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brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 12, 2012, 11:40:46 AM »
Hothead: Dig it. That's in. What I renamed Hothead is being changed back to Daredevil. Perfect Instincts is coming out.

Why Faith? Several reasons. 1) When the Commander says "Sometimes you gotta roll a hard six" that is as close as he comes to saying "sometimes you've got to pray". It's really just hoping you'll be lucky, hence faith. 2) Yeah, Kara and her faith. 3) The move used Weird in AW, so I'm keeping that part the same.

Special move: Yep, I'm totally down with this being brutal. The pilot is a crazy powerful playbook, this represents the emotional fragility that accompanies the otherwise insanely capable character. I will change the wording somewhat though from "love" to "care about".

Activist Campaigns: Yeah, it should be two. I'll fix that.

Activist's gang: Actually, Leadership will totally eclipse Crime Lord. I thinking of yanking leadership from the basic moves, giving it back to the Commander, giving Activist Crime Lord automatically, and then figuring out a new move for the CAG to leader the vipers.

On that note, if you don't mind take a peek at my troubles with the CAG over here:

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 11, 2012, 03:58:49 PM »
Soylent, I thought you might like to see some of the changes in progress (Note, I'm still looking for a move to replace perfect instincts, the Pilot really shouldn't have more roll boosting moves):


brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:39:59 AM »
Campaigns: Awesome: I'm going to take a few of those. Shady deals. Mud Slinging, Limit Media Access, and Incite Frenzy. Maybe Wedge issues, but truth be told I didn't know what that meant, so I'm not sure players will. I'll play around with it.

Issues vs. Tactics. Yeah, I'm down with both of those under the category of "campaigns". Like you might have a campaign to infiltrate someone or some organization, and that is really specific, or you might have something general, like improving health care.

Battlestar - Weaknesses: Hmm, my understanding of traditional weaknesses in AW was that they exist for is to be activated as one of the MC's moves, instead of requiring a hard move. So, if "Ammo" wasn't chosen, or didn't even exist, Ammo could still run out as a hard move, but if it is a weakness, the MC can open with, "so, Commander, you've just a report in from the knuckle draggers, Ammo is low the manufacturing ship says they need ore to refine more", etc.

Cylons - Inhuman Strength: Yeah, I'm not a fan of swinging stats. I'll think on it more.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 10, 2012, 04:27:43 PM »
Huh, I could have swore I replied, but it isn't here. I thigh I might have gotten distracted and closed my browser before hitting send. Anywho, here goes again.

Commander/President Specials: I want the president getting something specific to that character, so I think I'll go with take +1 Hx with that character and, at your option give them 1-favor, at no cost to you.

American Politics: Many thanks for saving my faith in humanity. Any ideas you have for campaigns/catastrophes would be greatly appreciated.

Political Sway: +1 ongoing to do it sounds good. Yeah, I like the hoarder a lot, I'm glad to introduce some of those currency exchange dynamics.

Battlestar: Ammo just exist to run out, a complication for the MC to stick the Battlestar crew with. I'll get specific with the Raptors. I need to look at Battlestar Galactica Wiki to see what the standard compliment of Raptors was. An yeah, I intended for at most, for all options to be picked in the Battlestar strengths. That means the battlestar itself is something the character's invested in... Which makes me really wonder what other was I could treat it more like a character.

Cylons - Resurrection: Hmm, yeah, maybe that is the way to retire your character to safety (since it doesn't exist as a normal advancement). I agree, a revealed cylon is problematic to fit into the game, but as we saw in the show it happened several times (Boomer, 6, the rebels).

Cylons - Experiment: I was thinking about how Simon was experimenting on Kara, that was a straight up surgical operation. Or how Caval was trying to crack open Ellen's mind, or Hera's code. I imagined if it went wrong, people got hurt.

Cylons - Inhuman Strength: Yeah, it's a crowd favorite (possibly because it is so strong, the other one I see a lot is Ambush the Fleet, probably for the same reason). I could change it to +1 Hard (max +3), but I also want to convey that there is a narrative trait to go along with it allowing the Cylon to clearly exert inhuman strength. Perhaps I could add the tag "messy" to their hard stat? That's is pretty non-standard though, so I'd have to see how it worked in play.

Cylons - Projection: I haven't been happy with that move either. It has never been taken. I think it's going to change to "when you are projecting, don't roll to act under fire from distractions or threats, you automatically succeed as though you rolled a 10+.  I'll have to play more with it.

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 08, 2012, 11:14:10 AM »
I'm breaking out of the quotes, as parsing them three deep is too murky for my tastes.

Commander/President Specials: I'd like the president to have an advantage after intimacy. I think I'll give them "You get +1 going forward the next time you interact with this person, and at your option they get 1-favor, at no cost to you."  Then I'm free to give the president's special to the commander.

Martine stats: Hmm, having a +3 seems problematic then unless you're going to give it across the board (like a Battlebabe does). I think I'll either give it across the board and remove a move option or drop it to +2 and raise another stat by +1 on the last stat block option.

Marine Weapons: Yeah, that might need more thought. I don't want an option to look lame because you didn't choose a different option. But I want "Master at Arms" to stand out.

Pilot Moves I love "hotshot" That sounds great (as I took like it when people expose themselves to danger.

Pilot Vehicles I find the picking stats (power, tech, weakness) and the stat options to be slow enough as is for a single vehicle, so I worry about always giving the option for them to have both. But yeah, I also have never seen a pilot who couldn't fly a viper (people have flown Raptors, but only by taking versatile, never as their only vehicle) so yeah, I might as well bite the bullet on that one.

President Campaigns: I'll keep working on these. I should probably look at real world politics more and see how various campaigns/initiatives have blow up in politician's faces.

President "Well Connected" Move: Yeah, I had envisioned it as a retroactive, like a Kender in 1st Edition AD&D Dragonlance, who might just have the thing in his pocket. But the more I think of it, that betrays the spirit of the show and AW, because things never come easy or out of nowhere. What I would like is for the president to extra options on how to spend favors. It used to be that the Political Sway move allowed them to use them to move back the Crisis Clocks but that move (besides being super powerful) was deemed too abstract. I'd like something pretty rockin. The other idea that I had was:

Political Sway: You can call in your favors to assert your will on an individual or group. You can spend 1 favor to do one one of the following:
Name a place. You’re there.
Name a person. You've got a private audience with them.
Name a person and their stance on an issue. Whenever they stand up for that stance or act on that stance, they act under fire from political pressure.
Name a person and an action. They take +1 going forward to do it, and when they finish mark xp.

Any thoughts on other cool things to do with favors?

brainstorming & development / Re: Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 07, 2012, 08:16:44 PM »

I love your reviews. Thank you so much for looking so deeply into everything. Here's my response to each comment.

Why do they get an option to add a new option to the battlestar?
Does 'choose a new option for your command' mean for their criminals?

Both of those are typos, or rather accidental carry overs from the Commander. They should be new Criminal options. I'll fix that in ver02

Raptor scouting: isn't 'where do I find this' kind of a prerequisite for everything else?  Wouldn't it make sense that if you roll a hit, you find it automatically?
Brief the Squad: Remove a weakness: I am unclear as to how the MU could get most of those weaknesses (unruly, fatigued, out of formation).  Purely from the narrative?
Wingman: Is the harm moved before or after armour?  In other words, you have 2-harm applied to a viper with 1-armour.  Do you move 1-harm before armour, so both absorb the damage, or does the primary target only apply armour, resulting in 1-harm applied, which can then be moved around as AP harm?
Raiding party: Isn't the 7-9 downside too much?  1-harm ap, when you're definitely in a dangerous situation, is bad enough for a success, but to also have to choose 1 of 3 additional bad things on top just seems excessive.  (Also, is it the player or MC who decides which option?)

Raptor scouting: Good point. There are plenty of options on that list. I'll either change it to "How can I get the fleet to this" or just remove it from the list.

Brief the Squad: There are several weaknesses in the Fleet/Battlestar playbook, there are also some that come up in the narrative. I'm considering formalizing that as conditions (like Joe did in Monsterhearts). I don't have a perfect answer for this yet though, still thinking on it.

Wingman: I should say "as AP harm" so it's clear that if you take it, you're taking it.

Raiding party: Hmm... I'll think on this, I want it to ensure you're in danger. Maybe I'll just drop the harm.

I think brief info on what the surplusses do might be useful – stuff like what's the effective difference between 'salvage' and 'supplies'?
To confirm: strengths are what you get on surplus, right?

Hmm... well first off I should remove +supplies, as that is confusing with the term "supply" that I use in place of "barter". I'll change that.

Otherwise, I think I'm okay with +skilled passengers and the like being a narrative tool.

Yes, strengths plus supply (equal to influence) is what you get on surplus.  Damn... too many words that start with "s" in that equation.

You're the commander.  Do you really have to select an option to have private quarters?  What's the alternative?  Top bunk in the barracks?
I always look at faith -2 with suspicion.  Out of all the stats, weird/faith is the easiest for a player to avoid, if they so choose, so it's not nearly so much a hindrance as, say, sharp -2.
Special: I don't get this.  I mean, I get what it does, I'm just having difficulty picturing why 'right place, right time' is something the Commander is notable for.

Private Quarters - The point there is you have secure place to put stuff with guards and such. You can bunker down, use it as an impromptu brig, etc. Without the option, it isn't secure. So I'll change it to "Secure Quarters".

Faith -2. Yeah, good point. It's a dump stat, especially for a role that (in the show) showed a total lack of faith.

Special: It seemed to me that Adama and Caine were never far from the ones they cared about, but perhaps they were only close in effect but not person. (Like Adama helping Starbuck by giving her fire support from the CIC). I'll ponder of other options here.

You are aware you have both +1 sharp (max +3) as an advance and a move that gives +1 sharp (max +3)?  While there are circumstances where one is preferable to the other, it does seem a bit redundant.

Yeah. Hmm, I'll think on a different advancement option. I like it being something the Engineer can pick at the start.

Unless I vastly misremember the base AW rules, there's no such thing as '3-sharm'.  S-harm is just s-harm.
Final line of stats only seems to add up to +2.
If you don't have 'master at arms', and take 'choose a new weapon available to you', should you be able to select restricted munitions?
Boarding party: as Raiding Party.
Watch my back: as Wingman.

S-harm: you are right.
Stats: Yep, because it is Hard +3, Just like stat blocks that have two +2s only add up to net +2.
Weapon advancements: Yes, there are still heavy weapons and side arms available to you, thought they may not be as ideal as if you had Master at arms. I'm okay with that.
Boarding Party: Yeah. I might give one of them 1-harm AP and the other a condition to make them different.
Watch my back: AP

Pretty sure the advancement list is just flat-out wrong.

It is, accidentally taken from the Commander.

Change your bond to another PC means what, exactly?
I'm giving 'get your gun' suspicious looks, since it's a move not usable by other playbooks.
Protect your mark: as Wingman.
Leave no one behind: too similarly named to the CAG move 'leave no man behind'.

Changing your bond means taking an new "Fit In" option. I'll reword that.
Get your gun: That is very intentional. There are too many +Cool playbooks out there that I don't want being able to use this to turn Hard into a dump stat. I also don't want the Partisan to be able to dump harm all the time.
Protect your mark: Gods Damn, I have this move 3 times? I gotta change that.
Leave no man behind: agreed. I'll tinker.

In 'good pilot', youseize lacks a space. /pedant.
When it came up in a previous game, our MC ruled (fairly enough, we felt) that if you read a situation then acted on the answers, you were acting tactically, which was hedging your bets somewhat.  As such, it's slightly surprising for the same playbook to have both 'Daredevil' and 'Perfect Instincts'.
'Versatile' seems weaksauce.
From the way I read 'New tech', if you also have 'Versatile', you still don't get both, you can only ever have one upgrade or the other.  Correct?

Good Pilot: Thanks, will fix.
Move combinations: Yeah, that's worth tinkering on. Pilot used to be a +Sharp character (built off the Driver) that I changed to +Cool (because, c'mon Starbuck is the epitome of the battlebabe), so there is some lingering Driver-esk stuff in there that maybe shouldn't be.
Versatile: You think I should just give them both Viper and Raptor from the start?
New Tech: Correct. You can only ever get a stealth raptor or a FTL viper, never both.

Campaigns confuse me.  What exactly does it mean when the president is campaigning 'bodyguarding' (for example)?  Stuff like 'Colonial relations' and 'law enforcement' make sense, 'Deliveries' less so.
There is mention of 'Political sway', which doesn't seem to exist.
Well connected: given that you can just spend a favour to get an automatic 10+ result in seduce/maniplate, what use is this move?  Going aggro?(!)
There don't seem to be any advances to get new campaigns.

Politicking: Hmm, any suggestions on replacement campaigns. Some of them are definitely fringe, but I've enjoyed seeing the president do some pretty shady/questionable jobs.
Political sway: Thanks, that was a move I took out, but there are still remnants of it. I'll clean that up.
Well Connected: Indeed. You're friend with the big guns for going Agro. Your contact with a private ship to get you off the Battlestar for Acting under fire, etc.
Adding campaigns: There should be advances to do that. I'll add it.

Supplemental Playbooks
I'll probably have more later, but I just wanted to ask now: what's meant by 'crossfire'?  I have it in my head that 'crossfire' is where you have multiple weapons able to fire at the same point from different angles.  In other words, a good thing, but it seems to be here as a weakness.

Crossfire is "you are caught in a crossfire" as in they might hit friendly ships. I'll think on how to reword.

Hope you find at least some of that useful.  Thanks for making it!

Very, thank you for the feedback. Also, I'm going to copy all of this over to to keep it all in one place for me later.

brainstorming & development / Re: dedicated hack forums
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:05:21 PM »
Hi Vincnent,

Can I get a forum for Apocalypse Galatica (my Battlestar Galatica hack)?



brainstorming & development / Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 07, 2012, 11:58:18 AM »
After a year of fiddling with it, I finally have a usable draft up of of my Battlestar Galatica hack.*

Download the hack, see design notes, and actual play here:

Apocalypse Galactica


* Sorry, I originally posted this in the main Apocalypse World forum, when it should have been here. I tried to move it but didn't have permissions. Please feel free to delete the original

Apocalypse World / Apocalypse Galatica
« on: June 05, 2012, 07:50:18 PM »
After a year of fiddling with it, I finally have a usable draft up of of my Battlestar Galatica hack.

Download the hack, see my design notes, and actual play here:

Apocalypse Galactica

Exodus / Re: Open notes thread (or, Rob "reads" BSG)
« on: October 12, 2011, 09:14:31 PM »
I'm going for more of a straight reskin with as few tweaks as possible.

Weird becomes Faith.  Barter becomes Political Favor.

A few playbooks are easy (Pilot = Driver/Battlebabe, CAG = Chopper, etc) some are harder (Political Leader = Operator with major hacks).

I'm writing playbooks here:

Talking about it on storygames here

Apocalypse World / Re: Dead World
« on: September 23, 2011, 10:17:28 AM »
Thanks again for the error checking and suggestions.  I'm neck deep in con organization. Obligatory shill for  Once I get a chance though, I'll make those changes.



Apocalypse World / Re: Dead World
« on: July 23, 2011, 11:17:03 PM »

Apocalypse World / Actual Play - Dead World (7/16/2011)
« on: July 23, 2011, 11:16:17 PM »
The Actual Play from my Dead World game.  It was awesome.

Apocalypse World / Re: Dead World
« on: July 23, 2011, 11:15:12 PM »
I like the idea for the Hustler for the Operator. That is totally the E.B. Farnum Character. I'll make it!

Apocalypse World / Actual Play - Iron Road (7/16/2011)
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:38:49 AM »
I played in Octoscott's Iron Road game (again!) and loved it (again!).

Here is the AP:

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