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Apocalypse World / What do you do with doubled-up wants?
« on: August 13, 2010, 09:52:51 PM »
So I've got a hardholder, and I chose the manufactory and bustling marketplace as gigs (among other things). Both of those come with +idle.

So what does that mean? Are tags just flags and don't stack when they're already present? Or does this mean if I roll 7-9 on my Wealth at the beginning and pick "idle" for the session's want, that I get super-idle (idle x2)? Or are the two idle tags discrete, so that I pick one of "hungry, idle, idle, or famine" and the second idle is redundant?

My MC just shrugged and said that it's super-idleness, which seemed sensible at the time. But of course I didn't want to pick super-idle, which gave me pause after the game when I thought about it. Now that I go looking for it in the text, I'm thinking that tags work like on/off switches and the first interpretation up there makes most sense to me.

How have you played this in your games?

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