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Apocalypse World / Lights of Hoover 4: Short and Sweet
« on: February 28, 2011, 11:38:08 PM »
We got in a little less than an hour of gaming tonight but we're going to try and do some more tomorrow.

They chatted a bit about Hoover.  Doc wants to start up the hospital.  Cybelle read her via Violation Glove and knows shit about the Engineer-in-Chief but won't disclose it, not wanting to talk about strange shit.

When they pulled up to Cocktail, there was a military grade humvee parked out front and a guy playing solitaire on the hood.  The humvee was from Vegas, a drug-running posse out to make their rim deliveries.

Cybelle uses her violation glove on practically everyone she meets now.  She brushes Humbolt (everyone just calls him Hum since he drivers the humvee) and learns that he wants forgiveness for running over a kid in R.V. during a hijacked delivery that went bad.

She used the glove again, giving the head of the delivery gang, Eureka, a massage.  He regrets that his job causes one of the worst parts of the old world to continue but he's gotta eat, ya know?

"Damn, girl, that massage is just what I need, no wonder Pio is in love with ya."


"You didn't know?  I thought everyone on the Rim knew..."

She massaged Bar, who was upstairs, dressed sexy, waiting for Doc to come for a visit.

Bar craves forgiveness to all of the working girls and boys she puts in harm's way every damned night.

Sarah wrote all of this down.

Meanwhile, Doc is downstairs, talking to Eureka while Harlan is gambling with Eureka's hired guns, his bacon on the table against their vials of crystal meth.  He lost.  He picked up on the most dangerous of their hired guns during a sitch-read, a bad-ass named Pima.

Eureka wants Doc to visit; they have some boys who are shot up.

And then we ended, a bunch of house stuff came up but we're going to continue tomorrow.  I wanted Harlan to be offered a job driving something other than Croaker.  I wanted Ma, still stuck in Cybelle's head, to talk to her about her Violation Glove usage and I wanted Doc to eff Bar.   We all really like Bar.

Lots of sitch and person reading tonight but it just wasn't enough game.  It felt like the set-up of a bunch of things.  But more tomorrow.

Apocalypse World / Lights of Hoover 3: Now Entering Hoover
« on: February 08, 2011, 11:33:00 PM »
Stuck in Cocktail

They showed Cybelle the dry well where they heard the voices and she went down on a rope and checked it out.  There was a narrow shaft filled with bats but who the hell knows where it led.

Doc made up with Bar, brought her a desert flower and charmed her into accepting his apology.  He rolled a 7, so in order to get her to accept his apology he left his nurses, Shigusa and Mox in Cocktail.  Shigusa and Mox were looking forward to the R&R and handed over their air-horns with glee.

Harlan got Esmerelda to have her biker gang ride with them into Hoover, part guards, part show of force.

Cybelle kind of adopted (or was adopted by) a coy-dog, little guy could sense her hitch-hiker, the later psychic, Ma.  She likes the dog because he doesn't talk.

As the MC, I had to not push them towards Hoover.  There were loose ends they wanted tidied up in Cocktail and its just the third game in; everyone's easing into their characters and how the group dynamics shake out.

Anthony took a few gigs and one of them is taking Cocktail's tribute to Hoover.  They took a barrel of hooch with them to give to the Engineer-in-Chief.

On the ride to Hoover, they saw a light that had been left on from a road-side stand.  The light was a broken heart, blinking and red.  Doc asked one of the bikers what that meant.

"Its a love pit?"


"A pit with people in it who you can pay to fuck on... a love pit."

"People just end up in these things?"

"If you get taken and don't have nobody to stand up for ya....sure, it happens."


Hoover's a sleepy town during the day.  They rolled in and some engineers, in gray overalls with their wrench on their hips as part badge, part melee weapon, met them.  There was a failed read a sitch, they knew they were coming and knew damned well that the doc wanted a hospital.

They met with the Engineer-in-Chief, Phoenix on top of the dam, under cover of umbrellas with ice water to cool them down.  Phoenix and Doc immediately started talking about how to make a hospital happen.

"For our next tribute, we'll ask the rim towns to bring in hospital equipment, that will get the salvagers to work."

Harlan went with an engineer, Bisbee, to take the hooch in to the dam.  They got 'jacked by Carson and his gang.  "Hand it over, gents.  Hooch ain't worth dying over, is it?"

They handed it over, though Harlan was pissed.  He fired up the Croaker and found their bikes.  He ran the bikes all over and took the hooch back.  Not wanting to fuck with his car while they were on foot, the Carson and his gang ran for it. 

When Phoenix heard that some jackals turned guns and weapons on her engineer and the doc's driver, she got on the P.A. system and announced that Carson and his gang were in the dark, exiled, wanted dead or alive for their crimes.  Harlan, Doc and Cybelle had a conversation about the right and the wrong of it.  Doc seemed to think it was alright, the way civilization worked but Harlan saw it as cut and dry despotism.  Harlan refers to Phoenix as the Head Wrench.

Cybelle got a touch on Phoenix with her violation glove and did the ole Deep Brain Scan.  Rough.  She found out that Phoenix was holding her parent's dead brain waves/ghosts in Hoover and that she felt she had to control everything that showed a glimmer of civilization.  Also, she ordered the destruction of a rim-town called Library and held the Librarian's Brain/Ghost in Hoover so that she had the information.

Cybelle is figuring out when to drop this information on Doc and/or Harlan.

Bisbee took Doc around to see the local bone-setters.  They're quacks, using a mix of crystals, dirty saws and rough hands to do the best that they can.  Doc is going to gather them when he is next in town in hopes of recruiting for his hospital.

Before they left, Doc went to see Phoenix, letting her know that they were going to go pick up their nurse crew.  She offered to send engineers to get them but he insisted on doing so himself.  She sent a Wire Sheriff with him, a lady from Gas named Saint John.  Harlan immediately started flirting with her shamelessly.

As they left Hoover, the sun set and the lights went on.  They could see the rim town's various lights on the horizon including the blinking cocktail glass that they were heading to.  On the ride to Cocktail, they held a palaver.

"Some things, Doc, they seem too good to be true because they are too good to be true."

I reckon we'll finish the car ride talk at the beginning of the next game.

Seemed almost shorter this week, though I think this was the longest game yet.  I was beat from the previous day, so I got home from work, took a nap and woke up just in time to walk downstairs and start gaming with my hair still going in all directions from bed-head.

Apocalypse World / Lights of Hoover supplemental: Fronts 1
« on: February 02, 2011, 02:07:32 AM »
Pete, Anthony, Sarah...seriously, you don't want to read this.  Its more fun if you discover this stuff through play.


Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, particularly with the mechanical stuff.

Fundamental Scarcity: Fear (of the dark)

Warlord - Collector

The Engineer-in-Chief is the third generation in a long line of engineers who have kept Hoover Dam running.  The dam's electricity has made it a bustling marketplace and a hub of the rim towns, including Las Vegas, which has no electricity of its own.

She rules over the wire-sheriffs or wire-knights who look after the connections that run to the towns and holds her power through the engineers with their steel monkey wrenches they carry on the hips of their overalls.  If a rim town disobeys her, she sends them into the black, turning off their power, a sign to every jackal in the desert that it is open season on that town and its inhabitants.

Her contribution to the dam is figuring out how to capture the brainwaves of the dead who are drawn to hoover due to its odd engines.  She uses the knowledge of the dead to know more about local politics, uncover goods and more.  If someone's knowledge is valuable and she can't control them, she will order them killed so that she can hold their brain's electrical activity in a cell deep within Hoover.

Countdown Clock
1 - The Engineer in Chief is gathering tribute, feuding with Vegas and all's well.
3 - She discovers how to store the ghost-brainwaves in still-living people.
6 - She discovers how to use Hoover's batteries to spy on people she has marked.
9 - She discovers how to use Hoover's batteries to contact Brainers all over the world.
12 - She gains information from dead person's brainwaves that is really fucking big...I dunno, maybe a nuke or someone with game-changing old world info or something huge.  We'll see.

Custom Move

When you attempt to anchor someone's brainwaves who is drifting towards Hoover, roll Weird:

10+, you anchor them to a spot and they will haunt it unless someone willfully breaks the tether.
7-9, you must either take them into your own mind or put them into someone else's...if you don't, they're gone to Hoover.
5, MC's choice...they're gone to Hoover or they're hitch-hiking in your own brain or their in an animal or they've becoming something else within the psychic maelstrom...

Warlord - Dictator

The Chemist is the drug dealer who runs Vegas.  He constantly feuds with Hoover but has enough pull within the city that she can't quite make war on him or put him into the dark just yet.

The Chemist not only makes highly addictive drugs but also some medicine.

I have some ideas of the Chemist being a Breaking Bad-inspired family man but they haven't quite come together in my brain just yet.  His soldiers are a mix of slick, market-savvy drug dealers and desperate addicts.

Countdown Clock

1 - Steady slingin'
3 - There is rumbling discontent in Hoover about the Engineer's leadership
6 - An engineer turns traitor.
9 - There are anti-engineer riots in the market.
12 - The Chemist has an army gathered and is ready to take Hoover.

Designer Drug (I have an idea for one that sends the user into the psychic maelstrom in search of answers to dep mysteries but it isn't right yet.)

Babalicious (Obviously, I wouldn't use this if a Battlebabe was in play)
When you take Babalicious in order to do violence, roll Hard

10+ You do violence with efficacy and brutality.  In the coming fight. choose one person who lives and one person who dies.

7-9 You only get to choose either one person who lives or one person who dies and you now crave this drug...Take an XP if the next time you get into any kind of trouble you decide that it would be best solved with a hit of Babalicious.

Miss, you wake up after a violence-fueled orgy of death, covered in blood, having gone way overboard and in deep trouble and you crave another hit of this drug.

Landscape - Breeding Pit

Some assholes in Vegas had a show with Ligers back in the day.  When the world ended, they released them into the grand canyon and they've spawned a pride of the monsters.

Countdown Clock
1 - There is the occasional liger sighting outside of the canyon.
3 - Liger are reported outside of a rim town but it ran away when a shot was fired.
6 - A child or loner is snatched up by a liger.
9 - A known gang is ripped to shreds by the pride.
12 - A rim town is wiped off of the map.

Custom Move
When the pride is hunting you, roll Cool...

10+ You read the signs, know what's up and get a +1 on your counter-ambush or on simply GTFU of dodge.

7-9 You panic a bit, choose 2:
You lead the pride to more people.
You wedge yourself in a place where they can't immediately get at you but you also can't get out and can't get away.  You're trapped.
You run away, frantic and lose something.
You run straight into it and deal out +1 harm but also take +1 harm in that first exchange.

On a miss, they are going to get you good...

Brutes - Family

The rim towns around Hoover pay their tribute to the Engineer-in-chief for their electricity.  No one wants to be left out in the dark.  There are too many burned out graveyards where rim towns used to be for that.

They aren't a united family but each town closes ranks and protects its own.  Its more of a system of brutes than the rim towns being one united brute.

Countdown Clock
1 - Paying tribute, it could be worse, at least we're in the light.
3 - A town has a catastrophe and won't be able to make a payment for the coming month.
6 - A known town goes dark.
9 - Rim towns have a meeting to discuss going to the engineer-in-chief and asking for more say in how things work in Hoover.
12 - Is there anyone to gather them?  Does a leader rise up?  Is there revolution or are they put back in their place?

Apocalypse World / Just Outside the City: Blowing Up a Cannibal's Bridge
« on: January 30, 2011, 08:37:46 PM »
The game's been delayed for ages.  First it was the holidays and then it was my practicum schedule.  Finally, we get to game and though we didn't have Padraic at the table, we went for it and played the foray into cannibal country.

Saffron wrassled up an extra walkie-talkie to go with the other one they had and a case of mortars (but not mortar tube).  Some volunteers had come, a few dozen desperate people who hoped that the foray into cannibal country would be profitable.  Other than that it was Dent's Demons, Baby's Boys, Skanky's Bastards (she was hot to get revenge since her brother, Dirty, had been killed due to cannibal ambush), a few Green Mountain Boys and several other smaller gangs going out there.

The plan was to have Baby's Boys come in behind the cannibal's shipment coming in from out west and the rest of the group hit it from up front.

Baby watched the convoy go past her position.  It was a semi-truck with two storage containers behind it.  The storage units were rigged up with machine gun nests to cover its angles.  Leading the convoy was the biker gang that had betrayed them to the cannibals way back and backing it up was a trio of humvees armed to the teeth.

Baby's Boys waded in, taking fire, losing folks but getting in close enough so the humvee's grenade launchers weren't much use.  Baby herself leaned in to the window of one humvee and shot the driver in the head.

Dent and Bullet took the bridge in brutal fashion, helping one another and cutting loose with their troops.

The dice were with them tonight but since they were under fire, I had them roll several Harm rolls just to see how they were holding up.

The only failed rolls were two failed Harm rolls.  Bullet took the semi-truck head on, blazing away with this .30 machine guns, showing the 'vette's horsepower.  The truck jack-knifed and rolled but not before swiping the car off the road, sending it off the highway.  Shit-head dragged Bullet out of the car before it blew up and Dent ripped the machine guns off the roof.

Baby took some bullets that laid her out, forced her to stop her bike and command that she be taken back to her doc in Kipsie before passing out.

The took some spoils, killed any survivors, destroyed the bridge and headed home.  The cannibals who went looking for their brothers and sisters would fine the bridge blown into the gorge and Dent's final touch: a pile of cannibals' heads, one on each side of the bridge, each with their teeth smashed out.

It is going to be a hard winter in the garden a.k.a. cannibal country.

I need to look over my fronts again.  Its been a while.

And I reckon we might have some letters for getting through winter.  Maybe not, though, maybe we'll just play it out.

Just before the attack, Bullet mused that this whole thing, the Hudson Valley Compact, shooting Kipsie in the face, taking West Point started because some asshole blew up the bridge at Bear.  That act had pissed off the players to such a degree.  They wondered what kind of person would do such an act.

His answer: The kind of people who consider themselves at war.

I dig this campaign.

Other things to write about:
Rubbin primed to take over.
Baby's sick bed.
The Road to Watertown.

Apocalypse World / Lights of Hoover 2: Death in Cocktail and RV
« on: January 24, 2011, 11:45:25 PM »
Cybelle stood on a ridge outside of the ring of lit villages that surround Hoover.  She wanted to find other brainers, so she looked into the psychic maelstrom and there was a flickering light in RV that had the spectrum of a brainer.  She also saw a someone's life flicker and go out and then get drawn towards Hoover, like something in a toilet bowl that has been flushed.

Worried, having read a sitch and seen that RV might try to kill her with kindness and keep her around as long as they could, she went in.  

"Ma said you'd be coming.  She's waiting for you in her place."

Meanwhile, over at Cocktail, Doc and Harlan are talking with some locals, getting the feel for the place.  Harlan had just told Fuse that the man who shot him, Last, is still in town.

"Are there any places of learning?"

Blank stares.

"Wait, there was Library, a town on the rim a few years back."

"That sounds great!  Where is it?"

"Oh, they got into a tussle with Hoover and once the engineers turned off their lights, the jackals came out and burned the town to the ground."


Last came out of the kitchen with his share of the the bacon and offers Doc and Harlan a piece each.  They accept.  And there's Fuse in the doorway.  He's holding on for dear life with one hand and trying to point his uzi at Last.  Doc  

Doc steps in front of the gun and Fuse hesitates.  "Don't do this.  Just...just have some bacon."

"Bacon can't solve this.  Some religions from the old world wouldn't even eat bacon because they said it was filthy."

Anthony rolls and well.  Fuse waits too long, loses his strength and can barely hold on to the gun or the door.  Harlan and Doc take him back to Croaker.

Bacon being the Meat of Peace is becoming a table joke.

Other things to write about:

Cybelle and Ma's death and hitch-hiking.
Doc buries a body, Harlan watches on, amused.
Cybelle and Pio meet Mineral and the Gang.
Doc and Harlan talk to the ghost in the well.
The Gang's All Together and the shooting begins.

Apocalypse World / Lights of Hoover 1: A night in Cocktail
« on: January 17, 2011, 10:28:21 PM »
Harlan, the driver, played by Pete

Doc Dez Setter, the angel, played by Anthony

They had been heading west out of Lost Angeles for two years now.  It can take a while to get out of there since the whole west coast turned into a volcanic, seismic disaster.

Hoover Dam is something of a legend, a place that still has electricity, still runs lights.

Shig and Mox, doc's triage team, were out on a dune somewhere far enough away so they could have sex but not far enough that trouble couldn't take them if trouble came.  Harlan and Doc were sharing a pipe when the horizon lit up.  It was just dark, hours until dawn.  It was their first good look at the miracle of Hoover Dam.

They set out.

The first ring town that sits on the peripheral of Hoover is RV, a once-moving caravan that settled around some good wells and never left.  They looked it over, saw how the RV's were now boarded up walls with chain link and barbed wire filling in the gaps.  Doc read a sitch and knew to be wary of someone in those walls putting a gun in his face and keeping the angel in town.  "Yer our doctor now, dammit."

They moved on around the ring.  The next town was Gas, a series of fortifications set up around a gas well.  Again, they moved on.

Next up was Cocktail, a two story shack with lots of bikes outside.  Blinking outside was a neon cocktail glass that lit up the night.  They heard a shot from within and saw a man get dragged outside and left for dead.

This was their place.  Croaker, their 4x4 Cadillac ambulance, drove on up.  Doc and Harlan walked in, leaving Shig and Mox on the hood of Croaker, playing cards.  Each pair had an air-horn in case things went poorly.

Apocalypse World / Building an Apocalypse World around Hoover Dam
« on: January 12, 2011, 04:39:59 PM »
We wanted a house game and since grad school was ending...  I sent out an e-mail to the guys with a few possible systems, which spawned a face-to-face discussion that led us to AW.  I asked that we make the game in a very different place than the Hudson River Valley.  Having just heard that Hoover Dam would last something like 10,000 years or some shit, I suggested Hoover Dam as the game's central point.

After some fast searching, I have a few books and a hold on a DVD.  I got a few links together:


Google Map

It will be me and Pete and Anthony most nights but we assume that Anthony's lady-friend, Sarah will stop by.  Part of the reason we chose AW is so that people come drop in and out and it'd work.

I dropped the playbooks on the table and they sifted through them.  After some back and forth, talking about that Fafrd and the Grey Mouser kind of partnership they were looking for, they decided on an ambulance team - The Driver and the Angel.

I like it; feels like that is a team that'll be easy to motivate and they will have some tough, cool choices ahead of them (but who doesn't?).

I wasn't sure what to do with Hx, so we left it blank for now.  I reckon we will either fill it out once Sarah sits down with us to make her character (which should be before we play) or...I dunno.  Could we link Hx to NPC's?  Suggestions?

The players are riding into town from L.A., in order to escape the seismic activity that is making the roads into a mess out west.  There was something vague about Anthony's Angel's ex-girlfriend, some kind of a relationship gone sour but I'll ask questions about that later.  I like that seed.

The Doc's assistants (they come with a move) are a married couple, possibly picked up on the two year journey from L.A. to Hoover Dam.

I asked some questions over e-mail, saying that they didn't have to answer me now but that I'd like them to let 'em marinate. 

Where did Harlan get the car?  Who taught him to drive so well?
Who taught Doc his medicine?
How did you meet your assistants?

Their car is named Croaker and it looks kinda like this:

but with higher suspension all-terrain wheels and optional 4x4.

At this point, I'm day-dreaming a bit, thinking about maps of the area, some weird shit and such.  I'm looking at my toys: a nearby crater, monument valley, Vegas, the dam itself, the idea of electricity coming from this one huge source.

Apocalypse World / Just Outside the City: Errands, Chores and House-keeping
« on: November 22, 2010, 06:49:49 PM »
JJ (Dent) and KK (Baby) couldn't make it to the game, so we played without them but didn't want to go forward with the assault on cannibal country without those two key players. 

Padraic had Marsh pick up two gigs, one was surveillance and the other was infiltration.  We decided the surveillance was Millions from Pole wanting to know more about Mrs. W in Albany.  He sent Marsh up north with some barter to trade, some unmarked canned goods, known as Canned Surprises.

Captain Dale was sent to Watertown to find out if there were any military remnants.  Its a 100+ mile trek, so they hitched a ride with a squid-eater (also called Squiddee's nowadays, thanks, Barry) and threw in some more MRE's for the captain's wife to make some ponchos to cover up their gear and uniforms.

Meanwhile, down south, Saffron chose some bits from her 10+ role for her custom-welcome-back-move.  For her role at 10+, she got:

 - musicians in her joint, bringing in extra barter
 - an affair with the leader of the local West Point lumberjacks (he reminds her of her late bouncer, killed in the first session, Shmee)
 - and a gaggle of new girls from Bumfuck, Nowhere who want to work

But let's cut back to Albany, an industrial town with one manufactory making plastic tiles taht can be shaped easily with some fire and water and another manufactory slaughtering pigs and two more without enough people to work them.

Captain Dale and his squad walk onto to the dock and there's the leader of security, gathering his men.  They're watching as the security chief, Shelton, turns to speak to his men.

Wait, is he crying?  His gun is out.

They watch as he shoots himself in the face in front of his men.

What the fuck just happened?

Probably some fucking ju-ju psychic maelstrom shit.


<<Rewind as Marsh get's off his squid-eater boat to cut some deals in Albany...

Barry made up his Quarantine and this had some really neat effects on the game.

The Quarantine, especially tossed in mid-campaign, allows the players to really show how effed up the world is.  Some neat Quarantine moments for Captain Dale Anderson and his five man crew:

 - Naturally, the first person they meet is Shit-head, the omega of Baby's gang.
 - The soldiers from the World-that-Was smelled really good and because of that and that alone, Baby slept with Anderson.
 - Yeah, the soldiers are well trained and have cool gear but man...Powers Bars...have you had those Powers Bars?  Fuuuuckin' Powers Bars...
 - "He's a captain? Where's his fucking boat?"
 - "What's yer gang called?" "The U.S. Army."
 - And I could see that having this character allowed Barry to set Bullet up for his end-game, be that a violent death or a well-earned safe retirement.

Last game really left its mark on Bullet, not only in that his face is scarred and he's got a nasty limp but in that he's haunted by how things went down when he let his rage at being ambushed take over.  Webb, the squid-eater Bullet asked to point out those among his own folk who had eaten with the cannibals, finished the barge he was fixing up, left his eldest son in charge and then killed himself off camera.

Everything is primed.  The Hudson River Valley Compact is planning to destroy the cannibal's incoming shipment from "out west" where they get lots of raw goods and materials, hoping that this will starve them out come winter.  It'll be a while, with the holidays messing up the next few weeks but once that is past us, war is coming.

I'll jot down some more notes and scenes as it occurs to me.

Apocalypse World / Just Outside the City: The Anti-Squid-eater Progrom
« on: October 31, 2010, 03:48:22 AM »
Everyone was in West Point for the wedding, so while they are all here, might as well call every gang leader together to talk.  Shit, they even let in that squid-eater, Webb, who is re-building the barge that Dog head rolled up the Hudson in....before Dent killed Dog head.

(It was just  Barry and KK tonight, so just the Hardholders, Bullet and Baby.  Marsh and Dent were MIA, which made for a very different game all together.)

Bullet talked to Baby and called for a sit-down.  The Cannibals were on his mind.  He wanted to either broker a lasting piece that everyone could agree to or give a call to arms and go to war.  This is a few days after Dent went into one of the cannibal's tunnels into NYC, sent the cannibals running and cornered one of their elders, Mariner, knocking out his teeth and sending him home alive.

Dirty was there of the Dirty Bastards, a bunch of village kids from up near Kip-town with bikes.

Viejo was there of the Long Riders...a tight squad of six said to be from out west somewhere.

Cloud represented the Night Riders, a bunch of guys whose M.O. is to ride to a place, turn their bikes off, jump in at night with night vision goggles on and beat everyone to death with various blunt metal implements.

Bone is in charge of the Green Mountain Boys, the largest gang, nearly 30 large, with ties back to some compound way up north in some mountains...all said to be family, all tight.

Dotty is in charge of the Highway Rats, a bunch of river kids, squid eaters, who turned their knowledge of boat engines to the road and started a biker gang.

Also there was D.D., representing Mrs. Washington or Mrs. Dubya in Albany.

Millions, the hardholder of Pole, the trading fort right outside NYC.

Garza, the guy the Hudson River Compact (that's what Bullet is calling us all) is trying to install as the King of New York City was there, they guy who took the tunnel with Dent and is now holding it.

Captain Webb is there, the squid-eater who is fixing up the barge with his kin. 

And with permission, Gams was there, the traveling drug dealer with ties back to Cannibal Country, where she scores her meth.

They want the city secure but Garza let's them know that it isn't a one-bullet problem.  Its, as he puts it, a thousand gangs, all with feuds, family drama and shit that dates back to before-who-knows-when.  "Imagine what a fucking bad-ass you have to be to survive the apocalypse in the image they have kids and they have kids and the family tree is short and stumpy and that is what I am sitting on, a big fucking mess of bad-ass psychopaths.  The sub-men talk to everyone but half the time we can't understand their dialect.  The 86ers are trying to get their aircraft carrier going.  Shit, there are more gangs than I could name or count."  Everyone agrees that it is complicated and that they'll support Garza.  He reckons that with the barter Bullet dropped on him and the tunnel, he can hold tight 'till winter at least.

But these cannibals...

Yeah, everyone wants peace...sure.  But who is going to have the moxy to ask for it now that Dent had his hammer and mask fueled tantrum?  Shit, even Gams is scared to get her shit, not sure how she is going to be received.

Bullet has a spy deep undercover who reports through Gams.  Word is out that there is an election on for Mariner's replacement.  The peacenik stepped down after Dent de-fanged him.  Some war-minded folk are running for the office, Elder of the Central Garden.

Bullet and Baby will go ask for peace, meet 'em out on a boat like last time.  Dotty will go; she's been to Cannibal Country (or so she says, lying snake) and when Dotty says she'll go, Dirty insists on going, as their gangs are rivals...village-kids vs. river kids, doncha know.

Salt is a squid-eater with cannibal ties; he shows up with a message.  He's got a fucking TV with a fucking DVD player and the DVD player has a DVD they burned with Mariner's replacement talking.  Its all rigged up to his tug-boats engine.

Mariner's replacement is a woman named Flower...with filed teeth, meaning that she's been out into the non-cannibal world, out hunting scavengers, non-producers.  She says that she wants a meet and that she'll be armed.  Also, don't being Dent, please.  Thanks.

Its Dotty, Dirty, Baby, Bullet and Crowbar out to meet 'em.  Salt's got a raft his tug-boat tows behind him with a little shack/house on it for the meeting.  Read a sitch under the G.W. Bridge where the meet is said to happen.  Something is fucking wrong.  They are not fucking coming.

Baby tries to take Salt's boat but it all goes pear shaped.  She has to drop her gear into the river when she falls into the drink, just to get out before the squid get a hold of her.  Dirty got killed - bullet, then splash.  Bullet is fuct up badly, nearly killed but got away with just crippled and disfigured.  They had a bomb planted under the raft and it went up.  Dotty was lost (turned out to be a spy all along for the cannibals). 

They they opened fire, fired a fucking rocket-propelled grenade at the boat.

Grenade shrapnel next to Bullet's spine means he'll never quite walk right again.  His face got nailed by shattering glass when the bullets rained down.  Baby get's hit but they are clean shots and she'll live.. 

Its a fucking mess is what it is.

They've heard that some squid-eaters have gone cannibal but now shit is for serious.  This is real.  This is war. 

Read a sitch. 10.  The cannibals are most vulnerable in their trade routes that head out west.  The true position of the cannibals is on the Hudson somewhere, as they control much more of it than anyone originally thought.  Look-out for them hitting Pole.  Millions is way too isolated and isn't well guarded enough.

Baby looks towards Cannibal Country and opens her mind to the Psychic Maelstrom.  She feels the Kipsie's parents, still hitch-hiking in her brain with their hands on her shoulders.  She feels Elijah, the little Cannibal Country kid, Marsh accidentally stuck in her brain that one time (he got out but she still contacts him when she opens like this) and she takes a step towards Cannibal Country.

She has a nice astral/psychic/whatever conversation with the psychic and Elder of South Garden.  Devil is on top of a casino in A.C. and there are fucking electric lights glowing.  He has a cartoon devil tattooed on his chest.  They palaver for a while. 

"Are you from 5 Points?"



South, Central and Northern Garden each have a brainer, a psychic and Baby knows where they all are.  One is in a skyscraper in Cannibal Country that looks right over the Hudson into the City.

"I hope that when we come, our people take you alive, Baby.  I'd like to really meet you."

"I won't let that happen."

"It almo-"

She cuts, walks away.

Bullet calls Web into his office and demands the names of every fucking squid-eater who has gone cannibal.

"Its complicated...some husband and wives are split different...some kids...sometimes just a daughter but not the sons and other times the whole clan but not the outsiders who marry in.  Its a mess."

Go aggroMiss.

Webb lies his ass off and lies well.

Baby reads a personMiss.

He walks away quickly before the name doesn't check out.

When the names don't check out, Bullet calls up everyone with wheels to roll up to the barge to talk with Web.  They catch Webb on his way back up in his little dinghy, roll him and all of his kin on the barge into Kip-town.

"Half of the damned squid-eaters are fucking cannibals and not to be trusted."

Kip-town went into near fucking riots.  Squid-eaters are ripped from their boats, baths and meals.  Squid-eaters are ripped from whore-houses, gambling dens and saloons.  Squid-eaters are rounded up into the middle of town, stripped naked, their boats ransacked.  The late Kipsie was no friend to squid-eaters and people don't mind a reason to fuck with them all over again.  Webb and his family are seperated from the squid-eaters who are roughed up, kept in the middle of a circle of Baby's Boys' bikes.

Bullet said, "Webb, either you are with us or you are not with us.  Choose now.  Point out every fucking squid-eater who is a fucking cannibal.  Point them out.  Choose.  With us or against us.  Choose now."

So, Webb chose.  Those he pointed out as cannibals were splashed with red paint.  The others were let go.  Those with red paint were forced to the ground between Baby and Bullet.

20 squid eaters were cannibals, several with filed teeth.  Those with filed teeth were killed, given to the crowd, murdered brutally in public while Bullet and Baby deliberated.  The children would be taken back to West Point and taught a trade.  The women were divvied up after the men are slaughtered.  Bullet's second-in-command, Fox took one, not because he wanted one but because he just didn't want to see anymore death.  Baby's Boys are wide-eyed and horrified; they aren't fucking hyenas and sure killing is fine but...this...this is something else.

The prettiest, Cola, was sent to Saffron's joint to earn a living in the sex trade.

Another was given to Baby, who was thinking of starting her own whorehouse.

As Bullet said, "The nice Bullet was killed out there on the Hudson.  That Bullet out there wanted peace and he was reasonable.  Now you have this scarred fucker who is going to kill these bastards who betrayed him.  Now we are at war."

You can see the line of fucking mess and brutality that got us here.  You can see why squid-eaters went to cannibal country while The Kipsie was sending biker gangs to hunt down their villages into order to cement his claim on all Hudson River crossings.  You can see how Dent being brutalized and scarred by reckless cannibals out on their helling led to a man who never takes off his helicopter helmet and who slaughtered a fortified tunnel filled with cannibals with a sledgehammer, shattering bonesr, knocking out their peaceful leader's teeth and sending him home to be shamed, mocked and have his political power stripped from him.  You can see how the people of Central Garden elected a woman who would plant bombs under a boat filled with diplomats coming to discuss a peace accord.

There is a clear line of broken people and desperation that got us to the ugly events of this game.

Apocalypse World / New Playbook Idea: Atomic Beast
« on: October 18, 2010, 12:25:55 PM »
This is the first in a series of more pulpy/Gamma Worldy Playbooks.

Name: Smash, Bruce, Quasi, Thermonu, Niff, Shulkie, Zerk, Maestro, Warhead, Fixit, Hyde, Rav the Club

Look: Primary Color Bodybuilder, Lizard-Thing, Glowing Thing

Man, Woman, Concealed, Transgressing

Raging Eyes, Glowing Eyes, Red Eyes, Lizard Eyes

Torn Shorts, Torn Dress, Lux Suit, Naked

Choose 2:

Used to fighting hordes: +1 Armor when out-numbered or out-gunned.

...You would't like me when I'm angry:  Roll +Weird

10+ Hold 3 for the coming battle.

7-9: Choose 1, MC chooses one innocent bystander and/or 1 inanimate object that are damaged in your rampage.

Miss: Either you just don't feel that angry about this (how could that be?) or you wake up in the rubble, dead folk all around...

Angry Holds
+1 Harm for that roll
+1 Armor for one shot against you
Destroy a piece of landscape
Destroy a vehicle or a weapon with your hands

Leave-Me-Alone Leap!:  Roll +Sharp
10+ Land where you want on the map.

7-9: Land where you want but MC chooses one:
Landed on something valuable that is now badly damaged or destroyed.
Landed in the midst of a firefight.
Someone whose loved one was killed in one of your rampages starts screaming shit at you.

Miss: All 3 or wrong place, wrong time.

Strongest and Toughest there is!: +1 Armor or Damage with hand-to-hand damage

Loved Ones: Jonesy, Bet, A-Bomb

I Love ______ but I'm scared at hurting them in my rage.
______ is my best buddy and they owe me big-time.
______ used to be my friend but now they are trying to destroy everything we used to stand for, dammit.

Gear: Satchel filled with crap you keep to remember places and people hurt in your rage...choose five objects, feel free to make up your own.

A brick, a doll, a baby's bonnet, a boot, a gun without ammo, a scientific gizmo, a jar of sand, a pair of broken glasses, a flattened bullet, a bent crowbar, piece of an engine block, little bag of teeth, a deflated soccer ball.

Cool     Hard     Hot     Sharp     Weird
Cool     Hard     Hot     Sharp     Weird
Cool     Hard     Hot     Sharp     Weird
Cool     Hard     Hot     Sharp     Weird

I thought there was a link somewhere about the math of the stats but I can't find it.

I want a few other tidbits, a move you have to take about irradiating the people around you you care about once you hit 5 advances.

Sex Move: They get a +2 to their Hx with you and you get a +2 to your Hx with them but now they can take Harm from the side effects of your ...You wouldn't like me when I'm angry move.  Also, immediately roll on the Ambient Radiation move at the beginning of the next game.  NPC's can be given fall-out symptoms as per the radiation clock as per the MC's Crosshairs move.

My favorite scene, Prologue:

Rubbin is growing up so damned fast, 15 year old girls are like that and since she had been adopted by Bullet, she's kinda blossomed.  The Driver, turns out, is a decent dad and since he took over West Point she eats well and is learning from Fitty the art of the gun and learning some driving from Mr. Bullet.

So yeah, when one of the Road Demons cornered her behind the garage at Pole and told her what he planned on doing to her once she fell asleep, she took out her sawed off shotgun and put two in his chest.  The Demons' leader, Monk is a savage monster in charge of 40 other savage monsters.  When Bullet read a person he found that all Monk wanted was for Bullet to suck his dick and give him all of his shit, which was what he basically wanted from every person left on the damned planet.

And Rubbin had just killed one of Monk's boys.  Bullet gave her a look, a look that said, "You done right but doing right has a price and you might have to pay it."  So, she backed away slowly while Monk cradled the boy's head in his lap and got into Bullet's car, the vette with the machine guns mounted on the roof.

Bullet heard the vette's engine fire up.  Rubbin gunned the car outta town, lighting up the machine guns in the midst of the Road Demons bikes, fucking up many of them and cutting their mechanic in half.  Bullet managed to get a hold of the door and crawled through, getting dragged along the road.

They got away up to Kip-town, where Baby could deal with Monk and his pissed off crew.

Next up: Bullet's, Baby's and Dent's intro moves and violence at the wedding.

Padriac, J.J., K.K., Barry, Brandy, you probably should not read this.

We took a few weeks off, some folks longer than others.  Seemed like a good time for this kinda thing.

Thoughts and comments on the letter-moves is appreciated.  Making moves is something I am still getting used to.

Dear Bullet,

Man, autumn is just flying by.  The clock is ticking and when it hits 12, it'll be winter.  You have time to get a few things done, but not everything done and shit, things might just go wrong.

Roll +sharp on a 10+ choose 3 to have ready to roll before winter.

On a 7-9, choose 1 and you can bust your ass trying to get any of the rest to happen in-game but it is going to be rough...getting Apoc Worlders together is like herding fucking cats.

On a miss, its all in the air, half done and the game is going to start rough, really rough.

You have the barter stowed, the crew gathered and the roads cleared from West Point to the city.  Time for some fucking high horsepower commerce.  Let's roll...

You have bedded a fine lady, a classy older gal who used to be a biker mama but her man got killed on a run into the city two years back or so.  She takes care of ya and Rubbin seems to like her well enough.

West Point is solid,+1 armor should the hold be attacked because its such a solid ole fort.

You managed to put a spy among the Garden-...among the fucking cannibals.  He sends back word via Gams every week or so about their plans, problems and movements.

The MC

Dear Baby,

If shooting someone meant you inherited their mess, you'd never have shot Kipsie in the first place...amiright?

Roll +Hard...

On a 10+ Choose 3.

On a 7-9, Choose 1.

On a miss, Kip-town is going to show you its teeth.

The Kipsie's Parents, Turk and Mary, were not only giving him pointers in political science but also teaching him how to use the Psychic Maelstrom and they are willing to teach you some if you will apprentice yourself to them a bit.

The Road Demons and Baby's Boys have gotten a little competitive, raiding up north, seeing which gang can bring in the better hauls.  They keep bringing you back cooler and cooler shit.  +2 Barter.

You inserted Shit-head among the Road Demons and it paid off, you have some insight into their leader, Monk.  Ask 3 questions from Read a Person or Read a Sitch (choose one, not 2 from one and 1 from another) about the leader of those savage bastards.

You've bedded one of the Green Mountain Boys and he seems like he is ready to tell you some McGillicutty clan secrets...all you have to do is push him a bit or maybe you don't push him at all and just keep his fine ass around for fun.

The MC

Dear Dent,

What have you been doing with your time, big guy?  Let's see where you are starting tonight's game.

Roll +hard to see how your hammer is-a-swingin'.

on a 10+, you are kicking the shit out of something/someone and life is glorious and when you get home, Ugly will be waiting for ya.

On a 7-9, you are kicking the shit out of something/someone and shit just got complicated and Ugly is in a bit of trouble when you get home.

On a miss, you are getting your ass kicked and shit just got complicated on top of it all and on top of that, Ugly is in big trouble.

The MC

Dear Marsh,

Welcome back.  Shit is different.  Your crew controls the southern Hudson.  What weird shit do you want to start with upon your return?

Roll +Weird

On a 10+ you can choose any of the items below and start the game in the midst of it, things going as well as can be expected in this Apocalypse World of ours.  Ask any 3 questions from Read a Sitch to get started.

On a 7-9 you are in the midst of any one of the situations below and shit is just about to get complicated, not a total mess yet but you know, this ain't the World-That-Was no more.  Ask any one question from Read a Sitch.

On a miss, choose any one of the situations below and its bad, really bad.

    * You have been undercover with the ENNE, the Radioactive Religion and their priests trust you, respecting your psychic powers as some kind of kinship with their odd deity.
    * You have brought a community of Native American tribal folk away from Salt City to either Kip-town or West Point and are getting them settled in.
    * You are hip deep in the Psychic Maelstrom, meeting with powerful psychic bastards like you from all over the east coast, having a meeting.

The MC

Dear Saffron,

Welcome back, madame.  Your joint has moved to West Point, since Bear is now just a shitty squid-eater barge crossing and not a full-on Bridge-Town.  How's the joint doing?

Commerce is Mr. Bullet's number 1 priority, so roll +Hot

On a 10+, choose 3 from the fine-ass wine list and none from the shitty whiskey list.

7-9, one from each.

On a miss, its all whiskey, no chaser, all grimace, bottoms up.

Fine-ass Wine List
 - You have been hosting the pit-fights that West Point uses as law and are much beloved by the locals and its fight night tonight!
 - You have a lover who has some powerful connections.  Who is it?
 - A group of girls just walked into your joint, refugees from Bumfuck, No-where and they want to sign on for work at your joint.
 - Stomp has settled right in as your new bouncer and his masked mug is a welcomed sight.  Everyone feels pretty safe, all things considered.

Shitty Whiskey List
 - You were just notified that Stomp was found with your prettiest girl and she is busted up, probably won't make it through the night.
 - A group of good looking young fellas with black homespun suits, fine barter and flashy assault rifles just settled in to your common room; one of the girls tells you that the other girls won't do no fucking with no cannibals...yeah, the lads' teeth are filed sharp.  Shit.
 - Gams is refusing to sell her shit to your girls and a few are going through some nasty withdrawl, unable to work.  You hear she's in West Point somewhere.

The MC

Thoughts and comments on the letter-moves is appreciated.  Making moves is something I am still getting used to.

Thinking about new fronts.  The city needs its own front, brutes to represent the fractured dozens to hundreds of gangs with no clear leader since Dog head was hammered by Dent and a labyrinth to represent the mess downtown Manhattan has become since the streets have caved in and some buildings have fallen.

The North should be its own front, with the McGuillicutty family ruling over New England from their fortress in the Green Mountains.

Albany starting to get hopping with a bunch of manufactories starting up, ruled by a guy who will be a slaver on paper but if you told him that his workers/employees were slaves, he'd be really fucking upset.  Again, I like this guy (as in, I like hating him), Mr. W/the Wizard/Mr. Wiz at the crux of the Mohawk and Hudson rivers.

Thoughts and comments all around appreciated.  Thanks for reading.

Apocalypse World / Just Outside the City: From West Point to Kip-town
« on: October 02, 2010, 01:49:36 PM »
Spent the first bit of the game filling out info on their holds.  Both have manufactories (West Point makes lumber, Kip-town - cows).  We sped up time a month and just let them ease into things.  I didn't make any hard moves, lots of vague future badnesses and some apocalyptica vomitting but honestly, nothing heavy.

It was the two hardholders, Bullet at West Point and Baby at Kip-town and Dent, the Faceless, roaming between the two, hammer in hand.  Dent has become an unmitigated bad-ass.  Or as JJ said so aptly, "Take moves from other character types...why would I?  I have so many awesome choices with the soon as I get enough XP together, I will be able to TALK to my mask and ask it advice."

Baby talks to Turk and Mary, the Kipsie's elderly parents and confidants.  She plays it smart, keeping them alive and keeping the Kipsie's second on as her second because they know Kip-town and she does not.

Her hold-related gang is a group of fucking savage heyenas, real bastards.  They were Kipsie's old gang but their leader now is a bald monster named Monk.

Bullet is doing the same kindsa shit down south, meeting with the town leaders from Bear who have relocated to West Point.  Not much is decided, they are just getting the feel of this leadership thing.

Bullet meets with an Elder from Cannibal Country.
Baby meets with a messenger from Dog-head, the warlord from the city, the guy whose lady-friend they kidnapped the first game, bringing her back to her dad in Poles fro execution.

Bullet and Dent play bad-cop and good-cop on the cannibal, whose name is Mariner.  Truth is, Bullet wants to let them into his town for some good ole commerce but he doesn't think his people are ready for that, after reading a sitch and getting info on how much they fear cannibals.  Also, Dent was eye-fucking Mariner the whole time, offering to kill him, introducing himself as, "Dent, killer of cannibals and anything else that walks."

But Bullet and Dent know shit now.  They know a bit about the Cannibals and have pieced together that this is where Gams is getting her drugs.

Baby states that if Dog-head wants to talk to her, he'd have to come up to Kip-town.

So, ya know, Dog-head get's on his old garbage barge and floats up to Kip-town.

The barge meets some of the Road Demons first and they toss some grenades at the boat, take some shots.

Things don't go to well from there.

Padriac, J.J., K.K., Barry, Brandy, you probably should not read this.

The Gardeners

Expresses: Seemingly more stability what cost?

Dark Future/Agenda: The Gardeners re-build civilization but eat people on their sabbath day in order to remember the shame of their past and the importance of making, rather than fighting over the left-overs of the old world in a salvage only culture.

Description and Cast: I have thought a bit too much about these people and my main problem is that I kind of like them.

Of course they don't call themselves cannibals; they call themselves Gardeners.  They live in the Garden (Jersey is the Garden State, doncha know).  Their parents turned to cannibalism to survive and were riddled with guilt about it.  The children turned that guilt into a part of their culture, eating weak folk.  Weak folk are people who do not produce, people who live by salvage, considered to be animals living off of the corpse of the world that was, unable to move on and build anew.

They have a government, elected officials...but on Sunday, they eat people.  People who produce cannot be eaten and of course the Elders decide which vocations are considered productive and which are to be hunted.

The cannibals most people have met outside of the Garden, outside of what Hudson River Valley folk refer to in hushed tones as Cannibal Country are teens, out on a helling, the last murderous mischief of youth before turning to adulthood.  Many teens out on their helling have their teeth filed into sharp points, living up to the cannibal stereotypes.

Stakes Questions:

Will the Gardeners convert the River Folk to their traditions?

Will they get the trains running again?

Will they convert any of the player characters?

Will they make a treaty with Dog Head and his blossoming slaver operation?

Will they continue to sell their meth to Gams, as their primary drug dealer up to the Hudson River Valley?

Threat 1
is called: The Garden Elders

Kind: Grotesque, Cannibal

Impulse: craves satiety and plenty

Description and Cast: Boom, Elder of North Garden, Lead Engineer of the Train Yards

Mariner, Elder of Central Garden, Commodore of the Hook Fleet

The Devil, Elder of South Garden, Sheriff of Atlantic City

Custom Move: Not sure there is one.  Huh.  Thinking about it, suggestions appreciated.

Countdown: Again, don't think there are any, might add some for the Elders' special projects.

Threat 2
is called: The Garden Way

Kind: Affliction, Custom

Impulse: to promote and justify violence

Description and Cast: Man, they have a point, don't they?  They've got some electricity and they're making shit.  Maybe eating some shmuck once a week to remember the Long Winter, to gather with our family to do something horrid in order to remember how low humanity can get isn't such a bad idea?

Custom Move:  Sabbath Meal, roll + Cool

12+ Not only is eating people wrong but choose someone at the table and you convince them that these customs are bullshit.

10+ "Dude, eating people is wrong.  This is fucking dumb."  You see through the bullshit.

7-9 Choose 1

Miss, whoops, all 3, snap out of it whenever you feel its appropriate.

 - You feel comfort in this meal and a bond with the other sabbath-takers.  Take +1 on your next roll to help any one of them or the Garden.
 - You have comitted a terrible sin in order to survive in the Apocalypse World. Talk about it with your fellow sabbath-takers and you will feel absolved (for now).
 - You have the urge to make something, to be a producer and not a salvager.  Talk over your plans over dinner to make something that would make the world a better place.


00-03: Some river-folk villages start to make their own long-boats.

03-06: Garden diplomats secretly meet with river-folk villages who are making their own ships.

06-09: Some river-folk families begin to make their way to the North Garden, partaking of the sabbath.

09-11: River-folk families feud over the Garden's offers.

12: The River-folk who are not Gardeners slowly begin to be driven off of the Hudson.

Threat 3
is called: Helling Teens

Kind: Brutes,


Description and Cast: Kids dressed up in their Sunday best, teeth filed to pointy cannibal-chic, guns often pillaged either from a local township gun locker or their parent's garage, out to score some salvage, some meat and some laughs.

Custom Move: Not sure that there is one.

Countdown:  00-03: Some kids leave the Garden, shoot some shit up and get back with some good stories

03-06: Some kids rampage their way through a village.

06-09: Some helling teens show up at Bear, West Point or Kip-town with barter and cause a ruckus.

09-11: Some helling teens kill a warlord, eat his people and leave the rest in fear.

12: Some helling teens seize a piece of real estate, declare themselves a hardhold and settle down for a spell.

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