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Our group has played D&D 3.5 for years now and we were looking into new systems to play. One of the newer players wanted to do a desert-punk setting and so I came upon this system to implement the world he wanted. As a group we decided that we wanted to play where we live instead of some fictional setting. I created this play through journal for your reading pleasure and for the benefit of writing down what happened in each session for my own purposes.

The setting
It is approximately the year 2150 but nobody is quite sure. The game starts in NuPont, a hold built around AI DuPont Children's Hospital north of Wilmington, DE and the nearby Nemours mansion. It is a trading town with a lot of refugees coming and going because of the medical services still provided there (I wanted my players to have the ability to get violent since we come from a D&D background).
South of the canal that goes between the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays are the Bonelords. Scary guys who own the only bridge left across the canal. They have covered the entire bridge in bone, mostly human. For the last two years an envoy has visited NuPont every two months for trading purposes.

The questions.
Apocalypse? = earthquakes / super volcano at Yellowstone. Acid rain and ash blocking the sun killed most of the trees that cover northern Delaware today. Arid desert climate locally,
Random weather phenomenon? = radioactive dust storms
Water is parasitic and radioactive. How can you tell the infected? = Faintly glowing green eyes.
How many tall buildings are left in Wilmington after the earthquakes? = Three. one is leaning.
Who is the other strong faction within the hold? = Doctors.
Emotions associated with the psychic maelstrom? = Anger and Hope
Height of technology? = cold fusion and lasers
Common technology? = fuel cells and solar power

The characters
Kray = the faceless. Covered in riot gear and scrap metal from head to toe. Has a gas mask on his face. Right side is cut away revealing a scarred face. Left side has a cracked lens. Carries a fire axe and doesn't talk much. Only friends are Chance and the head doctor, Hack.
Chance = the operator. Twenty something male dressed like a cowboy complete with hat duster and revolver. Lives in the mansion with Case. Case and Kray are a part of his crew. Dislikes Beelzebub.
Case = the savvyhead. Wiry older man who doesn't trust many people. Wears anything from ages past. Grows food and weed in the green house of the mansion of which he owns about 1/3. Made a robo-butler named Robby (his first robot creation, built around a safe) that completes his drug deals and allows people to see him.
Enigma = the brainer. Just showed up in town. Covered in black from head to toe. Wearing a full gas mask. Wearing a big trench coat so you can't tell what gender they are or if they are carrying any weapons. Came to town looking for drugs.
Beezlebub = the battlebabe. Tall red-haired bombshell that wears a bikini top and yoga pants. Has a harpoon system strapped to her back that allows for 3D maneuvering and pinning people to walls (custom long range) and a long chain blade. She is a part of the town gang and has tower duty with Kiff, one of two snipers in the town.

We have already played session one but I haven't quite finished the write-up for it. I will post it soon.

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