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blood & guts / Removing Barter
« on: April 05, 2016, 11:42:33 PM »
So, I'm working on a very lo-fi hack for AW in the Dragon Age RPG setting*, and one of the things about it is, I'm not using barter. My reasoning is, wealth and scarcity don't enter into the source material's gameplay very prominently, and the PCs are not (in this hack) going to be landholders or other such persons that would be concerned with it as a core part of their character.

My question is, does this break anything big?

I know that it removes one way of provoking the PCs to action, and that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make, but I do want to know if there are any other pitfalls that I should be wary of.

*: Which you can look at here if you're interested; I welcome your critiques and questions.

Apocalypse World / New Playbook: The Ghost-Face Killer
« on: September 12, 2011, 04:26:51 PM »
Hey AW needed a ninja

Description: In Apocalypse World, everyone kills. In Apocalypse World, everyone steals. But for you, killing is life. Stealing is freedom. In a world streaked with darkness, you're blacker than black.


Choose a name, a look, stats, moves, gears, and Hx


Strawberry, Dog, Bunny, Ken, Parkour, Hand, Gin, Hibachi, Iron Chef
Wraith, Shadow the Hedgehog, Witchblade, Hellboy, Abyss, Battlestar
Black Box, Captain Germany, Eyekillers, Foxfire, Deacon Frost


Cool+0, Hard-1, Hot+1, Sharp+1, Weird+2
Cool-1, Hard+0, Hot+1, Sharp+1, Weird+2
Cool-1, Hard+1, Hot+1, Sharp+0, Weird+2
Cool+0, Hard+1, Hot-1, Sharp+1, Weird+2


On your turn:

Choose 1, 2 or 3:
You keep yourself secret. Tell everyone else -1.

On their turn:
- One of the characters, you've made a study of them. Add +1 to what they tell you.
- One of the characters, you've got a blind spot about them. Add -1 to what they tell you.


Man, Woman, Concealed, Ambiguous

Stealth wear, battle wear, theatrical wear, gang colors

Scarred face, hard face, blank face, haunted face, thin face

Cool eyes, masked eyes, unnatural eyes, red-rimmed eyes, drug-addled eyes

Wiry body, small body, powerful body, aged body, battle-hardened body


You get 2 sneaky weapons, 1 weird trick, and fashion according to your look.

- Hidden knives (we know this one)
- Grappling chain (1-harm hand / close entangle)
- Claw gloves (1-harm hand messy)
- Garrotes (2-harm intimate infinite)
- Gunblade (2-harm hand / 1-harm far reload)

- Flash bomb (s-harm far area reload)
- Toxic kiss (3-harm intimate applied)
- Internal Bees (s-harm close area infinite)
- Handcuffs (hand entangle infinite)

ENTANGLE gear means, when you get a guy, he acts under fire unless he moves where you direct him. For NPCs, it's 50/50 whether they act under restraint or try to get out.


Choose 3:

Bullet Throwing: When you're taking fire, roll+weird. On a hit, you catch and throw the bullets thrown at you; you inflict your opponent's harm at 1 target. On a 10+, choose one too:
- You have 1-armor
- You choose an extra target
On a miss, you still throw some bullets, but take 1 extra harm yourself.

Demon Face: When your harm countdown is at 6 o'clock or later, roll+weird instead of +hot to seduce or persuade, and you can see and talk to the ghosts and shadows of the maelstrom.

Fighting Spirit: When you seize by force, you roll+weird instead of +hard.

Ghost Dance: When your enemies' attention is on something else and you vanish into the shadows, roll+weird. On a 10+ you are unseen by all until you reveal yourself. On a 7-9, one enemy sees you, and you know it. On a miss, someone else vanishes too.

Nasty Surprise: When you get the drop on someone, you do +weird harm.

Shadow Walk: When someone opens their brain, hit or miss, you can appear beside them.


There's someone out to get you (Ghost Rider, Shadowcat, or Belvedere) and he's not gonna stop until...well, you don't know, but there's probably a way to call him off. If you make it happen, he becomes an ally.


When you and another character have sex, it ties your shadows together. They gain the ability to Shadow Walk when you open your brain, even if you don't have the move yourself.


- Get +1 hard.
- Get +1 hot.
- Get +1 weird.
- Get a new Ghost-Face Killer Move
- Get a new Ghost-Face Killer Move
- Get a Bike (as a Chopper)
- Get a new Clan Enemy
- Get a workspace (as a Savvyhead)
- Get a move from another playbook
- Get a move from another playbook


If you're charging someone wealthy for your services, 1-barter is the going rate for:
- Killing a dude
- Acquiring a thing, not too secure and not too valuable
- A week's worth of bodyguard duty
- Your services as shock troops for one battle

1-barter will cover your living expenses in a month, if your tastes aren't too grand.

Dungeon World / Fun Links
« on: August 26, 2011, 07:18:04 PM »
I suspect that most of these will be more game-related, but here's a cute, sage-themed summer cocktail. Sounds yum.

Apocalypse World / Play Aids Index
« on: August 01, 2011, 03:27:07 PM »
Hey, so, since the AW book is sort of sparse in terms of useful play aids, I thought it'd be nice to offer a place on the forum for fan-created aids, sheets, and stuff.

Rules for this thread:

- Only post items for unhacked Apocalypse World. If you have new playbooks, post them somewhere else! Your maps, post them somewhere else! We only want stuff that has wide vanilla accessibility here.

- Label your links. Don't just toss up a filename and hope that we know what you mean by it.

- Say how to use your thing!

Suggestions for play aids:

- Use fonts that coordinate with the book. See Johnstone's (abridged) tips and my notes below:

The distressed fonts are VTKS Good Luck For You (S: for covers and titles) and Crust Clean (S: for text headings). Crust Clean doesn't come with punctuation, so Vincent used Dirty Ego for that. All three are available for free at

Consolas is the playbook body text, and Verdana Bold is used for the R Rating and the footers and numbering. Those are both standard fonts that your should have already, or you can get them from the MS website.

The body text in the rulebook is Chaparral Pro, an Adobe font. I believe it comes bundled with certain Adobe programs, but maybe somebody can suggest a free font that is at least passably similar. (S: Consolas is hella ugly and monospaced fonts are completely illegible so you should just use Chaparral for everything)

- It's considerate to use A4 or letter format (8.5in x 11in, for you Europeans) for your sheets so people don't need to buy special paper to use them. (Hey Vincent when do we get decent letter-formatted playbooks?)

- It's smart to label your sheets so it's evident what they're for even if it's not fully clear how they do it.

I can't stress this enough. Seriously. Make sure you find a couple of people with different handwriting and don't all be architects or something and see if you have left enough space to write stuff down. See if you're forced to reference outside your sheets for things that should be on them. See what's on your sheets that you don't need or care about! Try different approaches before you post something, make sure it's real good.

Apocalypse World / Hx Worksheet to make our lives easier
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:36:11 PM »
So, I'm playing an AW game with Elizabeth, Dev, Josh, our two friends Chris and Chris, Liam, and his fiancee Sarah. A good half of us have extensive AW experience.


Hx was a total nightmare for us. It's completely confusing as it's written on the playbooks, and frankly I think there's a better way to handle/enumerate/instruct the procedures that help you arrive at a final value.

So I made a worksheet to make it easier.

Apocalypse World / Experiences with custom playbooks?
« on: July 22, 2011, 11:25:42 PM »
So, hey, who's made new playbooks AND ACTUALLY PLAYED THEM?

How'd that go?

(this is a companion thread to my 'here are some experiments in playbook design' thread)

Apocalypse World / Introducing some playbooks i done written
« on: July 20, 2011, 02:20:54 AM »
First one's THE HERMIT

The Hermit

What's left in the world when everything worthwhile has turned to dust? There's you, and them that did it.


To create your hermit, choose look, stats, moves, gear, and Hx.


Don't choose a name. The other players will decide what they call you after you introduce yourself, by look alone.


Man, woman, concealed, or withered.

Ragged wear, vintage wear, scrounge wear, or straight-up rags.

Scarred face, rugged face, frightened face, pockmarked face, innocent face, lean face, weathered face.

Rheumy eyes, milky eyes, wild eyes, distant eyes, kind eyes, starry eyes.

Wiry body, bent body, slender body, corpulent body, youthful body.


Like a brainer, but Weird -1.


You get the basic moves just like anyone.


You get these:

Walks By Himself: You start with insight+0. When you stand alone, you get +1 insight. If you show yourself to another, by speech sight or sign, your insight goes to 0 and you get nothing for it. If you get insight+4, reset it to 0 and mark experience.

A Dark and Quiet Place: When you open your brain, roll+weird+insight.

And one of these:

Scrounge: When you need a thing, you know where you can probably find it. Roll+insight; on a 10+ all three. On a 7-9, choose 2:
- You get it or close enough, up to 1-barter.
- You get -1 insight (If you don't pick this, you get -2 insight.)
- You didn't have to leave something behind.

Speak Of: When you repeat someone's name over and over, and you don't stop to say any other thing, roll+insight. On a hit, they appear by the end of the next session; don't matter who or what or how, even if they're dead or lost or gone away across the sea. On a 10+ they don't know why. On a 7-9, MC chooses one:
- They came lookin' for you.
- They came lookin' for another PC and you sent them.
- They are followed.


You get one, maybe two:
- A good stick
- A good seat
- A place what keeps the rain off your back
- A dog or whatever, it knows a coupla tricks


When it's your turn, ask, who's the stupidest of you lot? Tell that person +2. Everybody else, tell them -1.

You don't know no one. Don't write down what they say, put down -1 with everybody.


If you and another character have sex, everyone opens their brains. Not just you and them, the other PCs too. After that, permanently lower your insight by 1 - i.e. change its range to -1 to +2, reset at +3 - and so on if you do it again.


The usual kind - gear, another Hermit move, stat improvements but not Weird. Whatever.

Dungeon World / Where Do I Find The Latest Dungeon World?
« on: February 21, 2011, 12:33:59 PM »
Hey, the question in the topic.

the nerve core / erm...can AP be its own subforum?
« on: February 21, 2011, 11:00:29 AM »
I'm really interested in the development of the ludography, apocalyptica, rules questions and so on in the main AW forum, but it's hard to sift out that stuff from the AP threads. Can we have some way to separate them please?

If that's not in your vision for the forum I'm not going to argue naturally, but if you don't care either way I think that it would make it more functional for at least a small set of forum users.

brainstorming & development / When you masturbate about someone...
« on: February 08, 2011, 10:04:48 AM »
Just a quick hack: Change everyone's sex move to 'when you masturbate about someone' and if the move happens to your sex partner it happens to that someone.

Result: super creepy!

Alternate one, for Twilight Apocalypse: 'when you watch someone intently'

I bet you can make lots of these w/o changing the crunch of the moves at all.

Apocalypse World / sell me on weird
« on: August 21, 2010, 10:03:34 PM »
So, like, think about this:

You bump into a dude on your way home, and drop your bag. It sticks in your mind because he was dressed exactly like you were. Later when you're in your place, you look in the bag and it turns out to be a very precise replica of yours, all the stains and patches in the right places, but there are no holes under the patches, and the stains smell like paint instead of blood and grease. It's full of things that look like your things, but aren't: an empty locket, a notebook well-beaten on the outside but filled with blank pages, a penknife without a sharpened edge.

There's also a small pile of drawings. The fortune's worth of paper notwithstanding, they are shocking: they're beautiful, meticulously observed scenes from your life. You remember that oddly-shaped vegetable you found at the market the other day. You remember your struggle to find pins to hang all your clothes on the line. These are the works of a genius artist. Only, in all the drawings, he's in the picture instead of you.

That's weird!

It's at the root of the Weird stat, too: all the Weird-focused playbooks are about the basic not-okayness of humans. The Brainer is every abusive girlfriend ever—the Hocus is every quack faith healer and BS-spewing TV preacher.

But they've got powers for some reason!

I dunno why that is. It seems to put a lot of unnecessary distance between their weirdness and their emotional importance. Plus, opening your brain is just kinda weird. I dunno. Why does the Weird stat give you crazy powers? Why doesn't it just, say, allow you to overstep your social inhibitions?

I like AW. I really do.


How would one hack AW to do that? (Note: "Everyone is constantly acting under fire" doesn't count.)

brainstorming & development / Form Factor for Hacks?
« on: July 08, 2010, 08:05:21 AM »
I like the playbook-from-a-single-sheet implementation V uses, 'cause it's sexy and portable and entertaining, but I wonder about its use for hacks. It presents an additional assembly problem for the end-user. (I say this as someone who's made more than enough playbooks to know.)

What do you think? What have you guys done about your form factor?

Set Apart / Character in Progress: The Hierophant
« on: July 01, 2010, 08:08:02 AM »
The Hierophant's about spiritual hierarchy.

The first, most important move he has is:

Miraculous Host: Members of your retinue are able to perform your Hierophant moves in your absence. They use your stats.

Set Apart / Influence!
« on: June 29, 2010, 11:19:04 PM »
Just tossing out an idea here -


Influence with a group varies from -1 to +3. Your default Influence is +0. (You can lose/gain Influence as the result of the Impress/Show Up move.)

At the end of a session, you do a kinda Hx thing with Influence - did you do something that endears you most to a group? Then you get Ix+1 with them. (I don't love the *x thing, but let's use it until I find good parlance for SA.) Did you lose standing with a group? Then you get Ix-1.

When you ask a favor of a group, roll+Ix. On a 10+, choose two. On 7-9, choose one:
- they do it
- it doesn't cost you

"Cost you" can mean -Ix, favors promised, material goods, harm, etc etc.

If you hit Ix+4 with a group, it resets to +1 as usual, but instead of marking experience, a faction peels off and attaches itself to you. You can only reliably retain traitor factions by maintaining +Ix with them, though.

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