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Apocalypse World / Antagonic PCs in the first session?
« on: May 29, 2012, 12:46:15 AM »
I have started a campaign with 2 friends, and we´ve played 2 sessions so far. Another friend will be added to the campaign soon. I briefly told him about the setting and the existing PCs...
When I finish, he´s already telling me about how will his PC be, and essentially he wants him to be an enemy of the other 2 player characters.

I like the idea a lot, but I´m concerned about the reccomendation of the game about having the PCs be friends (or at least allies, working together) at the setup of a game.

What do you think?

Apocalypse World / Characters out of action for many days (healing)
« on: January 06, 2012, 09:22:51 AM »
How have you handled in your games the time period when a character needs to spend many days out of action to recover his wounds?
The best solution, I think, is to have that time period advance faster "A week later...", but...
-do you have the threats or fronts act and advance while the character rests?
-if there are other PCs not hurt or willing to rest, what do you do?

What I´d do is to have the threats act, tell the players what they do, and ask if their characters still want to rest. If there are PCs active while others rest, I´d ask them what they do during that week, and then have them roll one custom move, common move, or a series of them if needed.

I´d love to read any examples of actual play to know how have you dealt with the situation.

Apocalypse World / Intermittent players
« on: June 15, 2011, 02:26:31 PM »
There are always some players in a group that will show up only once in a while, but might not have the will to play regularly (like, every week). Sometimes, it´s better not to play with them. But in some cases, for whatever reason, the group doesn´t mind having such players in a campaign.

The question is: how to deal with them (in AW, not in general)?
Let´s suppose they create their character, they play once, they have the PC take stakes within an ongoing conflict, change it, etc., but next session they aren´t here, or probably they play once and they don´t like the game. What to do?

-Having them "disappear" feels weird to me, as the character has already a part in what´s going on, so normally it will feel awkward, to say the least. Still, if we do this, the best thing to do would be to have a brief talk with the player, make up a reason for the PC to be absent once in a while, so that it feels as natural as possible. When the player shows up again, you make him roll for a love letter, maybe tell the other players what´s been his character doing all this time (maybe not, or let them ask him during session itself), and job done.
This would be the standard solution, I think. Are there other alternatives?

-Have a one-shot player within an ongoing campaign turn a known NPC into a PC. You inform him about his past, general motivations, relationship with other PCs, but he´s free to do what he wants from then on. I think that "minor", not so important NPCs are better for this, but I can imagine a player taking a former NPC hardholder, it would be quite a surprise. Next sessions, the PC turns back into an NPC, but taking into account the previous events. Should that player ever show up againt, he takes another NPC, maybe, or the same one if still alive.

-If the player will be absent for some time, and for whatever reason the character can´t just fade into the background, you may sit with the player so that he tells you, briefly, how to run his character while he´s absent. It wouldn´t be a PC run by the MC, since he´d work as an NPC for the whole session, perhaps with a minimum protection like, say, having death occur only at 3-harm, or a -1 when acting with X stat against them (like, a gunlugger: -1 to roll +HARD against him). Other possibility might be to have his death, should it happen while he´s absent, be apparent and not real (if possible). He´ll show again next time, despite all odds, badly hurt and all, but alive.

This hasn´t happened yet in my group, but I have a friend (newcomer to the hobby) who doesn´t want to sit and play every week, but she still loves the game and wants to play every now and then (in fact, she says she doesn´t love the whole hobby, she just loves AW :P). I´d like to have her come when she wants, pick a character, have fun, and then come again another time, no pressure or schedule. Have you already dealt with this issue? If so, what have you done? What do you think of the ideas I´ve wrote above?

Apocalypse World / Most and least popular playbooks?
« on: June 15, 2011, 01:34:01 AM »
This thread is to gather the experiences of most of us, to see which playbooks are picked the most/least by rookies (to the game), which ones by veterans (of this game only, again), or see another useful pattern. In particular, I recognise some playbooks nobody tends to pick, and would like to see if that tendence is common, to think about some new ways to "sell" those playbooks and make them interesting.

My experience:
Battlebabes & Brainers are the ones mostly picked.
Other playbooks that rely on their own are favoured: gunlugger, skinner, driver, etc.
Playbooks like the angel or operator aren´t picked by newcomers, they´re often seen as boring or uninteresting (in my experience, obviously).
Playbooks that rely on other people (this depends on the player´s profile, I think) in general aren´t picked a lot.
In general, players pick a playbook that at least has a special orientation or good tools to apply in combat situations.

Your experiences? Do you see any tendence among the groups you MC to? Do you think the profile of a RPer, the games he´s played or run, his overall experience with the hobby have sth to do with the playbooks he chooses (maybe even his life experiences or his knowledge of the postapoc. genre)?
Is there any playbook you think people don´t often come to appreciate? Which, and why do you think that? How would you make it more crowd-pleaser (just talking about the way you offer it to people, not about tweaking the playbook)?
In my case, I´d like to adequately show the awesomeness of the operator, and I often don´t know how. Since my players don´t speak english in general, I have to explain playbooks to them, so selling a playbook is my responsibility. They often don´t see the advantages of a mainly social character that tends to have a lot of money (I´d say he´s the richest character).
Other curious cases. It takes time for a player to see why having an Angel would be useful or awesome, compared to a brainer. Only after they´ve played AW they recognise healing means an awful lot of power over people, as much as a skill greatly demanded.
Maybe players that come from traditional RPGs think that a character whose power relies on people is less powerful than one whose power comes from his own. Not always: I have a case of a player coming from a 3.5/vampire experience, picking a chopper without hesitating much.
Also, in an environment as violent as AW, some players think that a skinner might be too bland.
Battlebabes enjoy so much popularity due to their versatility, and also to how easily their concept is understood (sexy assasin!). They are cool, dangerous if not in a real fight, and also are quite manipulative and hot. Winwinwin.

Apocalypse World / [Playbook] the Donjuan
« on: June 09, 2011, 02:05:55 PM »
Introducing... Donjuan
Some old bastards talk about something called love. They talk about the breathtaking moments, fainting by love, the flowers and hand-grabbing. That for sure died with the world itself, they say, but I think some people still make you feel that way, they get rid of our broken lives and feelings to just use us and leave us empty again. No happy endings.

STATS: choose one line:
Cool+2, hard-1, hot+2, sharp-1, weird=0
Cool+1, hard=0, hot+2, sharp=0, weird=0
Cool=0, hard-1, hot+2, sharp+1, weird+1
Cool+1, hard+1, hot+2, sharp-1, weird=0

MOVES: you get all the basic moves, HUNGRY DICK/CLIT, plus choose 3 Donjuan moves.

HUNGRY DICK/CLIT: at the beginning of the session, you´re in WANT, so roll+HARD. If you´ve sex with your WANT, mark experience. On a 10+, you pick whom do you want this time. On a 7-9, the MC picks him. On a miss, the MC picks him, and if, by the end of the session, you haven´t had sex with him, cross out permanently one advancement option not picked yet from your character sheet.

FAMOUS: whenever you first meet somebody hot & important (your call), roll+HOT: on a hit, you get to say what they´ve heard about you. On a 10+, you also get to say wether they´re interested in you or not.
On a miss, the MC says what they´ve heard, seen or suffered because of you, and they´re for sure interested in you, or either you WANT them (as in hungry dick/clit).

HERO PANTS: when you fight for your current or next affair (either to protect him or to get to it, whatever), you roll HOT instead of hard to seize by force and go aggro.

LOVER MIND: you roll+HOT instead of SHARP to read a situation, if somebody you´re interested in is involved somehow.

KILLING STARE: when you look and talk to somebody in that way, roll+HOT. On a hit, the MC (or the player, if PC) picks an option from the list:
-He´s nervous. He´s got to leave, and will be sloppy, commit mistakes if he doesn´t or can´t. -1ongoing for PCs, until they leave.
-He´s attracted to you. He won´t act against you this time. PCs are acting under fire to act against you.
-He rejects you, but is hesitant now. You get +1forward to spend on a next move against him.
On a 10+, you also get +1 forward against him.
On a miss, he reacts anyhow he wants, usually in a dangerous way (anger, obsession, etc.). Besides, you probably WANT him now, if not yet, plus you can´t use this move on him again this session.

IRRESISTIBLE: you get +1hot (max+3).

DON´T TAKE NO AS AN ANSWER: when you try something you really want and fail at it (not just fail a move), you get +1 forward. You also mark experience when you finally achieve it.
If it´s got something to do with sex or similar, you instead get +1ongoing, on anything you do to get it back.

SPECIAL MOVE: if you and another character have sex, and it is the first time you´ve sex with him, choose 1:
-mark experience
-Get a gift from him, worth 1-barter.
You also hold 2. You may spend it, 1 for 1, to get +1 to a roll either him or you make, your choice.

If you and another character have sex, but it isn´t your first time with him, you instead get -1forward.

It lacks details, but I think it is nice, and I always like hot-based playbooks. What do you think?

Apocalypse World / The first session
« on: April 27, 2011, 04:33:43 PM »
Ok, this time I´m asking for some examples of how you MCs or players have started a 1st session in any AW game. I understand the chapter on the book, but at the time of playing, I unconciously go back to my old GMing style: "Where are you this morning, Brain?" when the player doubts and doesn´t know what to say (which happened many times), I then start to suggest: "Is it ok if you´re in the infirmary, helping Doc this morning?". And when that happens, and the player says it´s ok, I start putting threats in front of them, not waiting to see what they do.
Maybe the players aren´t as much proactive as I´d like. When I was a player, I was all like "ok, and there´s a party tonight run by Moriarty´s gang, so I´m trying to be invited there" and that stuff, but the MC did pretty much the same I did (he started putting threats in front of us, not so much waiting to see us acting).
I think I should be pushing harder the players for ideas, asking all time "what do you do, where you´re, etc.", and waiting until the players take the initiative to start making moves on my own.

Anyway, to make it less abstract, I´d like to see some examples of the first minutes of a 1st session, when the characters, Hx, and the overall setting and holding have been depicted. The first questions during the actual play, when does trouble arise, that sort of stuff.

Thanks in advance!

Apocalypse World / Doubts with seduce and manipulate
« on: April 16, 2011, 11:23:40 PM »
These are issues and questions that I´ve come up with since reading the book...

-Haven´t you ever got trouble aplying the 7-9 result from sed. & man.? I mean, "they need some concrete assurance right now". Sometimes giving them a concrete assurance is pretty much the same as fulfilling the promise (If I promise to give you a gun in exchange, the only concrete assurance I can think of is giving him the gun right now), and sometimes the help a PC needs from an NPC is immediate, so there´s no time to go and give him a concrete assurance. What do you do if the help is needed right now, and there´s no apropriate assurance to be given at the moment? I want to make the 7-9 result meaningful, concrete, not just a boring "I promise to do that by tomorrow!".
Another example, you promise Vulcano to have sex w/him, if he dismisses Lala for a while (so you can later kill him), instead of having a trio. A 7-9 (this actually happened), I had him start touching her and getting her undressed, she had to stood that until the girl retired, and only then could she attack. How would you´ve done the 7-9 to make it meaningful? Having Vulcano undress her, so she´s no longer wearing her armor when the killing begins? Or be hugging her in such a way that pulling the chains to kill him is acting under fire?

I´d like to see examples of 7-9 hits on manipulate, and what kinds of concrete assurance you or the players came up with.

-Another question, this time with the 10+ result. You choose whether to keep up with your promise or not, ok, but would it be ok to have that choise spark future consequences? In the immediate, I mean, there would be no trouble, but in the future, if you kept up with it, he becomes a stronger supporter, or lover, or whatever, and if you don´t, he maybe holds grudge against you?

-This is not my doubt, but rather something that came up while I wasn´t the MC. A PC manipulated another PC. I said that I needed leverage over the other character, but then the MC said that that wasn´t the case between PCs, that you only needed it if you were manipulating NPCs. Is that true? Can you just go and manipulate a PC without promising something first, just with the pressure of the exp. and acting under fire?

I think that´s it.

Apocalypse World / Just give me a motive from Maestro D´
« on: April 15, 2011, 12:50:15 PM »
"Just give me a motive: name somebody who might conceivably eat, drink, or otherwise ingest something you´ve touched. If it´s an NPC, roll+hard; a PC, roll+Hx. On a 10+, they do, and suffer 4-harm (ap) sometime during the next 24 hours. On a 7-9, it´s 2-harm (ap). On a miss, some several people of the MC´s choice, maybe including your guy maybe not, get it, and all suffer 3-harm (ap)."

Ok, I just don´t get the move, I mean, I understand how it works, but I can´t just explain that in the fiction... Why something you´ve touched? Why do and suffer harm? Does it represent the Maestro D´ inciting a traditional bar fight? Is it something more esoteric or weird?

Apocalypse World / More Hx movement
« on: April 15, 2011, 11:31:07 AM »
I can´t help but think that the Hx isn´t as dinamic in play as I had imagined it when first hearing the concept. Maybe it is intended to work this way, but I´d like to see a little movemente in the Hx as a result of the moves.
In particular, I don´t see negative Hx appearing a lot in play, which is why I´m confused about the "Hx-4 goes to -1, mark experience", which seems to bee very absent from my AP experience.
These are my ideas:

-Use failures as a way to adjust Hx: "Ok, so you failed reading Marco, didn´t you? First, you get -1 Hx w/him, and also..."
-Spot for particular circumstances in the story where adjusting Hx might seem reasonable, and just go with it: "So, while you´re hiding there, Billy starts undressing, and you finally get to see what´s beneath his heavy coat. Get +1 Hx with him." or "Well, you´ve been following that disguised guy you think is Marco, but really isn´t him, and you see him trading for drugs with Tum Tum. Get -1 Hx with Marco, that guy just isn´t him, but you don´t know that."
-Modify some moves? "if you don´t spend a hold got by reading a person by the end of the conversation, trade each hold unspent for +1Hx with him.
Or maybe, at the end of some sessions: choose one PC who knows you better than before, and you may also choose one PC who knows you less than before.

What do you think?

Apocalypse World / Highlighting Hx?
« on: April 07, 2011, 02:22:45 PM »
Would it be too weird to, in addition to highlighting stats, do the same with Hx?

I don´t know... The whole group or the MC could name 2 characters, so if one of them rolls +Hx to help or interfere with the other one, he marks experience.
Or maybe a sort of inversion: if you interfere with Jammy, Jammy´s player marks experience.

It could be done in addition to or in spite of a highlighted stat. Maybe this way: "Okay, I won´t highlight weird this session, but rather your Hx with Scarlet...". The max would be 1 Hx and 1 stat, not 2 Hxs.

And now that I think about it, what about highlighting barter sometimes? Mark experience every time you spend barter (if you spend barter to roll, mark experience once no matter how much barter you spent).

Any comments?

Apocalypse World / Playbook Idea, The Viper´s tongue
« on: March 21, 2011, 01:59:57 PM »
This is a sort of savvy & manipulator, behind-the-curtains kind of character I wanted to make. It does many of the things the Skinner already does, but in a different way.

The Viper´s tongue
In these troubled times, being the alpha boy´s quite a job: too many responsibilities, plus you´ll be the one blamed if sth goes wrong. No protection from bullets or crazy people, sadly.
But the viper´s tongue doesn´t take the glory path. He´ll rather act behind the curtains, have others mess their hands while he stands as clean as a princess. Good for him.

When you create your character, define your affiliation group (a gang, cult, working for sb, serving a hardholder, etc.).
You get Behind the curtains:
At the beginning of the session, or when some downplay time has elapsed, roll+SHARP. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1 plus and an obligation, plus another one with a tweak, if you wish.
Spend your hold during the session or prior to it to:
-Know a secret about someone inside the group. (tweak: someone knows you´re watching people)
-Have someone do something for you, and no one will discover you told him (tweak: someone will discover that indeed).
-Influence the group as a whole to take a new direction or do something (tweak: you´ll be blamed if something goes wrong)
-Gain a new, stronger position within the group. (tweak: you make sb fall, and he´ll have his vengeance)
-Get 1-barter (tweak: in exchange for another obligation).

An obligation means the group demands something from you, a service, whatever it is.
On a miss, you get an obligation, and you may choose something from the list (except gaining a stronger position) with a tweak.

Special moves: choose 2
From the back: When you do it from behind or unexpectedly, roll+SHARP instead of HARD to go aggro.
Savvy boy: roll+SHARP instead of HOT when you manipulate someone. If he´s a PC, roll +Hx.
Good sammaritan: when you help somebody without asking for retribution, you get hold 1 over him. While you have hold, they can´t act against you, or get -1 to do it (if PCs).
They may spend 1 of your hold over them if they:
-Give you something you want
-Do something for you (never tell anybody you sent them to do it)
-Act as your eyes and ears
-Become a supporter/ally.
Dirty secrets: when you reach the psychic maelstrom looking for info, roll+WEIRD. Say a name, and on a hit, ask a question from the list:
-What does he contain under the surface?
-Is he involved in a forbidden relationship?
-What sin or mistake haunts her mind?
-Has she got something that doesn´t belong to her?
On a 7-9, you gotta have an input first to get the data. The MC wil ask you one question, and if you answer it you get the secret. The MC will tell you also who knows your secret now.
On a miss, you receive a secret from someone else (MC´s call), plus answer one question from the list. Someone knows your answer, but you don´t know who she is.
If you get a PC´s secret, you get +1Hx with them on your sheet.
I´m nothing!: When trouble arises and you have something to do about it, or are in the middle of it, roll+SHARP. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend your hold to:
-Not to be blamed or deemed responsible for the trouble, offense, etc. If already known responsible, they show mercy instead.
-Make them fail their vigilance upon you for a moment.
-Keep your reputation untouched and clean.
Lord of secrets: When you show somebody you know a secret about him, you hold 2 over him, as in GOOD SAMMARITAN, but you lose it if you uncover the truth.
Veiled message: when you want to deliver a secret message to somebody, or uncover an ugly truth, roll+SHARP and state who will understand the message (and when will he understand it) and who won´t. On a hit, you deliver it. On a 7-9, though, choose 2 complications from the list, the MC will pick one from those and make it true:
-Somebody you didn´t expect understands it too, or intercepts it (if a letter).
-Somebody you didn´t expect understands it all the way wrong, or reacts badly.
-Somebody´s suspecting, and will act accordingly in the future.
-The target of the message understands it sooner or later than what you expected, or gets it incompletely, a little changed, etc.

SPECIAL MOVE: if you and another character have sex, you either get 1 hold over him, as in GOOD SAMMARITAN, or you get to ask a question from the DIRTY SECRETS list, your call.

I might need to drop one of the moves in order to have a shorter list of moves. What do you think?

Apocalypse World / New playbook: the child
« on: January 31, 2011, 03:40:03 AM »
In the golden age, children grew up loved and well fed and inside a fucking home, with a family and all that shit. Now, you´re lucky if your parents don´t sell you for cattle, and a mentor, a home, or respect, is something you´ve got to fight for, ´cause nothing comes free. You, child, what are you willing to risk for it?

Choose one set:
Cool +1, Hard -2, Hot +2, Sharp +0, Weird +1
Cool +2, Hard -1, Hot +2, Sharp -1, Weird +0
Cool +1, Hard +0, Hot +2, Sharp -2, Weird +1
Cool +0, Hard -1, Hot +2, Sharp -1, Weird +2

Child moves: choose 3
PERSONAL ANGEL: when you take a killing shot (up to 12 in the harm-clock or more), roll+WEIRD. On a hit, you´ve been saved from death, and wake up in a circumstance chosen by the MC. On a 10+, that circumstance is favorable: saved by an expected or unexpected ally, to whom you owe now a big one. On a 7-9, you wake up caught and at the mercy of a totally unexpected savior, who wants something in return now. On a miss, you´re still dead or, if you take a debility, you wake up in the 7-9 hit circumstance.

LINKED: when you first meet someone importante (player´s call), you may roll+WEIRD to see how are you gonna be linked.
On a 10+, choose one from the list:
-Friend: +1 to manipulate.
-Lover: +1 to seduce.
-Protector: Automatic hold 2 over him/her, as in I´M JUST A CHILD move, and a +1 to use that move over him/her.
-Mentor: +Insight on you.
The bonus is permanent, unless the relationship changes completely or you end it.
On a 7-9, the MC may add an adjective to any of the above:
-Abused friend (abused by you?), envious friend, manipulative friend, desperate friend, etc.
-Obsessed lover, agressive lover, desperate lover, etc.
-Overzealous protector, jealouse protector, etc.
-Sadist mentor, misguiding mentor, etc.
+the bonus is not permanent: +1forward to manipulate, +insight only for one time, only 2 hold, not the +1 for I´M JUST A CHILD.
On a miss, the MC chooses one from the list:
-Bully: -1 to go aggro or seize by force.
-Master (either with or without sex): when he tells you to do sth, it´s like a PC hitting 7-9 to manipulate you (act under fire, or mark experience).
-Deceiver or Traitor: -1 to read him.
-Distrust: -1 to manipulate
-Indifference: -1 to seduce

SHOW SOME MERCY!: when you´re at someone´s mercy and want to avoid reprisal, humiliation or bullets, roll+HOT, for an NPC, or +Hx, for a PC. On a hit, they can´t shoot, punish or humiliate you. On a 10+, you have to pay or do something in return, and you have -1ongoing against them until you redeem yourself. On a 7-9, the same as above, plus you have a permanent -1ongoing against them, if NPCs, or they get Hx+2 w/you on their sheet, if PCs. On a miss, it´s MC´s or player´s call if they forgive you or not. If they choose to anyway, they get the 7-9 result.

I´M JUST A CHILD: when someone sees you suffering cruelty, pain or poverty, roll+HOT (if many ones see you, choose one to roll against him): on a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1 over him. Spend your hold to make them:
-Give you lodge, or a gift worth 1-barter
-Help you when in danger
-Forgive a debt, theft or betrayal
-Believe a blatant lie you tell them (if feasible).
-Pull down their guard on you on a critical moment.
On a miss, they see your true face: the MC will ask you 2 questions, answer them truthfully, plus you won´t ever be able to use this move over them.

FUCKING REBEL: When you act against good and honest advice given by other characters, mark experience.

DIRTY LITTLE HANDS: when you try to get something someone else already has, roll+COOL. On a 10+, you got it, you fled safely, no one noticed. On a 7-9, you got it and you fled, but someone noticed you, and word will be quickly spread about your action in that turf. Beware.
On a miss, treat it like an act under fire miss.

CANNY SCUM: roll+COOL to read someone when planning something tricky. On a 10+, hold 2; on a 7-9, hold 1. Spend your hold to ask questions from this list:
-What useful stuff does this one have I could steal?
-How might I deceive him best?
-What is he planning against me?
-How is his mind or attention vulnerable?
When you act on any of the answers given, you get a +1.
On a miss, he fully realizes your intentions, and acts accordingly.

EYE ON THE DOOR: the same escape-move the operator has...

-When someone you value dies, you get +1HARD.
-When you´re unexpectedly betrayed, you get +1SHARP.
-When you face unstoppable opposition and choose to back off, you get +1SHARP.
-When you lose suddenly what little you had owned, you get +1HARD.
-When you fail utterly in a personal goal, task or job, due to incompetence you get +1COOL
-When you see a favorable situation turned suddenly into disaster, you get +1WEIRD.
-When you´re deceived or convinced to do something terrible, you get +1SHARP.
-When someone you value loses his trust on you due to something you did to him, you get +1WEIRD.
-A stable and new home
-A family
-Respect and consideration from everyone else
When you meet your first maturing condition, you´ll be able to buy with an advance what you´re after. In the case of a family, it´ll be a ally: mentor, and some friends and contacts; in the case of respect and consideration, it´ll be either a gang or followers, whatever suits best the moment, plus a clean reputation; in the case of a new home, it´ll be a house, 2-barter and 2 gigs.
When you get what you were after, you may change the playbook.
SPECIAL MOVE: When you have sex for the first time, Mark experience and roll for the LINKED move, even if you don´t have it. Only the lover-like links are eligible. If the other character had the initiative (pushed you to have sex), roll with a -1.

When you have sex after the first time, roll+HARD.
On a 10+, you had a good time and didn´t remain entangled. +1forward.
On a 7-9, you had a good time but somehow remained entangled. He/she is now a master as the one in the miss list of the LINKED move.
On a miss, you had a bad time and remained entangled. He/she is a master, plus you have a -1forward
-Choose another growing condition
-Choose another growing condition
-Choose another growing condition
-Get a new Child move
-Get a new Child move
-Get a new Child move
-Get what you were after (ally, gang, followers or gigs)
-Get a second thing you´re after...
-Get a move from another playbook
-Get a move from another playbook

It´s been written in a hurry, I haven´t revised it yet properly, and it still needs to be tested. Any comments on it?

Apocalypse World / Changing playbooks
« on: November 23, 2010, 11:26:54 PM »
My players are approaching the advanced improvements, and I figured out I don´t know what to do if they choose to change their playbook. Here are my doubts:

-Do they get to choose all the basic improvements from the second playbook? I guess they can.
-Do they get to choose again all the advanced improvements? I guess they can´t, or at least I´d prefer it that way.
-In the book says they keep the moves from previous playbooks, but lose the stuff related to them. What if they don´t have stuff so important as a holding? What would a brainer, gunlugger and battlebabe lose?
I guess a brainer would lose his specialty gear, and the gunlugger and battlebabe would lose their custom weapons. Am I right here, or is there anything else they could lose?

Well, I´ve read here recently that at least other MC has trouble creating PC-NPC-PC triangles, interesting and compelling relationships, antagonism and drama sources between the PCs in the fiction, etc.
Well, I sort of have trouble with that too, but I´ll explain why because it is a particular issue:
In my campaign, the group´s got a mission related to travel to other holdings to gather a debt, look for a missing cargo, etc. I had struggled to build an interesting relationship map within the first holding: Awkward, but then they started to travel to other ones and I found it difficult to extend the relationship map outside the first holding.
I tried, anyway, to resolve it, by creating NPCs connected to the PCs on the fly, as I needed them. And the way I did it was by creating past relationships with the PCs, like this: "White was hired by the gang you´re about to fight against; he´s a colleague of yours, and you´ve worked alongside with him sometimes" or "To find Hugo, you shall get Shazza´s permission first. She was Melody´s (PC) best friend while they were child, but then they grew apart, as Melody didn´t want Shazza to start working as a prostitute. On another subject, Doom (PC) also knows her, he spent some nights with her while he was travelling or being hired."
Is it right to do this a lot, create background or past information for the PCs? Or the relationships should always involve things that are happening right now? Should I have already a list of Melody´s friends and partners, Doom´s colleagues and employers, etc., handle it to the players and start using them as the campaign moves on?
Another possibility is to handle that by asking the players themselves: "You already know her, how did you get to know her and what were you doing then?", but I fear that sometimes the players might not involve their PCs in the situation too deep "Just worked once with her, nothing important".

I´d like to get help with this, because I´m acting here out of "instinct", but I´d like to have some principles to guide me, and I can´t relate the ones AW has to what´s happening.

Apocalypse World / Body implants as custom moves!
« on: November 10, 2010, 01:40:02 AM »
In my campaign, there´s a "cyborg" workshop where people get implants. It has access to weird technology and its crew looks like cult members. They´ve already promised to a PC a new and shiny implant, so I´m starting to create some ones to see how they´d work.
These are the first ones I created. What do you think?

Internal antenna: at the beginning of the session, you can link yourself with two persons (PC or NPC). When you want to speak with them, roll + weird. On a 10+, you can deliver your message, and choose 1 from the list. On a 7-9, you deliver your message, but the MC chooses 2 from the list:
-Someone unexpected also hears the message
-The message is somehow twisted (only a little) by the psychic maelstrom
-You tell him more than what you intended to. The MC or target player will ask you a question about yourself, and you should answer it truthfully
-Part of the psychic maelstrom enters target´s mind.

Cyborg claws: you have replaced a hand with claws, getting AP when you use them. The claws have reached, though, your own mind, and they have their own ideas:
-If the blades speak to you and tell you what to do, or if you ask the blades for advice, and then do it, you mark experience. If you don´t, though, you lose the AP harm benefit until you follow their advice again. The claws don´t allow you to use another weapon until that moment.
The MC determines the claws´ agenda, but it always involves killing.

Ear radar: you have a mini radar implanted on your ear, which lets you get a +1 to read a sitch and open your brain to the psychic maelstrom (the lowest one). However, on a miss and a 7-9, your radar goes against you: you draw unexpected attention from someone attuned to the psychic maelstrom in the area, apart from the common results on each case.

Internal antenna 2: whenever you want to intercept someone´s plans and intentions, roll + SHARP. 10+, you know their intentions, plus choose 3 from the list. 7-9, you know their intentions, plus choose 2 from the list:
-You know exactly how and when will they do ti, and who ones.
-No one else perceives your detection, nor does any one see their intentions.
-You don´t overexpose to psychic maelstrom information (1 harm, AP)
-You don´t awake maelstrom´s rage.

Voice chip: your voice acquires a metalic and musical tone. When you impose your will upon your gang, or seduce or manipulate, or go aggro on someone, you have a +1. However, if you miss or get a 7-9, besides the common outcome, that person becomes resistant to the chip, and from then you get -2 to use those moves upon her (if it´s a gang, then someone becomes invulnerable to "imposing your will...").

IRON HAND: if you tag someone with it, and then use your weapons against him, you get +1 harm. If that person dies after you tag him (and you hadn´t changed the tag), its spirit remains somehow in your iron hand. It will tell you its last wish, and the MC will get 2 hold. He may spend them to do 1-harm to you, or give you -1 to a roll. You may make the MC spend all its hold by accomplishing the spirit´s last wish. When there´s no hold remaining, the spirit goes away.

WIRED HAND: you may "plug" your hand to a weapon, vehicle or machine. If it´s a weapon, you get +1 when using it to attack. If it´s a vehicle or machine, you get +1 to use them under fire.
After using the object, roll+HARD:
-On a 10+, you may unplug your hand without any issue
-On a 7-9, you remain conected in part to the object. If it were destroyed, you suffer 1-harm. You learn something interesting from that object´s past or previous users.
-On a miss, you remain dependant to the object. If someone gets hold of it, he gets a +1 when acting against you (PC), or you get a -1 when acting against him (NPC). You learn 2 or 3 interesting things from that object´s past or previous users.

METALIC CHEST: you have automatic and undetectable 1-armor (only adds with armor 1, otherwise use the highest one). When you have sex with another character, roll+HOT:
-On a 10+, both have a good time, no one cares about the metalic chest.
-On a 7-9, he/she notes it, and it is disgusting. -2 to seduce and manipulate him, and Hx-1 with her (on your sheet) if PC.
-On a miss, he/she perceives it, and it is extremely disgusting, to the point that he no longer thinks of you as a human, rather a beast or robot (and acts accordingly). Won´t ever have sex with you, and will try to damage you for the experience. -2 to your Hx with him (if PC).

SHOTGUN ARM: works like a shotgun, but gives you +1 to seize by force with it, due to the sinergy between your body and the weapon.
When you use seize by force, add an extra option to the list of effects:
-You don´t atract the attention of the oxide wraiths (the shotgun is cursed). The MC may set what exactly they are, or ask it to you (they are related to the psychic maelstrom)
They don´t have to be neccesarily the oxide wraiths, they might be called otherwise (oblivion knights, specters, etc.).

Another ideas? corrections for any custom move?

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