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AW:Dark Age / Re: Denied right
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:20:55 PM »
I'd actually suggest that you're not being a dick fully within the rules in your stated example. I can't see any principles you're following in the example, and the MC rules state to say what your principles demand. You're certainly not "giving the character their due," nor, "bringing action into the game," with your move there. It doesn't seem like you're "taking their
away" for the purposes of using your moves to lay groundwork, to introduce urgency, or to introduce complications. So as MC I'd say deny players their character's right when they've earned me denying them, by whatever metric my sense of mystery, magic and danger provides. Or when I know that the serfs are about to rise up and denying them their rights over the serfs is what honesty demands.

AW:Dark Age / Re: I miss Going Aggro and Manipulate
« on: March 11, 2014, 06:20:48 PM »
For an even more "Go Aggro/Manipulate with Violent Leverage" example, more about demanding than claiming anything that is Rightly Due You, take Elain Stone, Troll Killer, as she discusses with a shady ass merchant who has implied he has information about a troll she's tracking.

Player: "Alright, he's been leading me on and giving me nothing. I draw my sword, shove him against the wall point to his belly, and say through gritted teeth, 'Listen, worm, you are going to tell me what you know of where the mother of Grendel makes her nest, or you will die.' I'm Claiming My Right." *rolls* "Heck yeah, boxcars. Now, what's he gonna do?"
MC: "Heh heh. He doesn't even blink as he spits in your face. 'Some hero of the people you are. You're nothing but a monster yourself. Do your worst, coward.' But hey, you take +1 forward. Whaddya do?"
Player: "Fucker. Well, I gut him, saying, 'Maybe it takes a monster to kill one,' before turning to his compatriots. 'Now, which of you will tell me what he wouldn't?'"
MC: "Whoa, hold on. You haven't down any inkling of being a cold blooded killer. I think you're going to have to Hold Steady to gut him."

AW:Dark Age / Re: I miss Going Aggro and Manipulate
« on: March 11, 2014, 06:03:29 PM »
I think it does work for those cases, just not the way they do. To run with your initial example -

Player: "I yell at him: 'you swore fealty to my father! You will not deny me now! Join my cause and maintain your honor."
MC: Are you Claiming Your Right? Sounds like it. Roll Hard."
Player: "Sure, it's an... 11! Bite it! I stare him down, fiery."
MC: "The wayward lord stares right back: 'Times have changed. Lords have changed. I owe nothing to you.' He's calling you out, but you get a +1forward.
Player: "Damnit. I draw steel and hold out my blade, like 'Bend your knee or I'll bend it for you.'
MC: "Are you willing to kill over this?"
Player: "Uhhh, I don't know. Maybe, but I don't want to. I want him to know I'm serious, but I want him alive to lead his men."
MC: "Fair enough. Seeing your blade, he finishes what he implied before. 'You, fallen prince Stone, are a coward and a fool. Put your child's plaything away before you hurt yourself, and drag your yellow belly from my hall.' Moment of truth. Are you serious enough to follow through? He's calling your bluff. What do you do?"

We can move that further into Go Aggro territory by bumping all that posturing and follow-up insulting into the initial trigger, but it's not necessary.

Player: "I draw my sword and yell at him, 'you swore fealty to my father! You will not deny me now! Join my cause and maintain your honor, or perish on my blade."
MC: Are you Claiming Your Right? Sounds like it. Roll Hard."
Player: "Sure, it's an... 11! Bite it! I stare him down, sword glinting in the light."
MC: "The wayward lord stares right back: 'You are a fool and a coward, and your words mean nothing. Leave, before my guards are forced to throw your bloody corpse out with the contents of my chamberpot.' He's calling you out, but you get a +1forward.

I guess maybe a last ditch after that would be, say tackling the lord to the ground or throwing him up against a wall and putting the point of your sword against his gut, which might be a Hold Steady and might not, depending.

I think the larger part of the win there is that either they cave, or the ball is back in your court, /and/ they've given you reason to cut them down. The only difference is that its your choice to pull the trigger. Kinda rids people of the bitching that was often heard about Go Aggro vs Manipulate with leverage of "I'm totally gonna shiv you (but I won't actually but I want you to think I will)" by melding the two and then shunting all other manipulation into the drawing out of people and actually giving them reason to do what you want.

My simple answer at the end, then, is that it does work for some cases of Go Aggro and Manipulate with violence as leverage, it just doesn't necessarily get you what you want. Demands and threats of violence often don't, but they sure do draw a line in the sand.

AW:Dark Age / Re: I miss Going Aggro and Manipulate
« on: March 11, 2014, 04:46:54 PM »
Nah, I don't really think it's so much about winning your right so much as putting someone else in the position of either giving you what's rightfully yours or straight up denouncing you and all you stand for ( or at least a good chunk of it). It lays allegiances bare and allows for no equivocation. You're forcing someone to either declare themself your ally or your enemy, with no wiggle room. That's a damned powerful 10+ as far as I'm concerned. That's a win. Maybe an uncomfortable one, but a win.

AW:Dark Age / Re: I miss Going Aggro and Manipulate
« on: March 11, 2014, 04:06:19 PM »
Wow, I had to look twice to see that you HADN'T written "Outlaw Heir" as the playbook. I think your assumptions really translated there ;)

Anyway, I don't have too much truck for playbook agnostic responses, but sure, Draw Someone Out would probably be my go-to there. It would end up something like:

Player: "Hang on, lemme back that up a shade. I draw my sword letting it hang gripped by my side, narrow my eyes and say, 'If you will not bend to your oaths, there will be war between us. Surely we can find ground before words cannot be taken back.' I'm drawing him out."
MC: Oooh, goody. Do your worst! Roll +hot.

Less agnostic-like, with the Outlaw Heir, maybe she Draw's Them Out, maybe she prays to Her Parents Blood.

Player: "I take out my sword and kneel, setting the point to the ground. I close my eyes and pray, saying to myself, "Mother, guide me. This oathbreaker will not aid me, not with what I have. I must convince him if I'm to have a chance at regaining our lands. Tell me what I must do, and I'll shed no tear until I sit in my rightful hall.'"

Or maybe she simply is a Supplicant.

Player: "After a tense moment with my sword out, I put it back in it's sheath. 'Please, dear lord, these times are unjust and you know it well. Surely you must be have some advice for what I must do, how I can gain your aid?' I'm not begging, but my question demands answer."

The War-Herald my likewise pray, but to the gods of war, loudly and to the sky, in full view of the oathbreaking lord, maybe breaking his sword in offering. Or perhaps he just gestures to his lieutenant and says something like you said, "If you won't bend your knee, I'll have it bent for you. Mharles, have the men kill our kindly lord's troops until such time as he kneels before me. Make sure those who are about to die know why." which maybe triggers Wolfpack, maybe doesn't.

The Wicker Wise just smirks and watches as the lord drinks from his goblet, remembering fondly his moments alone in the kitchens, before mentioning that he has an antidote in exchange for a new oath, "lords change, after all."

The Troll Killer probably just growls before she shouts at him, "You will do as I say! Kneel, and swear on your gods that you'll follow me into the gates of hell should I ask, or your blood will run through these halls," before rolling +hard on her Commanding Presence. I'd like to see the lord who freezes or backs away in his own hall, poor sot.

The Dragon Herald, as far as I'm concerned, just says something to the degree of, "Do be careful. When the dragons come for those of the blood of eagles, you will want me to speak on your behalf I'm sure," before dropping the mic and walking out. Maybe just after using The Sight to customize that threat to the lord's greatest fears and sins.

AW:Dark Age / Re: On Jousting
« on: March 08, 2014, 11:43:39 AM »
Neeeeh. None of this 3-harm 3-armour jazz. For the formal tilt they use 1-harm easy-shatter tagged blunted lances. The fact that you're rolling means you connected. Taking less harm means you  prevented your opponent from connecting. Doing great harm and taking your objective each boost point value of your strike, with both meaning you've unhorsed your opponent. Impressing means you've got the crowd a-roaring in your favour. Two PCs tilting against each other both pick their options, and anyone reduced to 0-harm misses their opponent, 2-harm + objective means unhorsing.

Cheaters, now, use non-blunted 2- or 3-harm lances (4-harm lances are a little too noticeable to make it through without a lot of co-conspirators in all areas of a tourney). The 2-harm lances are no good against anyone who jousts with shield and a helmet, but with shields going out of style, well... accidents happen, after all.

AW:Dark Age / Re: Hold Steady
« on: March 07, 2014, 11:20:39 PM »

"Alright boys and girls! Hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes! Wait for it... Wait for iiiiit..." Roll +cool with the hope of the 10+ for the +1 forward on going into battle, essentially. Else, fire early and blow your assault, or fire late and blow your assault.

AW:Dark Age / Re: questions on Outlaw Heir
« on: March 07, 2014, 10:35:50 PM »
In the meantime one of the guards sprints to attach him.
The player was not satisfied of this, because he got someone who tried to killed him like if he rolled 6-.
My guess is that it doesn't matter, the success did not give him a sort of immunity.If someone want to kill him because of the fiction he will be attacked even with a success.

Am I right or I've been a bit too harsh?

To give a dissenting view, I'd say that except in some very particular circumstances I wouldn't have done that. If, say, it had been previously established that the guards were going to attack anyone who gets in their way, or if they're under orders to kill the Outlaw Heir on sight, or if the Heir had struck down one of the guards as part of their flashy entrance, then sure I'd say that "one of the guards steps forward, sword raised" is a valid response, but if all that happened thus far is "As your ruler by birthright, Ossumman Stone III, I command you to give these people the taxes you've taken," and the move wasn't a 6-, the most I'd do in that direction is have a guard come up, sneering, hand gripping his sword that's still sheathed, being all, "Uh, firstly, no, and if you say anything more, we'll be getting all excessive force up in this bitch." That's when the Heir is given an opportunity on a goddamn platter to Claim Their Rights ;)

As far as I'm concerned, you were too harsh (unless previously established that the Heir was to get the shiv). That said, it's your and your friends' game, and the only people who can really judge are you all. Talk to your fellow players. Say your piece. Be open to being wrong, but stand by your decision unless discussion convinces you otherwise.

AW:Dark Age / Re: (Slightly) more detailed review
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:00:48 AM »
Monster and Dragon rules are simple and evocative. I'm a little perplexed about how it will work if a Dragon is unable to consider the Herald as an enemy, though, especially if ignoring the Herald is also not an option. I worry that the Herald will just bully the Dragon into slavery by saying "if you don't obey me, it will make you my enemy."

"It is unfortunate you will consider me your enemy, for that I am not. I will come to you again tomorrow when your head has had time to cool; I have a family line to end."

Apocalypse World / Re: read a sitch and ambushes:
« on: October 20, 2013, 11:33:18 AM »
First up: Awesome. If your PCs die at each other's hands in a blaze of glory, well, that's just a fantastic end, even if it makes for a short campaign.

Second: That is a perfect opportunity to bring in a new threat that threatens them all. Offer them an opportunity at the cost of their desired revenge. If the players want an excuse to set aside the PvP, something bigger and badder than them is in your toolkit.

Or, y'know, the first one :D That's still fantastic.


Things are getting much clearer now. Thinking about splitting it up into several documents so I can really view separate sections individually. Anything struck out is stuff that I've essentially abandoned, but keeping around in case it sparks something. Anything in parens is stuff yet to be done.

I may be ditching the "questions" move. It's feeling kind of like it doesn't fit. I'm also struggling with whether or not to keep the "5 elements plus aether" approach or to shave off Light. Grumble.

Extra attention to the new move, the "Create Something" move. I think it's pretty cool. Now I just need to formalise how the wrong-things align into threats. Work in progress.

Dungeon World / Re: Number of Spells
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:20:29 AM »
I don't see why you couldn't use Ritual to create a new spell. I'd suggest bringing new magic into the world would be a great one time magical effect, after all.

Play Card! Bi-fold. Mostly self explanatory, far as I'm concerned. Please, if anything seems confusing, ask :D I'm really open to criticism.

Also, death. Death is important. Death means something. Not dying when you "should" means a lot.

"When you are struck by something you know will kill you, say this: "And that is how I was to die." If that's all there is to say, release your hold over the world. But if there is a memory that drags you back, forces you to keep on, tell us what it is. Tell us how even though you should have died, you get back up. Write down what you've lost, and write down what can now never kill you."

Something significant I'm thinking on. First up, I'm ditching the superfluous technology question in realm creation. It's needless. Replacing it with, right after the question about why it reminds you of home, the question, "But why is it wrong? What is missing?"

The answers to these questions, I figure, are immutable. You, while you're alive, bind the realm and keep it safe. Aether cannot destroy the realm as long as you're around. I mean, it can threaten and destroy things in the realm, sure, but it can't do something that will falsify any of the questions. (Might get rid of the guardian question, too, come to think.) Anyway, part of the death move is that you let go of your hold over the world. That means that the part of you that keeps any realm you've unlocked bound has let go. It is no longer protected from aether. At the same time, that thing keeping it "wrong", that's gone. Not that the place is going to get swallowed up immediately, or that it's instantly going to resemble home. Just, it's no longer stagnant. It can now really grow. And you will never get to see it.

Kay, I officially don't know how it took me this long to get it out there as simple as this, and put it into words and not just subtext but Tommy Rayburn triggered it.

Thesis statement for game. Premise in a nutshell. "World ends and you're a psychologically damaged, emotionally powered immortal with the power to make any world except the one you miss so much" is what I'm going for.

Working on evoking that last bit here and there, but it's slow going.? Thoughts?

Thinking about realms. Here's what I'm looking at:

When you release the power of a keystone to create a realm, take personal ownership of the realm and answer the following questions.
o What is the terrain like?
o What are the mortal populations like?
o What technology does it encourage?
o Who is it's guardian?
o Why does it remind you of home?

For each of these, assign an element. Add these elements to the World Tool when interacting with this realm.

When you have time, not immediately, think about how that realm interacts with the emotions of Malar there, and how the elemental balance of the realm affects the populations. Come up with 2-4 Emotional Moves for the realm.


I unleash into the world the Land Of Wind And Shade. The terrain is rocky with great canyons of violet stone and blue sand, with heavy, low clouds blowing around in the near constant winds (air). The Squamids, with fleshy scales and lizard-like heads, roam in a confederacy of tribes (water). Great quantities of oil bubble up from deep chasms, encouraging diesel-based machinery among the Squamids, who build articulated wheeled vehicles to help them traverse greater distances (Fire). A group of Squamid Malari calling themselves the Scales of Justice protect the land and it's people (water). The land reminds me of the hoodoos my parents and I used to go to when I was young (Stone).

When your anger boils over, the crude bubbles up around you, lashing out at the source of your anger. Left to it's own, it will "fix the problem."

When you act with impatience, the canyons shake, and rend, and split, forming a maze. The following realm moves are open when the world would move: make them lost, hide the truth from them, and offer revelation at a cost.

When you smile truly, without a care, the wind picks up, and will take you anywhere in any realm you wish to be.

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