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the nerve core / Re: Apocalypse World
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:33:42 AM »
Could always go to r/lfg on reddit.

It's the "Looking for group" subreddit. You can use it to find other people in the area to play tabletop games with or to find people to start an online campaign in various systems.

Apocalypse World / Re: Combat turns
« on: December 10, 2013, 05:58:10 PM »
Not at all man. That's what these forums are for.

I would have had a tough time getting my own campaign started if i didn't lurk on the forums here and read through some the old posts, especially the posts describing rules interpretations and clarifications.

Seems like it worked out alright because now there are new players advising new players. Haha

Apocalypse World / Re: Combat turns
« on: December 10, 2013, 05:04:50 PM »
I wouldn't mess with the character's stat-lines at all, they were created that way for a reason and therefore should be left as such.

The battlebabe is supposed to have a +3 stat line as a built in +1 cool is a part of the character

I would refer to the following post in the "Blood and guts" section of the forum.

I would go check out that entire forum section before you start playing if you can. It gives a lot of insight on why things are laid out they way they are in the game as well as addressing things that might look like inconsistencies at first glance but are actual design features of the game (like the BB starting with +3 cool).

Also, I found another useful post about the battlebabe that really helped me understand that character, how she fits into the game and how the stats are laid out.

Apocalypse World / Re: Combat turns
« on: December 10, 2013, 08:40:33 AM »
Thanks a bunch Alex! And yeah, they were planning on battlebabe anyway. and you also gave me a stat to roll. these guys typically play d&d so, easing them from "stats everywhere" to "eh some stats" is going to be a bit of an issue. btw, im the MC asking questions so i can run a game without falling flat on my face. first time ill be running aw as well. also, totally stealing some of those custom moves


I am in the same boat as you. Having just came upon this game after years of DnD, I had to explain it and the stats as a way to tell a story as opposed as a way to have complex tactical battles and then it kinda sunk in for my players. One of my characters wanted a really fast character, went so far as asking if he could have this custom maneuverability system, being a fan of the player I obliged and the battlebabe with her +3 cool and custom long range weapon, and perfect insights (allowing her to get a better jump on people) was the perfect place to start. Get your players to figure out what they want to be really good at, the playbook and custom moves will follow.

Apocalypse World / Re: perfect group size
« on: November 26, 2013, 10:45:42 AM »
My group that I just started is 5 players and after 2 sessions I have found that sometimes it is difficult to get that many people equal screen time. Our battlebabe, a part of the town guard, kept inserting herself into every scene because she could. However I have something awesome planned for her next session that will hopefully allow her character to shine more.

Thanks for the tip though Munin. I am trying to get my group to be better at thinking on their feet so I will try doing stuff like that. I also agree that I like the balance that 5 characters creates. Makes it so there is a lot going on in the world.

Sorry this took a while to get up, have been rather busy:

We played a little bit of the brainer Enigma coming to town. He decided the northeast entrance and Beez (gave the BB nicknames already) who was on guard duty, jumped down and introduced herself. Had our first read a person by the BB, who then directs Enigma to the Rum Ham, a bar / inn in the market area of town run by Madame Gikka and secures a month's lodging up front with a filled fuel cell.
Kray is scavenging the wastes for useful materials / food. Sees dust rising up from the west. He checks it out and sees 4 canids attacking two people, a man and a young girl (Helix and Torque). Canids are packs of domesticated dogs run feral that all have been infected by the water parasite. He charges in and beheads the alpha dog after determining which one it was (read a sitch & sieze by force). Other dog taken care of by man. Remaining two dogs run away. Man was not bitten so he should be safe from parasite. Fire kills the parasite so Kray grabs the dogs for meat. Brings them back to Nupont and takes them to the hospital.
Cut to Case. Got details about the town water supply from the player. Then one of his regular weed customers (Ginger) comes banging on the door to his workspace. Wants to trade this working microwave he scavenged for information about the water supply. Ginger is part of the town guard and is looking for info so he can better protect the water distribution. Case doesn't trust him with the info but promises to let him look in if he is ever fixing the system. Ginger didn't get what he wanted so he traded the microwave for weed.
Beelzebub the BB was on guard duty when her friend Kiff mentions something about rumors that when the Bonelords come to town people have gone missing. He overheard the hardholder Lockjaw talking about having Beez escort them when they show up. He asks her to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
Chance rolled moonlightning and succeeded on his gigs obligation (avoiding someone) and scavenging. He started with 4 of his crew at the town of WM (wimm, built around a Waste Management landfill). Trades his scrap metal and random electronics found in the wastes for a month's worth of preserved food from the dump. Heads back towards NuPont. He hears a gasoline engine (uncommon) and decides to hide amongst some rocks along a hill. Sees 4 Bonelords coming towards them on bone covered motorcycles with cages on the side of them.
Back to Kray. Torque is seen to by the hospital staff and the staff mention payment for services. Helix pleads with Kray to help them out with payment since they are poor nomads and she doesn't want to have to work off their debt. Without a word Kray drops the dead dog at her feet and heads back out into the wastes towards Wilmington.
Back to Chance. After two of the Bonelords come up the back side of the hill Chance decides to walk out arms raised to the Bonelords (while leaving his boy Kobe in hiding). He mentions something about returning his goods back home and the Bonelords tell him to hand it over. Chance threatens them to stay back but the Bonelords release the canids from their cages on the bike. Kobe snipes one of the Bonelords while Chance dodges behind a rock (act under fire). Suddenly Case shows up out of nowhere (Bonefeel - he was testing out his hang glider) and drops a molotov on the other bike (read a sitch, act under fire). Chance can either save Jones or Mouse from being attacked by the dogs, chooses to save Jones and rolls poorly on his Seize by force, resulting in Jones getting bitten and Mouse getting saved by Kobe. Case opens his mind to the situation and sees the other two Bonelords alerting a large gang of them.
The bike has a hole in the tank so Case patches it up, grabs Jones and heads back to NuPont. He gets rushed to the hospital and on the way Lockjaw asks Case what happened. Case isn't entirely sure but tells him to ask Chance, who hasn't gotten back yet. Enigma had heard the commotion and is hiding behind a building eavesdropping. Lockjaw asks Beez to escort the Bonelords when they arrive tomorrow, making sure that no trouble happens (read a person in this conversation).  Lockjaw is convinced that he can smooth over this little bump in their relationship but he wants to talk to Chance when he returns.  Lockjaw tells Marble (his right hand man) to double the guards on the walls and keep everyone on high alert and then heads off to the hospital.
Watching all of this from the sidelines Enigma opens their mind about the situation. They see a large group of skeletons raising from the ground, people getting snatched from their beds, and a small figure kneeling before a throne of bone. They then get the rest of the situation from Beelzebub and decide that they need to talk to / warn Lockjaw about what they saw and head to the hospital.  Getting to the room where Jones is being kept Enigma meets Kobe and gets him to tell them everything about the ambush. Kobe tells Enigma that Lockjaw is inside with the head doctor Hack but the door is locked. Enigma waits for Lockjaw to come out and then tells him that he thinks the Bonelords are going to attack the compound and that he needs to do more to prepare. After a botched conversation with a failed manipulate (the brainer took the -2 hot stat block) Lockjaw tells Enigma "don't tell me how to run my town" and storms off towards the mansion. Enigma opens their mind again and sees a set of wind-up chatterteeth materialize out of inky darkness, slowly wander forward and die mouth open. A body rolls out of the mouth, a demonic laugh is heard, and a large bony hand snatches the body up. Convinced that more its going on here than it seems, Enigma heads after Lockjaw towards the mansion.

Our group has played D&D 3.5 for years now and we were looking into new systems to play. One of the newer players wanted to do a desert-punk setting and so I came upon this system to implement the world he wanted. As a group we decided that we wanted to play where we live instead of some fictional setting. I created this play through journal for your reading pleasure and for the benefit of writing down what happened in each session for my own purposes.

The setting
It is approximately the year 2150 but nobody is quite sure. The game starts in NuPont, a hold built around AI DuPont Children's Hospital north of Wilmington, DE and the nearby Nemours mansion. It is a trading town with a lot of refugees coming and going because of the medical services still provided there (I wanted my players to have the ability to get violent since we come from a D&D background).
South of the canal that goes between the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays are the Bonelords. Scary guys who own the only bridge left across the canal. They have covered the entire bridge in bone, mostly human. For the last two years an envoy has visited NuPont every two months for trading purposes.

The questions.
Apocalypse? = earthquakes / super volcano at Yellowstone. Acid rain and ash blocking the sun killed most of the trees that cover northern Delaware today. Arid desert climate locally,
Random weather phenomenon? = radioactive dust storms
Water is parasitic and radioactive. How can you tell the infected? = Faintly glowing green eyes.
How many tall buildings are left in Wilmington after the earthquakes? = Three. one is leaning.
Who is the other strong faction within the hold? = Doctors.
Emotions associated with the psychic maelstrom? = Anger and Hope
Height of technology? = cold fusion and lasers
Common technology? = fuel cells and solar power

The characters
Kray = the faceless. Covered in riot gear and scrap metal from head to toe. Has a gas mask on his face. Right side is cut away revealing a scarred face. Left side has a cracked lens. Carries a fire axe and doesn't talk much. Only friends are Chance and the head doctor, Hack.
Chance = the operator. Twenty something male dressed like a cowboy complete with hat duster and revolver. Lives in the mansion with Case. Case and Kray are a part of his crew. Dislikes Beelzebub.
Case = the savvyhead. Wiry older man who doesn't trust many people. Wears anything from ages past. Grows food and weed in the green house of the mansion of which he owns about 1/3. Made a robo-butler named Robby (his first robot creation, built around a safe) that completes his drug deals and allows people to see him.
Enigma = the brainer. Just showed up in town. Covered in black from head to toe. Wearing a full gas mask. Wearing a big trench coat so you can't tell what gender they are or if they are carrying any weapons. Came to town looking for drugs.
Beezlebub = the battlebabe. Tall red-haired bombshell that wears a bikini top and yoga pants. Has a harpoon system strapped to her back that allows for 3D maneuvering and pinning people to walls (custom long range) and a long chain blade. She is a part of the town gang and has tower duty with Kiff, one of two snipers in the town.

We have already played session one but I haven't quite finished the write-up for it. I will post it soon.

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