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Apocalypse World / Hocus Questions
« on: September 15, 2010, 08:20:47 PM »
There's a Hocus named Truth that fills the leader role in the game I'm MCing. Truth is a fucking wacknut (weird+3), and has the move frenzy. Here are his Followers:

Description: Truth's cult. They travel with Truth. Taken as a body, they constitute a powerful psychic antenna. Eager, enthusiastic, and successful recruiters. They aren't really Truth's, it's more like he's theirs. They are decadent and perverse.
Fortune: +1
Surplus: 1-barter, Augury, and Growth.
Want: Judgment, and Savagery.

Firstly, how do I handle his follower's wants contra the fact that Truth's followers aren't really his, it's more like he's theirs? I don't really understand how to decipher what a cult of people willing to travel with a hocus, but not because they're his followers, but because they somehow see themselves owning him, and that coupled with the want: judgment it has me confused. Would someone please give me a few pointers, tips or ideas?

Secondly, of course Truth failed his first session fortunes roll. His followers blamed him for being in want, a follower was mutilated by another, then they turned their fury on Truth himself. The hocus used frenzy to have the followers brutally butcher the maimer and calm them down for the time being. I saw Truth pointing out that the followers were to blame as the truth, is this correct in general (in our story it obviously was)? I mean, since fortunes is tied to the followers, if they're in want it should in general be their own fault, right?

Thirdly, any tips on how to handle augury? My first question for the hocus' player when he wants to use augury will probably be, "what is augury?" What is it in your games?

Btw, the other two characters in our game are Damson the battlebabe, a loyal follower of Truth the hocus, and Shithead the chopper who is puzzled by how Truth dared stand up to him, and perhaps on the fence of also becoming a cult member.

I think well when putting words in writing, and just typing this up gave me a couple of new ideas.

Apocalypse World / 1st Session Worksheet to a Front - How?
« on: September 02, 2010, 12:12:31 AM »
I love the game, the book looks great, and the multiple PDFs are very useful. There are very few things I'd like to see changed in the game's text, but I would like to share my thoughts and hear your feedback.

#1) The section on how to Fill up your 1st session worksheet on page 130 talks about scarcities, but Fundamental Scarcities are not detailed until the next chapter on page 137.

#2) While I love the sample 1st session worksheet on page 131 and 133 (after the 1st session), it pains me that the same worksheet isn't used as a base for the sample Front on page 149. So there's no easily grasped, "oh, so that's how I go from my 1st session worksheet to creating my first front."

#3) Are resources only relevant After the 1st Session (page 132), when using the 1st session worksheet to create your first threats and fronts? Resources are not mentioned again in the Fronts chapter.

Plea for Help
Would someone please help me by creating a sample front using the sample 1st session worksheet on page 133 of the book? I'd also love it if someone would reverse engineer the 1st session worksheet that might have been used to come up with the sample front on page 149. These documents would be valuable as a supplemental download on this web site.

P.S. As relates to the book as a physical artifact, I would love more narrow margins on the outside of the pages, and instead have wider margins towards the middle of each page spread. I'm afraid I'll break the spine by how much I have to push open the book to properly read it.

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