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brainstorming & development / Re: Daydreaming about Cyberpunk A.W.
« on: July 18, 2020, 01:16:53 PM »
i've got another one going on Mars. I imagine them in the same universe.

So far, so good.

brainstorming & development / Daydreaming about Cyberpunk A.W.
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:41:49 PM »
I've been thinking out loud about using AW Burned Over to play Cyberpunk. I know there are other games that do this but I dig AW and think it can juuuust about do this out of the box.

I've got this strange Cyberpunk Nurse Asynchronous Video Play by Post game going with Daniel and it is fun. Hot damn...Burned Over. Dag, it is good.

And now I'm daydreaming about what this would look like as a finished product.

A supplement to Burned Over? A re-written AW with Burned Over playbooks?

I'd want essays from folks about gender, race, afrofuturistic cyberpunk, UX design in the near future and maybe something about hacking in games and media. I picture 3000 word essays at 15 cents a word. I've got people in mind. This daydream is specific.

And that is where I'm at. I just learned that this forum was back up, which brings me great joy and thought I'd share these thoughts.

Questions, warnings, cheers, hugs, and critique are welcome...

Apocalypse World / Re: The Crests - Water, Surf, Bro's and Blood
« on: July 15, 2013, 02:03:40 PM »
Little Big Things

Jay and I both became managers recently and I can see him play out his frustrations as a manager in the way he plays his Hardholder. I wonder if the moments when Radd loses his temper are the moments when I come closest to a real life experience.

I am not asking enough questions and probably am not drawing enough my maps. My moves on failed rolls have been soft, even for me but I'm okay with slowly ramping that up.   

I made up the Fronts, which is fun as always. I will jot those down in another thread, away from players' eyes.

Apocalypse World / The Crests - Water, Surf, Bro's and Blood
« on: July 15, 2013, 01:27:47 AM »
This apocalypse is a mess. Super-heroes caused an apocalypse and the players are living in a surf commune on top of the ocean-flooded Rockie Mountains.The hardhold makes its surplus by desalianating water, making it drink-able.

Norrin Radd - Hardholder - he goes back and forth between being an affable, joking surfer-bra to being a frightening killer with an AK who will kill you while smiling and assuring everyone it was the right thing. Jay has him take stands at times that surprise me. Most folks just call him Radd.

Burdock - Savvyhead - known around the hold as the good cop, or the reasonable one. He's the one you go to if you've fucked up and want to soften things up before going to Radd. Yeah, he's an odd one but he's a nice guy and more often than not makes sense.

Trey - Gunlugger - she's the monster under the bed and the hammer Radd uses to bang on any nails who need banging. She's also an ogre of a lady who has a thing for Burdock and he doesn't seem to have much of a clue.

Two games in and we've got a shitty map of the local islands and mention of the Dark-side up north. Jason is the one who drops the most super-hero stuff and I have been putting in dribs and drabs here and there. They have a glove that seems like something off of Tony Stark's right hand, a big gray repulsor ray that Trey has taken a shine to.

Wisher had the glove and turns out he got it from an Atlantean, dropping intel to them in a bottle into the ocean, letting them know about the Crest's defenses and such.

This past game, all of the Sex Moves got activated right before the big feast. Trey slept with the bone-setting/barber, Mojo - but it wasn't exactly a love match. He just ended up crying to her, talking about his late wife after they both got off. Radd slept with Balls, who had been with Roark before Trey put a grenade in his sternum. No hard feelings, Balls wants to be the Number Two. We'll see how that works out. Burdock fixed Wise's cybernetic arm, in what was probably the most intimate moment of the evening, him taking apart the arm, cleaning it out and putting it back together so that she wouldn't have the shakes anymore.

Next game they execute Radd's plan, figuring out how to deal with the Aramadans. Armada is a string of boats out at sea who circle the islands and they came to the Crests, hat in hand, with nothing to barter but needing water. What they said was that they lost their usual shipment of fish due to a bad storm but word around the camp-fire is that they are sizing the Crests up, seeing what they will do and where the Armadans will side if a full-on water rebellion goes down.

It is Apocalypse World, so it is a big, glroious web of names, desires and lusts all pinging off one another.

Good times.

Inspired by: a conversation on G+, Apocalypse World, Sorcerer, this blog post , City of Fire and Coin, Dark Heart of the Dreamer, A|State and World of Dungeons.

Thoughts: How short can we make an AW hack?

The City: a short role-playing game about life in a fantastic city

One person will play a character, the other will be the Master of Ceremonies (M.C.).

Character Creation

Please answer these questions.

I live in the City, my district is known for ____________.

When I was younger, I got into trouble ____________. Now I try to stay out of trouble by ____________.

My apartment is above a ____________ shop. My neighbors are a ____________, a ____________ and a ____________.

The City has been through some rough times. When ____________ happened, the neighborhood dealt with it by ____________. I ____________ with my neighbor ____________ and ____________, a member of my family.

Today the status quo of my life was turned upside down when ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


When there is a conflict roll two six sided dice.

On a 10+, success. On a 7-9, success but there is a complication or a hard choice. Less than that is a failure.

Moves play with this die rolling formula. Moves can be City Rituals, Civil Unrest, Governmental Mandates, Monstrous Details, District Happenings, and City Laws.

Master of Ceremonies

  • It is your job to play the characters of the city as if they are real people.
    Celebrate the player's creative input by challenging the status quo of the player character.
    Offer interesting complications and hard choices for rolls of 7-9
    Offering interesting consequences for failed rolls.
    Ask the player interesting questions.
    Put obstacles in the way of the city's deeper mysteries while at the same time, unveiling those mysteries.
    Make new moves with the player when they discover City Rituals.
    Make new moves on your own when they are needed in play.
    Draw maps, jot down district names and other details on scraps of paper.


  • Play your character as if they are real.
    Seek out the City's mysteries.

More Players

Someone else wants to play? Fine.

Answer these questions:

During the main character's troubled youth, I met them through  ____________. I moved to the other side of the City in the district known for  ____________ . I had to leave that district and move back home because ____________________________________. I sought out the main character because ________________________________________________.

Monsterhearts / Re: AP: The Mirkshires
« on: June 14, 2012, 11:41:01 AM »
I have nothing constructive to add other than adoration for what is happening at your table and a love of goat-headed demons.

blood & guts / Re: A "dictionary of Mu" for AW?
« on: March 26, 2012, 07:12:56 AM »
I...I've thought about this.

And this is after being a real curmudgeonly jerk about folks hacking at Dictionary of Mu for other systems.

I'm so ashamed.

Curmudgeonly Jerk Note: I think it works fine using Sorcerer.

Apocalypse World / L.O.E. Apocalpyse: Leaving Iss
« on: January 13, 2012, 10:59:23 AM »
Andrew, our new housemate, hasn't gamed before, so I suggested a few games and he chose Apocalypse World.  I suggested a few choices for apocalypses and luckily, he chose my favorite of the bunch, Jay Walton's Low Earth Orbit apocalypse.  Fantastic.

Andrew played an Operator, Lafferty who did surveillance for the local satellite lord, Roark, making sure the Angel, Doc, stayed put and didn't defect to a different community.

Anthony played a Battlebabe, Raymond Omega, who is a Bladerunner-style replicant, a cold killer with cool clothes.

Matteo played Doc, the Angel, who I didn't have much of a read on but seemed to be a jaded pragmatic guy out to do the least amount of harm possible while still looking out for himself.

The first scene of the game tipped the rest of the scenario.  Miller, a local pilot, came in to Doc at his module aboard the International Space Station with two thugs to talk him into coming with her to a new satellite she was starting up.  She wouldn't say how she was doing it but she was starting a new joint with hydroponic vegetables.

"You'll be able to take a proper shit, Doc."

Doc was in.

Things went poorly between the thugs outside.  Ray and Lafferty got into a brawl with them and the thugs both ended up getting got.

After that it was a blur of failed rolls, tense stand-offs, machine gun fire and zero-g brawls in the void.

In the end, they ended up with Miller, back in Eden, her hydroponic satellite garden.  The new joint was on an un-mapped trajectory that no one had found and was currently manned by a skeleton crew.  If/When we play again, the crew will go out into the other satellites and try to start pilfering solid personnel to make the move to Eden.

I had to get a bunch of things done after the game so I didn't get to talk it over with Andrew but will do so when I have a moment, get his thoughts on his first table-top RPG experience.

Dungeon World / From Grundloch's Surprise to the Spanterhook Slaughterhouse
« on: September 23, 2011, 01:00:05 AM »
I am having a stupid amount of fun playing this game.

Its not fully baked yet but what's there is nifty and even better, what's to come is damned exciting.

The second most powerful thief in the guild is the Extortionist whose stats are as follows:

level 4, 15 HP, 3 Armor, 9 Damage (Mace)

Every other thief had 5 damage tops.  I should’ve corrected the mistake.  Instead, I stuck to the text and killed Aaron’s 2nd level fighter/elf from last game, killed Anthony’s cleric twice and he had to change alignment and change which god he worshipped.  I should’ve noticed it and switched it but I didn’t.  Bummer on me.

Apocalypse World / Re: Just Outside the City: Five Years Later
« on: September 18, 2011, 01:38:48 PM »
We had this funny moment at the start of the game.  I wrote down every character's name and 3 NPC's who were important to them, thinking that everyone would follow the above directions for each and every NPC and in doing so, the map and setting would become full of stuff that had happened and changes and drama.  On a 10+, they were set up or brought close and doing well.  On a 7-9, they were doing alright but needed help.  On a miss, they were in TROUBLE...most of the TROUBLE folks died during last night's game.  I put them in the crosshairs with extreme prejudice.

But I didn't explain that and the sheet seemed to say that you should just pick one NPC.  So, they each rolled one and then they sat there, looking at me.  I thought they were being reticent to continue, so I made some smalltalk.  And they were looking at me, smiling, wondering what the fuck was going on.  And I'm thinking that I have made a letter-move that is so fucking awful that they are all scared to fucking roll.

Then JJ starts to explain to me that if we rolled for each NPC, it'd make this really cool map of conflict and trouble and such.  And I'm wondering why he's explaining my fucking idea to me.

Finally, after an uncomfortable 15 minutes, I ask bluntly why no one is rolling for the rest of the NPC's and the miscommunication became clear and we had a good laugh, getting on with the game.

More on what happened with each NPC later.

Apocalypse World / Just Outside the City: Five Years Later
« on: September 17, 2011, 04:57:32 PM »
We haven't played all summer, so I cooked up this custom move/letter thing to get NPC's into place and get a feel for what the landscape looks like:

Dear Apocalypse Worlders,
Five years have gone by and the threat from the south never came, the remnants of the Five Points Empire collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.  New York City continues to eat itself in uncountable petty feuds.  The cannibals have crammed their way into the southern tip of the Garden.  Meanwhile the Hudson River Valley Compact has flourished and despite the harsh winter famines, commerce has blossomed and the roads were cleared.

There is a murmuring among the populace, some say it is time for elections and others say that democracy got them into the Big Mess in the first place.

Choose an NPC from your list.  You can choose to Hold them Tight or Set them Up.

Hold them Tight means you took them into your confidence and kept them with you during these past five years.  Roll ______________ to find out how that’s going.

Set them Up means you saw to them finding their own place and now they are in charge of some thing, place or organization in the area.  You can find that place on the map or you can explain what they are now in charge of.  Roll ______________ to find out how that’s going.

I'll have every PC listed with a list of relevant NPC's and we'll figure out what is going on in the post-apocalyptic Hudson River Valley.  I've missed them, being a fan of the PC's means missing games is like missing an old, fictional friends.

And of course it will be nice to see the real folks, face to face again as we get our soups, tea's and jackets ready for autumn.

Apocalypse World / Re: Dead World
« on: July 15, 2011, 01:15:38 PM »
I always saw Maestro'D as a straight-up homage to Al Swerengen, even down to the knife use.

Some nights I just don't feel like dropping the hammer hard.  Tonight I did a ton of hinting at future badness and vomiting forth.

When we last gamed, Doc had announced that he was going to set up his learning hospital in Hoover and he toasted the hospital's founding with the Engineer-in-Chief, having poisoned her glass.  The other PC's knew.

Hoover went into an all-night festival, everyone was getting drunk but Harlan, Cybelle and Doc were uneasy.  Harlan hit the town with Pima, accepting the free drinks that came with being the Croaker's driver for the night.  Cybelle just kept a watch out and Doc went back to the Croaker and went to sleep, nervous and feeling guilty.

That morning the engineers came for the Doc; they needed his help.  Phoenix, the Engineer-in-Chief was sick, really sick.  Doc went into Hoover Dam itself with Cybelle, saying that he might need her as his nurse.

Doc convinced Gold, Phoenix's second that he was legit after Reading a Person.

How would I get her to believe that I was worth supporting when this was all over?

You'd have to come clean and not bullshit Phoenix, not tell her that this sickness was a flu but that she was going to die.

Phoenix wanted to leave her brain for Hoover, having her soul stored in a glass bottle; once the Angel told her that she was likely to die soon she called for a quorum of engineers in order to make her sacrifice.

Before this, Cybelle had skulked around, looking into the Psychic Maelstrom, seeing if there were any other Brainers among the Engineers.  She picked up on two readings, the flickering of Phoenix and another odd thing way off down a hallway.  She came to a barrel-size glass tube with rubber stoppers on either end, attached to an old speaker-phone.

She figured out that it was Lovelocke, the Chemist's best friend and former Brainer, stored here for the past year.  She wanted to take his stored mind into her own, even though she already had a hitch-hiker, Ma, a failed roll from the first game.  She rolled under fire to see if she could take in Lovelocke.  The dice demanded a harder choice...sure, you could get Lovelocke but you only have room for two in there.  You'll have to leave Ma in the barrel.

Yup, Ma was left in a brain-tube in Hoover and Lovelocke was in her head now.

Good stuff.

Other moments to write about:
Phoenix into Oblivion
Doc and the Engineer's Convocation
Harlan's Drug Run

Apocalypse World / Re: Extended Mediography
« on: May 31, 2011, 12:22:54 PM »

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