally to recover an artifact, but actually to kill its innocent guardian, who he wasn't told would fight to the death to defend it. This was a breach of contract, so he could walk away, and did, angrily. In doing so he alienated his wealthy father, who was hoping to [re]gain social status [lost when Logan killed his Infernal master] through connections to the firm. He cut Logan off, dropping him from one-percenter to plebe.

Faolin, the Fae-still-Fae, decided that in his political jockeying he had crossed a line by personally assassinating a rival.

Monsterhearts / Summer Internships
« on: December 28, 2013, 12:39:03 PM »
My group is super excited because we're getting to pick up the second season of a beloved game. There was a blood oath with a morally bankrupt supernatural tied law firm at the end of the last session, so this is the move we rolled at the start of the first session:

When you spend your summer interning for Danforth and Chase, besides tedious cubicle slavery (making spreadsheets, filing rituals) and grunt work (fetching copy, digging graves), you did... other things. Roll +nothing (the banality of evil doesn't care how cool you are). On a 10+, pick 1. On a 7-9, pick 2. On a 6-, you pick one and the MC picks one.

*You cross a line you never thought you'd cross.
*You alienate a friend or break ties with the community.
*You make a powerful enemy.

If you find out you've gotten too deep, you can break your contract and avoid all of the above, but D&C gets 5 strings on you.

Two of us got a miss. D: We're figuring out the results right now...

Monsterhearts / Son of "Managing a second season": Strings
« on: November 25, 2013, 12:16:03 PM »
As I described in this post, my friends and I played a game we liked (yay!) are are slowly getting our act together run the second season of it (yay!). The first post was about how we were trying to figure out how to deal with advances;* this one is about strings. We're hoping for input, particularly suggested questions (see below).

So, when we dug out our sheets, we had strings on people. Sometimes a lot, sometimes on NPCs that were no longer central to the story, and never with much idea of why we had gotten them (Did we hit on them, hit them, cut them down to size?). So we decided to wipe the slate clean and start out with a fresh round of "backstory" like we would if we were making new characters. It'll refocus us on who and what we find most interesting while we figure out where we are post-summer-vacation.

This is the process we're following. We're not done formulating questions, and we won't answer them until we sit down to play the first session, just like normal.

Step 1: what are our current skins backstory moves? which ones do we keep and which do we drop?

We had two people who changed skins (Infernal->Chosen and Witch->Selkie) and one who didn't (Fae); all their current skins' backstory questions still seemed relevant, so we're keeping them.

Step 2: What questions should everyone answer?

Here are our ideas thus far:

"Who did you want to grow closer to this summer? Give them a string on you. Did you? If yes, gain a string on them; if no, they gain another string on you."

"Who did you miss over the summer? Give them a string."

"When people ask you what you did over the summer, there's one story that impressed people the most, and there's one person who would improve their opinion on you more than anyone else, and either you know it or they know it.. Gain a string on them." [This one's clunky in phrasing, but I like the idea]

Step 3: What questions should particular characters ask?

Obviously this is pretty closely tied to knowledge of the campaign, but.

For Logan, the Infernal-turned Chosen: Who has given you the most forgiveness? Take a string on them.

For Faolan, the Fae who might be trying to occupy the newly-vacated throne of the Faerie Queen: Who gave you the most help in your struggles over the summer in the Fae court? Give them a string on you.

Evelyn, the Witch-turned-Selkie: Who made you question your core values and hardened your heart? Give them a string on you.

*We ended up using the system as described there, in part because our "last session" (actually 2 or 3) after someone gained a Season Advance was long enough that the PCs had 7, 8, and 9 advances.

Here's that thing that I said I'd post.


Joe, Gray, Moss, Pierce, Case, Jules, Mirth, Rain.

Adams, Bach, Carter, Evans, Young, Thomas, White, Price.
QED, Once, Boss's Man, Mirror, Thirteen, Pi, Carver, Master.


Cool+2 Hard-1 Hot-2 Sharp+2 Weird+1
Cool+2 Hard0 Hot-1 Sharp+1 Weird+1
Cool+2 Hard+1 Hot0 Sharp+1 Weird-1
Cool+2 Hard+1 Hot+1 Sharp-1 Weird0


You get all the basic moves. Choose 2 Abacus moves.


On your turn (choose however many you want):

One of them you owe for services rendered. Tell that player Hx+2.
One of them has skills, access or resources that are essential to your enterprise, and knows it. Tell that player Hx+2.
One of them helped you out of a tight spot and didn’t ask anything for it, and you have no idea why. Tell them Hx-2.

Tell everyone else Hx-1. You don't advertise - unless you do, in which case tell everyone Hx+1.

On the others' turns, pick one or both:

One of them has skills, resources or people that would be managed far more profitably if you were in charge of them. Whatever number that players tells you, ignore it and write down Hx+3 next to their character name instead.
One of them owes you, because you said so. Whatever number that players tells you, ignore it and write down Hx+3 next to their character name instead.

Everyone else, whatever number they tell you, add +1 to it and write it next to their character's name. You stay informed.


Man, Woman, or concealed.

Formal wear, vintage wear, casual wear, signature wear, or luxe wear.

Concealed face, sharp face, stern face, fat face or forgettable face.

Deep eyes, dead eyes, calculating eyes, wise eyes, weary eyes.

Tall body, wiry body, pudgy body, crippled body, hard body.


In addition to your network, you get:

* 1 failsafe weapon.
* Oddments worth 5-barter.
* Fashion suitable to your look, including at your option a piece worth 1-armor (you detail).

Failsafe weapons:
* .38 revolver (2-harm close reload loud)
* 9mm (2-harm close loud)
* antique handgun (2-harm close reload loud valuable)
* sawed-off shotgun (3-harm close reload messy)
* machete (3-harm hand messy)

Abacus moves

In the pocket: at the beginning of a session, roll +cool. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to have someone in your network act on prior orders or established duties and make a move on your behalf as if you were there to do it yourself.

Swimming with sharks: as long as you remain on good terms with whoever is in charge, you can roll +sharp instead of +hard to go aggro, using members of their gang as a weapon.

Options: you can spread 1 barter around once per session, getting 1 extra hold any time you get hold for the rest of the session and your connections, wealth, or influence could conceivably help you out. It’s not magic, it’s power and commerce.

Keeping tabs: you can read a sitch regarding anything you spent barter on, even if you're not there.

Served cold: when using time and manpower to fuck with someone, roll +cool. On a hit, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend hold 1 for 1 throughout your fuckery to:
Find the least loyal member of their group.
Trap them, imprison them, or remove an escape route.
Put something left unprotected in danger.
Hide something important or dangerous in plain view.

I.O.Who?: When you use your network to help someone in need, get 1-debt over them. For you, debt counts as barter for anyone who wants to buy it. Additionally, you may exchange debt 1-for-1 into hold on the debtor as per the in your pocket move.

Market forces: At the beginning of every session, name someone who doesn't owe you yet, but should, and roll +cool. On a 10+, all three. On a 7-9, pick two.
They're in serious sudden scarcity or danger and need something only your network can provide.
A key member of your network does not demand immediate pay or special treatment.
Someone pays a debt they owe you without hassle or force.

You know I'm good for it: whenever you offer promises instead of payment, you always succeed as though you had rolled a 10+. If you attempt to use this move on somebody you already owe a debt, you are acting under fire.


When you have sex with someone, either you get 1 hold on them or they get 1 hold on your network as per In the pocket, their choice.


+1cool (max cool+3)
+1 hard (max hard+2)
+1 sharp (max sharp+2)
Get a new Abacus move
Get a new Abacus move
Advance your network
Advance your network
Get 2 gigs (detail) and Moonlighting or a holding (detail) and Wealth
Get a move from another playbook
Get a move from another playbook

+1 to any stat (max +3)
Retire your character (to safety or as a threat)
Create a second character to play
Change your character to a new type
Choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
Advance the other 4 basic moves.

Additional Rules

Debt Peripheral Move

When you offer promises instead of payment, roll +hot: On a 10+, they're down with it, you gain 1-debt for each point of barter you're short, and you're on your merry way. On a 7-9, same thing, only they want something more: a favor, a little something something, or a bigger debt than the value you're receiving. On a miss, no dice, and you've pissed them off.

When somebody owes you, you are always considered to have leverage when you Manipulate them, and you may choose to roll +debt against them instead of +hot.

When you're in debt, at the start of each session roll +debt (if you owe more than one person then just roll the highest, you deadbeat). On a 10+, they're looking for the full value, right now, and they'll do whatever they can to extract it from you. On a 7-9, they're willing to let it slide for a bit longer, but they're going to want something for their trouble: a favor, a little something something, or maybe a down payment. On a miss, they've got other things on their mind, but they'll get around to you eventually. If it’s a PC holding debt on a PC, hits function as per a Manipulate roll to perform a task of the creditor’s choice (which could be paying off the debt, or something else). They can choose to bring this result to bear at any point in the session.


By default, your network is a loose-knit group of castaways and cutouts. Upkeep is 1-barter, vulnerabilities are +desertion.

Choose your assets. If your upkeep goes below 0, it’s a surplus. May your jingle keep you warm.

What kind of business do you run? Choose 1, 2 or 3 (or 4 and +1 upkeep) for your bread-and-butter and day-to-day.

weapons drugs transportation muscle food medicine gear a front/patsy cachet with looming threat a PC (who? what do they do for you?)

Choose 1 (or 2 and add +1 upkeep) for your big earners:

protection money whiz mechanic sawbones pimp/madame dealer tracker and his tribe hitman a PC (who? what do they do for you?)

How good is your help? Pick 1 or 2.

Your network is loyal (or maybe they just have nowhere else to go). If you aren't paying them, though, they still need to eat. -Desertion, +Idle.
Your people are the best, and they know it, the bastards. Take +1 ongoing to moves utilizing your network (but not calling on your contacts or +arrears), Upkeep +1-barter.
Your people are the dregs and the desperate, but you only have to pay for what you get. Take -1 ongoing to moves utilizing your network (but not calling on your contacts or +arrears), Upkeep -1-barter.

Choose 1 for your problems (or 2, and -1 upkeep):

You owe a shark (Mercer – for startup costs, recent expansion, expensive tastes?) and they aren't patient about it.
You didn't get where you are without seriously pissing off someone connected or pissing off someone seriously connected (Chack). What the hell did you do?
You rely heavily on following (or appearing to follow) a code to do business (what is it?). Sometimes you even have to live up to it.

Choose 1 for your people's totally manageable shortcomings (or 2, and -1 upkeep):

They're always ready to ditch for greener pastures. +desertion
They regard you as the lynchpin. +judgement
They have other shit that take precedence if you aren't paying. +idle
They're assholes. +reprisals
They have seriously split loyalties (or at least someone thinks they should). +obligation.

Your Network begins play with arrears=0. At the beginning of each session, pay its upkeep; for each Barter you are short, your network gets +1 arrears.

As long as your network’s arrears is 3 or less, you can call on your contacts for favors. Describe your situation and how your network might help and roll +cool. The MC’s job is to come up with something for you that they genuinely think you’ll find useful in the situation you’ve described, and to have your network make it happen (you might remind the MC who works for you). Your business partners will show up to do their thing in their own inimitable style. On a 10+, your network’s arrears holds where it is. On a 7-9, your network gets +1 arrears. On a miss, your network goes immediately to arrears+4.

When you ask for help, your people will expect to be paid back at some point, in barter or favors.

As long as your network’s arrears is 3 or less, you can leverage your network for jingle. Trade IOUs and favors to get oddments worth 1-barter out of it and give it +1 arrears. If 1-barter doesn’t seem like that much, maybe call on one of your big earners, instead.

At the beginning of the session, roll+your network’s arrears. On a 10+, the MC holds 3; on a 7-9, the MC holds 1.

During the session, the MC can spend her hold 1 for 1 to:

name a vulnerability. It becomes an acute problem rather than a chronic one.
name an asset. Any issues with that asset become immediate problems (they show up with a dead boy or a live mutant, someone tries to headhunt them), or some part of your business related to them otherwise goes askew.
name one of your problems. It becomes pressing rather than merely present.
name a part of your network you asked for a favor. The marker gets called in. If you don’t make good, act under fire.
have your network come up suddenly short of operating expenses, to the tune of 2-barter. If you don’t pay it, act under fire.

when resolve the matter at hand (for better or worse) or pay off a debt or favor, give your network -1 arrears.

If the MC has any hold left at the end of the session, give your network +1 arrears, to a maximum of arrears+4.

If your network has arrears+4, take -1 ongoing to any rolls you make that utilize your network (not including rolling +arrears ) and you must act under fire to call on your contacts.

When you advance your network, choose from the following options (up to each one once):
Resolve a problem or erase a vulnerability
Change how good your help is
-1 upkeep
Select one or two more options from any category (or replace them with ones from the same category)


When you use In the pocket with a PC (either because they’re part of your network or because of the Special move) you use the Abacus's stats, even if theirs are better. Ever had a job where you followed orders even where the task was pointless or counterproductive, using not your own best judgement, but your boss's? This is that. If a PC doesn’t do the thing, whatever it is, they have to Act Under Fire (as per a successful Manipulate roll).

With Options, you definitely get the extra hold with Abacus moves (In the pocket, Served cold) and read a person if they’re not a total rando who you could never have conceivably heard of or vice versa. Possibly other moves as well at the MC’s option (see what I did there?). There’s plenty of stuff it probably shouldn’t help you with, e.g., Deep brain scan, Bonefeel, and other weird shit.

Some of the vulnerabilities take a little mental massaging to fit in the context of a Network (rather than a gang, hardhold, or followers), but only a little. When the MC uses hold to activate them, it’s like if a holding (or whatever) was in Want. If your network has a vulnerability twice (like you started with +desertion, and then also chose it as your problem), the MC can spend hold to have it go off normally, or two hold to make it extra fucking true.

You vulnerabilities may affect the availability of your Network. If your people are idle or deserting, who's working your jobs and solving your problems, your own sweet self?

The quality of your network and being at arrears+4 can affect rolls that utilize your network. This doesn't include the +arrears roll or calling on your contacts for favors; it absolutely includes In the pocket (both rolling for Hold at the beginning of the session and any rolls made through your network), Served cold, and Market forces. It may affect Swimming with sharks, read a sitch rolls made with Keeping tabs, and other rolls made in the context of your network (like Manipulate), MC’s call.

If a PC is a part of your network and you end up using them when you call on your contacts for favors, you get the results of a 10+ Manipulate roll on them to do what you want. Afterwards, the MC can spend hold from a +arrears roll, 1 for 1, to give them debt over you.

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Kicked! Thanks for the tip.

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