Form Factor for Hacks?

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Form Factor for Hacks?
« on: July 08, 2010, 08:05:21 AM »
I like the playbook-from-a-single-sheet implementation V uses, 'cause it's sexy and portable and entertaining, but I wonder about its use for hacks. It presents an additional assembly problem for the end-user. (I say this as someone who's made more than enough playbooks to know.)

What do you think? What have you guys done about your form factor?
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Re: Form Factor for Hacks?
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Not there yet.

Unsure. Like the whole here is one sheet of parper, walktrhough and at the end you have  acharacter you can play, thing going. I want that, but then on the other hand, like you say, there is the amount of work implied in it.

My thoughts right now are to leave this to a real late stage in the hack development.

Re: Form Factor for Hacks?
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Making playbooks annoys me. It was cool at first then it became a chore.

I won't be using that format for my hacks. I don't know why anyone would, unless "little folded booklets" somehow support your game's vision.